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This character page is designed for use with Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan


Katie and Sadie, the only two contestants who were acquainted before the competition began, are joined-at-the-hip buddies who are utterly interchangeable in almost every way. They are of different build and (apparently) ethnicity, but their tastes and temperaments are essentially identical. They have bubbly personalities, and are often heard squealing in delight at one thing or another.

Katie’s ethnicity is ambiguous. Her skin tone suggests that she could be Hispanic or native, but LeShawna once identified her as “white”. Katie’s skin tone could be merely a tan; but if so, then where’s Sadie’s? (After all, they do everything together.)

Sadie is very fat, but her closest friend (the rail-thin Katie) is the only one who ever comments on her weight. Katie was the fifth camper eliminated, but Sadie managed to survive for five episodes—almost entirely in the background—after the trauma of their forced separation.

Katie and Sadie's Theme

“Though P’r’aps I May Incur Your Blame” from Iolanthe

(click link below for MIDI file)

Though p’r’aps I may incur your blame,
The things are few
I would not do
In Friendship’s name!

And I may say I think the same;
Not even love
Should rank above
True Friendship’s name!
Then free me pray; be mine the blame;
Forget your craze
And go your ways
In Friendship’s name!
Oh, many a man, in Friendship’s name,
Has yielded fortune, rank, and fame!
But no one yet, in the world so wide,
Has yielded up a promised bride!
Accept, O Friendship, all the same,
This sacrifice to thy dear name!

Sadie's Aloneness Theme

“Long Years Ago” from Patience (2nd verse is no longer performed)

(click link below for the MIDI file)

Long years ago—fourteen, maybe—
When but a tiny babe of four,
Another baby played with me,
My elder by a year or more;
A little child of beauty rare,
With marvelous eyes and wondrous hair,
Who, in my child-eyes, seemed to me
All that a little child should be!

Time fled, and one unhappy day—
The first that I had ever known—
They took my little friend away,
And left me weeping all alone!
Ah, how I sobbed, and how I cried,
Then I fell ill and nearly died,
And even now I weep apace
When I recall that baby face!

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