Abysmal Adventurers


Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Father, Mother, Brother
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Cockroaches, Silence
Talent Singing

Kitty, labeled as The Talkative Klutz, is a character on Total Drama Voyage.


Name (Age):
Kitty (22)
Current occupation:
Hanging out with my friends. And singing. Oh, and walking. And camping. Actually I have so many hobbies. I do a lot of stuff, you know. I'm not a lazy girl, I-
3 words to describe you:
Fun, happy and clumsy. Very clumsy. Oh, and people say I talk too much. But I don't think I do. Do you think I talk too much?
Favorite Total Drama contestant:
I love so many of them. My favorites are probably Izzy and Lightning. I also love Faustino from last season. I don't know. I have many favorites, Total Drama has many great characters, they-
Reason for Applying:
I'm a huge fan of this show, I've been watching since season one. Have I told you about that time where I-
Why you think you'll win?
Hmm, well, I'll work hard to win. I'm also very nice and I love talking to people, so I think we'll bond really well and-
Short Background:
Short background? I'd rather be more specific, but alright. Well, I was born to loving parents, my mother is a dentist and my father is a teacher. They are awesome. I love them so much. And I have a brother. He's really shy, it's so funny, he almost never talks. I also have a cat. Well, so my life is pretty normal, I grew up with my family, and I went to school, and I'm currently on college, majoring in communication studies. That's all. Oh, there's also-

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