Tedious Travelers


Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Sister
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Being outplayed by someone else, Bulls
Talent Manipulating, Strategizing

Kyle, labeled as The Self-Proclaimed Mastermind, is a character on Total Drama Voyage.


Name (Age):
Kyle (20)
Current occupation:
Student and Total Drama's biggest fan.
Playing chess and studying Total Drama strategy.
3 words to describe you:
Biggest mastermind ever.
Favorite Total Drama contestant:
Alejandro all the way.
Reason for Applying:
I love this show! And it's a great opportunity to show my skills, with the chance of winning a million dollars.
Why you think you'll win?
Because I'll dominate the game, and I'll play everyone like puppets. Duh!
Short Background:
I've always been super smart, having a great mind for games like this. I'd always beat my sister in Consortium and other strategy games, because I'm excellent at those. I won my school's chess tournament for six consecutive years. And, as a huge strategist, I'm a huge fan of Total Drama.

Total Drama Voyage


  • Consortium, mentioned on his bio, is a parody of the board game Monopoly.


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