Kevin (TDD)
Team Fire

Team Rain

Gender Male
Hair color Blue
Eye color Green

Kevin is a contestant on both Total Drama Dra and Total Drama Dra's Revenge. He was on Team Fire and Team Rain. To see more about him, visit his cast page on Total Drama Dra or its sequel.

My Time on Total Drama Dra's Revenge

Episode Name How They Did Episode Rank
We're Leaving on a Boat...Again Kevin stuck with his alliance this episode. Not much exactly happened with him, but he did win over. It's not over yet though! He was placed on Team Rain. N/A
The Bonfire Ceremony Kevin worked with his alliance to locate the items needed for the challenge. Even though he didn't find anything, he helped. His team won this episode. WIN
Admit it or Leave it Kevin tried to win the game to the best of his ability. In the end, he failed. Dalia, who sensed bad energy, put him up for elimination. Lucky for him, Flaire and Sam saved him from elimination. He was in. IN
The Wheel of Demise Kevin made it to the final few rounds of the challenge. He was not tortured on the show at all, luckily for him. His team won this challenge. WIN
Wild River Rafting Kevin made a big improvement in this episode, what with helping his team win and all. He helped Sam find the gas for the boat, and helped him steer through the rocks in the stream. WIN
A Gamble on the Falls Kevin didn't do much here, but no matter for him. Sam was HOV, and didn't put him up for elimination. SAFE
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