Laurel, labeled The Bossy Genius is a contestant on Total Drama Forest.

Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated ""TBA""
Place "TBA"
Relationship "TBA"
Family Mother,Father,Younger Brother
Friends "TBA"
Enemies "TBA"
Fear A C on a test
Talent Math,Science,History


Laurel was always pressured by her parents to do well in school. Thankfully, Laurel is a prodigy child. She is also quite bossy and short, fitting the "annoying goody-goody" criteria. She is also not athletic whatsoever, making her a target for bullies, but due to teacher's loving her, laying a finger on her will get you one month suspension. Secretly, Laurel is a girly-girl, and wants to paint someone's nails and gossip about other students, but knows it's unethical.

Laurel joined Total Drama to win the money, but secretly wants a girly BFF.

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