Izzy has a lemony experience with Noah.


"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Izzy cackled, "I'm gonna have so much fun doing this."

She hopped off her unicycle and ran into Noah's house. She then preceded to pull a mallet out of her bra and smash the door open. Noah's golden retriever was there already, intent on defending his master. But the brilliant nut job was prepared for this very thing.

"Look! Mutton!" Izzy called out as she threw a giant leg of meat out of her bra. The loyal dog was successfully deluded to the beautifully smelling substance and Izzy began her ascension up the stairs.

"This is going to be intense." the red head whispered as she crept inside. Noah was in his bead, sound asleep and dreaming of mockingbirds and whales.

"Let's get it on!" Izzy screamed. This woke the bookworm up and he was not particularity happy to be startled so.

"What on earth?" his eyes shot open, "Izzy, what the heck?! What are you even doing here?!"

"Giving you an experience you shall never forget. A very lemony one! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

It was then Izzy pulled lemons out of her bra and began chucking them at Noah's giant forehead. This continued for twenty minutes until all the sour fruits were gone and Izzy then left, cackling the whole way.

"Sigh..." Noah groaned, "That's the seventh time this week she's done that."

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