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Lacey, labeled as The Lazy Slob, was a contestant in Total Drama Amazon and Total Drama All-Stars.

Outlasting Warriors
Striving Lions
Lazy lacey
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Welcome to Total Drama Amazon!"
"If I'm anything, I'm a man of my word."
Place TDA - Twenty-first
Friends Susan
Enemies Ed, Hillary, Frasier, Niles
Fear Exercise
Talent Sitting, and leaning

Chapter Guide

Total Drama Amazon

Chapter One - Lacey fell asleep while waiting for the luggage. Ed, Hillary, and Frasier, were all disgusted by her. When it was time to vote, Lacey voted for Hillary, but received six votes and was eliminated.

Chapter Thirteen - When she returned to the game, Lacey was asleep. When Susan asked what Lacey liked to do, Lacey said that she robbed convenient stores. Lacey sat out of the challenge. Lacey voted for Ed.

Chapter Fourteen - Susan asked a sleeping Lacey if she'd like to join her alliance. Lacey agreed on the condition that Susan left her alone. Lacey lost the first round of the challenge. Lacey told Susan about her several crimes, and said that guys thought law-breaking girls were hot. This intrigued Susan, wanting to know more. Lacey voted for Jocelyn.

Chapter Fifteen - Lacey started teaching Susan to be bad. She had Susan pinch Niles. Lacey said that later they'd try to push somebody down. During the challenge, Lacey was asleep, but Susan accidentally rolled her into the obstacle course, destroying it. Niles told Lacey that if she voted for Bozo, Niles would give her an immunity idol (which Lacey didn't know was fake). Lacey voted for Bozo.

Chapter Sixteen - Lacey got the fake immunity idol from Niles. Lacey didn't even attempt the challenge. Lacey decided that she'd make sure everyone voted for her, she'd play her idol, and Jocelyn (who Susan and Lacey were voting for) who be eliminated. To start this, Lacey farted next to Niles. Disgusted, Niles got Ace's alliance to vote for Lacey. She played her idol, but it didn't work, and Lacey was eliminated.

Total Drama All-Stars

Chapter One - Lacey returned to season four, as lazy as ever. She was put on the Striving Lions team. She did not participate in the challenge, but claimed to be tired afterward. Lacey voted for Dyl.


Total Drama Amazon

Lacey joined Susan's alliance in chapter fourteen.


Lacey started life as energetic as could be. However, one day she broke her leg. She got so used to sitting, she began hating to stand. She gained weight and failed gym class every year.


Total Drama Amazon

  • Lacey's appearance is an edit of Sadie.
  • Lacey was named after Lacey from Hell's Kitchen. Partially because Lacey sounds like "lazy", and Lacey was lazy.
    • She is the first character named after someone from Hell's Kitchen, the second being Salvatore.
  • Her laziness is similar to Noah's.
  • Lacey had no lines before her first elimination.
  • Lacey received eleven votes total.
    • Lacey received six votes prior to her first elimination.
    • Lacey received five votes from the time she returned to the game to her second elimination.
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