Kimmi WD

Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Grayson
Fear Bridges
Talent Cheering, Smiling

Kimmi, labeled The BFF, is a contestant on Total Drama Tides.


Kimmi always wore a smile, as long as her best friend Jamie was by her side. They did practically everything together, including watch Total Drama Island. Their favorite characters were Katie and Sadie, and people at their school often compared the two pairs. When high school came, Kimmi and Jamie joined the cheer squad. They loved it, they got to spend time together doing something they loved. Being cheerleaders boosted them way up in the schools hierarchy they finally had boyfriends that weren't posters on their walls. Their new found relationships drove the girls apart, and Kimmi had to say good bye to her BFF, and hello to her new BF, Grayson

She joined Total Drama Tides in hopes of "Having her relation forever recorded." 



  • Kimmi, was originally from Total Drama Blossoming.
  • Kimmi's artwork was created by Wiz Dan.
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