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This character page is designed for use with Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan


Lindsay is a too-stupid-to-live uberbimbo, explicitly depicted as being the prettiest girl of the lot. After arriving on the island, she quickly fell in lust with Tyler, another substanceless pretty face. Like Beth, Lindsay allied with Heather, only to come under the latter’s domination.

Utterly useless for most of the competition, Lindsay found her groove near the end of the team phase. Ironically, one of Chris’ impromptu rules changes, combined with his taste for enforcing absurd technicalities, struck her down at the height of her game.

The most notable of Lindsay’s “dumb blonde” running gags is her tendency to butcher names.

Lindsay's Theme

Opening chorus (verse 1) from Ruddigore

(click on the link below for the MIDI file)

Fair is Rose as the bright May-day;
Soft is Rose as the warm west wind;
Sweet is Rose as the new-mown hay—
Rose is the queen of maiden-kind!

Lindsay/Tyler Relationship Theme

The woman of the wisest wit” (verses 3/4/refrain, “My natural instinct teaches me”) from Princess Ida

(click on the first link above for the MIDI file)

My natural instinct teaches me
(And instinct is important, O!)
You’re everything you ought to be,
And nothing that you oughtn’t, O!

That fact was seen at once by you
In casual conversation, O!
Which is most creditable to
Your powers of observation, O!
—servation, O!
—servation, O!
Your powers of observation, O!

Then jump for joy and gaily bound,
The truth is found—the truth is found!
Set bells a-ringing through the air—
Ring here and there and everywhere—
And echo forth the joyous sound,
The truth is found—the truth is found!

Lindsay/Beth Relationship Theme

Entrance of the Dragoons (“The Soldiers of Our Queen”) from Patience

(click on the link below for the MIDI file)

The soldiers of our Queen
Are linked in friendly tether;
Upon the battle scene
We fight the foe together.
There every mother’s son
Prepared to fight and fall is;
The enemy of one
The enemy of all is!

Lindsay/Beth/Heather Relationship Theme

“Three Little Maids From School” from The Mikado

(click on the link below for the MIDI file)

"Three Little Maids From School Are We"

"Three Little Maids From School Are We"

Beth/Lindsay/Heather relationship theme (verse 1 & refrain)

Three little maids from school are we,
Pert as a school-girl well can be,
Filled to the brim with girlish glee,
Three little maids from school!

Everything is a source of fun.
Nobody’s safe, for we care for none.
Life is a joke that’s just begun.

Three little maids from school!

Three little maids who, all unwary,
Come from a ladies’ seminary,
Freed from a genius tutelary—
Three little maids from school!

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