Deadly Dancers
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "You're a monster - in both senses of the word!"
Place 17th
Relationship None
Friends Alejandra, Iggy, Kaite, Lemmie, Melanie, Rydel, Wil, Xanthe, Zendaya
Enemies None
Fear Fugu
Talent Sports

Kunio, labeled as The All-Star, is a contestant on Total Drama Culture.

Audition Tape

Kunio is shown in a boys' locker room at a pool complex. Kids playing outside fill the ambience.

"Hi," he says. He wraps a green towel around his swimsuit. "I'm Kunio. I want to be on Total Drama because I have the SKILLS. I'm really cool, I make friends easily, and I'm strong, too. I'm a bit of a showoff, too, but I have good reason to." He wipes his face with the towel. He puts the towel down, and his face is suddenly coloured green. "So pick me, I'm the one you're looking for."

Snickering is heard from somewhere else in the room. Kunio notices that the 'green' towel's colour came off where he wipes his face. He curls the towel into a rat tail and chases a naked guy around the room.

"You're dead, Anderson! Hear me, dead!" he yells. The naked guy runs faster as Kunio whips the air.

A guy with a trollface shuts off the camera.



  • Kunio is Japanese.
  • Kunio's original name was Kaito, but was changed due to being extremely similar to Kaite.
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