Deadly Dancers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "If he was on another team, he'd SO be out now."
Place 12th
Relationship Ocean (one-sided on his side), Wil
Friends Melanie, Ocean, Wil, Flannery
Enemies Xanthe, Lemmie
Fear Lightning
Talent Surfing

Kaite, labeled as The Surfer, is a contestant on Total Drama Culture.

Audition Tape

A group of tall, muscular, popular guys are standing on a beach, talking.

Kaite sneaks up behind one of them, and pulls all their swimsuits to the ground, making them all naked. She runs up to the camera and grabs it. The camera goes fuzzy, but not before you hear screams to "get that ginger nerd".


  • Kaite has braces.
  • Kaite was created because the author liked the name.
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