Team Misfitz

Lexi f

Episode Eliminated "The Winter Showcase, Can't be Tamed"
Place 13th/4th
Relationship -
Friends Dania, Ivy, Rosalie, Saber
Enemies Jade, Vishal,

Lexi, labeled as the Bubbly Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.


Lexi grew up in what some may call a ‘ghetto’, but she called it home. She was one of the few Caucasians who went to her small high school, and so she was often the butt of bad jokes, and sometimes she was forced to give away her lunch money. Lexi didn’t mind though. In her eyes, she was helping create a much more positive environment for her peers. She once spent an entire month revamping the courtyard at her school. From shambles to a breathtaking garden. The way she was treated failed to change though, and the negativity was starting to take a toll. Lexi’s sleeping routine became a ritual. One where she would snuggle ‘sir wiggles’ her plush teddy prince, before lighting a candle on her bedside table, in hopes that if ‘sir wiggles’ couldn’t scare away the darkness, maybe the fire would. Lexi joined Total Drama Frozen in hopes she could help the world see things in a better light.


  • In the original Frozen, Lexi still originally placed 13th, however she would return (still) and place 7th (with Kaleb.). Her second story would show her getting closer to Zaina, as the new begin to officially be a couple, rather than drift apart as shown in canon. 
  • Lexi's artwork was made by Mana
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