Gender Male
Hair color Light Brown
Episode Eliminated "The Abhorrent Race"
Place 4th
Relationship Vivienne (one-sided on her side)
Family Parents, Twin Brother
Friends Vivienne, Thomas
Enemies Gail
Fear Being Forever Alone, Getting Stuck in a Box, Boggarts
Talent Magic tricks
Kai is labeled as The Magician in Total Drama Tokyo.


Kai is an über-nerd. His first word was 'antidisestablishmentarianism'. As he grew older, he stopped studying books, and applied his brains to something else: magic tricks. Kai has an older brother who was once more popular and attractive than him, but Kai started performing tricks at parties and his brother's popularity started to dwindle. Kai's brother got extremely jealous and started to try to sabotage him. One infamous accident happened at some kid's 8th birthday party. Kai was in a box ready to be "sawed apart", while his brother took out a chainsaw and actually tried to saw him apart. This just made people hate Kai's brother even more, and Kai became a star. Although, he is somewhat eccentric. He thinks he is the best magician in the world, and always wears a flashy outfit and carries his wand around. He performs magic tricks on people he dislikes, and takes a rabbit out of his hat every hour or so.

Kai joined Total Drama to "hone his skills."


  • Kai is named after a little kid at my camp. He is one of four people to be named after people at my camp, the others being Anderson, Ari, and Tolkien. Bennett was originally named Benni, which is another little kid at my camp.
  • Kai is unintentionally similar to Mordecai from Total Drama Stardom, even their names are similar. This is a coincidence, and in the story I tried to make them as different from each other as possible.


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