Leslie, labeled The Home Sista, competed on Total Drama Isle, but failed to make it onto Total Drama Vegas.

Barking Dogs
Gender Female
Hair color black with brown streak
Episode Eliminated "Scavenger Hunters"
Place 17th
Friends None
Enemies Ashley, Kelly, Nelly, and Joy
Talent Break dancing
Counterpart Leshawna

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1- She was placed on the Barking Dogs, in which her team won

Chapter 2- Formed an alliance with Kelly and Nelly, which her team won

Chapter 3- She voted BJ as least important and voted Patrick off

Chapter 4- Didnt compete in talent show, but her team won

Chapter 5- She got her answer right, but lost. She voted off Nelly

Chapter 6- She fails to do the challenge (She tried to get her cell phone to work) She voted off Nelly, but was voted off

Chapter 18- She is seen complaining that she lost. She wants Gwenyth to win and votes out Nelly.

Reunion- Leslie doesn't appear until she complains about not being in season two.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas


Total Drama Isle

Kelly and Nelly (Broken Up)


  • She was used from Kenzen's Blank Project
  • Leslie is an edit of Leshawna.
  • Her personality is based off of Heather.
  • She was voted off because of Joy, who was voted off because of Alyx, who was voted off because she was mean.
  • She wasn't mentioned in the reunion until the end.
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