Dancing Bugs


Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Someone's in the Kitchen with Tasia"
Place 20th
Relationship None
Family Parents, Cousin
Friends PJ
Enemies Chelsey, Ori, Tasia, Kim, Dolph, Donny, Vincent, Gustavo
Fear Laidback People
Talent Screaming, Running, Drinking Soda
Lizza is labeled as The Caffeine Nut in Total Drama Revolution. She was on the Dancing Bugs team.


Lizza was always a bit of a hyper child. When she was born, she bounced off the walls in her hospital. Lizza grew up to be a happy and healthy child, until she drank her first bottle of Peppy Cola. You see, she was dared to steal one from the store by her delinquent older cousin. She was reluctant at first, but then she did it, and it was something she's remembered for her whole life. Every day, she drinks at least five cans of Mountain Fizz, three cans of Peppy Cola, and one and a half can of Orange Crushment. At school, she knows quite a few people who pretend to be her friends. She isn't very well-liked there, since she screams in people's faces and dances everywhere she goes. She's also quite gullible, and always accepts dares, even if it's from an untrustworthy person. Once, she mooned the whole school. Lizza never sleeps at night, possibly because of all of that caffeine.

Lizza joined Total Drama as a dare.

Audition Tape

Lizza is in her room, which has many empty pop bottles strewn about the floor. "HIMYNAMEISLIZZA!" she screams. "Andireallywanttobeontotaldrama! Myfavoritecharacterwasizzybecauseshesjustlikeme! Andifiguredeveryseasonshouldhaveahyperperson!"

Lizza's dad comes into the room, with bags under his eyes and nothing but boxers on. "Can you keep it down? I already took my pills five times today."

"SORRYDAD!" screams Lizza. "ILOVEYOU!"

"Whatever." sighs Lizza's dad. He crumples onto the ground, asleep.


  • A beta version of Lizza was used in one of Sprinklemist's camps on the TD Camps Wiki.
  • Lizza was in the original version of the story. Her appearance was unchanged, except a neck was added later. She was second voted out, after Dolph, and her personality was the same.
  • Lizza is pronounced "Liz-uh", not like Liza. It's meant to be short for Elizabeth, and the extra Z is because she's not really normal. I'm not sure how I came up with this name, actually.
  • Lizza is probably my favorite first boot in my stories, due to just the sheer weirdness of her character.
  • She was originally meant to return for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown in place of PJ, with a new, much more laid-back personality. While I couldn't fit her in the story, I wrote a cameo for her and really enjoyed it.


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