Team Misfitz

Lexi Fr

Episode Eliminated "The Winter Showcase, Can't be Tamed"
Place 13th/4th
Relationship -
Friends Dania, Ivy, Rosalie, Saber
Enemies Jade, Vishal,
Lexi, labeled as the Bubbly Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.


Lexi grew up in what some may call a ‘ghetto’, but she called it home. She was one of the few Caucasians who went to her small high school, and so she was often the butt of bad jokes, and sometimes she was forced to give away her lunch money. Lexi didn’t mind though. In her eyes, she was helping create a much more positive environment for her peers. She once spent an entire month revamping the courtyard at her school. From shambles to a breathtaking garden. The way she was treated failed to change though, and the negativity was starting to take a toll. Lexi’s sleeping routine became a ritual. One where she would snuggle ‘sir wiggles’ her plush teddy prince, before lighting a candle on her bedside table, in hopes that if ‘sir wiggles’ couldn’t scare away the darkness, maybe the fire would. Lexi joined Total Drama Frozen in hopes she could help the world see things in a better light.

Total Drama Frozen: 

Lexi was the third to arrive in It's a Winter Wonderland. She gets along easily with Lindsay, and Saber who tells her a story about a prince. She giggles when she notices Saber blush when he sees Hannah arrive. Lexi doesn't seem too impressed by Ivy's rude humour about the other campers. She gets upset when she sees Hannah kiss Britt, feeling for Saber. She happily talks with Dania and Rosalie when they arrive. She is seen having fun with the others when the snowball fight breaks out. Later she is placed on Team Elf, and she celebrates knowing she isn't on a team with Ivy. 

Lexi with the other members of Team Elf have a small snowball fight in It's Still a Winter Wonderland. When Lexi thinks she finally has the boys cornered, Saber sneaks up on her and drunks he with snow. Lindsay comes to the girls aid, throwing balls of snow at all the boys. Later, Lexi is announced to join Team Misfitz. She's excited to still be on a team with most of Team Elf. During the challenge, Lexi is excited to pull ahead when her teams steals the idea from Team Olympic. When their sleds stop halfway down the hill, she and Zaina ask Vishal to deal with the complaining Kaleb. She pleads with Saber to come up with a solutiion to their problem, and is happy when Saber helps the team win the challenge. Lexi is impressed by the decor of the mess hall, and enjoys eating dinner with Saber and Zaina. 

Lexi is excited to have breakfast with Mitchel and Zaina in The Frosted Towers. She talks about how nice the day is, and how the show has been going, much to Mitchel's confusion, later she leaves to do arts and crafts. She is excited to be teamed with Kaleb and Twilight during the challenge. Lexi finds the pearl, and celebrated with Kaleb. She gets worried when Twilight goes missing. When Kaleb yells at her, she gets upset and runs away. Lexi is blamed for her team losing the challenge because she lost the pearl, but is relieved when she isn't eliminated. 

Lexi has nightmares about the zombies in Snow Day. She gets distracted when Zaina comes back from her stealth mission, and is curious about what she found. When she finds out that Zaina stole it, she tries to get Zaina to give it back to Lindsay. After they are rescued, Lexi beats Zaina in rock, paper, scissors and Zaina returns the lipstick to Lindsay. She's happy when her team is declared the winner. 

Lexi 'helps' Brandon with the intro in A Kipper for Skipper. Lexi is sad when she doesn't get to join Frosty's group who leave in search of the penguins. During the challenge she pairs up with Zaina, to try and teach Skipper tricks. She's happy when her team is announced as the winners. 

The Winter Showcase

The Twelve Days of Christmas

This Snow is Real

Checking Her List Twice

'Tis the Season

Ticket to Win

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Fashion Haul

The Frosted Games

New Year's Greeting

New Year's Farewell

End of a Season


  • In the original Frozen, Lexi still originally placed 13th, however she would return (still) and place 7th (with Kaleb.). Her second story would show her getting closer to Zaina, as the new begin to officially be a couple, rather than drift apart as shown in canon. 
  • Lexi's artwork was made by Mana
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