Killer Wildcats


Gender Male
Hair color Black with blonde streak
Episode Eliminated "Chris and Chef's Eggscellent Adventure"
Place 15th
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends None
Enemies Erica, Christian, Isabella
Fear Locals, bad fashion sense
Talent Posting tweets in rapid succession, dressing fashionably
Kingsley, labeled The Social Media Mogul, is a contestant on Total Drama Lakeside. He was placed on the Killer Wildcats team.


Kingsley has always been a... strong personality, but he was a bit more reserved in his earlier years. After going through middle school, where he realized that he was surrounded by uninteresting people, he joined a theatre club in high school and made a large group of friends who were as over-the-top as him. Favorite activities of Kingsley's include spamming his favorite female pop singers with tweets, attempting to "make it big" as a makeup artist, making YouTube videos where he rants for 10-15 minutes about various things he doesn't like with his equally flamboyant friends, talking in a jargon featuring lots of obscure slang, and browsing the 15+ dating apps he has installed on his phone, including ChristianMingle. He's a very outgoing person, and sometimes is a bit too outgoing, scaring people off quickly. His self-proclaimed least favorite thing is fake people, and claims he'll be "real" with everyone.

Kingsley signed up for Total Drama because he thought it'd be an adventure and wanted to "spill some tea" about the other contestants and society.


  • Kingsley was named after the YouTuber of the same name, and his shirt and jeans were inspired by the outfit of Survivor: Cagayan contestant Brice Johnston.
  • Kingsley's label was inspired by a comment allegedly made by Frankie Grande of Big Brother 16.
  • I had first planned for Kingsley to make the merge and possibly the endgame, with his original placement being 6th. He was planned to be a late-game villain, sort of a sneaky type who would have clashed with Frances.
  • I later decided to take Kingsley out pre-merge because I realized I didn't like writing for him much. He was going to be the last pre-merge boot, but I enjoyed writing for the original intended 2nd out far more than him so I switched their placings.
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