Dancing Bugs


Gender Female
Hair color Black and red
Episode Eliminated "The TV-A-Thon"
Place 16th
Relationship Gustavo
Family Mother
Friends Tasia, Mattie, Abbey, Donny, Gustavo
Enemies Dolph, Lizza
Fear Nothing
Talent Strategizing, Intimidating People
Kim is labeled as The Strategist in Total Drama Revolution. She was on the Dancing Bugs team.


Kim was born in Italy with a single mother. She immigrated to America about an hour after she was born. Kim was always a very tall girl, being five feet tall when she was only eight. When she was young, Kim suffered a very serious eye injury while playing a particularly dangerous game of dodgeball in Gym class. She was hit in the eye with a ball going 90 miles per hour, and developed a black eye. Instead of walking about with a bulbous and purple eye, she decided to wear an eye patch. Even after the black eye was healed, Kim decided to keep the eye patch on. It intimidated some people, and other people mistook her for a pirate. Kim did not care. Then, one year for Halloween, Kim decided to make a strange costume. She made a large syringe with a skull on it to put on her hand, and many people thought it was real. Of course, it was not. She got really sweaty while trick-or-treating, and the syringe stuck to her hand. It eventually came off, but she kept it on, just like the eye patch. That is the story of how Kim looks so strange, and after she changed her appearance, she changed her personality as well. Kim is a ruthless girl who will do whatever it takes to win something, even if it means voting off a friend. She is not evil, and does not like being called that, she just likes winning.

Kim joined Total Drama to win.


  • Kim is based on a character of the same name from Adventure Time. She is one of two characters based on an AT character, the other being Donny.
  • Kim is one of two characters from Italy, the other being Gustavo.
  • In my opinion, Kim was the most boring character to write for in TDR at the time. However, this was just due to my lack of knowing how to write strategy, because I feel like if I had written the story about two years later I would write her really well.
  • Kim was found making out with Gustavo in chapter 15, thus creating the second official relationship in the season. It is unknown how they managed to become friends, after Kim's untimely elimination.
  • Kim was in the original version of the story. She was the third placer and main antagonist, and her appearance was unchanged except a neck was added.


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