Kelly, labeled The Annoying Nice Girl, was on Total Drama Isle, but failed to move onto Total Drama Vegas.

Barking Dogs
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "The Trivial Pursuit"
Place 18th
Relationship none
Friends Nelly, Joy, BJ, and Jude
Enemies Leslie
Talent Dancing with Nelly
Counterpart Sadie

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1- She was put on the Barking Dogs, who won

Chapter 2- Formed an alliance with Leslie and Nelly and the team won

Chapter 3- She voted BJ least important and was voted by Joy and BJ least important. She was voted off after her team lost. Luckily, she only got a couple votes.

Chapter 4- Dances with Nelly, but doesnt compete in talent show. Her team wins

Chapter 5- Her alliance brakes up. She gets both answers wrong and gets voted off. She votes off Robby

Chapter 18- She hangs out with Jude, Joy, and BJ at the smoothie bar. She saves Joy. She wants Nelly to win and votes out Gwenyth

Reunion- She hung out with Kelly, BJ, and Jude but ignored Jude and talked with the other two. When Roman announced the people who made it to season two, she wasn't picked.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas


Total Drama Isle

Leslie and Nelly (Broken Up)


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