Kurt, labeled as The Feminine Guy, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Movie Premiers
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Push Comes to Shove in the City of Love"
Place Eighth
Friends Juliana, Shirley, Lydia, Hailey
Enemies Aphasia
Fear Dry Skin
Talent Fashion, Makeup


Kurt has always been way more girly than all the boys, even some of the girls. He is religious about moisturizing, and always keeps up with the latest trends. He gets beat up by all the popular jocks in his grade. He wants to be popular, not just in his grade, but popular in the world, but he can deal with being close to the bottom of the social ladder. His father wishes he would be a little more masculine, so he signed him up for this. He wasn't aware that the competition was in LA, and thought that his son would be in the heat of a fierce competition, and that would toughen him up. Now that Kurt's dad knows that it's in LA, he doesn't want Kurt to compete, but now Kurt wants to compete, for fame. He signed up because he was forced into it, by his father.


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