Team Female
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Total Drama For Two"
Place 8th
Relationship Evi
Family Mother, Father
Friends Aquamara, Drake, Evi, Janina, Redd, Rosi
Enemies Jena, Lynetta, Perci
Fear Never being loved for something other than her looks
Talent Being hot

Katt, labeled The Hot Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach. Both of Katt's parents are models, so it was no surprise when she was born beautiful. Katt's social life is very good, although only a few of her friends like her for something other than her looks. Katt appreciates the fact that she has good looks, but wishes she could be known for something more. A lot of the guys at Katt's school have crushes on her, but she knows it's only for her looks. Katt signed up for Total Drama to find someone who likes her for her personality.

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