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This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.


This is a fan fiction story on the opinions of the Total Drama Island cast members and how they felt about their time on Camp Wawanakwa and takes place in the short amount of time in between Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. Each chapter is told from a different camper‘s point of view.

Chapter One: Gwen

Note on Gwen’s chapter: Any sarcasm said by Gwen is in italics.

Life on Camp Wawanakwa could be summed up in one word: Horrible.

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All of the other campers were idiots. Well, most of them, really. Owen was practically a time bomb of farts, but he turned out to be pretty nice. Noah was just any other nerdy dork, and he was miles away from “insane”. Duncan was pretty cool. Though our so-called “friendship” was somewhat more on his side, Duncan was kind of a nice guy. Leshawna and Bridgette were pretty cool to me, and I could even call them friends. And I can’t even put my hatred for Heather into words. Really, it was that bad. She tricked me into coming to the docks just so I could witness her kiss TRENT!

Oh, that reminds me. Now I’ll talk about Trent!

Trent was possibly the one sane person on the island (the polar opposite of Izzy). When he played his guitar to me, I swear my heart would skip a beat. He was just so amazing. There really was nobody else in this world quite like Trent. I can’t wait until Total Drama Action to see him again!

Oh, shoot. I’m going crazy over him again. It’s a nice feeling, really. He just makes me feels warm and cozy, a feeling that is rarely felt by me. Trent is the only human being on the planet that can make me feel that way. Ahhh...

SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Ugh, lately I’ve been so obsessed with Trent! It’s like there’s nothing else I can think about. Well, I could think about Chris. But that’s a story for another time.

Oh, so you want my opinion on Chris now? Well, here is is. He was the WORST reality show host EVER. He is a fame-hungry, sadistic, murderous, narcissistic, psycho, heartless, evil, and the most wicked host in this depressed universe and beyond. And that’s just a few of my words to describe him. If you think about it, he’s never done one GENUINE act of kindness on Total Drama Island. Compared to Chris, Heather is an angel! And we all thought Heather was the main TDI villain. Look no further, it’s really your loyal host, Chris McClain!

Well, that’s basically my story. Bye, I guess. Now go away. I have some very deep feelings to express in my diary.

Chapter Two: Heather

*soon to be written*

Author’s Notes: This is MY opinion on what happened after TDI. If you think differently, or do not agree with what the characters say, I apologize.

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