Lequisha, labeled as The Big Sister, was a contestant in Total Drama Paradise and Total Drama All-Stars.

She joined TDP to make lots of friends, and get famous.

Thrashing Rabbits
Striving Lions
Survivng All-Stars
Gender Female
Hair color Black and Green
Episode Eliminated TDP - "The guys have us out-numbered and it’s all thanks to that little traitor Belle!"
Place TDP - Twentieth
TDAS - Sixth
Relationship George
Friends Julio, Sam, Sarah, Mara, Cindy, Veronica, George, Dyl, Susan
Enemies "The Rat", Jacob, Nathaniel

Chapter Guide

Total Drama Paradise

Chapter One - Lequisha was chosen to be on the Thrashing Rabbits tribe. They won the challenge, and they got pop-tarts and invincibility

Chapter Two - The Thrashing Rabbits won again. She was not chosen to be in the relay race.

Chapter Three- Lequisha's feud with "The Rat" grew in this chapter. Lequisha was ranked as the ninth most important member of the tribe, probably due to "The Rat." When "The Rat" got invincibility, Lequisha got an alliance with Veronica, Cindy, Sarah, Mara, Sam, and Julio to vote out Jacob, another person causing trouble. Julio, being forced by "The Rat," had to tell the girls to vote for other people, explaining that Lequisha changed her mind. The boys then voted Lequisha out, but she swore revenge.

Total Drama All-Stars

Chapter One - Lequisha returned to season four, revealing that her parents had inherited the network, allowing her to compete again. Her conflict with "The Rat" picks up where it left off. Lequisha wanted Dyl to be the Striving Lions' captain. She did not participate in the challenge. She encouraged the team to vote off "The Rat", but he stayed.


Total Drama Paradise

Lequisha's alliance was ruined by Julio. It consisted of Sam, Veronica, Sarah, Mara, and Julio.


Lequisha grew up in a decent neighborhood. She had lots of friends, but she always wanted more. She could make friends with a group of strangers, and then go off and make more friends. She desperately wants to be famous, which frequently causes her misfortune.


Total Drama Paradise


Lequisha's original image.

  • Lequisha's appearance is an edit of LeShawna.
  • Lequisha received five votes.
  • Lequisha is what Lindsay commonly calls LeShawna.
  • Lequisha's final image was made by Manatee12.

Total Drama All-Stars

  • Lequisha is the lowest ranking contestant to return to Total Drama All-Stars.
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