LED cast

This is a work in progress.

This is the first season of Total Drama with the 11 Loud siblings and the 12 Ed, Edd n Eddy kids competing as well. I assure you the teams are 100% randomized.

Episode 1

It was a warm summer day at Camp Wawanakwa in Muskoka, Ontario. Chris was standing with 22 teenagers who were already on the dock. "Now, we've got 23 other people competing with you guys," said Chris.

"23?!" cried Heather.

"WHOOOO!! It's gonna be a PARTY!" whooped Geoff.

"So to speed things up, we're going to introduce them in only two groups," the host finished explaining.

The first boat appeared, dropping off 11 children of varying heights and ages. "Say hello to uhh..." Chris looked at the camera, and the sound of a cue card being grabbed was heard. "Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily!" The 11 called walked down the dock.

"Are you all related?" asked Owen.

"Yes," said Lincoln.

"Your parents must be pretty—OW!" Cody was slapped on the back of the head by an unamused Noah.

"Oh, here comes our second group!" said Chris. A second boat appeared, and twelve more children got out. Chris looked at the cameraman for the next cue card and said, "Ed, Edd, Eddy, Sarah, Jimmy, Kevin, Rolf, Jonny, Nazz, May, Marie, and Lee!" The twelve called also made their way down the dock.

Edd stopped at the end and said, "Pardon me sir. May I be called 'Double D' please? Just to avoid confusion with Ed."

"Children! Children everywhere!" Ed said happily.

"Yeah, you got it," said Chris. "Alright, we're gonna need a group photo, so everyone look at me and smile!"

Everyone looked at Chris and smiled sans Eva. "Eva?" said Chris.

"Forget it."

"OK, one, two, three!" A click was heard. "Alright, let's see it!" Chris clicked a button, only to see he had captured a black screen. "Huh? Oops, silly me! I forgot to remove the lens cap!" Some groans were heard as the host removed the lens cap. "Alright hold that pose. One, two, three!" A beep sounded instead of a click. "Dang it! My card's full, so let me delete that first picture real quick." After doing so, the cast smiled again (except of course Eva). "OK, one, two, three!" He snapped it, but as he did, the dock broke over the weight of the contestants. "Ha ha! Good enough for me!" said Chris. "Dry off and meet me at the campfire in ten!"

The campers were now at the campfire. "Alright, under most circumstances, I would've divided you up into two teams, but since there's an odd number of you, there will be three teams instead. If I call your name, you will stand to my left."















"And Tyler." Those 15 stood to Chris's left. "You will be...the KILLER BASS!" A red circle with an angry red bass appeared.

"Wicked name!" said Tyler.

"Now if I call your name, stand to my right," said Chris.




"Double D."











"And Trent." Those called went to Chris's right. "You will be...the SCREAMING GOPHERS!" A green circle with an angry green gopher appeared.

"Awesome! I'm a gopher!" said Owen.

"The rest of you, stand behind the stumps directly in front of me when I call your name," explained Chris.















"And Sadie." Those 15 stood behind the stumps. "You will be...the RAGING STORKS!" A blue circle with an angry blue stork appeared.

"Rhymes with dork. Something I'm not," said an unimpressed Kevin.

"Take a look at your teammates for a quick little second, then I'll explain the cabin arrangement," said Chris.

"I can't be on the same team as HER!" Eddy exclaimed, pointing at Lee.

"Likewise!" Edd did the same to Marie.

"Kanker bad for Ed!" Ed exclaimed in regards to May.

"There's no way that was randomized!" cried Edd.

"I assure you everything was 100% randomized," said Chris.

"We're on the same team, Katie!" exclaimed Sadie. The two hugged each other and squeed, causing most to cover their ears.

"Well then, let's go over the cabin arrangements," said Chris. "Even if you all weren't different ages, the rooms are not co-ed, since we don't want to run into a lawsuit in only our first season. So boys get one side of each cabin, and girls get the other. Bass, you're in the west cabin. Gophers, the east cabin. And Storks, you'll be in the middle. Go ahead and unpack, then meet in the main lodge for information about your first challenge."

Chris walked off, leaving the cast standing there. "Challenge? I never heard anything about a challenge in the brochure," said Lincoln.

The teams were now in the main lodge, getting their food. "Listen up, rodents. I make this for y'all every day, and I don't get paid anywhere near enough for me to enjoy doing this, so I expect you all to eat this," said Chef, who stood behind the window.

Lucy, who was first in line, got a pile of brown slop on her plate. "Uh, no thanks. I'm not hungry." Chef leaned in her face and roared, causing the girl to wince, though her facial expression didn't change in the slightest. "Right. Sorry." She left the line and made her way towards one of the tables.

Eventually, everyone had gotten their food when Chris walked in. "So, how is it?" he asked.

"Yo, my man. You got a pizza anywhere or something?" asked Geoff. A cleaver was thrown from the kitchen, just missing him. "WOAH! It's cool, brah! Brown slop is cool, right guys?" The camera showed Beth, Edd, Izzy, Lucy, Luna, Marie, Owen, and Trent nodding nervously, Courtney, Duncan, Harold, and Nazz, looking horrified, Ezekiel hiding under the table, and Rolf looking unimpressed.

"Your first challenge begins in ten minutes," Chris said before leaving.

Sadie turned to DJ and asked, "What do you think they'll make us do?"

"It's our first challenge. How hard can it be?"

Cut to the 45 campers standing above a one thousand foot cliff. "Oh, shit."

Chris walked up and said, "Welcome to your first challenge! This one will be threefold. First, you will jump off this thousand foot cliff, hoping to make the safe zone." A shot of the lake from above showed a circle flash as he mentions the safe zone. "Whichever team has more people jump gets a pull cart to carry a hot tub, and you will then try to build an awesome hot tub! The team that builds the best one gets to rock their awesome hot tub all summer! The one with the worst gets to vote someone out...TONIGHT!" He turned to the red team and said, "Bass, you're up first. Who's going first?"

Bridgette volunteered herself. "No big deal. Just a jump off a thousand foot cliff...into shark infested waters." She jumped and landed in the safe zone. She waved to a passing boat with a smile on her face, and the boat promptly stopped in front of her. She then swam to the boat.

"Yeah, she did it! I'm next!" exclaimed Tyler. He jumped and cheered, only for a loud clang to sound along with a scream from Tyler. He had landed against a buoy.

Lynn jumped off next cheering, followed by Luan laughing wildly, then Lincoln screaming terrified, and finally Jonny saying, "Isn't this exciting, Plank?" while holding Plank. All of them landed in the safe zone.

Eddy shrugged and said, "Eh sure, why not?" He jumped off...

...and promptly landed crotch-first on the same buoy that hurt Tyler. A loud, piercing shriek echoed through the scene. Eddy's teammates on the boat and on the cliff shared pained/horrified expressions, except Sarah, who laughed, along with Kevin from the Storks. "Oh man, that is gold!" said Kevin.

"I fail to see how a pubic injury is amusing," said Lisa.

"Yeah, because you are a girl," said Ezekiel matter-of-factly.

"What was that supposed to mean?!" said Eva.

Lisa stepped in front of her and held up both hands. "Cool it. He's on a different team, and technically, he is correct."

Eva sighed and stopped. "I suppose I can go now." She jumped off and called, "Look out below!" before landing in the safe zone.

Jimmy clung to Sarah and said, "I don't know if I can do it Sarah."

"That's OK, Jimmy. We'll do it together." She held Jimmy's hand and they ran and jumped off the cliff.

Leshawna said, "I guess I'll go, too." She jumped with a scream, and also made the safe zone.

Lee walked up and said, "I guess I'm up." She jumped into the safe zone.

Lori walked up with a blank expression and also jumped into the safe zone.

Leni walked up with a smile on her face and also jumped into the safe zone.

Lisa walked up last. "According to my calculations, I should not survive the jump, but since this is a cartoon..." She jumped and made it into the safe zone.

"Well, that's 15 jumpers and zero chickens for the Bass," said Chris. "Gophers, you're up next."

"I do festivities like this in the Old Country all the time," boasted Rolf. He then jumped into the safe zone with a perfect swan dive. His teammates clapped for him. "Thank you, thank you," he said as he made his way to his team's boat as it pulled in.

"Well, I suppose I can go now," said Duncan. He jumped with a bored expression on his face with his arms crossed.

Trent jumped next, saying "YEAHHHHH!" excitedly.

Luna jumped while making rock gestures.

Geoff jumped while hooting and hollering excitedly.

Izzy jumped while cackling.

Beth stood there nervously. "I can't do it. I'm too scared." She started apologizing when Chris pulled out a chicken hat.

"Don't be," said Courtney. "Besides, I've seen the other team, and I don't think enough of them will jump." The Storks glared at Courtney, with Lola shouting, "HEY!"

Chris pulled out a second chicken hat for Courtney and both girls put them on before leaving.

Edd was next. "Well, Lisa does make a valid point." He jumped into the safe zone.

Harold said, "Yes!" before jumping himself. He landed crotch-first in the middle of the safe zone, making his teammates on both the boat and the cliff cringe in pain. Kevin laughed again.

Ezekiel jumped off with a "yee-haw!" before bumping into the side of the cliff and landing in the water. He gave a thumbs up as he surfaced.

Lucy went next. "I hope I miss the safe zone to say I got to be a part of a shark attack." She jumped, only to make the safe zone as well. "Dang it."

Nazz said, "Eh, sure I guess." She jumped off the cliff.

"I'm coming Double D!" said Marie as she jumped off the cliff.

Owen was last. "Oh man, I wish I brought my floaties." He sighed, then ran off the cliff in a fury, creating a big splash.

"Dang, Owen! Well that's thirteen jumpers and two chickens for the Gophers," said Chris. "Storks, your turn."

"Allow me," said Kevin. He jumped with a typical sexy male pose into the safe zone with a smug smile.

Ed ran off the cliff laughing.

"I'm sorry. There is no way I'm doing this," said Heather.

"Why not?" asked May.

"Because, national TV! I'll get my hair wet!"

"You're kidding me, right?" Gwen said incredulously.

"If she's not doing it, I'm not doing it," said Lindsay.

"So you're both chickening out?" asked Chris. The two girls nodded. "Well, that settles it! The Bass automatically win part one of today's challenge!"

The red team cheered from the shore, while the blue and green teams looked down in defeat.

"I wanted a chicken thingy," said Ed.

"Shut up, dork," said Kevin.

The scene flashed to the Bass singing 99 Bottles of Pop while pulling their crates with the pull carts Chris had promised them.

The blue team was a ways back. Lana was straining while pushing her crate. She looked up and asked, "A little help here?"

The camera scrolled up to show Lola posing like a beauty queen on top of it, ignoring her twin.

The Gophers however, were doing worse. Edd and Harold were pushing a box together, and they had literally not moved an inch. Chris pulled up in an ATV. "This, is sad," he said before driving away.

Rolf and Ed however, were carrying their crates above their heads effortlessly, passing the Bass, who had stopped singing upon seeing them. "Come on, hurry!" ordered Eva. The red team started running.

"Give Rolf your crates!" ordered Rolf. His teammates obliged, and one by one, Rolf picked up a crate and carried it back to the campgrounds.

"Feed me pretty boxes!" said Ed. He picked up crate after crate and carried them over to the campgrounds in a similar fashion.

Eventually all three teams made it back at the same time. "Alright, let's get building!" ordered Courtney. The Gophers went to work on their hot tub.

"I'll handle this," said Lana. The rest of the team shrugged.

"OK, so who knows how to build stuff?" asked Eva. Everyone looked around in silence. "Well, we're screwed, aren't we?"

Eventually, time ran out, and the tubs were complete. "Alright, let's check out your hot tubs," said Chris. He walked over to the Bass's hot tub, and saw it was not constructed very well. The Bass looked embarrassed and ashamed as Chris said, "I can tell none of you have any experience building stuff." The Bass shook their heads. "Not good. But hey, at least it's sturdy."

Chris then walked over to the Gophers' hot tub and saw it in even worse shape. He leans down to examine a hole, where he is promptly sprayed by a stream of water. The tub then falls apart after that. The Gophers look humiliated.

Chris then walked over to the Storks' hot tub and saw it very well constructed. " an AWESOME hot tub!" The blue team smiled at one another. "I think we have a winner here...

...the RAGING STORKS win! And the Screaming Gophers will vote someone out!" The blue team cheered, with Lana being held up by Cody, the red team looked a bit disappointed, yet relieved to avoid elimination at the same time, and the green team looked down in disappointment.

The three teams were back in the mess hall, with the focus on the Gophers. "So I suppose I can do the honor of asking the obvious question of who goes?" asked Edd.

"Well I think it should be princess here," Duncan pointed at Courtney. "Or, braceface," he pointed at Beth.

"Why? You need me! I'm a CIT!"

"Oh, I believe you. I also believe you led us to making such a poor hot tub. And if I recall correctly, you're the two wearing chicken hats."

"I just don't see why we lost, eh," said Ezekiel. "We're the team with the least number of girls."

The team grew shocked. "Oh man, he did not just say that!" Geoff said excitedly.

"My dad told me to look out for the girls here, eh? And help them in case they can't keep up!"

"Pardon me, Ezekiel, but Harold and I were clearly struggling with our crates during the second part of the challenge," said Edd.

"OK...I guess I'm wrong then."

"No, you're dad is wrong, not you," said Harold.

"You've got a lot to learn about the real world," said Duncan. "We're gonna start teaching you tomorrow."

The camera cut to the Screaming Gophers. "Gophers. Welcome to the first ever marshmallow ceremony. In most places, marshmallows are a tasty treat you enjoy roasting. Here, it represents a symbol of life." Chris pulls out a blue plate with 14 marshmallows. "As you can see, there are 14 marshmallows on this place, but as you all know, there are 15 of you. The person who doesn't receive a marshmallow must immediately walk down the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and never come back...EVER!" Many Gophers looked shocked. "Without further ado, I have marshmallows for..."



"Double D."










"And Courtney." Those 13 all got their marshmallows, leaving only Beth and Ezekiel.

"Beth, you're here because you didn't jump and don't have the advantage of being a CIT. Ezekiel, you're here because you said some pretty sexist things you said came from your dad. The final marshmallow, goes to..."

























..."Ezekiel." The prairie boy sighed in relief and caught his marshmallow.

Beth stood up disappointed. "Oh well. I guess it was fun while it lasted." She walked up to the Dock of Shame, where the Boat of Losers promptly arrived. She stepped inside it, and it took off with her away from the island.

"Well, that wraps up this exciting episode of TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!" yelled Chris.

The camera cuts back to the Storks enjoying their time in the hot tub. "Here's to our first challenge win," said Kevin, raising his drink.

"To the Raging Storks!" said his teammates, also raising their drinks.

The Storks then noticed something smell bad. "What's that smell?" asked DJ.

"What is that?" Cody asked with concern in his voice. He pointed at what looked like a brown pellet.

Katie and Sadie immediately screamed and bolted out of the hot tub, with the rest of the team spilling out after them, except Lily, who looked at the camera and said, "Poo-poo."

Episode 2

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows the 45 campers getting their picture taken before falling into the water, followed by them in line to get their food at the mess hall.

"We welcomed 45 campers to Camp Wawanakwa to kick off our hottest new reality show!"

The camera shows Eddy's painful landing, followed by Rolf and Ed carrying their crates above their heads, and finally Chris inspecting the Bass's hot tub.

"For the first challenge, our campers had to jump off a thousand foot cliff, bring crates carrying parts of a hot tub back to camp, and build an awesome hot tub."

The camera shows the Gophers' hot tub falling apart, followed by Chris announcing the Storks as the winning team.

"The Screaming Gophers had to vote someone off, while the Raging Storks won the challenge thanks to Lana's skills at construction!"

The camera shows Ezekiel making sexist comments, followed by Beth apologizing as she receives a chicken hat, and finally her boarding the Boat of Losers.

"And even though Ezekiel made some pretty sexist comments, it was Beth's refusal to jump off the cliff that did her in, making her the first ever camper to be eliminated."

The camera shows Chris. "What do we have planned for our campers next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

*cue intro, which I'm not going into detail to avoid spoilers*

It was the crack of dawn at Camp Wawanakwa. Everyone was sleeping soundly, until an airhorn sounded.

"The call of duty has summoned Rolf!" Rolf jumped out of his bed and made his way out of his team's cabin without skipping a beat.

Other campers didn't react so well. Leshawna hit her head waking up. "It's 6 AM! Do I look like a farmer to you?!"

Eventually, the remaining campers made it out of their respective cabins and stood outside, where Chris stood. "Hey Chris, you look really buff in those shorts," said Heather.

"Yeah, thanks. Anywho, what better way to start your day than by going on a 20K run around the island?" Many groans sounded from the campers. Chris ignored their complaints and fired his airhorn again, forcing the contestants to run into the woods to begin the challenge.

Lola (CONF): I don't wanna make my dress dirty!

"Can you carry me, sis?" Lola asked Lana.

"No." Lana took off.

"Can you carry me?" Lola asked Heather.

"As if." Heather took off.

Lola then saw Noah unconscious and Kevin carrying him. She then laid down and closed her eyes. Soon enough, Justin came by and picked her up in a similar fashion. A smile appeared on her face once he did so, though she kept it a secret from him.

Ed, Edd, and Eddy were running away from May, Marie, and Lee respectively.

"Look at them run, girls!" said Lee.

"They look so hot!" said Marie.

Later, Jimmy was feeling queasy. "I'm feeling terrible, Sarah."

"That's OK, Jimmy. Just let it out," said Sarah.

Jimmy ended up throwing up all over Lori, who screamed. "My clothes! Ruined! You're gonna pay for that, little brat!"

"Oh no. No one is messing with Jimmy on my watch!" said Sarah.

"Says who?"

Sarah picked up a tree from its foundation and tossed it to the other side of the path. Lori gulped.

Eva seemingly arrived back at the mess hall first. "Alright, I'm first!"

"I'm sorry, what?" Lucy appeared behind her, startling the bodybuilder.

"Where'd you come from?" asked Eva. But Lucy didn't answer her.

Soon, almost everybody had made it back. Kevin and Justin came in holding Noah and Lola. "Clear the tables!" ordered Kevin. The two boys dropped their teammates down on one of the tables when Harold and Edd came in.

"Where were you?!" asked Courtney.

"I think I'm suffering heart palpitations!" said Harold.

"Same here," said Edd, who was wheezing.

"Wait, if they got here last, that means they lost!" Gwen pointed out. The red and blue teams started cheering, with Noah and Lola regaining consciousness, until Chris walked in and said, "Who said that was the challenge?"

"Say what now?" said Leshawna.

"Who's hungry?" Chris unveiled a giant buffet of food. Real food.

Gwen (CONF): After eating nothing but Chef's gruel here, I almost cried when I saw that buffet.

It didn't take long until the campers were stuffed and the buffet was emptied. Chris saw that as the perfect time to announce, "Who's ready for part three?"

"What now?!" asked Heather.

"I thought eating was the second part," said Owen.

"You will try and stay awake as long as you can!"

"According to my calculations, us running and eating food was meant to tire us out quicker," said Lisa.

"The food tasted like it had chloroform, too," said Edd.

"All correct!" said Chris.

"Man, he's good," said Gwen.

Twelve hours later, no one had tapped out yet. "We are twelve hours in and no one has fallen asleep yet," said Chris.

"Woohoo! Stay awake for twelve hours? I could do that in my sleep!" said Owen. He promptly froze, then fell over.

Gwen (CONF): I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but this is shaping up to be the most brutal thing so far.

Heather (CONF): Now is the perfect time to make an alliance. But who's dumb enough to actually listen to me?

Lindsay is standing on her head, which Katie and Sadie notice. "What are you doing?" asked Katie.

"If I stand on my head, all the blood will rush to my head!"

"Ooh, can we try, too?" asked Sadie.

"Sure!" And with that, the BFFFL's joined the bimbo in standing on their heads.

Perfect, thought Heather. She walked over to the three girls and said, "Hey girls! How would you like to make it to the final four? I know exactly how we can do that."

"Ooh, OK!" said Sadie while the other two nodded.

"OK, then it's settled. A final four alliance. We can go over the rules later."

Heather (CONF): *yawns* Too easy. This game is so gonna be mine.

Eva walks up to Chris and asks to use the restroom. Chris allows her, and Eva walks to the confessional. However, a white MP3 player slipped out of her pocket, but Eva never noticed. Heather saw this, so she reaches out and grabs it while pretending to stretch.

The camera cut to Heather's alliance sitting in a group. "You stole Ava's MP3 player?" asked Lindsay.

"Eva? Yeah."

"She's gonna be like, really mad though."

"That's exactly what I'm counting on. And PS, Nickelback is so the worst band, EVER."

Heather (CONF): Turning a team against somebody? Easiest trick in the book.

At this point, Bridgette, Izzy, Noah, Leshawna, and Lily had fallen asleep. Tyler quickly joined them after having a nightmare Katie and Sadie had gotten attacked by a bear. This startled the remaining campers.

"Oh, thanks Tom! I needed that!" said Lindsay.

"That's Tyler, and I'm letting you know right now inter-team dating is not allowed," said Heather.

Lindsay (CONF): Hannah said I couldn't date him, but she never said I couldn't look at him!

"Let's read some fairy tales, shall we?" said Chris. "With some wonderful accompaniment by Chef!"

Chef Hatchet walked in wearing a pink tutu and carrying a handheld harp. Eddy bust out laughing, causing Chef to groan. Chef struck a chord on his harp.

"Once upon a time, there was this person. A boring person. A very boring person. A very, very boring person. Who lived in a boring village. A very boring village. A very, very boring village. In the middle of nowhere. In the middle of absolutely nowhere. In the middle of absolutely positively nowhere," said Chris.

As Chris rambled on, Courtney, DJ, Beth, Lindsay, Katie, Sadie, Jimmy, Sarah, Lincoln, May, Lucy, and Leni fell asleep.

Owen caught the attention of the remaining campers by sleepwalking back into the vicinity without clothes on.

"Oh...god," said Kevin.

"Hooray! Naked parade!" Ed undressed himself and followed Owen's lead.

"This is humiliating," said Edd, while Eddy looked up and shook his head.

The scene flashed to Justin, who had his eyes closed with his eyelids painted to look like he was awake. Lola was ogling him. "Oh, if only I had enough makeup to pull that off."

"Pull what off?" asked Lana, who walked over. She then saw Justin. "Oh. Well, he's our team, so I guess it's fine."

The camera then showed Ed and Owen walking to the edge of the cliff and falling off of it.

Cody, Geoff, Harold, Edd, Lynn, Lori, Lisa, Lana, Luna, Lola, Marie, Lee, Kevin, Jonny, Nazz, and Rolf all fell asleep. Eddy notices Justin's act. "Hey! He's not awake! He's sleeping!"

"Shut up! I've gotta see this!" said Chris. He walked over and discovered Eddy was right. Justin opened his eyes. "Justin dude, that is incredible! But you're out." After Justin left, he asked, "And has anyone seen Ed anywhere?"

"He started walking after Owen," answered Eddy.

"Chef, go get Ed," said Chris.

Owen and Ed were now outside a cave with sasquatch when Chef grabbed Ed. The sasquatch poked Owen with a stick and promptly threw him out.

Ezekiel was sitting by himself when Duncan sat down next to him. "Alright Zeke. It's time to teach you how the world really works. First off, guys and girls are created equal. Second, your parents aren't always right. And third, stop picking your nose, dude." Ezekiel was picking his nose, then stopped. "Eh, sorry eh. Bad habit."

"Well, let's kick that habit."

After Chef returned with Ed, Chris brought out a giant book. "How about some jokes?"

"Jokes?" Luan perked up.

"Oh boy," said Duncan. He then whispered to Ezekiel, "Oh, and don't ever say these!" Ezekiel nodded his understanding.

"Why did the girl call her ex-boyfriend a bottle of water? Because he had no taste!" said Chris.

Everyone groaned, except Luan, who was laughing very hard. She ended up falling asleep rather quickly from it.

By the time the jokes were finished, Eddy, Gwen, and Duncan were the only ones left. "Well would you look at that? One person from each team left standing. I'm offering a bathroom break. Any takers?" offered Chris. Silence. "OK. Well I've got nothing left, so have at it." He got up and left, leaving the three to their own devices.

Eddy ended up falling asleep first. Chris saw this and said, "And the Killer Bass vote someone out tonight!" Duncan fell asleep next, and Gwen fell asleep roughly a second later. Chris walked over, pointed a finger down at Gwen, and whispered, "And the Raging Storks win again!"

Fast forward to Eva shuffling through her cabin in a fit of rage. "WHERE?! IS MY MP3 PLAYER?!" she asked. Her teammates stood outside, fearful.

"Eva! Did you happen to lose this on the way to the bathroom?" said Heather, holding up an MP3 player.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll never let you slip out of my pocket again!" she said, smiling for once. Heather then left. A look of worry appeared on Eva's face when her teammates glared her down. "I guess I let my temper go a little too far."

The Killer Bass were now at the elimination ceremony. "Bass. Welcome to your first elimination ceremony. Whoever doesn't receive a marshmallow must board the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and never return...EVER!" said Chris. "The marshmallows go to..."













"And Tyler!"

"Whoo! Place at the table!" said Tyler as he caught his.

A nervous Eddy and an emotionless Eva looked at Chris. "Eddy, you were the last person on this team to fall asleep, essentially making you the reason you're all here tonight. And Eva, you fell asleep much earlier than Eddy did and threw a temper tantrum over your MP3 player. The final marshmallow goes to..."




















..."Eddy." The boy caught his marshmallow.

Eva stood up in rage. "WHAT?! Oh, that's real nice! Vote out your strongest player!"

The scene cut to Eva in the Boat of Losers, shaking a fist. "You'll all pay! You'll all pay!"

Now the focus was back on Chris. "What's gonna happen next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

Episode 3

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows the campers running through the woods, followed by them being stuffed by the buffet.

"Our campers went out for an early morning jog and chowed down on some real food," said Chris.

The camera shows Owen falling asleep first, followed by Tyler screaming after having a nightmare Katie and Sadie got mauled by bears.

"But that was just a set-up for the real challenge, the Awake-a-thon!"

The camera shows Heather talking to Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay, followed by Duncan talking to Ezekiel.

"Heather formed the first ever alliance with Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay, while Duncan started teaching Ezekiel how the world really works."

The camera shows Eddy, Duncan, and Gwen falling asleep in that order, followed by Eva yelling from the Boat of Losers.

"In the end, it was the Raging Storks who won again, while this time, the Killer Bass lost, and it was Eva who got sent home!"

The camera cut to Chris. "Who will join Loserville: population: 2 next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

*cue intro*

The teams were in the mess hall, sans Harold and Gwen. While the Bass and Storks were well-rested, the Gophers were exhausted. Chris walked up to the Gophers' table. "Duncaaaaaaan! You look like crap, dude!"

"Stuff it."

"Harold snored all, night," said Courtney.

"Wow-how-how. Four nights with no sleep? How much are you hurting, dude?"

"Wanna find out?!" Duncan got in Chris's face. The rest of the team quickly dove under the table.

Chris held up his hands and said, "No, no, it's cool. It's cool!"

It was Harold's entrance that grabbed everyone's attention, however. Everyone gasped as a black mustache appeared on his face. Harold started strutting as if he were a celebrity, only for reality to set in, revealing everyone snickering at him. When Harold sits down, he asks, "What?"

"Someone drew on your face, man," said Geoff. Harold picked up a spoon and said, "Hey, sweet 'stache."

Gwen came in last. "Ladies and gentlemen, Gwen!" The Storks started clapping, with Lindsay asking, "Why are we clapping?" Gwen sat down, and plopped her head down her bowl of gruel.

Heather turned to Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie. "So, let's go over the rules for our alliance. Lindsay already knows we can't inter-team date. I'm also allowed to touch your stuff all I want, yet none of you are allowed to touch my stuff."

The other three frowned. "I'm not so sure about that last rule," said Katie.

"That's fine. I can find three others to take with me to the final four." The other three immediately panicked. "Good, then it's settled."

The scene flashed to an outdoor gym. Duncan entered the gym and laid down on one of the bleachers, startling his team. "Wake me up, and it'll be the last thing you do!"

"This is your fault, you know. You and your snoring face," said Courtney.

"It's called a medical condition, GOSH!" defended Harold.

Chef blew a whistle, getting everyone's attention. He walked over to Chris.

"What better challenge do we have today than a good old fashioned game of dodgeball?" said Chris.

"I stink at dodgeball," said Lincoln.

"At least you get to play; back home, they always pick that thing to play over me," Eddy said, pointing at Plank, who Jonny was holding.

"Woah, that's harsh."

"The first rule of dodgeball is?" asked Chris.

"Do not talk about dodgeball?" said Noah, referencing Fight Club. Lindsay gave him a confused stare.

"As I was saying, you must try and throw someone out by throwing a ball at them, hoping to hit them! If it hits them, they're out. If they catch it, you're out."

"Gee, throwing balls. Another mentally challenging test," said Noah.

"I know right?" said Lindsay, missing Noah's sarcasm.

"Now, since there are three teams, we're gonna have two teams play at a time. We're gonna have the Bass and the Storks go first. Pick five people to play," said Chris.

The scene cut to the Storks.

"OK, we can't get lazy here. The other teams are gonna try their hardest, what with us having won twice already. Who's going up, besides me?" said Heather.

"Alright, I volunteer," said Noah. "Now let's see all of us keeners get on out there and dodge?"

"I'll go too," said Kevin.

"I'll go three!" said Ed.

"I'll go four," said Cody.

"Then it's settled."

The camera cut to the Bass.

"I'll go!" said Tyler.

"Same here," said Eddy.

"In that case, I'll go too!" said Lee, glomping Eddy, who groaned.

"Plank says I should go, too!" said Jonny.

"I guess I'll go, too," said Bridgette.

The scene cut to Heather, Noah, Kevin, Ed, and Cody on one side of the gym and Tyler, Eddy, Lee, Jonny, and Bridgette on the other. Chef blew a whistle to start the match.

Tyler started off by spinning around before throwing his ball. The ball hit Bridgette.

"Nice one, Tyler," said Eddy sarcastically. "Now try to hit someone on their team, like this!" Eddy throws a ball at Ed, hitting him on the lips.

"OW! Eddy gave me a boo-boo!"

Kevin threw a ball at Eddy's stomach. "Haha! Dork!"

Lee got angry. "Alright, that's it! No one throws my man out like that!" She threw a ball at Kevin, who caught it. "Dang it," said the tall girl.

Heather threw a ball at Jonny, who used Plank as a bat, bouncing the ball back to Heather and hitting her. "What the heck?! That's cheating!"

"I never said he couldn't do that," shrugged Chris. Heather huffed.

Tyler tried to throw a ball at the remaining Storks, but instead hit the corner of the gym, which bounced off and hit Tyler.

"Hey Jonny! Dodge this!" said Kevin, and he, Cody, and Noah threw their balls at Jonny. Jonny hit Plank with one, dodged another, but tripped over the third. Chef blew the whistle to end the match.

"And the Raging Storks win round one!" said Chris. "Killer Bass, send five people to go up against five of the Screaming Gophers."

The scene cut back to the Bass.

"Alright, we are not losing two times in a row. It's time for the pro to play," said Lynn.

"I'll go too!" said Sarah. She turned to Jimmy and said, "You don't have to play if you don't want to, Jimmy."

"I'll pass."

"I'll go," said Lori.

"Same!" said Leni.

"Uh, no. You'll just make us lose," said Lori. Leni pouted.

"Girl, let her play. She's your sister," said Leshawna.

Lori sighed. "Fine." Leni's smile re-appeared.

"I'll go up as well," said Leshawna.

The scene cut to the Gophers.

"Allow Rolf to partake in this festivity," said Rolf.

"I'll play!" said Owen.

"Me too!" said Izzy.

"Same here," Lucy said monotonously.

"Yeah, I'll go," said Geoff.

The scene cut to Lynn, Sarah, Lori, Leni, and Leshawna against Rolf, Owen, Izzy, Lucy, and Geoff. Chef blew the whistle to start the match. Rolf threw a ball at Leni hard, causing her face to be red. Leni cried as she left the court.

Lori got angry. "No one is allowed to mess with my sister!" She threw a ball at Rolf's crotch. "The grandson of the shepherd shall cease to exist," he said weakly as he limped off.

"Guess you do care about your sister," said Leshawna. She threw a ball at Owen, who caught it. Owen then threw out Lori, while Izzy threw Sarah out.

Lynn realized she was fighting a losing battle, narrowed her eyes, and said, "Time to go hardcore." She threw a ball at Lucy first. "Sorry sis, but my team needs me." She then threw out Izzy, then Geoff. She and Owen stared each other down, then threw a ball at each other. They ended up hitting each other.

"Since Lynn hit Owen before he hit her, the Bass get the point. Gophers, send five people to go up against five of the Storks," said Chris.

The camera was on the Gophers. Courtney sighed. "We have no choice. We're losing." She then turned and glared at Harold. "You do it."

"Why me?"

"Because, you already have experience in waking people up! Now go!"

Harold was seen poking Duncan awake with a stick. Duncan grabs the stick and breaks it. "You better give me one good reason for waking me up, dorkling!"

"Look, I appreciate you needing some nap time. But right now, we're losing. If we lose this next match, we get to vote someone off again. We need your help."

Duncan sighed. "Fine. I have a strategy I picked up in juvie called 'Rush the New Guy.' Just throw all your balls at one person."

"Sounds like a good strategy. I'm in," said Trent.

"I'll go, too," said Nazz.

"Count me in, eh!" said Ezekiel.

"Can I go again, since I was the strongest player last time?" asked Owen.

"Sure, Owen!" said Courtney.

The camera cut to the Storks, who saw the Gophers take their side of the gym. "They're sending out tubby again! Alright, me, Noah, and Cody are going up again, since we survived our last match," said Kevin.

"I'll go," said Justin.

"Ooh, me too!" Lola said suddenly.

"Right, OK," said Kevin.

Duncan, Geoff. Nazz, Ezekiel, and Owen faced Kevin, Noah, Cody, Justin, and Lola. Chef blew the whistle to start the match.

"Go!" said Duncan. The five Gophers threw their balls at Kevin, who fell to the floor from the impact.

"Ouch," he said weakly before getting up to leave the court.

Cody rubbed his ball against his shirt, then threw it at Duncan, shocking him as he got hit.

Ezekiel threw Cody out. "That was for you, Duncan!" Duncan shot Ezekiel a thumbs up and a smile.

Noah tried to throw Ezekiel out, but Owen caught the ball, making Noah sigh as he left.

"Well, looks like we're actually gonna have to play," said Lola.

"Don't worry, sweet little thing. You got me to protect you," flirted Justin. Lola giggled. Justin threw a ball at Trent's left cheek.

Ezekiel threw out Justin, hitting his face. "My face! My beautiful moneymaker!" Justin cried as he left.

Lola seethed. "That's, it! NO ONE MAKES ME MAD!" She did a battle cry as she quickly threw out Ezekiel before he could react.

Owen and Nazz looked at each other worried, but then they each held up a ball and smirked. They threw their balls at Lola's cheeks, making the angry six year old cry upon impact.

Kevin facepalmed. "So close," he groaned.

Chef blew the whistle to end the match. "Well, since we're all tied, here's what's going to happen," said Chris. "All of you will be competing in a free-for-all, last man standing game. The first team to lose all of its members votes to send someone home tonight, and the last team left standing wins."

All 43 campers were now on the court. Chef blew a whistle to start the match.

Kevin glared down Duncan. "This is what you get for getting me out," he said, before throwing his ball. Ezekiel ended up stepping in and catching it before it could hit Duncan though.

"Dang it," said Kevin as he left. Ezekiel and Duncan smiled and hi-fived each other.

Tyler tried to throw Cody out, but ended up hitting Lindsay. "NOOOOO!!" he cried, before running off the court.

"Tyler, wait! No one hit you!" said Eddy. But it was too late. Tyler was sitting and talking to Lindsay. Eddy groaned angrily, then threw Ed out, making him laugh again.

"Not funny, Eddy! You gave me another boo-boo!" said Ed, pointing at his lips again before leaving.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me," said Lee. She threw May out and started laughing.

"Hey, I was supposed to do that!" cried Marie, who took Lee out. Lee grumbled.

Edd tried to lift a ball up himself, but struggled. When he finally got it off the ground, he fell backwards, and the ball fell on him, taking him out.

Bridgette lightly tapped Lily with a ball to avoid hurting her. Lily blew the surfer girl a raspberry as she left.

Sarah threw Katie and Sadie out while a nervous Jimmy clung to her.

Cody and Noah tried to throw Duncan and Ezekiel out, but Courtney and Geoff caught their balls. Izzy ended up throwing Gwen out.

"The Storks are losing with only five left!" said Chris.

"Come on, Storks!" Kevin cried out in frustration. He then saw Justin and Lola just sitting there. "Hey, do something!" he called out. The two paid no mind to him.

Heather threw a ball at Jonny, who used Plank to bounce the ball back to her again. Lana tried to take him out, but the same thing happened.

DJ threw Luna out. "It's all good, dude! Good luck out there!" the third oldest Loud said sympathetically.

Lisa threw Justin out. Lola seethed. "You just made me MAD!" she cried before throwing her ball with lots of force. Lisa just sidestepped without showing any emotion, allowing the ball to bounce back to Lola and hit her in the face hard, causing the angry girl to be reduced to tears again as she left the court.

Lisa (CONF): I show no sympathy for Lola. She threw the ball at too great a force, so this is a hundred percent her fault.

DJ threw Bridgette out, followed by Geoff. "It's cool, bro! You had to do what you had to do!" said Geoff as he left.

Lynn however, had other ideas. "I know what I have to do!" she said, before throwing DJ out.

"And the Storks will be voting someone off tonight!" said Chris. Kevin slammed his hat on the ground in a fit of rage. DJ came over and said, "Sorry I couldn't win."

"No no, it's fine," said Kevin. He then glared at Justin and Lola and said, "It's them that should be sorry."

An angry Lynn and Lori cornered Rolf. "Alright mister. You mess with our sister, you mess with us. Got it?!" said Lynn.

"Behind you!" said Rolf.

Lori rolled her eyes and said, "Oh, like I'd—" She was hit by a ball from Owen behind, making the girl huff as she left. Rolf and Owen then smirked at each other, then at Lynn. The girl's glare turned into that of a worry.

The camera cut to Lynn running away screaming, followed by Rolf jumping in front of her. Lynn screamed and turned around, only for Owen to trap her in. Both boys promptly tapped Lynn out.

Nazz threw Sarah out. "Nazz, you—ugh!" cried Sarah as she left, leaving Jimmy to stand alone, frightened. Trent walked up to Jimmy with a ball, and was about to reach out and tap him with it when Jonny stepped in between them. "I got you, Jimmy old pal!" Jonny snatched Trent's ball out of his hands and threw him out before he could react.

Eddy saw this and said, "Hey! That's a great idea!" He then signaled all the remaining Bass to gather around Jimmy in a tight circle.

The Gophers saw this. "What are they doing?" asked Harold.

"Beats me. Oh well, looks like we'll change things up a bit," said Duncan. He then noticed none of them had balls. "Everyone, try and spread your attacks out as much as you can among them!"

"Roger that!" said Harold. He threw at Jonny, but he used Plank to bounce the ball back to him. Unfortunately, he caught it. "Dang it," moaned Jonny. "Oh well, we had fun out there Plank. And not a scratch on you!"

"That makes things so much easier," said Duncan. "Alright, go quickly now!"

Duncan threw at Eddy, Harold at Lisa, Lucy at Bridgette, Courtney at Luan, Geoff at Leni, Izzy at Leshawna, and Marie targeted Lincoln. Eddy caught it at his stomach level, Lisa got hit in the face, making her glasses slanted, Bridgette caught hers, but then it slipped out, Luan caught hers, Leni was too busy covering her face with her hands to catch hers, Leshawna got hit in the stomach, and Lincoln in the crotch.

"Hey, I caught mine! I'm having a ball right now! Get it?" said Luan.

"That'll be the last joke you'll ever say," said Harold, before he threw her out. "Dang it," said the fourth oldest Loud.

At this point, Eddy was now clinging to Jimmy. "Not so tough now, huh?" said Marie. "Izzy, if you would." Izzy handed Marie her ball. Eddy and Jimmy gulped.

"And the Screaming Gophers win!" The green team cheered while the red team looked disappointed.

Once the cheering died down, Chris went over to the Raging Storks. "Storks, what happened?"

"What can I say? Weak effort," said Noah.

"I agree. I know two people who did nothing," said Kevin, glaring at Justin and Lola.

The scene cut to the elimination ceremony. "Storks, welcome to your first elimination ceremony. Whoever doesn't get a marshmallow must board the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and never return...EVER! The first marshmallow goes to...Cody!"












"And Kevin!" Those called all caught their marshmallows.

Justin and Lola were left. "Justin. Lola. You two didn't participate in the challenge until it was just you two, and in Lola's case, once Justin got hit. The final marshmallow goes to...





























...Justin!" The male model caught his marshmallow.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" screamed Lola. She started pounding the ground with her fists over and over again, making Heather and Kevin laugh at her.

Chris covered his ears. "Enough already!" He turned and said, "Chef?"

The scene flashed to Lola pounding her fists into Chef's back while still screaming. When the Boat of Losers came, Chef dropped the little girl into the Boat of Losers and walked back to the campgrounds.

"I already don't miss her! Stay tuned to see what we have in store next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!" yelled Chris.

Episode 4

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Rolf hitting Leni out, followed by Lori hitting Rolf out.

"Our campers participated in a good old game of dodgeball!"

The camera shows Ezekiel catching a ball thrown by Kevin, followed by Rolf and Owen throwing Lynn out.

"All three teams tied after three games, so a winner takes all game was played to determine the winning team."

The camera shows Marie ready to take out a shaking Eddy and Jimmy.

"And it was the Screaming Gophers who won their first challenge!"

The camera shows Lola throwing a tantrum after getting voted off.

"And it was snotty princess Lola who got the shaft!"

The camera shows Chris. "What do we have in store at Wawanakwa Mart next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

The scene opened up at the main lodge. Kevin was glaring down Justin. "Listen. You don't know how lucky you are to still be here. I've got your eye on you. There can only be one pretty boy on this island, and it's gonna be me," he said, pointing at himself. Justin didn't react.

Chris walked in to the mess hall. "Welcome, campers! While y'all were getting rested, we built a new state of the art amphitheater just for you guys!"

"I feel so honored," said Gwen unenthusiastically.

"Thanks Gwen!" Chris said, missing the sarcasm. "Now if you all can follow me, I can explain some more details!"

The scene flashed to the three teams sitting in a set of bleachers for each of them. Chris stood on the stage. "Welcome to our brand new, state of the art, amphitheater!" he said.

"Way to repeat yourself," said Noah.

Chris frowned, then smiled again. "As I was saying, today is going to be a talent contest!" he said, throwing his hands up on the last two words.

"Oh yay! I've been wondering when we'd have one!" said Lindsay.

"Each team will send out three people to try and impress Chef. He will rate you up to ten on the Chef-O-Meter! The team with the highest score will win, while the team with the lowest score gets to send someone home. Go ahead and go backstage and decide amongst yourselves who should go up. Oh, and Duncan? It can't be something illegal." Duncan snapped his fingers in frustration.

The scene cut to the Bass.

"I once made my own popsicles!" said Jimmy.

"He gets my vote," said Lynn.

"Mine too," said Lincoln.

"Mine three!" said Leni.

"So Jimmy's going up," said Bridgette. "Me, I can stand on my hands for twenty minutes."

"Well, I don't know if we can do twenty minutes, but if you can walk real far, he might still be impressed. Like, the stage, you know what I'm talking about?" said Leshawna.

"OK then," said Bridgette. "Now we just need one more."

"I'll go!" said Tyler.

"And do what? Trip over your shoelaces? Yeah right," said Eddy.

"I would not! I bet I could tackle Chef!" The team either laughed or rolled their eyes.

"How about Lynn? She's strong," suggested Lincoln. Some murmurs of agreement sounded from the team.

"So Jimmy, Bridgette, and Lynn are going," said Lori.

The camera cut to the Gophers.

"I'm going. I can play the violin real well," said Courtney. "Anyone else?"

"I can speak eight different languages, eh!" said Ezekiel.

"Anyone else?"

"I can do—" started Harold.

"Next." Harold frowned.

"I can do some neat skateboarding tricks," said Geoff. Courtney rolled her eyes.

"I can burp the ABC's!" announced Owen. He took a giant two liter bottle of pop and drank it whole. He then burped the entire alphabet. The guys all cheered, but the girls all looked unimpressed.

"No," was Courtney's answer.

"Hold on, I can fart Beethoven's 5th!" Now everyone protested against Owen.

"OK, anyone else?"

"I can shred a mean guitar solo!" said Luna.

"Fine...not like anyone else can offer anything useful. Anyone else?"

"I can play the tuba," said Nazz.

"At this point we're running out of ideas, so yeah sure, why not. Me, Luna, and Nazz are going."

Now the camera focused on the Storks.

"I'm a ballerina back home, so obviously I'm going," said Heather. "Who else is going?"

"I can ribbon dance," said DJ.

"Only one dancer, and it's me," said Heather. DJ frowned.

"Ooh, I think Justin should go up!" suggested Sadie. She and Katie were looking at Justin, who wasn't even including himself in the discussion, had his shirt off, and was drinking a bottle of water.

"What can he do?!" protested Kevin.

"Look at him!" said Katie. A droplet of water melted on Justin's chest, making the BFFFLs swoon.

"Forget it."

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee—" started the BFFFLs.

Kevin covered his ears. "Alright, FINE!" he cried. He uncovered his ears, but quickly recovered them as the two girls squealed in delight.

"Alright, so who's the last one going?" said Heather.

"I'll go," said Kevin. "Got some bike tricks that I know will impress him."

"Then it's settled. Justin, Kevin, and I are going."

The scene cut back to the amphitheater, with the non-participants sitting back in the bleachers. Chris was on stage. "Welcome to Wawanakwa's first ever talent show! These nine hopefuls are here to try and win it for their team! First up, we have the Bass! First up is Jimmy, who claims to make popsicles!"

The audience applauded as Jimmy walked in, dragging a refrigerator lying down with him. He held a plank of water and stuck it into one of the refrigerators. Eventually, he opened the refrigerator and pulled the stick out, revealing a giant orange popsicle with oranges inside.

"Woah, impressive! Let's see what Chef thinks," said Chris. Nine lights out of ten lit up on the Chef-o-Meter. "Alright, good start! Now it's Lynn's turn. She claims she can tackle Chef!" He starts laughing.

Chef grumbles as he gets up on stage. Lynn runs in with a battle cry and tackles him pretty easily, making him cry out in pain.

"Let's see what he thought about that!" said Chris. Eight lights appear. "Eight! Good start! Now it's up to Bridgette to keep the momentum going!"

The crowd applauded again as the surfer girl entered the stage walking on her hands. Unfortunately, she quickly got nauseous, and she started throwing up in front of the stage. Chris quickly dove under his table. "Everyone duck!" No one had to be told twice.

When Bridgette stopped puking, everyone came up. "Well, let's see—" Bridgette threw up one last time, and Chris got blasted. "What Chef thinks!" he said, angry now. One light showed up. "Eighteen points for the Killer Bass! Now let's see the Killer Storks' talents! First up is Heather and her ballerina moves!"

Heather saw Courtney practicing the violin, then smirked as she got an idea. She got on stage, started dancing to quiet piano music, then "accidentally" got her leg trapped on a rope holding up a light, causing Heather to fly up to where the light was and the light itself to hit Courtney's violin.

"Wonder what Chef has to say for that," said Chris. Three lights appeared. "Not good, Heather."

Heather (CONF): It was worth it. It's their team's loss, not mine.

"YOU! You broke my violin!" Courtney cried up to Heather. Then the CIT actually did start crying.

"Oh, sorry! I thought I had all my moves down," Heather feigned sympathy.

"What are we gonna do?" Courtney asked Duncan. The delinquent shrugged. "I can't believe I'm asking this right now, but what can Harold do again?" Courtney looked down and sighed.

"Next we have Justin with his hotness!" said Chris. Justin walked in to applause, then said, "This one's for you, Lola." He did a flash dance, then poured a bucket tied by a rope over him, dousing him with water.

"Let's see what Chef thinks," said Chris. Nine lights appeared. "Really, Chef?"

"What? Dude's called a 'pretty boy' for a reason."

"Well, OK. The Storks have twelve points, so this next person needs at least six points to tie, seven to be guaranteed safe. And that person is Kevin, with his bike tricks!"

Applause sounded again as Kevin wheeled in on his bike. He then started doing a figure eight, then accelerated from one side of the stage to the other, then turned around and jumped to the lights, and rode on all of them without having them fall off, then landed perfectly on a cowboy position. Mass applause and cheers sounded.

"Let's see what Chef thought," said Chris. Ten lights lit up. "Perfect score, Kevin! That's 22 points for the Storks, meaning they are safe!" The Storks cheered and started chanting, "Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!" while the boy in question bowed with a smile on his face. Eddy growled in anger.

Eddy (CONF): Great! Four episodes in, and my team still hasn't finished first place in a stupid challenge!

"Alright, Gophers, you need 23 points to finish first, and 19 to avoid worrying about elimination," said Chris. "First up is Courtney with her violin!"

"Funny story! Someone broke it!" her voice cried out. She held out her broken violin, making the cast gasp.

"Ooh," said Chris. "Hope you've got a replacement on hand. Anyhoo, we've got Luna with her guitar solo!"

The audience clapped as the rocker Loud entered the stage with her rock guitar. She started shredding Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames, which got a couple hoots and hollers right away. Once she finished the song, widespread cheering took place.

"Chef?" asked Chris. Nine lights lit up. "Good! Next is Nazz with her tuba solo!"

More clapping as Nazz went on with a sousaphone wrapped around her. She tried to blow a concert B flat, but blew what sounded like a truck horn and a cruise ship horn together. The cast covered their ears.

"I, think we've heard enough, thanks." said Chris. "Chef?" Four lights lit up. "Whoever this last person is has to get a ten to win, or at least a six to beat the Bass. So whoever you are, come out come out, wherever you are!"

Harold walked out. He took a big breath into the microphone, then started beat boxing. He managed to keep a consistent rhythm, and threw in a couple of extra stuff, like "Gosh!" into the mix to keep the beat fresh. When he stopped, everyone went silent, then cheered louder than they had before.

"Wow Harold. Let's see what Chef thought," said Chris. Ten lights lit up again. "Alright, the Gophers win with 23 points, and the Bass will be sending someone home!" The cheering Gophers ran on stage and held Harold up, the Storks looked disappointed, and the Bass shot glares at Bridgette, who looked worried.

Bridgette (CONF): Well, I can always make money at the surf shack.

The Killer Bass sat at the campfire. "Bass. Congratulations on being the first team to have to go to elimination again. Also congratulations on being the only team to still not have finished first in a single challenge! Sucks to be you right now, ha ha. When I call your name, come get your marshmallow.












And Lee." They all caught their marshmallows. Eddy and Bridgette were left without theirs. "Eddy. Welcome back to the bottom two, bud. Though to be honest, I have no idea why you're here. Oh yeah, it's because only Bridgette voted for you, and everyone else voted for Bridgette, so congratulations! You're safe!" Chris threw Eddy his marshmallow.

Bridgette stood up. "Well, I'm a little disappointed I had to leave this early, but I can't say I didn't see it coming. Good luck guys!" she said. Everyone chorused their farewells to her as she went down the Dock of Shame and boarded the Boat of Losers.

The camera cut to Chris. "Will the Bass finally finish first in a challenge? What will Heather and try and do next? Tune in next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

Episode 5

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Jimmy making his own giant popsicle, followed by Lynn charging and tackling Chef.

"We got to see what our campers were made of by hosting a talent show!"

The camera shows Heather "accidentally" messing up, causing a stage light to fall and break Courtney's violin, followed by Harold beatboxing, and finally him being carried off by the rest of his team.

"Heather sabotaged an opposing team again by preventing Courtney from competing, but it was all for naught as Harold won it for the Gophers."

The camera shows Bridgette throwing up on stage, followed by her getting eliminated.

"And in the end, Bridgette's weak stomach led to her catching the Boat of Losers."

The camera cut to the host. "Who will set sail next time, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!

*cue intro*

It was daytime, but everyone was sitting around the campfire. "Alright campers. These last few challenges have been about camp festivities. You know, fun stuff. Today, I'd like to see how you'd do in a real world situation. Which is why today, you'll be camping out in the woods!"

"Sweet!" said Lincoln.

"I'm not gonna lie, some of you might not even make it back alive!" said Chris. Some campers looked worried. "Just kidding. We would lose our show if that happened. But seriously. Good luck out there. And watch out for the bears!" And with that, our host left.

Everyone looked at one another. "Did he just say there were bears up there?" asked Leshawna, fear clearly in her voice.

"I had an encounter with a bear once. It bit me in the butt," said Owen. He then pulled his pants down. "Check it out!"

Mostly grossed out expressions sounded. Rolf patted Owen on the back. "You have such good bravery, Owen boy."

"That, is SO cool," agreed Izzy.

The three teams got to walking into the woods. The camera focused on the Gophers. Geoff was looking a bit down in particular, and was farthest back. Luna looked at him and slowed to his level. "You OK, dude?"

"Yeah, I know that girl they just kicked off?"


"Yeah, I...kind of had a crush on her, man. Even though she was on a different team and all."

"Wow, bro. I didn't know that. You just always seemed so happy and all, that it just seemed like one of the last things you'd be thinking about."

"Well, you know, with them getting close, I mean..." Geoff was pointing a hand at Courtney and Duncan, who happened to be next to each other. They turned to Geoff. "Who, us? We're not dating," said Courtney.

"Yeah, darn shame," said Duncan, although it was clear that to him, it wasn't really a darn shame. Especially as he smirked to himself.

The camera shifted to the Storks. "The woods are an evil place, guys. So much monsters lurk in the dark. It's like a real life horror movie," said Ed.

"Quit trying to scare us, dork," said Kevin.

"It's true! The snatchers have already swiped two humans!"

Kevin turned back to Ed. "Stop it, Ed!" He then saw Katie and Sadie weren't with the team. "Wait. Where's Katie and Sadie?"

"Being snatched! It's already starting to happen!" cried Ed. "Who knows who's gonna be taken next?"

Katie and Sadie had taken a stray path after seeing a bush full of blueberries. "Where's the rest of our team?" Katie asked Sadie. Sadie shrugged. "Oh great! Now we're lost!" cried Katie.

"Katie, look!" Sadie pointed at the oncoming Gophers.

"Y'all look lost. Y'all OK, dudes?" asked Luna.

"We went to look for some blueberries, and we can't find the rest of our team," said Katie.

"They're up ahead."

"Oh, thanks!" The two BFFFLs left.

The camera cut to the Bass. They were walking normally until Lincoln accidentally farted, prompting the team to stare at him. "Oops. Sorry."

"Oh, you'll be sorry alright," said Lynn. "Dutch oven!" She jumped into a piggyback position on Lincoln and farted, then got off and laughed.

"Aw, man!" said Lincoln.

"You two, stop it!" ordered Lori.

"According to my calculations Lori, you're the person in our family who's emitted the most flatulence," said Lisa.

"I do not!" cried Lori. Just then, she herself tooted. "That was my shoe! I swear it was my shoe!"

"Keep telling yourself that, Lori." Lori huffed.

The camera cut to the Storks arriving at camp. "Alright, I need one person to help me set up the tent," said Kevin.

"I'll do it!" offered Lana. The two unfolded the tent they had carried with them.

Just then, Katie and Sadie appeared. "Sorry we're late. We looked for blueberries," said Sadie.

"If we're gonna look for food, we're gonna do it together," said Kevin. "Look what you two did to Lumpy over there!" He points at Ed, who says, "The end is near, guys!"

"What's up with him?" asked Katie.

"Don't get me started," said Kevin, who facepalmed.

The camera now showed the Gophers. "At last! We've made it!" said Edd.

"Where's our food?" asked Owen, noticing the lack of.

"It's a survival challenge," said Trent.


"Ooh, we should start making bear sounds and see if that would attract a real bear!" said Izzy.

"Great idea! After all, I'm the bear expert," said Owen. The rest of the team exchanged worried glances.

The camera showed the Bass arriving now. "Where's our shelter?" asked Eddy. "The Stork dorks have the tent, and what if it rains?"

Leni glomped Eddy. "Aw, cheer up! It's not gonna rain! See, there's not a cloud in the sky!" Both looked up. Clouds started to roll in, with one covering up the sun. Eddy narrowed his eyes at a sheepishly grinning Leni.

Lee (CONF): Nobody's allowed to touch my man but me!

The sun had now set, and the Storks had set up the tent. The rest of the team was in the tent, while Ed was outside. "Soon the snatchers will be coming, guys," said Ed.

"Get inside, Ed! Stop trying to scare us!" said Kevin.

Ed went inside, then said, "It's true! The snatchers took Katie and Sadie, and they were lucky to escape!"

Katie and Sadie looked at each other, confused and a bit scared themselves. "What's he talking about?" asked Sadie. Katie shrugged.

"Oh my gosh, I don't wanna get kidnapped at night!" Lindsay said, taking the thing at face value.

"Oh my gosh, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight!" said Sadie. She and Katie hugged each other and whimpered. Lindsay stood there alone, terrified herself. Ed hugged her. "I'll be your huggy buddy!" Lindsay sniffed, then said, "Ew! When's the last time you showered?"

"Showers are evil."

"EW!" Lindsay said louder, and broke away from Ed's grasp. Ed hugged himself.

Kevin (CONF): I hate my team.

The Gophers were without Owen and Izzy. "Where's Owen and Izzy?" asked Courtney.

"I guess they are trying to get us killed," said Duncan.


Just then, Owen ran to them, screaming. A bear followed him. The rest of the team quickly climbed up a tree, except Rolf, who entered a battle stance.

"Rolf, you're gonna get KILLED, dude!!" Nazz cried out in desperation.

"Nonsense, Nazz girl. Hi-yah!" Rolf punched the bear, causing it to fall to the ground, dead.

"Th-thanks, dude. You're a real life saver, man," said Geoff.

Just then, giggling could be heard from the bear. The bear took its head off, revealing Izzy.

"Izzy?" asked Geoff.

"You mean you two tricked us?!" Courtney said, glaring at Owen and Izzy. The rest of the team likewise glared at them.

"Uhhh, heh heh," Izzy said nervously. "At least it wasn't a real bear, am I right?"

Just then, another bear could be heard from the forest behind the tree the team had climbed up.

Rolf went in the direction of the bushes and said, "Begone, pest!" He punched the bear, who roared loudly before falling to the ground.

"You have no idea how lucky you are right now," Courtney said to Izzy and Owen.

The camera cut to the Bass. "Well, I guess it's time to hit the hay," said Lee.

Jimmy heard rustling. "What was that?" he asked, pointing at the source. Just then, a bear came up and roared. The red team screamed and ran deeper into the woods, the bear on their heels.

The camera now showed the Storks. "Ed, give it up! There are no such things as snatchers!" said Kevin. He was getting really fed up at this point.

Ed took one more look outside the tent's flap and said, "I SEE THINGS!" He promptly bolted out of the tent and ran in the other direction.

"Dang it Ed, come on!" cried Kevin. But then he saw for himself what it was. It looked like a group of people from the distance with yelling and roaring sounding "We got a problem, guys," he said with fear in his voice.

"What is it? I'm too scared to look!" cried Lindsay.

"It's a—" The screaming and roaring got louder, and eventually Kevin made out the situation. The Bass were being chased by a bear. "BEAR!!" He and the rest of the team screamed and ran away with the Bass, leaving their tent behind. The bear promptly chewed up the tent to smithereens, then ran back the away it came.

"Our tent!" cried Kevin.

"Why don't we uh, stay together tonight?" offered Eddy.

"Yeah, I guess. It's not like things could get worse," said Lori. Just then, drops started to fall, and it quickly started pouring.

The camera cut to the Gophers. "Weak sauce, dudes. Wanna just huddle together?" offered Luna. Some "yeah, sure" comments sounded and the team huddled together as the rain fell.

The next morning, the Gophers woke up from their awkward position. "Alright team, we had a rough night sleeping in a position that shall never be mentioned again, but now we're gonna be the first team back at camp!" said Courtney.

"I wasn't complaining," said Duncan.

"Shut up, Duncan." The team started walking.

"You know you want me, babe." Courtney huffed.

The Storks and the Bass were together when they woke up. Noah was kissing Cody right cheek when they woke up and screamed at each other.

"Oh hoh, man! That's rich!" said Kevin. "Let's go guys!"

The two teams ran back the way they came. "Come on, Bass! Let's make it back before they do!" said Lynn.

Chris and Chef were at camp. "Alright, I see some people coming! Who is it?" He entered a lookout position and saw it was the green team. "And the Screaming Gophers win!" The green team cheered. "Now it's a matter of who's safe and who's voting someone off tonight!"

Just then, the other two teams ran together towards the camp.

"C'mon c'mon c'mon!" cried Lynn as she quickly made it back.

"Pick it up, Storks!" cried Kevin as he made it back.

Eventually, both teams made it back. "Well, it looks like one of you made it all back before the other did, despite the close race. The winner is...















...the Raging Storks!" The blue team cheered lightly and sighed in relief. The read team moaned. "I can't believe we lost again!" Eddy cried. He was getting angry.

"Bass, you and me. Campfire. Tonight."

The Bass sat at the mess hall. "It's not fair! We were so close!" griped Eddy.

"Someone needs a hug! Yes you do!" Lee said as she glomped the moaning boy.

"Get off me, please!"

Lee did so. "Well, I guess I'll decide when I get there. Good luck, Eddy." She got up and left.

Eddy turned to the rest of the team. "You know what? She has got to go."

"Aw, does poor Eddy have some girl problems?" taunted Sarah. Jimmy laughed.

"Shut up Sarah! You don't know what she's like! It's bad enough being on the worst team so far!"

"I agree," said Jonny, coming to Eddy's defense. "Them Kanker sisters stole Plank from me that one time!" He then said to Plank, "I'll never let you out of my sight, buddy. You hear me?"

"It wood be a good idea to make Eddy happy by doing that! Heh heh, get it?" said Luan. Some eye rolls came from her team. "What? Plank...being in the woods..."

"Just literally stop," said Lori.

The Bass were now at the campfire ceremony. "Bass, welcome back. Whoever doesn't get a marshmallow—"

"Just get on with it!!" Sarah cried impatiently.

"OK fine, sheesh!" said Chris. "Marshmallows go to...











And Lynn!" They all caught their marshmallows. Eddy and Lee were left on the bottom. Lee gasped, then hugged Eddy against his will again. "We're gonna be separated, Eddy!"

"Eddy. Lee. One of you is about to leave this island and never come back...EVER. The final marshmallow goes to...

















...Eddy. Again." Eddy caught the marshmallow and said "Phew!"

Lee stood up in a rage. "Aw, come on, seriously! I did nothing wrong!"

"Except for disregard Eddy's personal space, that is," pointed out Lisa.

"Dock of shame awaits, Lee," said Chris.

The camera shows Lee stomping down the Dock of Shame and boarding the Boat of Losers.

The camera cut to Chris. "Will the Bass finally stop losing? Will we see a guy get sent home for once? Find out next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

Episode 6

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera showed Lynn giving Lincoln a dutch oven.

"Our campers spent a night in the woods," said Chris.

The camera shows the Gophers huddling together after it rains, followed by the other two teams running away from a bear.

"Although no one had a good night thanks to it raining, the Storks and the Bass had to outrun a bear! Heh heh."

The camera shows the Gophers arriving first, followed by the Storks barely making it back before the Bass.

"And to make matters worse for them, the Gophers won, and it was the Bass who had to vote someone out."

The camera shows Eddy telling the team to vote Lee off, followed by Lee stomping down the Dock of Shame.

"In the end, Eddy convinced the team to send Lee home."

The camera shows Chris. "Who will join our five ladies next? Will it be another lady? Or will a guy finally get sent home? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

*cue intro*

The Bass had not left the campfire when the Gophers arrived. "What do you want?" cried Eddy.

"Came to rub in your victory?" asked Lynn.

"No, seems someone couldn't control their flatulence," Edd said, glaring at Owen, who promptly farted again.

"Ew," said Trent.

"I'm glad we sent Lee home. She scares me," said Eddy.

"Wait, you sent Lee home?!" Marie cried out in anger.

"Wait, she's not here?" May said stupidly.

"Duh," said Eddy.

"LET ME AT HIM!" Marie yelled. She got held back by Nazz and Rolf.

"Sheesh, have a cow," said Eddy. "No need to act like my older brother. You'll never be as scary as him."

"He is something, but I personally loathe gym equipment," said Edd. He then got the ball rolling with, "So fellows, what are your biggest phobias?"

"Flying, man!" said Owen.

"Oh yeah, Izzy would never go up in a plane," agreed Izzy.

"I'm scared of mimes," said Trent.

"Hail, man. It's small, yet deadly," said Geoff.

"Calling it deadly is a stretch," said Lisa. "Me personally, a mistake in calculating." When she saw the stares she got, she added, "You have no idea."

"I hate losing a game I was winning," said Lynn.

"I would be terrified if Bobby Boo-Boo Bear broke up with me," said Lori.

"I hate heights," said Marie.

"Falling objects," said Jimmy.

"Plank being violated," said Jonny.

"Lucy's predictions," said Lincoln.

"Me being caught liking something girly," said Lucy.

"The death of one of my idols," said Luna.

"Seeing Jimmy get attacked," said Sarah.

"Having to tell inappropriate material," said Luan.

"Rolf detests wolves! They do nothing except devour my flock!" said Rolf.

"Public schools, eh! Or really, anything public!" said Ezekiel.

"Ninjas!" said Harold.

"Chickens give me the creeps," said Tyler.

"I hate green jelly! It's so slimy and...ew," said Courtney.

"I am deathly terrified of spiders," said Leshawna.

"Oh, I know right! I can't stand them!" agreed Leni.

"I agree, though I hate all kinds of bugs to be honest," said Nazz. She then asked, "What about you Duncan?"

Duncan gulped. He saw Luna, Courtney, Edd, Marie, Ezekiel, Jonny, Sarah, Leni, and Tyler looking at him with smiles on their faces, and Jimmy, Eddy, Lori, Lincoln, Lucy, Lisa, Luan, Trent, Lynn, Izzy, Owen, Rolf, Nazz, Harold, Geoff, and Leshawna looking at him without smiles on their faces. "C-Celine Dion music store standees," he said while burying his head in his hands.

"WHAT?! No way!!" Eddy said, laughing hysterically.

"Eddy, compose yourself! Mocking one's fears is anything but funny," said Edd.

Lincoln yawned. "Well, good night everybody!" Everybody said their goodnight's as they all got up and left.

The next morning, the teams were sitting in the mess hall with their breakfast served. Chris came in shortly afterwards. "I hope y'all had a good night's sleep, because it may be your last!" He then laughed. Everyone looked at him confused and a bit frightened. "What does he mean by that?" asked Lincoln.

"Ah, but seriously? Public schools? Mimes? Celine Dion music store standees? And what do you mean by 'being violated?'" Chris continued.

Leshawna realized what was happening. "Oh no. You don't mean—"


"Oh the inhumanity!" cried Jimmy.

"Wait, how'd he know our worst fears?" asked Leni.

"Easy: the abundance of surveillance cameras plus our unforeseen idiocy in saying something confidential winding up in the hands of someone who clearly can't keep said things confidential," said Lisa.

Leni paused for a bit, then said, "Oh."

"Oh man, good thing we didn't go out there last night, huh guys?" Kevin asked his team giddily. They nodded.

"Oh, you will announce your worst fears, alright," said Chris. The smug smiles on the Storks' faces vanished. "Come on, spit 'em out!"

Kevin sighed. "Ugh fine."

"Here it comes!" Eddy said to his team.

"N-needles," said Kevin.

Eddy promptly laughed and fell to the ground.

"Eddy, compose yourself!" Edd reordered.

"Wait, you mean like this?" asked Leni. She started conducting like a drum major. Lisa facepalmed while Edd looked up.

"Having to defuse a time bomb under pressure," said Cody.

"Snakes, man!" said DJ.

"Bath bad for Ed!" said Ed.

"Being buried alive," said Gwen.

"I hate sumo wrestlers," said Heather.

"Getting my good lucks ruined," said Justin. Kevin rolled his eyes.

"Bad haircuts!" said Katie.

"Oh, I know, right?" said Sadie.

"Oh my gosh, totally! I was gonna say walking through a minefield in high heels, but that is so much worse!" said Lindsay.

"Yeah, I know right?" said May.

Lily nodded her agreement.

"I hate gym equipment. I'm this skinny for a reason," said Noah.

"Power tools," said Lana. "I prefer the more basic stuff."

"Well then, let's get started, shall we?" said Chris. He turned and called, "Oh, Che-ef?"

Chef walked into the mess hall wearing a spider costume. Leni and Leshawna immediately screamed and took off, while Nazz stood there shivering.

"All you have to do Nazz is punch the spider," said Chris. Nazz hesitantly walked up, closed her eyes, and gave the Chef spider a good punch, causing him to hold his right shoulder and cry out in pain.

"Oh Chef, that did not hurt!" said Chris.

"You try getting punched by a twelve year old girl then!" said Chef.

Chris laughed a bit. "That's one point for the Gophers." He turned to Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, May, and Lily and helf out five brown wigs. "Here you go girls!" He put them on them, and May instantly started screaming, and Lily instantly started crying. Chris got their wigs off them, and they stopped. He turned to Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay and said, "OK, all you have to do is go an hour wearing those things, and you get a point." The three girls nodded, though they looked uncomfortable.

Owen and Izzy were now both outside. Both of them looked horrified, and Owen cried, "NO HO HOOO!"

A yellow plane that definitely saw better days was standing in front of them. Chef, dressed in a blue pilot's uniform, said, "All aboard!" The two teens nervously got on the plane.

Harold opened the door to the confessional and saw a ninja. Without batting an eyelid, he got out a pair of nunchucks...and promptly knocked himself out onto the toilet. The teams' scores appeared, signaling he got a point, the second for the Gophers.

Heather meanwhile, was gulping in horror at a sumo wrestler, who promptly fell over her. Chris came out and said, "No point!" He then turned to Gwen and said, "Meet me at the beach." Gwen gulped. The next thing she knew, she was inside a glass box with sand being shoveled on top of her. "All you have to do is stay in there for five minutes," said Chris.

Next, a montage plays, with DJ successfully reaching down and picking up a snake, Cody failing to defuse a bomb because he was too scared to make a cut, Noah and Edd failing miserably running on treadmills, letting their fears overcome them, Lori refusing to listen to the time Bobby broke up with her, and Rolf tackling a wolf and revealing it's a miserable Chef underneath. Owen and Izzy get back from their flight.

"Lana, you have to use this!" said Chris, before pulling out a red power drill. Lana gulped. "And you'll be cutting this!" He pulled out Plank.

Jonny panicked. "NOO!!! Give him back to me this instant!!" he cried.

"Sheesh. Well, looks like neither Jonny nor Lana get points then. Bass, you're 0 for 4. Better pick up the pace. Wouldn't wanna lose three times in a row now, would you?" He turned to Lincoln and said, "Lincoln, Lucy has something to say."

Lincoln gulped as Lucy got out a fortune-telling card and said, "Lincoln, you will make a fool of yourself today."

Lincoln snapped. "What?! No I won't! Your predictions are a load of—" What followed was a long line of bleeps. The camera cut to Chris, then the Bass, the Gophers, the Storks, and finally to Lucy, all except the first and last of whom had shocked reactions (Chris was interested, and Lucy had no visible reaction).

Lynn (CONF): Oh man! He is so grounded when we get home!

"Lincoln! You know you get a point, right? I mean, you did listen to her card, so," said Chris.

Lincoln's face flushed. "Dang it. I made a fool of myself today."

Chris turned to Lucy. "Lucy, a video for you." He got out a video tape, had Chef wheel in a monitor, and he put the tape in. It showed a video of Lucy sitting on the toilet reading a Princess Pony comic. Lucy tries to stay calm, but eventually snaps and turns off the tape. "No point," said Chris. "I'll go get Gwen, and then we'll keep going." He left to go to the beach.

Eventually, Chris and Gwen came back. "Jimmy! Geoff! If you would," he said, while pointing outside. Confused, the two looked at each other, shrugged, and walked outside. "Good luck Jimmy!" Sarah called.

The two stood outside when suddenly they felt something dark appear over them, causing them to look up. Soon, hail started coming down, causing the two to run around screaming.

"Jimmy? Jimmy!" Sarah cried, before going outside and seeing the two get pelted with hail. She quickly recoiled and covered her eyes. "I can't watch!" She went back inside, causing her to fail.

Trent got out and saw Chris was using a remote control to control a hail storm. "Can you make it go lower and pelt them harder?" he suggested.

Chris was stunned. "You are one sick dude! But yeah," and he did so. The two boys continued screaming. "Oh yeah, that reminds me. Trent, look behind you."

"Huh?" He turned and saw a mime. He screamed and ran into the water. He looked up at the mime and said, "Uh, stop! Your make up will run!" The mime frowned and left.

"Nicely played, Trent! But that doesn't count," said Chris. He then turned to Jimmy and Geoff and said, "Alright boys, time's up!" He turned off the remote, and the two boys breathed a sigh of relief before high-fiving each other.

After the three returned to the mess hall, Chris removed Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay's wigs (to their reliefs) and said, "Luna, I have an announcement! You know Linkin Park?"

"Yeah, dude! My favorite non-British band!"

"Yeah well, their lead singer, Chester Bennington, hung himself recently."

Luna sat there, crushed. The scene cut to the exterior of the mess hall, where crows fly away at Luna's cry of, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" It cut back inside, with Luna crying as the scoreboard gave the Gophers their seventh point.

"Gophers, that's seven points," Chris said before turning to the Bass. "That means Bass, the best you can do is a tie with them. The team looked annoyed and defeated, except for...

"What?! Oh come on, I thought we'd have a chance!" cried Lynn.

"Well, sorry," said Chris, even though it was clear he wasn't. "Oh, and that outburst meant you couldn't handle suddenly losing, so you fail!" Lynn gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

Chris handed Lisa a calculator and said, "Lisa! Type in 1 plus 2 times 3!" Lisa did so, and got 9. Chris leaned over and said, "Ooh, nope! The answer was 7!"

Lisa didn't skip a beat. "If I may, sir, the calculator is incapable of doing order of operations. It is nothing more than a trick to try and get me to mess up."

"Alright, you got me. That's three points for the Bass!" He turned to Eddy and said, "Oh Eddy!" Just then, Eddy's brother walked in. Eddy gulped.

"Why hello there, bro. Say, you did such a good job beating me at uncle that other day, that why not have a rematch?"

Eddy looked fearful, but then he slowly felt himself get angry. Suddenly, he ran and kicked his brother in the crotch, making him scream and fall to the ground, clutching his privates. "Uncle."

"Make that four points!" said Chris. He then turned to Ezekiel and said, "Hope you've got a good public speech ready!"

Ezekiel gulped, then slowly made his way to the center of the mess hall. He took a deep breath and said, "I never knew how life worked, eh. My dad told me girls needed help, and were dumber and weaker than guys. But then I quickly learned here that that is not the case, eh. And I owe it all to Duncan, eh! He helped teach me during the Awake-a-thon what I needed to know!"

After a pause, widespread applause came from the others. Duncan looked stunned. Courtney gave him a hug, stunning him further. But then a smile appeared on his face.

"Wow. Didn't expect Duncan to be doing that!" said Chris. "Speaking of which, Chef?"

Chef laid out a cardboard cut out of Celine Dion. Duncan gulped, then thought to himself, Pretend it's Courtney. He then ran over and hugged it. More applause sounded as Chris announced, "And Duncan gets a point! That makes it nine for the Gophers, meaning they officially win no matter what, so Courtney and Marie don't need to face their fears!" The green team promptly cheered, and Courtney pulled Duncan into another hug. The red and blue teams were unhappy, with Eddy growling.

After that, Chris continued. "Luan and Tyler. Both of you need to face your fears successfully in order to win!" He turned to Tyler and said, "Chef had a surprise for you." Chef brought in a cage with numerous chickens in it. Tyler gulped as Chef opened the cage. The jock took a step in...followed by another step...then got into a fetal position. After a while, Chris said, "Uh, I don't think we're getting anywhere with this." He then announced, "So for the third time in a row, the Storks finish second, and the Bass will have to vote someone out."

The Storks cheered up a little, while the Bass glared at Tyler. "What? Only four of us faced our fears!"

"Yeah, and I was one of 'em!" said Eddy. "And I am sick of losing!" And with that, Tyler's teammates left the mess hall, leaving Tyler to sit there, worried he may have just taken himself out.

At the campfire, Chris got started again. "Four times out of six you've lost. Marshmallows go to...










And Leni!" Those ten all got their marshmallows. Lynn and Tyler were left. "Lynn. Tyler. You two are on the chopping block. Lynn, your failure cost your team first place. Tyler, your failure cost your team second place. The final marshmallow goes to...


















...Lynn!" The girl beamed as she caught her marshmallow.

Tyler was angry. "Oh, come on, man! I wasn't the only one who failed!" Just then, everyone else threw their marshmallows at him.

"You need to learn a little thing called respect, turkey! Or should I say, chicken?" said Leshawna. She and Luan then hi-fived.

"Whatever," Tyler huffed as he left to get on the Boat of Losers. As he got on, he saw chickens everywhere, causing him to scream in terror as the boat drove off into the distance.

"How long will it take for the Bass to win a challenge? Tune in next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

Episode 7

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Heather failing to conquer her fear, followed by Harold successfully completing his.

"Our campers faced their worst fears!"

The camera shows Geoff and Jimmy hi-fiving each other, followed by May and Lily freaking out shortly after getting their wigs on.

"Some took their fears better than others."

The camera shows Duncan running into a Celine Dion standee, followed by Tyler sitting in fetal position in the chicken coop.

"But the real winner was Duncan, who gave the Gophers their fourth straight victory, while the loser was Tyler, who caused the Bass to go to elimination three times in a row."

The camera shows Tyler downplaying his failure, followed by him getting pelted by marshmallows at the campfire.

"And after trying to downplay his failure, he was swiftly voted off."

The camera shows Chris. "Who will set sail next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

*cue intro*

The remaining 39 castmates were standing in front of Chris, who was giving instructions. "Good morning, campers! Today, you will be paddling by canoe to the forests of Boney Island, portage your canoes through said forest, reach the other side of the island, and then you will build a rescue bonfire that I will judge. At that point, you will paddle back here."

"Wait, we gotta pour what?" asked Geoff.

"Portage," repeated Chris. All he got was a blank stare and a fly going in and out of the source of said stare. "Dude, walk with your canoe!"


"Now I must warn you about Boney Island. Legend has it if you take anything off the island, you'll be cursed foreverrrrrrr!" Chris said hauntingly. Everyone looked startled. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go!"

The camera showed the Storks. "Ooh Sadie, let's go with Justin!" said Katie.

"I was just about to say that!" And with that, the two squealed again, annoying their teammates and causing Justin to facepalm in misery.

"Yeah, that's fine!" said Heather. "I can go with Lindsay."

"I'll go with Lily," said Lana.

"I call Ed!" exclaimed May, glomping Ed.

"NOOOO!!" cried the tallest Ed. Kevin laughed.

"I'll go with Gwen!" volunteered Cody.

"No," Gwen said instantly. "I'd rather have one myself." Cody frowned.

"Having trouble getting the ladies, huh? Come with me, and we'll talk it out," Kevin told Cody.

Noah and DJ looked at each other, and the former said, "Looks like it's us two, big guy."

The camera showed the Gophers. "I'm going with Duncan," said Courtney. "Someone has to keep him in line!"

"You like him," said Geoff.

"I do not!"

"Then why were you hugging me, sweet princess?"

"Because you kept me from having to face my fear! I was just excited, that's all." She left to go to the canoes.

Duncan told Geoff, "She wants me." He left to go with Courtney.

"Let's go, Double D!" Marie said, dragging Edd with her, much to his chagrin.

"Wanna share a ride, sis?" Luna asked Lucy.

"Sure," she said in her usual monotonous voice.

"Wanna ride together, Rolf?" asked Owen.

"Rolf kindly accepts your offer, Owen boy."

Geoff looked around, still looking for a partner. "Geoff? Wanna be my partner?" asked Nazz.

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure!"

Trent looked at Izzy, Ezekiel, and Harold, then said, "I'll go with Ezekiel."

"Sure, eh!"

"Guess that leaves just us," Harold told Izzy.

"Ooh, fun! You know, I'm 1/87th Cherokee! The tribe could come take me in at any time!"

"Uhh, right..." Harold said uncomfortably as the two walked to the canoes.

The camera cut to the Bass.

"I wanna go with Lincoln!" said Lynn.

"No way, he is literally mine," said Lori.

"Wait, he's a mine?" asked Leni. Lori facepalmed.

"Sisters, sisters, why don't we do this? Pick a number from 1 to 10," said Lincoln.

"5," said Leni.

Lincoln froze. "That...was my number. OK, Leni's with me."

"Yaaay!" the second oldest Loud said.

"Wanna partner up?" Lynn asked Luan.


"Seeing as we have an odd number of teammates, I would like to request to go alone," asked Lisa.

"Me and Jimmy are together!" said Sarah.

"I'll go with Eddy!" said Jonny.

Eddy shrugged. "Better than Lee, I guess. Glad we got rid of her," he said.

"Well I guess that leaves just us," Lori told Leshawna.

"I'm good with that."

The camera showed the teams and their canoes in the water. Chris held out a starters' pistol. "On your mark, get set, GO!" He fired the pistol, and a dead bird fell in front of him. "That's gonna provoke a lot of angry emails."

The camera showed Kevin and Cody rowing together. "I don't get it, dude. I'm the Codemeister! Ladies love me! Back at school, I'm known for always making them laugh when I flirt with them!"

Kevin grinned sheepishly. "Uh, I hate to break it to you, but they're laughing at you, not with you."

Cody thought for a second. "Guess that explains why everyone laughs when they see my tiny—"

"Woah, dude. You are going in there with way too much confidence. I think you need to take it slow. Like with what I did with Nazz. I realized I was going too fast with her, so I decided to slow it a bit. And Nazz got the message, and well, the rest is history, man."

"That's good I guess. I just feel like I'm the only one here that's single, you know."

The camera cut to Geoff and Nazz. "I just feel like I'm the only one here that's single, you know."

"You poor thing! Maybe you could see her again once the season's over! Or you could try winning, and dedicate it to her!"

Geoff thought that over. "Oh yeah! That sounds cool! You know, for a twelve year old, you seem pretty smart!" Nazz giggled at that statement.

The camera cut to Noah and DJ. "Yo dude. The water's not gonna be too rough, is it?"

Noah looked around and said, "There's no wind here, so I don't think so."

"I just have a fear of water. Ever since I was a kid. When I was eight, my brothers dared me to jump off the high dive at my school. I landed on my butt. My trunks went so far up my butt, I had to go to the hospital to get 'em removed! Had I gotten a chance to jump in the first challenge, I'd probably take the chicken hat."

"Aquaphobic, huh? Don't worry; the tide's low, and there's no sign of it picking up, so we should be fine."

The campers finally arrived at Boney Island, got off their canoes, and picked them up. As they ran into Boney Island, they saw skulls everywhere, creeping them out, except Izzy, who appeared fascinated. "Sadie, this is scaring me!" Katie told Sadie.

"I know, right?" said Sadie.

"Who knows what kind of evil lies here, guys!" said Ed.

"Ed, no. No scary stuff this time around," said Kevin. Just then, the Storks were chased by woolly beavers. "Monster beavers!" cried Cody. "RUN!" The blue team panicked and ran. into a swamp clearing. "Dead end!" said Lana. But then they saw the beavers leave. "Hey, they're leaving!" said Justin.

"Does anyone have a spare pair of underwear?" said Ed. Everyone laughed. But then he added, "No, seriously." He then farted, causing everyone to exclaim in disgust, except May, who said, "That's so hot!" This all caused a bunch of giant birds to pop up, drawing everyone's attention. "We've got trouble in paradise, guys!" cried Ed.

The camera cut to everyone running away from the giant birds, while a bear with glasses saw this and took his glasses off and broke them in confusion.

"Someone do something!" Gwen cried out.

Cody got an idea. "Oh, wait!" He pulled out an unopened pack of bread.

"Where did that come from?"

"I was gonna make us a...romantic picnic!"

"With bread from your pants?!"

"Just throw it already, man!" said Kevin.

Cody complied, and all of the bread spilled out, distracting the birds. "It worked!" exclaimed Gwen. But then they saw the other two teams pass them. "Come on!" said DJ, and the blue team followed them.

The Bass reached a fork in the road. "Let's go left!" said Lynn. The team went there.

The Gophers arrived next. "Left!" said Courtney.

"I think we should go right," said Geoff.

"Nah, you heard princess; let's go left," said Duncan. Courtney rolled her eyes as the team went left as well.

The Storks got there last. "I think we should go right, because right is right, right?" asked Lindsay.

"Take a shot every time she says 'right,'" said Noah, and the team went right. Just then, Lindsay fell into a pit of quicksand. "Uh oh! I don't remember sand being this evil!"

"I'll save you my fair maiden!" said Ed. He promptly walked into the quicksand pit himself. "Ta-da!" he said while outstretching his arms. The team promptly facepalmed.

"Fear not!" said Cody. He grabbed a vine and swung into a tree on the other side of the pit, but the vine comes back, and Lindsay and Ed grab it and get themselves out.

Lindsay hugged Cody. "Oh, you're my hero! You're probably better than that Tyler guy!"

"That reminds me of a movie I once saw guys!" said Ed.

"Come on, guys! We've still got a challenge to win!" said Gwen.

The camera cut to the Gophers, who were walking through the forest with their canoes peacefully until...

"I'm down! I'm down!" Geoff had fallen and is holding his left leg out. This draws the team's attention. "Oh, it's so unfair! Why did this have to happen NOW?!"

"Geoff, you OK, dude?" asked Nazz. She then saw what made Geoff upset, and she covered her mouth and her eyes went wide. "Oh my gosh, that's so horrible!"

Edd looked. "Oh my gosh, that splinter is so minuscule, yet so vicious!"

"Ooh, I'll get it!" said Marie. She pulled the splinter out...

The camera showed the exterior of Boney Island while Geoff cried out, "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The camera cut back to the Gophers, who were glaring at Marie. "Uh, heheheh! Oops!"

The camera showed Geoff on top of one of the canoes. The Gophers looked shocked as they saw both of the other teams already at the beach trying to make fire. However, it didn't take long for the other two teams to be the shocked ones, as...

"Hey! That's cheating!" Eddy pointed at Duncan, who smirked as he held up a lighter. His team's fire was higher than the other two teams'.

"No rule against it! Edge: Screaming Gophers," Chris said from his helicopter.

As the Storks were getting sticks and stones to make their fire the old-fashioned way, Cody went up to Gwen and said, "I just have to say one thing."

Gwen sighed. "Fine. What is it?"

"About earlier...I'm sorry. I've never had a girlfriend before, so I was just desperate. But when I saved Lindsay...let's just say she might be into me. She said I'm more heroic than that Tyler kid from the Bass that got voted off last night. And I'm pretty sure she had a crush on him before, so...I just thought I'd let you know."

Gwen smiled at this. "Oh that's good. Me, I have a crush on Trent, but he's on the Gophers." She looked up and said to herself, "I just hope he feels the same about me."

As Cody went back to continue the challenge, Kevin walked with him and said, "Awesome, man! You're getting the hang of it!"

"Yeah, this isn't so bad!" said Cody.

The camera cut to the Gophers, who were looking at the fire. "I don't think this is gonna be big enough, guys," said Courtney.

"You heard Courtney girl! Build that fire!" said Rolf.

Harold, in a panic, looked at the team's oars and threw them into the fire, horrifying the team. "How are we supposed to get back to camp now?!?" cried Marie. Harold looked down in guilt.

"Fear not, for this ought to do the trick!" said Izzy. She carried a brownish-orange ball. "It's a home-made fire starter kit made out of tree sap!" She then said in a low voice, "Stand back, guys." She threw the ball into the fire, making it blow up really high.

"Rolf inquires where you learned this, Izzy girl," Rolf said impressed.

"Oh, I spent a summer in training with the reserves, and I burnt down their kitchen with it. The RCMP have been all over my butt ever since then. I am so totally AWOL!"

Rolf looked disturbed. "Rolf regrets asking."

"The Screaming Gophers win the fire-making part of the challenge! If only they still had their paddles. Heh-huh!" The Gophers glared at Harold again.

"Maybe we could get someone to swim behind the boat and kick their legs!" suggested Izzy.

"Not a bad idea. Why don't you do it, since you're crazy and all," suggested Duncan.


The camera cut to the Gophers stacking their canoes on top of one another, and the team sans Izzy hopped on board, and Izzy paddled insanely quickly, with the team cheering her on, and she used a rock as a ramp, launching the team back to the shore of Camp Wawanakwa.

"The Gophers are the winners! Again..." said Chris. The green team cheered wildly.

When word got back to the other two teams the Gophers had won, they were furious. "Again?!" cried Kevin.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" screamed Eddy, then said, "Come on! We're not finishing last again!"

The two teams started paddling neck and neck when Eddy overheard DJ say, "Good thing the current's still not strong!"

"See big guy, you've got nothing to worry about," said Noah.

Eddy smirked to himself. Nothing to worry about, you say? he thought. Then he splashed at DJ, making him shriek as he got hit with water. Eddy laughed as DJ glared at him. "He's aquaphobic guys! Splash him out!"

Soon, the majority of the Bass started splashing DJ, making him squirm around screaming, giving the Bass enough time to overtake them, and ultimately reach Camp Wawanakwa first.

"And the Bass snap their losing streak and finish second!" announced Chris. Eddy and Lynn hi-fived, with the latter saying, "Good work, Eddy!"

The camera panned over to the Storks, who were unhappy. Kevin angrily pointed at Eddy and said, "We were sabotaged!"

Chris ignored him and said, "Storks, you'll be voting someone out tonight!"

The Storks were at the mess hall. "I'm sorry. I've been scared of water since I was eight," said DJ.

"Nah man, it's fine. I appreciate your honesty, though," said Kevin.

"So who do we vote off?" asked Lana.

Kevin didn't skip a beat. "Him!" he pointed at Justin. Justin raised an eyebrow.

"No! Whyyy?!" cried the BFFFL's.

"Why? He hasn't done anything useful on his own! The talent show contest? You two nominated him! He hasn't shown any initiative himself! And if he leaves, maybe you two could actually focus!"

Katie and Sadie thought it over, then looked at Lindsay and Heather, the latter of whom shrugged. The BFFFL's looked back, and Katie said defeatedly, "OK."


Heather (CONF): I'll let Kevin call the shots this time around, but soon, it's MY turn."

The Storks sat at the campfire. "Storks, you've had a good second-place run over the Bass, but now they've finally upstaged you. When I call your name, come get your marshmallow.












And Ed!" Those called all got their marshmallows. Justin and DJ were left. "Campers. This, is the final marshmallow. Congratulations...

















...DJ!" The gentle giant breathed a sigh of relief and claimed his marshmallow. Justin got up and walked dejectedly onto the Boat of Losers, which took off.

"Well, that wasn't the most dramatic bonfire ceremony, but I still get paid, so bonus! Join us next week, next time, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!

Episode 8

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows the Storks being chased into a dead end by woolly beavers.

"Our campers took a trip to Boney Island."

The camera shows Kevin talking to Cody, followed by Lindsay hugging Cody after he saves her (and Ed) from quicksand.

"Cody sought advice from Kevin on how to get a girl, and managed to score Lindsay! Lucky..."

The camera shows Izzy pushing the Gophers' stacked canoes back to Camp Wawanakwa, followed by Eddy (and later his teammates) splashing DJ with water.

"Thanks to Izzy, the Screaming Gophers won for the fifth time in a row, while Eddy took advantage of DJ's aquaphobia and won second place for the Bass, sending the Storks to elimination!"

The camera shows Justin getting up and walking down the Dock of Shame.

"And in the end, DJ was forgiven in favor of Justin getting the boot."

The camera flashed to Chris. "What challenge awaits the campers next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

It was a nice morning at Camp Wawanakwa...for Chris to drive his helicopter above the cabins, that is. Izzy jumped off her bed and said worriedly, "It's the RCMP!" She then looked up and yelled, "You'll never take me ALIIIIIIIIVE!" This woke up Nazz, Marie, Courtney, Luna, and Lucy, who all looked at each other with confused/startled looks.

The camera now showed all of the female campers waiting in a looooong line leading up to the showers, except for Heather.

"What's the hold up?" asked Lana, who was holding Lily.

"Heather needs her 'private time,'" said Lindsay.

"How much longer is queenie gonna be in there; I got urgent business!" said Leshawna.

"It might still be a while," said Sadie.

"UGH! That's it! I'm going lumberjack style!" said Gwen, who left the line.

Izzy ran to the door with a battle cry and successfully broke it open with a flying kick, causing Heather's' scream to sound off-screen. The girls in line closed and shielded their eyes (Lana covered Lily's).

Just then, the loudspeaker came to life and said, "Attention all campers! I hope you're ready for the most challenging challenge yet! Breakfast in three minutes at the campfire pit!"

At this point, the only ones left in line were Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie, who still looked away. "Uh, Heather?" asked Katie.

"Can one of you come in here and lotion my back? It's peeling!" said Heather off-screen. Lindsay took the time to back away and leave. Katie and Sadie saw they were the only ones left, and dejectedly walked in together, not wanting one to do it alone.

The campers were all at the campfire with Chris. "Are you ready, for today's, MOST! EXTREME! IMPACT CHALLEEEEENGE!" yelled the host.

"WE! ARE! READYYYY!" said Owen, who laughed after that.

"Incoming!" said Chris, who threw a can of beans at Lindsay, but Cody caught it before it could hit her, making the two exchange a smile together. "This, is breakfast!" Chris said, throwing a can at each camper, making each one still smiling lose their smile as they catch theirs.

Heather looked at hers and said, "No. Breakfast is crepes, croissants, even Chef's crappy burnt eggs!"

"Beans, beans, they're good for your heart! The more you eat, the more you—" Owen was hit on the head by the last can of beans Chris had, knocking him out.

"Is that a real paintball gun?" asked Harold.

"Yes, Harold!" Chris promptly fired his gun at the boy, squirting red ink at his stomach. "Half of you on each team will be hunters!" The host threw red guns at Lori, Leni, Luan, Sarah, Jonny, and Eddy and called each name as they caught their guns. "You will be the Bass hunters!"

"No, I'm Leni!" said Leni. The Bass rolled their eyes.

Chris threw green paintball guns at Lucy, Izzy, Ezekiel, Rolf, Harold, Marie, and Edd, the last of whom fell to the ground from the gun's weight. "You will be our hunters for the Gophers."

"Aw, sweet eh!" said Ezekiel.

"I know, right? Who knows what people I can terrorize!" said Izzy. Ezekiel paled at her comment. "Uh, maybe not that sweet, eh."

Chris threw blue paintball guns at Lindsay, Katie, DJ, Lily, Sadie, Lana, and Kevin and said, "You guys are the hunters for the Storks!"

"The rest of you are deer!" Chris promptly threw antlers, tails, and red noses at Lynn, Lincoln, Lisa, Leshawna, Jimmy, Duncan, Geoff, Trent, Courtney, Owen, Nazz, Luna, Ed, Heather, May, Cody, Gwen, and Noah.

Duncan scoffed. "I am not wearing this!"

"Take them off and your team gets disqualified!" said Chris. Duncan promptly growled.

Cody (CONF): I don't mind being a deer. Years of dodging spitballs, don't fail me now!

"GO!" said Chris.

The camera cut to Heather and her alliance. "Lindsay, I need berries, and Katie and Sadie, I need chips from the dining hall." The BFFFL's looked at each other uneasy.

Katie/Sadie (CONF): (Sadie) Heather can be so bossy sometimes.

(Katie) Oh, I know right? But she is our alliance. She's taking us to the final four! Who wouldn't want that? (she says this excitedly, and Sadie nods eagerly)

Owen is trying to climb up a tree, only to fart. This alerts Kevin, who says while pointing, "Hah! Got you, dorkus farticus!" He promptly shot him.

Meanwhile, Katie and Sadie grab a pair of barbecue chips from Chef's kitchen when his back in turn, leaving just in time for Chef to turn around, just missing them. On their way out, they run into Cody. "Oh, hey Cody!" said Katie.

"Hey girls. What's going on?"

"Well, we're delivering these chips for Heather!" said Sadie.

"Uhh, OK? Shouldn't she be hiding or something?"

Katie and Sadie shrugged at each other, the latter saying, "I don't know."

"Huh. Well if she's confident, she's confident, I guess. See ya!" He then left.

The camera cut to Nazz walking in the forest, when Jonny jumps in front of her, causing her to scream. Jonny shoots her and said, "Gotcha!"

Marie meanwhile, was carrying Edd and his gun. The two shot May and Ed respectively. "Ow, that smarts!" cried Ed.

"Sorry Ed, but this is just for this challenge," said Edd.

"Not fair! First Eddy, and now Double D are giving me boo-boos!" Marie giggled a bit, but a glare from Edd stopped her. "We have to keep moving!" said the boy.

"I like it when you're bossy," said Marie.

"Er, right. I do suppose it's better than getting pinned down against my will."

Katie and Sadie returned to Lindsay and Heather with the chips. "What is this? Barbecue? I wanted dill pickle!"

"You never specified what flavor!" said Katie.

"Doesn't matter! Go back and get me dill pickle!"

Katie/Sadie (CONF): (Sadie) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

(Katie) What are you thinking?

A glare suddenly appeared on Sadie's face, and then she dropped the bag of chips and stomped on it with her left foot. "No," she said firmly.

Heather looked shocked, then turned angry. "Excuse me?!"

"I said, NO!" said Sadie.

Suddenly, Katie found the confidence to get angry at Heather herself, adding, "Yeah! You heard her! We almost got caught by Chef! We are so done with your alliance!"

"Oh no you're not!!" cried Heather. Oops! Geoff and Trent had been watching from a distance, and they promptly shot Heather. Suddenly, Katie and Sadie decided to fire at Heather, too. "NO!" cried the asian. When none of them were looking, Cody grabbed the bag of chips and ran off.

Cody (CONF): (He is bandaged and in a wheelchair) I'm not gonna lie. I was hungry after seeing those chips. A little betrayal on your team does that, ya know? As for why I'm like this, well...

A bear came out of the forest, making Cody scream and run away.

The camera cut to Duncan and Courtney, who were together. "Great, where's camp? We're totally lost!" said Courtney.

"I told you we should've gone left!" said Duncan.

"But we went left in the last challenge, remember?" said Courtney.

"Princess, it doesn't work like that."

Courtney leaned in and said, "Stop calling me that!" The two heard clicking and looked above them, making them notice their antlers had locked together. "Oh, I like this," said Duncan. Courtney huffed.

Duncan (CONF): She wants me.

Just then, the airhorn to stop the challenge went off. "Meet me back at the campfire for the results!"

The camera cut back to the campfire ceremony. "Stealing from Chef? Getting mauled by a bear? I thought gun safety would've been the biggest issue here," Chris said while pacing. "And you know what? I love it like that!" He then heard arguing. Everyone turned and saw Duncan and Courtney with their antlers locked.

"Well, this is certainly fascinating," Lisa said with a smile. "They're in a mating position."

"Makes sense, considering their feelings appear to be mutual, despite what we sometimes see on the outside," said Edd.

"Oh hoh hoh hoh, Duncan! You sly dog, you!" said Owen.

"What can I say? Girl can't keep her antlers off me." Duncan received a kick to the crotch from Courtney, making him cry out, "So tender!" in a high voice.

Chris chuckled, then scanned the teams. "Well, we have no one on the Bass marked, so surprisingly, they win!" The red team cheered loudly, finally glad they finished first in a challenge.

"The Gophers have two marked team members, while the Storks have three, so that means the Gophers finish second and the Storks will be voting someone out tonight!" The green team looked indifferent, while the blue team looked unhappy.

Heather (CONF): Honestly, can I vote for BOTH Katie and Sadie?

Cody (CONF): There's no way I'm going home. I never got shot, everyone hates Heather, and I'm a fast healer.

Lily (CONF): Co-Cody!

Kevin (CONF): I hate to do this dude. As much as I'd like to vote for Heather, this is for your own good. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

The Storks were at the campfire ceremony that night. "Storks. Welcome back. If you get a marshmallow, oh who cares? Marshmallows go to Lana!










And May!" They all caught their marshmallows. Heather and Cody were left on the bottom. "Heather. You were the only one who got shot by your own teammates. Two of them, even! Cody, you got mauled by a bear. Not cool, bro. The final marshmallow, goes to...


















...Heather." The queen bee got her marshmallow.

"Bye Cody!" said Gwen.

"Later dude," said Kevin.

"As you can clearly see, Cody is in no way able to make it to the Dock of Shame himself. Would someone be so kind to help him out?"

"Ooh, I'll do it!" said Lindsay. She got up and wheeled Cody to the Dock of Shame.

The camera cut to Lindsay wheeling Cody down the Dock of Shame while saying, "I can't believe Katie and Sadie would betray me and Heather like that! It's like I don't even know who my friends are!"

Cody was saying something through his bandages, but...

"What was that? Man, the bear must have gotten you good. Well, see you Cody!" She stopped pushing and left once the Boat of Losers pulled up. Cody's wheelchair promptly fell into it.

Episode 9

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Owen unsuccessfully trying to climb a tree and getting shot by Kevin.

"Our campers participated in our first ever paintball deer hunt!"

The camera shows Katie and Sadie turning against Heather.

"Heather pushed Katie and Sadie too far, and they told her where to stick it!"

The camera shows Cody running away from a bear screaming, followed by him getting pushed away in his wheelchair by Lindsay.

"But it was Cody who was no longer useful for the team after getting mauled by a bear!"

The camera cut to Chris. "And then there were 37! Join us right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

(cue intro)

The sun was shining yet again as the camera makes its way inside the male side of the Gophers' cabin. A shirtless Duncan woke up first and started to do a push-up, but stopped when he smelled something. He saw a pair of stained underwear on the floor and recoiled. This woke up the other guys. "Not cool, Harold man! Not cool!"

"It wasn't me!" said Harold.

"Yeah right! You're always leaving your drawers hanging around!"

"Besides, your mom sewed your name onto the label!" said Geoff.

"And me and you are the only ones who wear briefs, and I'm a size triple extra large," said Owen.

"It wasn't me! Gosh!" Harold left the cabin. Duncan turned to the other boys and said, "Who's up for teaching Harold a lesson?"

"Count me out. So what? Dude poops his pants. It's not like we've all done it before as little kids," said Trent.

"Besides, I can tell Harold is embarrassed enough already," said Edd.

"Dudes, he could be making the floor all dirty! And making the cabin dirty is Owen's job! Uh, no offense, Owen," said Geoff.

"None taken. I have no problem teaching Harold a lesson," said Owen.

"Well I'm still not doing it," said Edd.

"Me neither," said Trent.

"I suppose it couldn't hurt, eh?" said Ezekiel.

"Allow Rolf to join in the torment of Harold boy, yes?" said Rolf.

Duncan, Geoff, Ezekiel, Owen, and Rolf hi-fived and whooped.

The camera flashed to the remaining campers and Chris standing on the beach. "Today's challenge will test your minds, your teamwork, and your skills in the kitchen. You'll be cooking a three course meal and serving it to me for tasting! The winners get a reward; the losers, send somebody home. Each team will have a head chef that will create a theme for the meal and oversee the cooking. To cook, you need ingredients." Just then, a truck driven by a dolphin drove backwards out of the lake. "Every morning, a truck brings us a food! Today's task starts there!"

The scene cut to Geoff opening the truck, and after marveling at the ingredients inside, turned to his teammates and said, "We could do a killer Italian theme!"

"Hello, head chef!" approved Duncan.

"Seriously?!" asked Geoff. When he got an excited nod, he said, "Then let's get grabbing!" As the green team got out their ingredients, the Storks got in line next. Heather blurted out, "Head chef! Called it!" She said to Katie and Sadie, "Try not to mess this up, OK?" The two nervously nodded, knowing how angry she was about their behavior yesterday.

Heather (CONF): I had to take the leadership role for our team! My teammates are useless.

The Bass were last in line. "Ooh, we could do Mexican! Something he could taco 'bout forever! Heh heh, get it?" said Luan. As per usual, she got eyerolls.

The camera cut to the Gophers arriving at their kitchen with their ingredients. Geoff juggled a can of pasta sauce and said, "OK! We've got like, three courses and thirteen people, so do four, four, and four and have someone guard the food for presenting!"

"I can do the pasta, dudes!" said Luna.

"Me too!" said Nazz.

"Sure, why not," said Lucy.

"I could boil it, eh," said Ezekiel.

Ezekiel (CONF): I never got to cook anything in my life, eh. My dad insisted it was a girl's job.

"Izzy, Double D, Marie, and I can rock the antipasto! I'm like a black belt at cutting cheese!" said Harold. His teammates all giggled at his comment. "What?" When he got no answer, he repeated his question.

"Guess that leaves Rolf, Trent, and me and the princess," said Duncan. Courtney rolled her eyes.

Duncan (CONF): She so wants me.

Courtney (CONF): Ugh! He's such an ogre, thinking I'm automatically his! He's so entitled! (at this point, her confessional is fast forwarded)

During this time, Geoff puts all of Harold's shorts in a white bag, then shoots a signal to Ezekiel, who spills a bucket of water on Harold's pants. "Oh, sorry eh!" he says sarcastically.

"Hey! Oh, smooth move, dorkahontus!"

"Bummer! Better go change, dude!" Geoff points at the kitchen's exit, and after Harold leaves, Geoff and Ezekiel hi-five.

"Gwen, Lindsay, you're on the flambe!" Heather ordered as the blue team entered their kitchen. "How do you make a flamer thing?" Lindsay asked Gwen.

Heather glared at this, but Ed, carrying a giant crate of oranges, bumps into her, trips, and falls on and crushes the oranges. "Go back to the truck, and get more oranges!" Heather cried through gritted teeth.

"Aye aye, captain!" ordered Ed. Heather groaned.

The scene cut to the Bass. "I can make a spicy sauce!" said Lynn.

"Careful. Don't make it too spicy," ordered Lisa.

"That's good. There's no way I'm using my brother's Armenian hot sauce. Its spiciness has to be seen to be believed," said Eddy. "Maybe I could cut up the cheese? I don't really cook much back home."

Sarah and Jimmy giggled at this, making Eddy groan.

"I could make the guacamole! Because...oh I don't know. I've got nothing," said Luan.

"Praise the lord," said Lori. "I could do the flour."

"Wait, we're eating flowers?" asked Leni.

"No, I...ugh."

The scene cut to Harold, who was digging through his shorts drawer, not finding any of his shorts. He finally came across a red loincloth.

Ed came back with the oranges and said, "Oranges, incoming!" and threw them at Lily's face, making her cry. "Uh oh! I've been a naughty boy."

Heather (CONF): Things are going perfectly! Except for Ed being a klutz and Lily crying.

In the Bass's kitchen, Leshawna was cooking the beef, while Jonny cooked the chicken. Sarah was cutting the lettuce, Lisa the tomatoes, and Jimmy the onions, when he started crying. "I'm tearing up, Sarah! Make it stop."

Lisa held out a stick of gum and said, "Here. Chewing gum while peeling onions prevents tears." Jimmy took the stick, put it in his mouth, and the tears immediately stopped. "Mmmm, juicy fruit! Thanks Lisa!"

The scene cut to the Gophers now. "Careful! Don't try to squeeze too much custard!" Courtney told Duncan.

"Careful your uptight butt doesn't curdle the custard!"

"Oh, ha ha ha!" Courtney laughed sarcastically, although she was noticeably smiling as she did it. But then the kitchen entrance opened, and she stopped smiling and cried, "AW!"

The camera pans to show Harold wearing the red loincloth. "OK, who took all my shorts?"

Rolf, Owen, Geoff, Ezekiel, and Duncan all laughed. Just then, Chris came by and saw this for himself. "Eeeeeeeeeeh!" He then recovered and said, "Three hours and counting, guys!"

The camera cut to Katie and Sadie slicing pineapples. Heather came by and said, "These slices are unsatisfactory! Try again."

Katie and Sadie looked at each other, smirked, then glared at Heather and said, "No."

Heather leaned in and said, "Excuse me?!"

Although Katie was startled by this, Sadie gritted her teeth and said, "NO!"

Heather grabbed the knife out of Sadie's hand and pointed it at her face, making her shriek and say, "OK!"

Gwen (CONF): That cow is starting to get on my last nerve.

Kevin (CONF): Maybe getting rid of Cody wasn't such a good idea.

The camera cut to the Bass's kitchen. "Meat's done!" said Leshawna as she and Jonny put down their pans of meat.

"Cool! We've got all the condiments cut up!" said Sarah.

"Sauce is ready!" said Lynn.

The camera was now back to the Gophers, where Geoff, Rolf, and Owen snickered at the sight of Harold's red loincloth. "Maybe you should cook in something that isn't so...small!"

"So give me back my pants, then!" Harold cried out in anger.

"We'll return all your shorts and panties...when you admit your guilt, dude!" said Geoff. Harold growled and left the kitchen again.

In the Storks kitchen, Lindsay asked Heather, "This flambe isn't rising!"

"Did you put oil in it?"

"Ohhhhh..." Heather, exasperated, took the tube and squirted it, only for it to blow up in her face. Gwen and Lindsay started laughing, prompting Heather to look at a pan and see her eyebrows burnt off, making her scream. "Make-up! I need make-up!"

"Looking for this?" Sadie held up the make up bag while smirking.

"Give it here!" cried Heather. But Sadie gave it to Katie, who threw it to Lindsay, who, after thinking about it for a little, decided to throw it to the freezer and say, "Oops."

Heather ran into the freezer, but Gwen locked it behind her. Heather pounded on the door and said, "Hey! Let me in!"

"Did you hear something?" asked Kevin.

"Must be the other teams," said Gwen.

The Bass were admiring their creation. Chris saw this as he made his rounds, and said, "Attention all campers! The Bass are already done! The Storks and Gophers will need to hurry! I'm starving!" The camera cut to the Gophers, and then the Storks as he announced this.

The camera cut to Harold walking into the kitchen wearing his pajamas. His five tormentors all clapped while the girls and even Edd giggled. Trent however, looked confused. "Why are you wearing your pajamas?"

"This is all I've got left. So unless you sickos wanna see me butt naked, hit me with your best shot," answered Harold.

"Well stop leaving your butt bags lying around and we'll back off!" said Duncan.

"Hey guys! I made some sandwiches! We can chow down while we work!" Geoff said while holding a tray full of sandwiches.

"Aw, sweet!" said Harold, who took one and bit it. "This tastes like sweat and lotion. This is probably the worst sandwich ever." He pulled something out of the sandwich, only to discover that "something" was one of his blue briefs. "GROOOOSS!!" he cried, and he dropped his sandwich. The team sans a disgusted Luna, Edd, and Trent laughed.

"You fed him his UNDERWEAR?!" cried Edd.

"That's just sick, dude," said Luna.

"So is him pooping his pants and taking them off in the middle of the room!" said Duncan.

"I do NOT!" Harold cried out. Duncan looked at Geoff, Ezekiel, Owen, and Rolf and whispered something to them, prompting all to grin.

Then the air horn sounded, making Chris say, "Time's up! Time to taste your food!"

"Gaurd the food, Owen!" said Duncan as the rest of the team left.

In the mess hall, Chris sat at a table, waiting to be fed. "Bass, you're up first." Luan and Lynn bring a chicken burrito and beef burrito over to him. After eating it, he says, "Nice spice! Very authentic, too! Thirteen points!" The red team cheered. "Now let's see your dessert!" Leni brough churros over. Chris samples it, then says, "Nice! Ten points, for a total of 23!" The red team cheered again. "Alright Gophers, you're up!"

Duncan ran into the kitchen...and saw the spaghetti had been devoured. "You did NOT just eat our meal!" cried the punk.

Owen, who had red sauce on his lips, gasped. "Oh no, I'm sorry! My appetite must have taken over!"

As Owen brought the tray over to Chris, the host noticed the lack of spaghetti and Owen's lips, and said, "Yeah."

"There's still a little left...I think."

Indeed, there was one noodle remaining, lying on top of the sauce. Chris picked it up and put it in his mouth, then said, "Not terrible. Five points!"

"Yeah!!" cheered Owen.

"Now it's time for dessert!"

The camera flashed to Duncan and Courtney eagerly waiting for Chris's response on their custard. Duncan puts his hands on Courtney, who doesn't try to stop him.

Finally, Chris waved his right hand around and said, "Ehhhhhhh, six." Courtney looked disappointed, while Duncan looked angry. "Eleven points for the Gophers! Storks, bring on your meal!"

Katie and Sadie brought over a full rack of ribs. "Nice! I love me some ribs!" said Chris. He grabbed a rib and bit into it, only for him to spit it out quickly. "Why is it cold?! Did someone not turn the oven on?!"

Katie and Sadie looked dumbfounded. "Uh, oops? Sorry," said Sadie.

"One point. Better hope you have a good dessert!" Gwen and Lindsay brought out the flambé with eager smiles on their faces. "I have to say, this looks like a winner!" But as soon as Chris's fork touched the flambé, it exploded, making Chris's eyes shrink in shock.

Lana and Kevin looked horrified, the latter saying, "What just happened?" in a drained voice.

A now angry Chris picked up the only remaining chunk, which was now gray, and put it in his mouth. He quickly started choking, prompting Ed to run over and say, "Ed to the rescue!" and punch him hard in the chest, prompting the gray chunk to come back out.

Katie and Sadie looked disgusted, the latter saying, "Ew."

Chris picked up the chunk and said, "What the heck is this?!"

"It's Heather's recipe," said Lindsay. But then she remembered something. "Oh my gosh! She's still in the fridge!" She ran back into the kitchen to get her.

"Well, she did have it coming," said Gwen.

"Oh, I hear that," said Chris. But then he and Ed had horrified looks on their faces, with the latter screaming, "AHHH! It's the aliens from outer space!!"

Heather had pale blue skin and drawn on eyebrows. "Is it over?"

"Yeah. You get a whopping two points in total. The Gophers got eleven points, and that means the Bass win again, with twenty three points!" The red team cheered, the green team looked a little disappointed, and the blue team looked unhappy. Heather cried out, "UGH! This is so not fair!"

Lindsay (CONF): Locking Heather in the freezer was so cool! (she pauses) She's not gonna see this is she?

Heather (CONF): I vote for Sadie. And I told the team to vote for her on the grounds of her costing us the challenge by not turning the oven on.

Kevin (CONF): You're on your last leg, Heather. You're lucky I don't think too highly of Sadie.

The camera cut to the elimination ceremony. "Storks, welcome back. Let's skip the instructions and cut right to it, shall we? Marshmallows go to...










And Katie!" They all caught their marshmallows. Only Heather and Sadie were left. "Heather, your leadership proved to be very ineffective, and Sadie, you forgot to turn the oven on to cook the ribs. The final marshmallow goes to... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Heather." Katie gasped as the queen bee caught her marshmallow, then cried, "Nooo!!"

Sadie put a hand on Katie and said, "Katie, you have to be strong. Kick Heather's butt for me, will you?" Katie found the confidence to grow a smile, and she nodded. Sadie walked down the Dock of Shame and boarded the Boat of Losers.

"Will the Storks end their losing streak? Find out next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!" yelled Chris.

Episode 10

"Last time on Total Drama Island!" said Chris.

The camera shows Jimmy tearing up while peeling onions.

"Our campers tested their skills in the kitchen!"

The camera shows Geoff telling Harold not to cook in something so "small," followed by him dropping the underwear sandwich in horror.

"Harold was bullied relentlessly for pooping his pants and refusing to own up to it!" said Chris.

The camera shows the Bass finishing their meal, followed by Owen walking out with his team's devoured meal.

"In the end, the Bass won again with their Mexican theme, while Owen was largely responsible for his team failing to win."

The camera shows Chris spitting out the ribs, followed by him choking and getting punched by Ed, and finally Sadie reacting to her elimination.

"But it was the Storks' disastrous meal that sent them to the canpfire ceremony, and it was Sadie who got the boot."

The camera shows Chris. "One fifth of our competitors have been eradicated. Who will be next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

(cue intro)

It was still nighttime. The camera zoomed into the male side of the Gophers' cabin, where Harold slept. His bed was promptly taken off its hinges by unseen sources, and was taken out of the room with snickers heard.

The next morning, female giggles woke Harold up. "Good morning, Harold!" Leshawna and Courtney said. Harold saw he was on the Dock, and all the females, regardless of team, were in the water watching him...with no clothes on! "EEE!" He covered himself up.

Geoff, Duncan, Owen, Rolf, and Ezekiel paddled up in a canoe, with Duncan asking, "So, learned your lesson yet?"

"Yes! OK! Yes!" cried Harold.

"We require to hear more from you than that, Harold boy!" said Rolf.

"I'll never leave my crusty underwear out again!" He did a salute and said, "I swear!"

"What the heck? I believe him!" Geoff tossed Harold his shorts and said, "Pleasure doing business with ya!" as the five laughed and paddled away.

The girls looked at Harold disgusted. "Maybe do your business somewhere else next time! Heh heh, get it?" said Luan. More eyerolls. "What?" Harold ignored her and ran to the cabins to change.

Heather went over to Lindsay and whispered something in her ear, ultimately startling the latter.

Lindsay (CONF): C-cut off all of my hair while I'm sleeping?!

The campers were now all gathered at the Dock of Shame. "Welcome to today's challenge! I've been thinking: there seems to be a common problem with people nowadays. Especially at your age, and that is trust! I've created five trust-building exercises to test how trustworthy everyone is amongst their teammates!"

"Oh, that's easy. I don't trust Heather at all," Gwen said, glaring down Heather.

"Likewise," Heather said, glaring back.

"Which is why you two will be paired up together in the first challenge!" said Chris.

Both girls looked shocked and said, "What?!"

"Yep! Duncan and Ezekiel will be paired together for the Gophers, and Leshawna and Lincoln for the Bass! See that cliff up there? One person must climb to the top while the other holds the rope. It's the first challenge today, so of course it's easy!" He then laughs a bit.

Lincoln puts on his team's climbing gear. "You got this, sugar?" asked Leshawna.


Ezekiel put on his team's gear and asked, "You sure this is safe, eh?"

"I do stuff like this in juvie all the time," said Duncan.

Gwen put on her team's gear and noticed a second rope with her. She held it up and asked, "What's this doing here?"

"Oh, it's a back up rope. Just in case you fall," said Heather.

"Riiiight," said an unconvinced Gwen.

The scene flashed to Lincoln, Ezekiel, and Gwen standing at the base of the cliff, while Leshawna, Duncan, and Heather stood a few feet back, holding their ropes. "On your mark...get set...GO!" Chris fired an airhorn to start the challenge. The trio started climbing, only for a smoke bomb to detonate in Lincoln's face, making him cough.

"Oh yeah, I snuck some surprises in there," Chris whispered to the camera.

Gwen had an encounter with an explosion, causing her to fall back to the base of the cliff, but she immediately got back up.

Chris held up a bottle of hot sauce, then squirted it down at Leshawna, Duncan, and Heather. The girls ended up wiping their eyes and panting their breath, causing the two to drop their ropes, causing Lincoln and Gwen to fall to the ground. Duncan meanwhile, revealed he wore shades and willingly eats every drop of the sauce. "This stuff's not half bad." Ezekiel then reached the top.

"And Duncan and Ezekiel win the first part of the challenge for the Gophers!" The green team cheered while the red and blue teams looked disappointed.

The scene flashed to Jimmy and Sarah, Nazz and Geoff, and Lindsay and Kevin standing in the mess hall. "You've been selected to partake in the next challenge: one of you will cook blowfish for the other. Watch out, it's poisonous, and can do some pretty nasty stuff if not cooked right. Good luck!" said Chris.

"Ooh, I'll cook! I took biology!" said Lindsay.

"Right," Kevin said uneasily.

"I'll do it, Geoff," said Nazz.

"Sure!" said Geoff.

"You got this, Jimmy! I believe in you!" said Sarah.

"Eh, thanks Sarah!" Jimmy said uncomfortably.

The camera cut to Lindsay's creation. It was a pink blob. She put a smiley face on it with ketchup. Kevin looked at it uncomfortably.

Kevin (CONF): Surely, she can't mess this up that badly.

The camera cut to Nazz and Jimmy finishing theirs. "All done!" said Jimmy.

"Alright, let's see how you've done!" said Chris. Sarah tried Jimmy's fish, and she said, "I like it!"

"Yes!" cried Jimmy.

Geoff tried Nazz's fish, and smiled after eating it, making Nazz smile back.

Kevin put Lindsay's creation in his mouth, then looked at the camera. He punched himself in the face three times, then screamed. He then giggled, making Lindsay smile, but then he fell over, much to Jimmy, Sarah, Nazz, and Geoff's horror. Kevin, now blue, sat up and said to Lindsay, "I thought you said you passed biology!"

"I said I took biology," reminded the blonde. Kevin fell back down and started retching, making Lindsay cry, "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"

"Uh, is anybody gonna help this guy?" asked Geoff.

"It's cool! Give him 24 hours and he should be good as new," Chris said uncaringly. Chef then came over, the camera focused on Kevin's now horrified face, and Chef puckering up for the camera...

The camera faded back in to outside, where the three teams were gathered, now without Kevin. "Good news! The third 'challenge' actually involves three more challenges!" said Chris. "First is the blind William Tell, then the blind trapeze, and finally, the blind toboggan race." He put a headset that had both goggles and a helmet on DJ. "You'll be knocking arrows off your partner's head, with crab apples!" he said while bouncing an apple in his left hand.

"Um, wasn't it the other way around?" asked Courtney.

"Shush!" said Chris. "Also, the shooter will be blindfolded!" This made DJ gasp and everyone give him some distance. "The person who knocks off the arrow while causing the least amount of facial damage, wins!" He then held up a slingshot with an apple in it and fired it... DJ's crotch. The gentle giant fell to the ground and cried, "Ooooooooooh!" while Noah, Katie, and Lana looked on in horror.

"Ahhh, nuts!" Chris said, unaware of his double entendre. He recomposed himself and said, "Lisa and Jonny will be one team, Owen and Izzy another, and finally Katie and Lily!"

"I'll take the shooting. I know the precise trajectory for my acquired target," said Lisa.

"You can shoot me anytime, big O!" said Izzy.

"Ooh, I love the sound of that," said Owen. Geoff looked up at the sky sadly.

"Oh, let me shoot, let me shoot, let me shoot!" cried Katie. "I'm an excellent shot!"

"Uh, suuuure," said Lana.

Lana (CONF): I hope Lily stays safe. I don't have a good feeling about this.

"Let's rock and roll!" said Chris.

Lisa put her arms in a certain position, fired, and immediately got the arrow knocked off. "And Lisa scores the Bass's second point, making them tied with the Gophers 2-2-0! Storks, better pick up the pace a little!"

"That was too easy," Lisa said with a smile.

"Wait, I got it!" said Katie. She ended up flinging an apple at Lily's nose, making the baby cry.

"Oh no, Lily!" Lana went and picked up the toddler, then glared at Katie. "You will regret this." A scared Katie looked around and saw all of the Loud siblings glaring her down, making her even more frightened.

The scene flashed to everyone gathered at a pond with wooden poles and a suspended trapeze over it. Lily was now gone due to the injury she received from Katie. "Welcome to your next challenge: the blind trapeze!" said Chris. "To avoid serious injury, we've set this up over this pond..." Everyone looks down at it. "...which is full of jellyfish!" The camera cut to the Bass all gasping in horror before cutting back to Chris, who was throwing blindfolds to Lori, Harold, and Ed. "Lori, Harold, and Ed will try and make it into the arms of Luan, Rolf, and May!"

"Uh oh!" said Ed. May sighed dreamily.

The six campers were now in their respective places while everyone else watched. "Aaaaaand, go!" said Chris.

"Uh, OK. This is so literally not what I want to do," said Lori. She jumped...and made it into Luan's arms. "Ha! I guess you didn't know there would be a catch to that! Heh heh, get it?" said the jokester. Lori sighed as per the usual, but was relieved she didn't fall into the pond below.

Harold jumped with a battle cry, and successfully landed in Rolf's arms. "You did it Harold boy! You have been awarded with the Bold Badge of Courage!" He placed a pink sticker with a red diagonal stripe on Harold's shirt. "Aw, sweet!" said the nerd.

"Come on, Ed! I'm waiting!" May said excitedly.

"Uh uh. No siree, Bob!" Ed promptly fell forward and landed in the pond. The camera cut to Edd and Nazz from the Gophers, the former crying, "Oh dear!" and the latter covering her lips with her hands with wide eyes.

Ed resurfaced with a jellyfish on his head. He pointed at it and said, "Aw look! I've got a pet!" before getting shocked.

Chris sighed and said, "Looks like we have to take another person to the emergency room. Sheesh people, it is not that hard!" He then regained his composure and said, "Because of Ed's wipeout, the Storks lose again, while the other two teams will go into the final challenge by themselves to break their 3 to 3 tie!" The red and green teams applauded, while the blue team moaned and looked down.

The scene flashed to the Bass and the Gophers at the top of the cliff. "For your last challenge, two of you will be sledding down the cliff all the way to the bottom. One of you will be blindfolded, and the other will be calling out directions. The pair that makes it down the fastest will win." He looked at those remaining and said, "Let's have Eddy and Lynn go for the Bass, and Marie and Double D go for the Gophers." Marie eeh'd in joy and jumped while Edd looked up and said, "Oh, boy."

"I'll be blindfolded!" offered Lynn.

"That's good; I'm too prone to injury to do that," said Eddy. The two got on their sled with Lynn in front of Eddy, and Lynn put her blindfold on.

"I'll call out directions, I suppose," said Edd.

"Sounds like a plan to me!" said Marie. They got on their sled with Marie in front of Edd, and Marie put her blindfold on.

The scene flashed to everyone in their respective positions, and Chris said, "Let's rock and roll!" The two pairs made their way down the hill. "Left!" Edd called out. Marie went in that direction, avoiding a stray tree branch. "Right!" Edd called out. Marie went in that direction, going around a big rock.

"Keep going straight until I tell you to!" Eddy called out. Where Lynn was going, there were bushes on both sides of her, but nothing down the middle where she was going. Eventually, a rock started to come up. "Curve right!" She did what he told her to do.

Eventually, both pairs made it to the bottom of the cliff. "Well, we have our winner..." said Chris. The camera cut to the Bass, and then the Gophers, both of whom waited anxiously to be called.

"...BOTH OF YOU! Yep! Both pairs made it to the bottom of the cliff at the same time and without hitting anything! Ladies, you must have some really good guys!"

The two teams cheered and gave each other hugs and hi-fives, whether they were on the same team or not. "Oh my gosh, Double D! You did it! You helped me win!" said Marie. "You are a good man!"

Edd blushed a bit. "I suppose there's only one way for my gratitude to be known," he said. He then closed his eyes and kissed Marie on the lips, startling her, and then making her enjoy it herself.

Geoff called out, "Al-hal-right, dude!" and clapped respectively.

Eddy looked surprised at this. "Wow. Didn't know he had it in him," he said.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" said Lynn.

Eddy didn't hesitate. He also leaned in and kissed Lynn on the lips, which she also accepted. The Loud siblings present all clapped and smiled and awe. "Cutest couple, ever!" said Leni.


Edd (CONF): I do wonder how this relationship with Marie is going to go. Eddy didn't seem to mind, and I see he picked up a relationship with Lynn, so my congratulations to him.

Eddy (CONF): So uhh, this is my first time ever being in a relationship. And you know what? *he outstretches his legs and puts his hands behind his back* I don't. Care. Bring it on.

Lynn (CONF): Two people who like winning? I think me and Eddy are going to be a winning couple! Heh heh, get it?

Luan (CONF): I get the feeling Lynn cracked a joke I must have missed. But I'm happy for my sister, and Eddy, you're a good man and you're always welcome to hang with us Louds!

The scene cut to the campfire ceremony, where the Storks sat. Lily had her nose wrapped in gauze, and was being held by Lana, who shot another glare at Katie's direction. Kevin was sitting in a wheelchair. His pupils were at strange places, and he was sputtering gibberish while smiling perpetually. "Campers, you've all cast your votes..." Chris looked at Kevin and added, "...well, most of you have cast your votes, and I can honestly say the following people are safe...









And Noah!" They all caught their marshmallows, except Kevin, whose landed in his lap. Chris looked at a nervous Ed and a nervous Katie and said, " the final marshmallow. Ed, you cost your team the challenge today by refusing to jump into May's arms, and it's also my pleasure to announce that Double D and Eddy both picked up girlfriends in Lynn and Marie!"

"Aw, everyone's making nice!" Ed said, completely unaware that he was now the only Ed boy without a date.

"Oh, I know right?" agreed May, also not realizing the truth.


"And Katie, you're here because you broke the nose of a 15 month old. Not cool. The final marshmallow goes to...















...Ed!" The oaf caught his marshmallow and laughed. He then saw Kevin's marshmallow sitting on his lap and took it, saying, "Oh Kevin! You didn't eat your marshmallow, pal!"

"Well Katie, the Dock of Shame awaits," said Chris.

Katie moaned a bit and pouted as she made her way to the Dock of Shame, though she perked up when she saw Sadie on it. The two did their signature "eeh" as Katie got on the Boat of Losers, which left."

"Yeah, after seeing what happened after the last challenge, I decided to be a little generous. Join us next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!" said Chris.

Episode 11

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Gwen announcing she doesn't trust Heather, along with Heather doing the same back to Gwen.

"Our campers competed five challenges centered around building trust."

The camera shows Rolf catching Harold, followed by Kevin suffering the effects of the poisonous blowfish.

"Some did pretty well, while others? Not so much."

The camera shows Lynn/Eddy and Marie/Edd making it to the bottom of the cliff at the same time, followed by a split screen of both couples kissing.

"In the end, both the Bass and the Gophers won in our first joint win, and two more relationships came out of it!"

The camera shows Katie walking down the Dock of Shame and being reunited with Sadie.

"And it was Katie who got sent home. About time, too."

The camera cut to Chris. "Now it's time for some more TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

(cue intro)

It was yet another morning at Camp Wawanakwa. Geoff was sitting on the steps of the Gopher cabin, while Duncan carved out a skull on the exterior of it.

Just then, Harold came out, angry. He held up a graham cracker s'more and inquired, "Who made s'mores out of my underwear?" When the two boys just laughed, Harold took the underwear out...only for it to land in front of Courtney, who recoiled and cried, "EWWW!! Harold, you are so GROSS!" before walking away.

"It wasn't me!" protested Harold.

Just then, the camp's loudspeakers came to life. "Attention all maggots! Report to the Dock of Shame at 0900 hours!" said Chef. When the campers looked at each other in confusion, he tacked on, "That means NOW, soldiers!" Everyone promptly ran towards the Dock of Shame.

The camera flashed to all of the campers standing in a straight line on the Dock of Shame, while Chef started pacing. "You will all stand in proper attention," he said. He started slapping a few people for not meeting "proper attention" with a meterstick. "Today's challenge is not gonna be an easy one. In fact, some of you may not make it back out alive! I have received orders to let all of the babies in front of me drop out one by one until only one team is left standing, and that team will win immunity! Now get your butts down to the beach!" No one had to be told twice.

The three teams were down at the beach, holding a canoe matching their team color over their head. Edd was straining. His arms were vibrating like jelly and he was making noises. Chef got in his face and said, "Get it together, maggot!" That made Edd shriek and wet himself. "We do not allow the wetting of our trousers when we're at war! Report to the Dock of Shame and ring that bell!" Edd moaned and did as he was told. The other campers dropped their teams' canoes.

Chef told Edd, "Listen soldier, you've got nothing to be ashamed of. Except for being the little baby who let your team down!!" He told everyone else, "Report to the mess hall. Dinner is served."

The camera cut to the mess hall, where everyone left in the challenge stood facing Chef and a number of trash cans. "Alright maggots, open your ears! You've got ten minutes to eat before night training begins!" said the cook.

"Night training?!" asked Lincoln.

"Um, Master Chief Hatchet? Where's our food?" asked Gwen.

"You're looking at it," said Chef.

Lisa lifted the lid off of one of them and said, "This came from this morning's breakfast, which in turn came from last night's leftovers."

"Darn right. When you're at war, you take what you can get."

"Yum! I'll take this!" Ed picked up one of the trash cans, opened his mouth to cover the diameter of it, and spilled the contents of it into his mouth. While the other campers and even Chef himself looked disgusted, May swooned at her crush's behavior. Ed ended up doing this to the other trash cans as well.

" got one sick appetite," Chef told Ed. "Report outside for our next challenge!"

The camera cut to outside, where those left in the challenge were doing the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller (the real version, not the knockoff they played in canon). Just then, Duncan stopped the music. "Duncan! What are you doing?" Courtney asked worriedly.

"One of us drops out, we're done for the challenge!"

Chef got in Duncan's face and said, "We're done when I say we're done! Now drop and give me twenty!" Duncan rolled his eyes, but nevertheless complied. "Anyone else got something they wanna say?!" Gwen raised her hand and asked, "May I use the restroom, Master Chief Hatchet?"

The camera flashed to her inside the communal washroom, which had green liquid take up the entire room, and she was holding janitor's supplies. "This isn't exactly what I had in mind."

The camera cut to the remaining campers back in the mess hall, with Chef saying, "For your next challenge, you will write a 300-page essay on how much you You cannot fall asleep during this phase."

The time skipped to later that night. Chef picked up Duncan's creation and said, "I love Master Chief Hatchet because he is very, very..." He got less enthusiastic as he continued, "...very, very, very..." He flipped through the pages and saw that, "This is just one long sentence with five pages of very's inbetween!"

"It's 300 words exactly! You can count them if you'd like!" offered Duncan.


Courtney stepped in and said, "No thanks! He's going right to bed! Aren't you?" She whispered to Duncan, "What are you doing?"

"Aw, I didn't know you cared!"

"I do not! I just thought you were nice!" She turned and left.

"She wants me," Duncan said while fistbumping Geoff.

Owen was drooling when Chef slipped on his drool. He got up and pointed at Owen, saying, "Wipe up that drool fatty and ring the bell of shame!" He then pounded on the tables, startling Trent, DJ, and Noah. "You three will report to the Dock of Shame and ring that bell! The rest of you, I expect to be awake at 0500 hours."

"Five hundred hours of sleep?!" asked Leni.

"5 AM," said Lisa.


The camera flashed to the remaining campers standing outside an obstacle course that had been set up. "You will all run this course until you can all complete it in under one minute! Do I make myself clear?" asked Chef.

"Crystal," said Duncan.

"Go maggots go!" said Chef. The campers started making their way through the obstacle course, until Harold fell from a rope and hit the ground. After vomiting mud, Duncan said, "Uh, we got a problem here, general."

"Too much mud!" cried Harold.

"Ring the Bell of Shame and report to the infirmary. Your tour of duty is finished," said Chef. After Harold left, Chef got in Duncan's face and said, "One false move and I be on to you like stink from a poop wagon."

"I look forward to it, sir!" was Duncan's reply.

The camera flashed to the campers rerunning the course due to not completing it fast enough. Leshawna started sinking underneath a few swinging axes, removing her from the challenge. "Fallen soldier, I salute you!" Duncan said as he passed her. He ended up being greeted by Chef. "You just brought yourself twenty more push-ups!"

"Thank you!" Duncan kissed Chef on the nose making him growl.

Geoff and Duncan looked scared. "I uh, think you may have pushed him over the edge, bro!" said Geoff.

"Iiiii, think you're right."

"One night. Solitary, confinement. In. The boathouse," Chef said softly.

The camera showed Nazz and Luna gasping, then Luan gasping while Eddy had wide eyes in shock.

The camera cut back to an unamused Duncan being looked at by a wide eyed Geoff. "Big deal. How bad can it be?"

He found that out the hard way upon seeing a bunch of spiked stuff in the dark room. Duncan put a hand over his heart and said, "Should have just kept my big mouth shut." A wolf howl in the distance didn't help him.

The remaining campers were in the mess hall eating dinner when Courtney appeared worried. "I'm going to go check on him!" she stood up and said.

"You like him!" said Geoff.

"I do not!" She paused and said, "I'm gonna go check on him."

The camera cut to Courtney entering the boathouse. "Princess!" Duncan perked up.

"I wish you'd stop calling me that."

"So, come to claim that kiss?"

Courtney presented Duncan her uneaten bowl of gruel and said, "Even pigs deserve a meal."

"Hmm, no thanks; I'll stick with the bait."

"Yeah well, that's all Chef would serve us after our pathetic performance in that challenge." She then asked Duncan, "Why do you egg Chef on like that? You know you're going to get in trouble."

"Why are you always so uptight?" Duncan asked back.

"I am not uptight!"

"You always follow the rules!"

"You always break them!"

"Only the ones I want to!"

Courtney sighed and said, "OK, so maybe I do follow the rules. I guess that makes me a big, uptight loser in your books, right?"

Duncan smirked. "Maybe." Courtney huffed. "Why do you always follow them?"

"Because not following them gets you thrown into a fish cabin!"

"But I'm in the fish cabin with you, aren't I?" Courtney couldn't help but smile at what Duncan had just said. "Feel like ditching this crap for some peanut butter and jam?"

"Are you kidding? All I've had these past two days is this gruel! But Chef will never give it to us."

Duncan didn't skip a beat. "See, now that's the problem with your thinking! The trick is not to ask for it."

"Do you have some on you?" asked Courtney, a bit more eagerly.

"No. But I happen to know where to find it. It involves breaking a few rules, though. Are you in?"

"Let's do it!" Courtney grinned.

"Alright!" The two hi-fived.

The camera flashed to the two inside fake bush props, making their way into the kitchen. Chris and Chef were both too busy talking about the latter's war stories to pay attention to them. Duncan held out a knapsack as he put the food from the refridgerator into it. They then left.

The camera flashed to the inside of the female room of the Gopher's cabin. All of the campers were enjoying the food Courtney and Duncan had smuggled. "Thanks dudes! Where'd you get it?" asked Luna.

"One doesn't share their secrets," said Duncan.

Courtney, who had already eaten three ice cream sandwiches, bit into a fourth one. Nazz giggled and said, "I think you've had enough."

Courtney, a little more hyperactive than usual, said, "No! No no! I'm fine!" After taking another bite, she ran out of the cabin and threw up.

An amused Duncan left the cabin and said, "So the princess has a dark side!"

Courtney turned and said, "OK, that was really gross. But it was like, once I did something bad, it was so much fun, I just wanted more!"

"Well you could always give me that kiss. That'd be pretty bad."

"You're still not my type," Courtney said with a smile.

"Fine. Enjoy a peanut butter-less life."

"Thanks. Enjoy prison."

"I will!"

To many people's surprise, Courtney leaned in and kissed Duncan on the lips, surprising him for a second, but he quickly enjoyed.

Most of the campers inside, especially the Gophers, were enamored. "Al-hal-right, dude!" said Geoff. Harold on the other hand, did not look amused.

The camera now shifted to daytime, where those left in the challenge hung from a tree. "This is your last challenge, maggots! The last person left hanging from that tree wins for their team! Go!" He then added, "And I want the butt of whoever stole my food last night!" Courtney looked at Duncan nervously, but got a reassuring smile from him.

After an hour, only Luan, Lynn, Luna, Courtney, Izzy, Geoff, Lucy, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Lana, and Kevin were left in the challenge. "I live for the blood rush," said Lucy. She promptly fell from the tree. "Ouch."

"Heh heh! You can't call yourself an American when your rushin'! Heh heh, get it?" said Luan. When no one else laughed, she laughed again to herself, but that caused her to fall from the tree herself.

Duncan fell next, followed by Heather. While Duncan opted to stay behind like Lucy and Luan did, Heather went back inside like those eliminated within the first hour did. "I am seriously overdue for a shower!" she complained.

Courtney started giggling, then fell from the tree herself, only making her laugh harder. "What is so funny?!" demanded Chef.

"You...really need to take a chill pill!" Courtney managed to squeak out before laughing again. Chef's face turned red in anger at that statement. The camera cut to Lynn, Luna, Izzy, Geoff, Gwen, Lana, and Kevin staring at this in shock up in the tree, followed by Luan and Lucy looking in shock down on the ground. Duncan however, looked impressed. "Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!"

"OK! You got this you three!" said Courtney.

"It's all on you, Lynn!" said Luan.

"Too bad Heather couldn't offer us words of encouragement," Kevin said annoyed.

"Heather's a...well...I can't exactly use this word here. But you get the idea," said Gwen.

Izzy fell off, then Geoff, then finally Luna. "Sorry dudes," the last one of the three said as she got up.

"It's OK!" Courtney said happily.

Luna (CONF): I love this side of Courtney.

"The Screaming Gophers lose!" said Chef. "We've got one Bass and three Storks left!"

"Leave it all to me!" said Lynn, raising an arm. Unfortunately, that caused her to pull herself downward, off the tree. "To fall, I guess," she said, defeated.

"And the Storks win! I'd go to war with any of you three!" Kevin, Gwen, and Lana cheered, with Kevin also saying, "Awesome!"

The camera flashed to the elimination ceremony that night, where the Gophers sat. Chris and Chef were both present. "Well, I gotta hand it to ya. You managed to avoid elimination after the first episode until now. Marshmallows go to...


Double D!










And Geoff!" They all caught their marshmallows. Only Courtney and Harold were left. "The final marshmallow goes to.













Courtney!" Courtney smiled as she caught her marshmallow.

"WHAT?! HOW?! I switched all the votes with Courtney votes!!" cried Harold in anger and disbelief.

"And this is where I come in!" said Edd.

"You?!" asked Harold.

"I knew the team wouldn't want Courtney gone after what happened, so I knew something was wrong here, MISTER!"

"No fair! My plan should've worked!" He was grabbed by Chris and Chef, who dragged him onto the Boat of Losers, which left with him.

Courtney hugged Edd while Duncan patted him on the back. "Good job Double D!"

"You're a real hero, bro!"

"What a good episode this has been! Join us next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!" yelled Chris.

Episode 12

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Harold throwing up mud, followed by Leshawna sinking in the mud.

"Our campers were put through brutal challenges at the hands of Chef!"

The camera shows Duncan pissing Chef off at the obstacle course, followed by him fearfully sitting in the boathouse by himself.

"After Duncan crossed Chef's line one too many times, he was sent to be punished."

The camera shows to Duncan and Courtney making their plan to steal food, followed by them kissing.

"However, Courtney came to show she cared for him, and the two ultimately blossomed a relationship!"

The camera shows Harold snapping at his elimination, along with Edd calling him out for cheating the votes.

"And in the end, it was Harold who got the boot after Edd put a stop to his plan to stay in the game longer."

The camera cut to Chris. "What lies ahead for our campers next? On TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

(cue intro)

It was another peaceful morning at Camp Wawanakwa, until the sound of a helicopter woke the campers up. "Rise and shine campers! Meet outside in five!" Chris called through a bullhorn.

The scene flashed to outside, where Chris, Chef, and the campers were gathered. Chris and Chef were in pilot's uniforms inside the helicopter, and a sofa bed was in front of both it and the campers. "Today, you'll be competing in X-TREME, CHALLENGES!" Chris said with enthusiasm. "First you'll be competing in the extreme skydiving challenge. One member of each team will jump out of this helicopter five thousand feet up in the air, while the rest of the team must push sofa beds like these into position, so that the jumper makes a successful landing." The sofa bed, currently in its bed state, had springs pop up.

Chef demonstrated by jumping onto the bed...which promptly folded on him, trapping him. Chris and the campers all looked on in pain, except Heather, who for whatever reason actually smiled at this happening. Chef made moaning noises through the sofa.

"Eddy will be going for the Bass, Trent will be going for the Gophers, and DJ will be going for the Storks," said Chris.

Although it was clear all three called were fearful, Trent tried to boost their spirits up by saying, "Sure why not? The best glimpse of heaven is on the way into hell!" He put his hands on both boys and said, "Let's do this."

"Yeah, sure. Bring it o-hon!" said DJ.

"Yeah. It's not like I've got anything to be afraid of," said Eddy.

The camera flashed to all three of them inside the helicopter five thousand feet above ground. They all looked down, terrified. Chris popped in and said, "Here comes the drop, boys!" before disappearing again.

"I don't see the drop zone!" said Trent.

Back on the ground, the remaining Gophers were having a hard time pushing their sofa bed. "Why is this so hard to push?!" cried Marie. She and the others looked over the bed and saw Owen sleeping on it. Suddenly, Courtney started giggling. "What's so funny now, Princess?" asked Duncan. Courtney took out a red marker and drew an X on Owen's butt. Smiles appeared on the rest of the Gophers' faces.

Back on the helicopter, Trent said, "Uh, I don't know if I can do this!"

"Don't worry man! You got this!" DJ pat Trent on the back...a bit too hard, as Trent fell out screaming. "Oh, snap!" said DJ.

Trent was too terrified to pull his parachute strings, and he ended up falling in front of the bed, creating a Trent-shaped hole where he landed, making the team gasp.

"Trent?" asked Nazz.

"You OK, dude?" asked Luna.

Trent just moaned.

Back on the helicopter, Eddy said, "Pull the red cord first, then the blue!" He jumped out screaming, then tried pulling the cords in the order he said, only for the cords to snap without deploying his parachute. "This is gonna end well." His screams intensified as he ended up crashing into his team's bed, which folded upon contact, horrifying his teammates as well.

"Eddy!" cried Lynn.

Eddy moaned from inside the sofa.

Back on the helicopter, DJ said, "Pull the blue cord first, then the red!" He jumped out with a scream, then pulled his cords in the order he said, and his parachute deployed. He safely landed on his team's bed, making the team cheer.

"And the Storks win part one of today's challenge!" Chris announced from the helicopter.

The camera flashed to the cast standing with a moose behind a gate, with Chef standing in front of it. A pile of dirty socks was also present. "Welcome to the second challenge! Extreme Moose Bucking!" said Chris. "One of you on each team will ride the moose. The person who does it the best wins. Leshawna, you'll be doing it for the Bass, Geoff, you'll be doing it for the Gophers, and Ed, you'll be doing it for the Storks."

The camera cut to Leshawna sitting on the moose. She pet it and said, "Easy, boy. You don't wanna make me mad now." The moose was infuriated, blowing fire out of its nostrils and having its eyes turn red.

"Sweet mother of—" Chef was unable to finish that sentence, as Leshawna's moose trampled him as the girl in question screamed. "AHHHHH!! Get me off this thing!!" Eventually, she landed in front of the moose.

"Not bad," said Chris. "Let's see how Geoff does!"

He was answered by Geoff being flung into the dirty sock pile with a scream higher than Leshawna's. "Out already?" he asked incredulously. "Let's see Ed's turn!"

The camera flashed to the moose bucking, but Ed seemed to enjoy it. He laughed and said, "It likes me, guys! Giddyup, horsey!"

"I, think we have a winner here," said Chris. "The Storks win part two, and therefore, win immunity!" The blue team cheered and started chanting Ed's name. The red and green teams looked disappointed.

"Bass. Gophers. We've got one challenge left to determine who votes someone off," said Chris.

The scene flashed to what appeared to be a race in a mud pit. "Welcome to the Extreme Mud Skiing Challenge!" exclaimed Chris. "There are five flags of each team throughout this course. One person on each team will be driving motorboats, while another will be riding jet skiis! Let's have Lincoln drive Double D, and Duncan drive Leni!"

The scene flashed to Lincoln's motorboat tied to Edd's jet skii behind the starting line. Both boys looked nervous. "I don't know how to drive, let alone this thing," confessed Lincoln.

"GO!" announced Chris.

Lincoln pushed a button at random, and the motorboat immediately traveled at top speed, causing Lincoln to scream as it took off, while Edd's arm strength caused him to involuntarily let go and trip on his jet skiis, faceplanting the mud.

"Wow. Couldn't even make it past the starting line," said Chris. "Duncan will now drive Leni! All Leni needs to do is pick up one flag!"

Now Duncan's motorboat with Leni on jet skiis was behind the starting line.

"GO!" announced Chris.

Duncan drove at a much more appropriate speed. When he approached the first flag, he made a turn left around it, but Leni was still able to reach far enough to grab it.

"And the Gophers lose!" announced Chris.

"What?!" cried out Duncan.

"Gophers, time to send someone home!"

The camera cut to the mess hall. "I volunteer for elimination!" said Geoff.

Some gasps sounded. "Geoff, why?" a concerned Nazz asked.

"We're all a great big happy family. One filled with couples. And my potential girlfriend is at the Playa."

"You don't have to do this dude. You weren't the only one that messed up today," said Luna.

"I know. But most of the people that did all have girlfriends on this team. And I'm not gonna upset any of them tonight. That's why I'm acting with my heart and ask that you vote me off."

The team looked at each other and shrugged. "Eh, sure, I guess," said Nazz reluctantly.

The camera flashed to the elimination ceremony. "Gophers, you've cast your votes. Marshmallows go to...









And Owen!" They all caught their marshmallows. "Now, you four all failed to score points for your team. However, it appears one of you has all of your teammates votes in addition to your own. Would that person please stand up?"

Geoff quickly stood up. Chris threw marshmallows at Trent, Edd, and Duncan and said, "Well dude, the Dock of Shame is that-a-way."

"Bye Geoff," Nazz said sniffling. Luna waved a hand at him, also sniffling.

"Later, bruh," said Duncan. The rest of the team said their farewells as well.

Geoff walked down the Dock of Shame and boarded the Boat of Losers, which left.

"We've got something these campers don't know about, right here, next time, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!" said Chris.

Episode 13

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Eddy failing to deploy his parachute and subsequently getting clamped inside his team's sofa bed.

"Our campers tried their luck at extreme challenges."

The camera shows DJ landing on his team's sofa bed safely, followed by Leshawna and then Geoff getting knocked off their moose.

"While the Storks had an easy victory, the other two teams weren't so lucky."

The camera shows Lincoln and Edd failing at driving a motorboat and holding on to the attached jetskiis respectively.

"But it was the Gophers that had the worst performance."

The camera shows Geoff telling his team to vote him off, followed by him leaving the island.

"And in the end, Geoff volunteered for elimination."

The camera cut to Chris. "I said at the end of the last episode that I would do something. What would that be? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

(cue intro)

The 33 campers were in the main lodge when Chris walked in and said, "Good morning campers! Before we start today's challenge, we're going to shake things a little! If I call your name, stand to my left. Lucy, Lynn, Lana, Eddy, Jimmy, Kevin, Luna, Nazz, Sarah, Leni, DJ, Noah, Lori, Heather, Lindsay, Luan, and Rolf." Those called all got up and stood to Chris's left. "The rest of you, stand to my right please. Owen, Lincoln, Courtney, Marie, Leshawna, Gwen, Lily, Ezekiel, Lisa, Jonny, May, Ed, Trent, Double D, Duncan, and Izzy!" They all did as they were told as well. "We are going to have only two teams now, so those on my left are the new Killer Bass, and those on my right are the new Screaming Gophers!" There were some surprised reactions from the campers, while others sized up their new line-ups.

Kevin (CONF): Great. Not only am I still with Heather, but now I'm with Dorky, too. But hey, at least I've got Nazz now, too.

Gwen (CONF): Finally, I'm away from Heather! Also, I see Trent's on this team. Not that I care or anything, but... (her eyes dart around)

"Now it's time for your next challenge!" said Chris. He then snickered to himself as Chef emerged from the kitchen, pushing a mobile table with a bunch of domes on it, also snickering to himself.

The campers looked confused at this. "What's so funny?" asked Nazz.

"Oh, nothing, nothing. For today's challenge, breakfast!" said Chris.

After a pause, expecting Chris to say more, Owen said, "Wait, that's it? Bring it on!"

"Not so fast, Owen! This is no ordinary breakfast. Chef, if you would be so kind to remove the domes, please."

Chef removed the domes, revealing a myriad of strange dishes. The majority of the campers looked shocked, with some gasping.

"What is this stuff?" asked Kevin.

"Beats me!" said Jonny. When Leni started punching him in the back repeatedly, he added, "AH! Help me, Plank! I'm being beaten!" Leni promptly stopped and apologized.

"OK, even I don't think I can eat this stuff," said Lana.

"Me neither," said Owen.

"Yum!" said Ed.

Everyone looked at Ed in shock. "What?!" Chris asked in shock.

The camera flashed to the teams sitting down at their respective tables. Chris said, "You guys will eat one dish at a time. The team that clears the dish the fastest scores a point, and the team that scores five points first wins! Chef, bring out the first meal!"

Chef put down a plate of bovine testicles on each team's table. "What, is this stuff? asked Lincoln.

"Bovine testicles!" answered Chris gleefully.

Disgusted cries sounded from many campers. Ed however, said, "Yum!" and promptly ate all of them on the Gophers' dome.

"Good lord, Ed!"

"What, they're just meatballs!"

"Yeah! Meat from bovines, commonly known as wild animals, and balls are a slang term for testicles!" Edd cried out.

"This guy's smart!" Chris whispered at the camera while jerking a thumb at Edd's direction. "The Gophers take the first point! Chef, bring out the next meal!"

Chef presents to the teams a pizza with grasshoppers, anchovies, and jellyfish on it. Ed promptly took his team's pizza and ate it whole, shocking and disgusting the others again, especially his team. "Ew, Ed," said Edd.

"And Ed takes the second point for the Gophers," said Chris, himself repulsed by Ed's behavior.

"Oh, come on! That's not fair!" cried Kevin.

"Chef, bring out the next meal!" said Chris.

Now Chef brought out earth worms doused in snail juice and hairballs. Once again, the campers looked repulsed, sans Ed, who happily cleaned the plate. The Gophers started looking a little nauseous, while the Bass looked a little more nauseous at the thought of having to eat that really fast to be able to beat him.

"Uhhhh, yeah. Chef? The next meal please?" Chris himself was getting nauseous, too.

Chef, also a bit uncomfortable now, presented French onion soup with hangnails and bunions in it.

Lisa (CONF): I have a dreadful feeling Chef is just using the first thought that comes to mind.

Ed, once again, downs the soup no problem. Edd threw up, as did Nazz and Jimmy on the other team, while the others were on the verge of losing it.

"One more, and the Gophers win!" Chris said nauseously. "Chef?"

Rather than go back, Chef just scraped off a piece of gum of each table. Ed snatched his team's and ate that.

"Gum is not ideal for swallowing!" Lisa cried out, an unusual break from her stoicness, before throwing up herself. Eventually, everyone else that hadn't thrown up yet started throwing up, too, except Ed of course.

When Chris stopped puking, he said, "And Ed wins for the Screaming Gophers!" he cried.

"Hooraaaaaaaaaay!" Ed cheered.

"Bass, go vote someone out," said Chris. When his stomach growled, he said, "Oh no." He promptly threw up a second time.

The camera flashed to the new Bass outside their cabin. "So who goes, dudes?" asked Luna.

"Heather," Kevin said in an instant.

"And what makes you so sure?" Heather smugly asked.

"You've been a pain for my old team! It's bad enough I'm on a team with Dorky now," Kevin said while pointing at Eddy.

"Hey!" Eddy yelled in anger.

"That's my boyfriend you're messing with!" Lynn cried in anger.

"Huh?" Kevin asked confused.

"I picked up a date the day we did those extreme challenges!" replied Eddy.

"And if you're gonna mess with him, you're gonna have to get through me!" said Lynn. Kevin looked a little fearful.

"Hey, come on guys, chill out a little," said Nazz, getting in between Lynn and Kevin. She glared at Kevin and said, "That wasn't cool, Kevin. You can't keep picking on poor Eddy like that."

Kevin couldn't help but say, "Well, he is poor, so..."

That did it. Lynn tackled Kevin and punched his face in until he had black eyes, and then left. Nazz then slapped Kevin hard and said, "You really are a jerk, Kevin!"

"Yeah, what happened to the you that got Cody a date?" asked DJ.

"Uhhh, dude needed help? You have to admit he was awkward."

Lindsay slapped Kevin's other cheek and said, "You MEANIE! Don't talk about my boyfriend like that!"

"And speaking of boyfriend, you're no longer mine!" spat Nazz, making Kevin's eyes go wide as the scene faded to black.

The scene faded back in to the new Bass sitting at the campfire ceremony. "Welcome, Killer Bass 2.0, to your first elimination ceremony with your new teammates! Marshmallows go to...















And Lucy!" They all caught their marshmallows. Only Kevin and Heather were left. "Kevin. Heather. One of you is about to go. The final marshmallow goes to... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Heather!" The girl caught her marshmallow and blew a kiss at Kevin, who fumed. "No! I shouldn't be leaving! This team STINKS!"

The team, especially Eddy and Lynn, gleefully watched as Kevin boarded the Boat of Losers.

"What a good first episode with our new teams!" said Chris. "Tune in next time, right here, on TOTAL!



Episode 14

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows the campers being divided into new teams.

"We arranged our remaining campers into two new teams."

The camera shows the campers (except Ed) being revolted by the disgusting meals.

"Also, our hungry campers found out the hard way to be careful what they wish for!"

The camera shows Ed scarving down the bovine testicles, followed by him eating the entire grasshopper, anchovy, and jellyfish pizza, and finally him cheering when he learns he won the challenge for the Gophers.

"But for Ed, his wish came true, as he had no problem eating those disgusting dishes, winning the challenge for his new team."

The camera shows Kevin receiving facial damage from Lynn, Nazz, and Lindsay, followed by him reacting to his elimination.

"And in the end, Kevin's mean attitude came back to bite him, and he was eliminated!"

The camera shows Chris. "Who will be sent to the Playa next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

(cue intro)

The camera faded in to the mess hall. "I don't care what Chef says; I'm literally not eating this," said Lori, referencing her usual dose of slop. "Especially after that last challenge."

Chris came in at that point. "You know what, campers? I've been thinking. Since last time you all threw up at the hands of food, why don't we have another food challenge!"

"I don't like the sound of this," said Lincoln.

"There will be an assortment of food challenges. The cinnamon challenge, the saltine challenge, the banana sprite challenge, and the gallon of milk challenge," said Chris.

"HEY!" Chef yelled off-screen, stirring Chris.

"The last person left standing wins it for their team!"

The camera flashed to a spoon with cinnamon in front of all of the campers. "First up, the cinnamon challenge!" said Chris. "All you have to do is swallow that cinnamon! Give up, and you're out! Go!"

Everyone put their dose of cinnamon in their mouths. It didn't take long at all for a number of campers to start coughing and dry heaving, though Edd started pounding on the table repeatedly, wanting out of the challenge. Lily spat her cinnamon out shortly after putting it in, taking her out as well. "Ci-cin, ba-bad!" she said.

"All you have to do is swallow it, people! There's no time limit!" said Chris.

Everyone calmed down a little after that, though Lindsay still gave up. However, everyone else eventually finished.

"OK, so we are currently at 16 to 14 in favor of the Bass," said Chris. "Let's up the ante a little, shall we?"

Now the campers had a stack of six saltine crackers in front of them. "You have one minute to eat all six of those," explained Chris.

"That shouldn't be too hard," said Eddy.

"Oh, just wait, Eddy!" said Chris. "Go!"

Everyone left popped in their crackers. It didn't take long for many to start tiring out a little. Eddy's attempt at swallowing his crackers faster ended with him coughing them out. Jimmy did the same right after.

Eventually, the minute expired. "Time's up! Those of you who didn't finish, spit 'em out!" The ones that didn't make it ended up being Lynn, Nazz, Sarah, Leni, Noah, Heather, Lori, Marie, Gwen, Lisa, and Trent.

"And I only had one left!" complained Lynn.

"Looks like we're going into the next challenge 10 to 6 in favor of the Gophers!" announced Chris.

The camera flashed to two-liter bottles of Sprite and two bananas in front of everyone left. "Now it's time for the banana sprite challenge!" said Chris.

"Bananas and Sprite?" asked Lincoln.

"Yep! Sounds harmless...until you actually try them together, that is! All you have to do is eat two bananas and down that bottle of Sprite without throwing up! Go!"

Everyone made it through the bananas no problem. However, the bottles of Sprite were another story. Lincoln grabbed his Sprite and started chugging it, but his eyes quickly went wide as he stopped, and he promptly threw up, sending the bottle flying away from him.

Duncan and Courtney started feeling queasy after finishing almost half of their bottles. They looked at each other nervously...

...then threw up in each other's mouths. While everyone else made recoils of disgust, Ed happily said, "True love!"

Rolf threw up next, followed by Luan and Lucy together. Luna and DJ desperately tried not to join them, but they ended up succumbing. Ezekiel, Jonny, Leshawna, Izzy, Ed, and May threw up too, leaving just Owen. As if on cue, his stomach started rumbling.

"Keep it in there, big guy!" pleaded Leshawna. Thankfully, what came out of Owen was just a burp. A really big burp that shattered the windows. "No problem; just get some interns to fix that," said Chris. "Anyhoo, that just leaves Lana and Owen facing off in our final challenge!"

The scene flashed to the two sitting behind a gallon of milk placed on their tables. "You have one hour to drink all of that. Whoever throws up first loses. Go!"

Owen promptly drank the whole jug in one go. "Yeah, I did it!" he cheered.

"Not so fast, Owen! You have to go five minutes without throwing up, too!"

"Aw, what?" Then, his stomach rumbled harder than it did last time, prompting him to eek out an "Uh oh," before letting loose.

"And Lana wins for the Killer Bass!" announced Chris. The red team cheered while the green team looked disappointed. "Gophers, you'll be voting someone out tonight!"

The scene flashed to the Gophers sitting on the porch steps. "Eh, sorry I blew the challenge guys," said Owen.

"It's alright dude. You made it all the way to the end at least," said Trent.

"Yeah," said Gwen. She then looked at Edd sadly and said, "I'm sorry, but I am suggesting you go. You were the first one out."

"Yeah, you typically don't do well in most challenges, dude. Sorry," said Trent. Gwen hid a blush from him.

Gwen (CONF): Oh my gosh, he agrees with me! (She was about to EEEH, but she stopped and pointed at the camera angrily) Don't let this make the air.

Trent (CONF): Gwen's smart. I'm glad she's on this team. (His eyes flutter nervously) Uh, I mean, I'm not looking for a romantic relationship... (The blush that started developing on his face says otherwise)

"It is for the best, I suppose. There haven't been any academic challenges, after all," said Edd.

"I'm so sorry it had to come to this, Double D! I'll try to win this for you!" said Marie.

"Awww, how flattering!" Edd said with a blush.

"Attention Screaming Gophers! Please report to the campfire ceremony at this time! Thank you!" said Chris.

The scene flashed to the Gophers sitting at the campfire ceremony. "Campers. You've cast your votes, and now one of you must leave. Marshmallows go to...














And Lily!" Those called all got their marshmallows.

Only Edd and Owen remained. "Double D, you were the first one out of the challenge and have done poorly in a number of challenges in the past. Owen, you were the last one out of the challenge for your team, essentially making you the reason why you're here. The final marshmallow goes to... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Owen!" The giant oaf caught his thrown marshmallow.

Edd stood up. "Farewell, my fellow Screaming Gophers. It was a pleasure competing with you." He then walked down the Dock of Shame as everyone bid their farewells. Marie and Ed started sniffling, and by the time the Boat of Losers took off with Edd on it, Ed started bawling.

"I know. Sad," said Chris, though he didn't seem so. "Find out what will happen next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

Episode 15

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Lily spitting out her cinnamon, followed by Eddy coughing out his saltine crackers.

"Our campers participated in four well-known food challenges!"

The camera shows Owen throwing up, along with Lana being declared the day's winner.

"In the end, Lana defeated Owen to win it for the Killer Bass!"

The camera shows Edd coughing on his cinnamon and bowing out of the challenge, followed by him leaving the island.

"And it was Edd's poor challenge performance that got him sent home!"

The camera flashed to Chris. "Who will be shipped out next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

(cue intro)

The camera cut in to the mess hall, where the other campers were "having breakfast," until Ed ran in, still sobbing, and yelled, "EDDYYYY!"

An annoyed Eddy turned and said, "What, Ed?" He was glomped by Ed, who yelled out, "Double D is GONE, Eddy!"

Eddy looked at the Gophers and saw Edd was no longer there. "Huh."

"What are we gonna DO, Eddy?!"

"Why are you asking me; we're not on the same team!"

"He's our friend, Eddy!"

Just then, Chris came in and said, "Morning campers! We're just about ready for our next challenge! Meet me at the gym in five!"

Heather (CONF): Thanks for all that information, Ed.

Noah (CONF): Great, another physical challenge.

The camera flashed to the cast at the same gym used in the third episode. Chris held up a basketball and said, "So, here's how this'll work. One by one, you will try and throw this basketball into the hoop. You will get three throws, and you get a point for every ball that makes the hoop. The first team to reach twenty points wins."

Lynn (CONF): Ooh, I so got this!

The two teams were lined up in one line, alternating between a Bass and a Gopher. "First we have Lucy going for the Bass!" said Chris.

Lucy's first shot was too short. "Dang it," she said. Her next one made it, but her last one rolled off the left side of the rim.

"One point for the Bass!" said Chris. "Next we have Owen going for the Gophers!"

"WOO HOO!" Owen let out before proceeding. Unfortunately, all three balls bounced off the board.

"Owen fails to get the Gophers on the board!" said Chris. "Let's see Lynn go now for the Bass!"

A confident Lynn managed to score on all three throws, making the red team cheer after the last one.

"And Lynn brings her team's total up to four!" announced Chris. "Next we have Lincoln!"

Lincoln was able to get his first two throws in, but his last one was a bit too short, sliding off the front side of the rim.

"Two points for the Gophers!" announced Chris. "Now it's Lana's turn!"

Lana's first throw was too short. Her second throw was close, but a bit too short. Her third one wheeled the rim and went in.

"Five points for the Bass! Now let's see Courtney go!"

Her first one bounced off the board a bit too hard, causing it to slide off the front side of the rim. Her other two made it in, however.

"Four for the Gophers! Eddy, you're up!"

Eddy, like Lana, had his first two too short, while his last one made it in after wheeling the rim.

"Six for the Bass! Marie, you're up!"

Her first one made it in, but her second was too short, and her third one fell off the rim after wheeling it.

"Five for the Gophers! Jimmy, you're up!

Jimmy's first one ended up too far to the right, but his other two made it in.

"Eight for the Bass! Leshawna, you're up!"

Her first and third ones were too short, but her second one made it in.

"Six for the Gophers! Your turn Luna!"

Luna's first one didn't make it, but her other two did.

"The Bass are halfway there! Gwen, it's your turn!"

None of her throws made it inside the hoop.

"The Gophers stay at six! Nazz, you're up!"

None of her throws made it in. "Sorry guys," she said.

"The Bass stay at ten! Lily is next!"

Unsurprisingly, she couldn't get any points.

"Yeah. Sarah, your turn!"

Sarah's shots all made it in, making the red team cheer again.

"Thirteen for the Bass! Gophers, pick up the pace. Ezekiel, you're up!"

Ezekiel was able to get all three in, too.

"Nine for the Gophers! Leni, you're up!"

Only Leni's third shot made it in.

"Fourteen for the Bass! You're up, Lisa!"

Lisa did some thinking while she stood with the ball.

Lisa (CONF): Don't mind me; I'm just mentally calculating the precise trajectory for the ball.

Lisa managed to score on all three throws.

"Twelve points for the Gophers! Bass, they're catching up! DJ, you're up!"

DJ's first two made it, but his last one bounced off the board.

"Sixteen for the Bass! Jonny, it's your turn!"

Jonny's secind throw failed to make it in, but his first and third both made it in.

"Fourteen for the Gophers! Noah, you're up!" Noah gulped.

Noah's throws all ended up hilariously short. The team looked disappointed.

"Wow-how-how!" laughed Chris.

"Hey, sports aren't my forte," defended Noah.

"May I warn you that the last person eliminated, Double D, was eliminated for a lack of physical prowess?" said Chris. Noah gulped harder than he did last time.

Chris continued. "May, you're up!"

May was able to get all three throws in, making the green team cheer.

"The Gophers are in the lead for the first time this challenge, with seventeen points!" said Chris. "Lori, you're up!"

Lori's second one was a bit too short, but her first and third both made it.

"The Bass retake the lead with eighteen points!" said Chris. "Ed, if you get a perfect score, your team wins!"

Unfortunately, Ed botched it by carelessly throwing with only his right hand, causing only the second of his three throws to make it in.

"The teams are tied now, eighteen to eighteen! Heather, you're up!"

Heather's first throw made it in. Her second one didn't. Her third one...

Also didn't.

"Ooh, only one point is needed for the Bass to win. Trent, you need to score at least two points to win!"

Trent's first shot didn't make it in. His second one did. His third one...

Also did!

"And the Screaming Gophers win!" The green team cheered while the red team looked unhappy. "Bass, you'll be voting someone out tonight." When Chris left, the red team promptly shot glares at Noah for being nonchalant about his poor performance.

Heather (CONF): Well, since Noah was so terrible today, my dirt on Eddy and Ed can wait for now.

The Killer Bass sat at the campfire. "Campers, you've all cast your votes. Marshmallows go to...














And DJ!" They all caught their marshmallows.

Noah and Heather were left. "Campers. This, is the final marshmallow. It goes to...

Heather!" Heather caught her marshmallow and grinned smugly at Noah.

"What are you kidding me?! See if I care! You just voted out the only guy with brains on this team!"

"Oh, get lost, drumstick!" spat Eddy, which made the rest of the team laugh.

"Whatever; I am out of here," said Noah as he left and boarded the Boat of Losers.

"We are officially a third of the way through the season! What will happen next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!" said Chris.

Episode 16

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Lynn throwing her third basket in a row, making her team cheer.

"Our campers got their game on in our basketball challenge!"

The camera shows Trent successfully winning the challenge for the Gophers.

"Thanks to Trent, the Screaming Gophers won!"

The camera shows Noah's poor attempts at trying to score a basket, followed by him getting eliminated.

"And it was Noah who demonstrated for all of us that sports really aren't his forte!"

The camera cut to Chris. "With one third of our cast wiped out, who will join them next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

(cue intro)

The camera faded in to the mess hall. Heather was eying Eddy. "So Eddy, about Double D. What happened?"

"Dude was too weak, I guess," Eddy answered casually.

"Interesting. You don't seem to care too much about your friend, unlike Ed."

"I do care! He's not on our team, though."

"Listen, you better not be plotting with anybody from the other team!" Heather said sternly.

"Relax, queen bee. It's all under control."

Lynn (CONF): You make one wrong move Heather, and you'll be dealing with me!

Nazz (CONF): Heather doesn't seem all that nice.

Chris came in at that point. "Well, well, well. We started with 45, and now we've got 30. Do you know what this means?" he asked.

"Precisely two thirds of us are remaining," said Lisa.

"Correctamundo! Here's a cookie!" Chris threw an oatmeal raisin cookie at Lisa, who said, "I must apologize sir. I am intolerant of oatmeal raisin cookies."

"Ooh, can I have it?" asked Owen, who leaned in.

"Mm, sure." The second youngest Loud handed Owen her cookie, who promptly gulped in one bite.

“Anyways, we’ve got the next challenge set up outside! Follow me!” Chris said while motioning outside.

The scene flashed to everyone standing outside, where a red mat and a green mat were present. “Today’s challenge is a dancing challenge! There will be four rounds. First, one person on each team will be appointed a leader.”

Chris wasn’t done talking when Heather said, “Called it!” This made Eddy, Nazz, and Lynn glare a little and Gwen look at the Bass shamefully.

“Everyone else on the team must follow their lead. Anyone who detracts from the leader’s moves gets eliminated. I’ll explain each round as we go. Heather will indeed be our leader for the Bass, while the Gophers...uh let’s see…” He scans the green team, who all just stared at him, except Ed, who was picking his ear. He settled on…

“Duncan!” The boy, who had his arms crossed, went wide-eyed. “Oh no. I don’t dance!”

“Dunkie! Please?” asked Courtney. Duncan couldn’t help but smile and say, “Alright, princess.” Some “aww’s” sounded. Heather smirked at this.

Heather (CONF): Dunkie? So now those two are in a relationship. Interesting. Things just get better and better. I can’t wait until the merge.

The camera flashed to the Bass. “Well, I had to call leadership, because I’m a ballerina back home,” said Heather.

“We don’t wanna do anything too difficult, dude. We want as many of us to stay in as possible,” said Luna.

“Oh don’t worry. I’ll keep it simple. I wouldn’t wreck our own team.”

Lindsay thought about the time she deliberately caused Gwen to mess up in the trust challenge, then said, “Nope! She totally wouldn’t!”

“Yeah, see? She agrees with me!”

The camera cut to the Gophers. “Well, technically what I’m about to do counts as dancing,” said Duncan. He put his left foot out, then back in, then his right foot out, then back in. He repeated this process while saying, “See? Keeping it simple.”

The camera cut to both teams standing on their respective mats in a line, with their leaders in front. “Alright teams, let’s see what you’re made of! You go first, Bass,” said Chris.

Heather stuck out her left leg, and the team followed. She stuck her right leg out, and the team followed again. She then started over, making the rest of the team more relieved that that was all there was to it.

“Nice, keeping it simple,” said Chris once they finished. He turned to the Gophers and said, “Gophers! You’re up!”

Duncan started doing his move, with the team following. They also managed to all stay in step.

“Nice! You guys were smart enough to take the easy way out I deliberately left unmentioned!” said Chris. “That means all of you move on to the second round. Chef?”

Chef put a green LED light in front of the Gophers’ mat and a red one in front of the Bass’ mat. Neither were lit up.

“In this round, you will continue doing your same moves from round one. Only now, you’ll only be doing it when those LED lights are lit up. Once they turn off, you stop dancing. If anyone moves during the time the lights are off, you’re out. Everyone ready? Go!”

The lights came on, and the teams started their respective moves. The green light cut out, prompting the Gophers to stop, except Lily, who was a little too late, and Ed, who foolishly continued with no hint of stopping.

“Lily and Ed, you’re out!” said Chris.

“Aww,” moaned Ed as he and Lily took their leave. The green light cut back on, and the Gophers resumed their dance.

The red light cut off, and Jimmy lost his balance and fell in an unsuccessful attempt at stopping. “Jimmy!” Sarah cried worriedly.

“You’re out, Jimmy!” said Chris.

“Ohhh, my spine!” Jimmy moaned as he left. The red light cut back on, and the Bass resumed their dance.

The rest of that round went without anyone else getting out.

“Well, we only lost three people that round,” said Chris.

When Sarah saw the glares Jimmy was receiving from the Bass, Sarah said, “If any of you try laying a hand on my Jimmy, you’re DEAD!” exclaimed Sarah, instantly wiping away most of the glares on her teammates’ faces.

Eddy (CONF): (unfazed) Typical Sarah.

Heather (CONF): So Sarah likes Jimmy. Also interesting. Man, this is a fun day!

“Anyhoo, this next round is freestyle,” said Chris. “Everyone left will dance until only one person is left on each team. These moves can’t suck, though.” He narrowed his eyes at Duncan and said, “That means no stippy steps.” Duncan growled.

The round passed until Heather and Leshawna remained.

“And it’s Heather versus Leshawna in the finale!” said Chris.

The camera flashed to Heather standing on the Bass mat and Leshawna on the Gopher mat. “Heather. Leshawna. This, is the final round. You guys will try to impress me with your dance moves,” said Chris.

“Sorry Leshawna! I’m a ballerina back home,” Heather said faux-sincerely.

“Oh, you have not seen my moves back home, girl! I can compete with you just fine!” Leshawna said confidently.

Heather (CONF): (unimpressed) Her confidence is so misplaced, it’s kind of sad, really. Kind of.

“Heather, let’s start with you!” said Chris. Heather proceeded to do various ballerina moves, finishing with doing a successful jumping split. Everyone clapped for her.

“Nice one Heather. Leshawna, the bar’s been set pretty high. Think you can do it?”

“No. I know I can do it.”

“Nice confidence! Let’s see it!”

Leshawna started doing moves that basically consisted of wiggling her upper body and pointing an index finger up at the sky. Perplexed looks came from the audience.

Heather (CONF): What, the, heck?

“Uh, we’ve seen enough, thanks,” said Chris. “The winners are the Killer Bass!” The red team cheered. “Gophers, you and me are meeting at the campfire. Tonight!” Chris left, and the camera panned to the Gophers glaring at Leshawna. “What?”

The camera flashed to the elimination ceremony that night. “Campers. You’ve all cast your votes. Marshmallows go to…












And Ezekiel!” The 12 of them all caught their marshmallows.

Ed, Lily, and Leshawna remained. “Ed and Lily, you have repeatedly made challenge costing mistakes, including today, while Leshawna, you were why your team is here tonight in the first place! The last two marshmallows go to… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Ed and Lily!” The two caught their marshmallows. Leshawna stood up and said, “Guess I came into that too strong, huh? It’s all good.” The team waved goodbye at her as she left.

After the Gophers left, Chris said to the camera, “What else will Heather find interesting? What exactly is she planning? Find out next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

Episode 17

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows the Bass and the Gophers doing the first round of the dance challenge.

“Our campers got their dance on in our dancing challenge!” said Chris.

The camera shows Heather and Leshawna’s dancing in the last moves.

“In the end, it came down to Heather and Leshawna, and Heather won for the Bass!”

The camera shows Leshawna reacting to her elimination.

“And it was Leshawna who paid the price.”

The camera shows Chris. “What will happen next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(cue intro)

The teams were in the mess hall again. “So, you two seem to be close,” Heather told Sarah and Jimmy.

“We’ve been best friends since we first met!” Jimmy said happily.

“Fascinating. I just couldn’t help but notice since Sarah threatened to lay hands on us if we got mad at you,” said Heather.

“Yeah, cuz he’s insecure! I need to help him!” said Sarah.

“Right, OK. Well, you won’t have to worry about me; I was just making sure.”

Eddy (CONF): Heather is up to something. I mean, it is payback for everything those two brats have done to me, so I’ll let it happen for now, I guess. But she better lay off of me.

Luna (CONF): I guess Heather’s good.

Chris came in at that point. “Alright gang, it’s challenge time! Meet us outside!”

The camera flashed to outside. A baseball field was set up. “Alright, another sports challenge!” Lynn said happily.

“Yep! What better way than to celebrate our neighbor’s favorite pastime?” said Chris. “Nine of you will go at a time for each inning. Obviously, whichever team has more points after nine innings wins. The Bass will be playing the top of each inning, and the Gophers will be playing the bottom. Decide who’s going for each team, and let’s get started!”

The camera cut to the red team. “Alright Lynn, since you seem confident, why don’t you go first?” said Heather.


“I’ll go after her,” said Luna.

“I’ll go next,” said Nazz.

“I’ll go fourth,” said Lori.

“Rolf wishes to go fifth,” said Rolf.

“I’ll go after him,” said Lucy.

“Then I’ll go,” said Lana.

“I’ll go after her,” said Luan.

“I guess I’ll go last for now,” said DJ.

“Then it’s settled. Me, Lindsay, Eddy, Jimmy, Sarah, and Leni can go in the next inning,” said Heather.

The camera cut to the green team now. “I’ll catch,” said Duncan. “Who’s gonna pitch?”

“I’ll pitch!” said Courtney.

“Why did I even ask?” Duncan said playfully. Courtney giggled.

“I call third base!” said Owen.

“Short stop!” said Izzy.

“I’ll do first base,” said Lincoln.

“I’ll do second base then,” said Trent.

“I call right field,” said Jonny. “See, Plank even suggested it!”

“I’ll do center field, I guess,” said Gwen.

“I call left field!” said Marie.

“Alright! Let’s go Gophers!” said Courtney.

The camera flashed to the teams in their respective positions. “Now, whoever’s playing first must be pitcher, whoever’s second must be the catcher, whoever’s third must be third base, fourth must be shortstop, fifth must be first base, sixth must be second base, seventh must be right field, eighth must be center field, and ninth must be left field,” said Chris. When everyone understood that, he said, “Aaaand, play ball!”

Courtney threw at Lynn, who struck the ball. She ran past first base, but stopped at second when Gwen threw it at Lincoln.

“And Lynn takes second base!” said Chris.

Luna went up next. Luna was able to make it to first base, while Lynn was now up to third.

“The Bass are one base away from scoring their first point!” said Chris.

Nazz went up, and was also able to move one base. This caused Lynn to make it to home plate and score the first point for the Bass.

“The Bass take their first point!” said Chris as the red team cheered.

Lori went next. She missed the first throw by Courtney, and Duncan caught it. “Strike one!” said Chris. Lori got it the second time, only for Lincoln to catch it. “First out!” said Chris.

Rolf went next. Unfortunately, the ball ended up being struck a bit too far to the left. “Foul ball!” said Chris. His second attempt was better though, and he ended up sliding into second base, causing Nazz to be at third and Luna to take the second point for the Bass, who cheered again.

“Two points for the Bass!” recapped Chris.

Lucy went next. Her first attempt at hitting the ball ended with Duncan catching it because she swung too early. “Strike one!” Her second one went the same way. “Strike two!” Her third also ended with Duncan catching it. “You’re out!” said Chris.

“Dang it,” Lucy said as she went back to her team.

Lana went next. She went one base, moving Rolf to third and Nazz to score the third point for the Bass, who cheered again.

“Three points for the Bass!” said Chris.

Luan went next. She swung the ball too far to the left. “Foul ball!” said Chris. She did better on her second try, and she made it one base, moving Lana to second and Rolf to score the fourth point for the Bass, who cheered again.

“Four points for the Bass!” said Chris.

DJ went up and struck the ball hard enough for it to go past the field. “Home run!” announced Chris. The Bass cheered as Lana, Luan, and DJ all went around the bases back to home plate. “Seven points!” said Chris.

“Good job dude!” Lynn patted DJ on the back as she went up a second time. She hit it, and made one base, with Marie almost catching it.

Luna went up again. She ended up going two bases, moving Lynn to third.

Nazz went up. She went one base, making Luna be at third and Lynn score the eighth point for the Bass, who cheered once more.

“Eight points for the Bass!” said Chris.

Lori went up. She struck it, only for Lincoln to catch it again. “Ugh! Lincoln!” the oldest Loud cried.

“Three outs! Change sides!” said Chris.

Those that played on each team switched positions. The Gophers’ order now went Courtney, Duncan, Owen, Izzy, Lincoln, Trent, Jonny, Gwen, and Marie, while Lynn pitched, Luna caught, Nazz was third base, Lori was short stop, Rolf was first base, Lucy was second base, Lana was right field, Luan was center field, and DJ was left field.

Courtney went first, and while she hit it, it was caught by Luan. “Guess you didn’t know there would be a catch to that! Heh heh, get it?”

“Strike one!” said Chris.

Duncan went next. DJ ended up tripping over the struck ball, thus causing Duncan to make it all the way to third base.

DJ’s teammates glared at him, prompting him to apologize.

Owen went next. Unfortunately, the ball went a little too far left. “Foul ball!” said Chris. His second attempt had Owen make it to second, which made Duncan score a point for the Gophers, who cheered.

“First point for the Gophers!” said Chris.

Izzy went next. She ended up scoring a home run, causing her and Owen to score two additional points for the cheering Screaming Gophers.

“Three for the Gophers!” said Chris.

Lincoln went next. He ended up striking the ball into Lori’s left eye, causing her to cry out, “Hey!! Lincoln!!”

“Get the ball!” cried Eddy.

Lori ended up throwing it to Nazz, but it was too late. Lincoln stopped at second.

Trent went next, but Nazz caught the ball he hit. “Strike two!” said Chris.

Jonny went next. He tried to make it to second, but DJ had thrown the ball to Lucy before he could make it, and she tagged him out.

“Three outs!” said Chris. “The score after the first inning is eight points Bass, three points Gophers! If you didn’t go last inning, you’ll be the first ones to go this inning!”

The camera cut to the Bass. “I’ll go first,” said Eddy.

“Ooh! Me next!” offered Lindsay.

“I’ll go third,” said Sarah.

“I guess I’ll go fourth,” Jimmy eked out.

“I can go fifth, and Leni sixth,” said Heather.

“OK!” Leni voiced her agreement.

“We need three more people,” said Heather. “Why don’t the three best performing in the last inning go?”

“I can do it again!” said Lynn.

“I guess I can go again,” said DJ.

“Rolf and Luna each scored a double once, but since Rolf only went once while Luna went twice, how about Rolf goes?” suggested Luan.

“The son of a shepherd kindly accepts,” said Rolf.

“Good! Let’s go team!” said Heather.

Meanwhile, with the Gophers…

“OK, so Lily, May, Ezekiel, Ed, and Lisa haven’t gone,” said Trent.

“I’m honestly worried about Ed and Lily, because they’re not very strong,” said Courtney.

“Well, the farthest back we can take them is fourth and fifth, which isn’t going to be enough,” said Duncan. “We’re going to have to assign those two the two non-running positions, so why don’t we have Ed pitch and Lily catch?”

“OK!” said Courtney.

“I call third base!” said May.

“I shall take shortstop,” said Lisa.

“Looks like I’m first base, eh?” said Ezekiel.

“Now we need four people to play again,” said Courtney.

“I can do second base again,” said Trent.

“OK,” said Courtney. “How about Izzy do right field, since she hit a homerun?”

“Excellent choice!” said Izzy.

“I can be center field, since I went three runs,” said Duncan.

“OK! Do you guys want me to be left field?” Courtney asked the rest of the team. Some positive answers came from them, prompting her to say, “Good! Let’s get going!”

The camera cut to the teams in their positions. “Aaaaaand, play ball!” said Chris.

Ed threw the ball at Eddy, who hit it and went one base.

Lindsay went next. She hit the ball, but Lisa caught it. “First out!” said Chris.

“Aww,” Lindsay pouted as she took her leave.

Sarah went up next. Her ball was also caught by Lisa. “Second out!” said Chris.

As Sarah fumed, Ed called out, “Bye, baby sister!”

Jimmy came next. He hit the ball pretty weakly, causing it to simply slide along the ground. He ended up making it one base, making Eddy be at second.

Heather went up next. She ended up hitting the ball and sliding into second base, causing Jimmy to be at third and Eddy to score the ninth point for the Bass, making the team cheer.

“Nine points Bass!” said Chris.

Leni came up next. Unfortunately, the ball she hit ended up being caught by Courtney. “Three outs!” called Chris.

The teams swapped positions, so now Ed was going first for the Gophers. Eddy threw his ball at Ed, who threw his bat at Eddy and took off running, hitting Eddy in the stomach and causing him to cry out in pain. Lindsay looked uncomfortable at Eddy’s injury as she caught the thrown ball.

“Redo that, please! That is not OK!” Chris said angrily.

Ed went back to home plate and picked up the bat. Eddy threw the ball again, and Ed made it one base.

Lily went next. Eddy threw the ball, and she weakly hit it too far to the left. “Foul ball!” announced Chris. Lily managed to keep her next attempt in bounds, but still didn’t hit very far. Sarah ended up getting the ball and threw it to Heather by the time Lily was only halfway there. “First out!” said Chris.

May went next. After hitting it, she went one base, making Ed be at second.

Lisa was next. She ended up getting a home run, allowing her, May, and Ed to score points for the Gophers, who cheered.

“Six points for the Gophers!” said Chris.

Lisa (CONF): It’s simple, really. I just calculated the precise trajectory from the ensuing hit.

Ezekiel went up next. He hit it, and it went straight into the hands of Jimmy. “Great job, Jimmy!” said Sarah.

“Second out, Gophers!”

Trent went up. He hit it, and ended up being caught by Sarah. “Three outs!” said Chris. “We are nine to six, Bass winning!”

The third inning had Luna, Nazz, Lana, Luan, Lucy, Lori, Jimmy, Sarah, and Eddy in that order for the Bass, and Lincoln, Owen, Jonny, Marie, Gwen, Lisa, Ezekiel, May, and Ed in that order for the Gophers.

Luna hit the ball, but Marie caught it before it could hit the ground. “First out!” said Chris.

Nazz made it one base.

Lana made it one base as well, making Nazz be second.

Luan hit it, and she and the other two girls tried to go a second base, but Courtney threw it at Owen, who caught it, then threw it to Lisa, who also caught it. “Three outs; change sides!”

The teams changed sides.

Lincoln hit it, and he made it to second base.

Owen hit it, and he also made it two bases, causing Lincoln to score a point for the Gophers, who cheered.

“Seven points, Gophers!” said Chris.

Jonny went one base, so Owen was now third.

Marie also went one base, making Jonny be at second and Owen score the eighth point for the Gophers, who cheered.

“Eight points, Gophers!” said Chris.

Gwen hit it, but Sarah caught it. “First out, Gophers!” said Chris.

Lisa went, and she scored another home run, allowing her, Marie, and Jonny to score points for the Gophers.

“The Gophers are leading for the first time, eleven to nine!” said Chris. The green team cheered while the red team frowned.

Ezekiel went next, but Luan caught it. “Second out, Gophers!”

May went next. She went one base.

Ed went up last. Instead of swinging the bat when Luna threw the ball, he threw the bat again, causing Luna to trip over it and fall on her head.

“LUNA!” cried the Louds, regardless of team.

“Ed, you’re no longer playing today! Off the field!” said Chris.

The Bass booed Ed as he left the field, while the Gophers glared at him. Chef ran on field and picked up Luna, who was woozily rubbing her head, and ran back off with her.

“Bass, we need a new pitcher,” said Chris.

“I’ll do it!” said Lynn.

“Sure,” said Chris. Lynn went to the pitching spot.

“Gophers, since Lily is the only one on your team who hasn’t played twice yet, she’s going,” said Chris. Lily promptly smiled and waddled over to home base.

Duncan (CONF): We are so going to lose.

Lily hit the ball, and she was only two thirds of the way to first base when Jimmy threw it to Lucy.

“Third out! The Gophers are leading eleven to nine!” said Chris.

After a montage, the camera cut to the top of the last inning, where the score was tied 45 to 45. “OK, campers! We’ve got quite the game here! Send out the nine best players on each team to participate in this inning. Keep both top and bottom inning performances in mind!” said Chris.

The camera cut to the Bass.

“Lynn, first and foremost,” said Heather.

“You got it!” Lynn voiced her approval.

“Eddy was a pretty good pitcher, and so was Rolf, and he’s one of the stronger hitters, so how about they go?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Rolf humbly accepts.”

“Sarah and Jimmy, you two did pretty good,” said Heather.

“Thanks!” Sarah said as she and Jimmy smiled.

“I suppose I can go next,” said Heather. “Does anyone else volunteer?”

“I think I can do it. Sure, I had a slip-up in the bottom of the first, but I’ve overcome that!” said DJ.

“Who else?”

“I guess I can go,” said Nazz.

“I’ll round it out!” said Luan. “Hey, did you know I’m the only Loud with round eyelashes? Heh heh!” As per the usual, she got eyerolls. “What? It’s true!”

The camera cut to the Gophers.

“Lisa is definitely going, since she’s gotten us home runs every time she’s gone up,” said Duncan.

“I kindly accept,” said Lisa.

“Princess and I are definitely going,” said Duncan. Courtney chuckled at Duncan’s flirting. She no longer got annoyed at being princess, now that she actually was Duncan’s princess.

“Owen, Lincoln, Marie, and Trent were all pretty good,” said Duncan. All four approved Duncan’s statement.

“Izzy and Jonny can round out,” said Duncan. Both accepted.

The camera cut to the field. “Play ball!”

Lynn came up, hit the ball, and went one base.

Eddy went up and also went one base, moving Lynn to second.

Rolf went and made it two bases, making Eddy be at third and Lynn score the 46th point for the Bass, who cheered.

“46 to 45!” said Chris.

Sarah went next. She also made it two bases, making Rolf and Eddy score two points for the Bass, who cheered again.

“48 to 45!” said Chris.

Jimmy went next, and also made it two bases, making Sarah score another point for the Bass, who cheered again.

“49 to 45!” said Chris.

Heather went, and the ball went straight into Marie’s grasp. “Strike one!” said Chris.

DJ went up, and Owen caught his ball. “Strike two!” said Chris.

Nazz went up, and she made it one base.

Luan was up last, and the ball she hit ended up landing in Duncan’s glove. “The Bass finish with 49 points! The Gophers need four to tie, five to win!” said Chris.

The teams swapped positions.

Lisa, unsurprisingly, scored another home run, so she scored a point for the Gophers, who cheered.

“Three to tie, four to win!” said Chris.

Courtney went and made one base.

Duncan went next, and he also went one base, making Courtney be at second.

Owen was up next, and he also went one base, so Duncan was now at second, and Courtney at third.

Lincoln went and scored a home run, which made him, Owen, Duncan, and Courtney all score points, bringing the score up to 50 to 49 in favor of the Gophers, who jumped up and down cheering.

“And the Screaming Gophers win!” said Chris. The green team cheered and lifted Lincoln up while chanting his name over and over again, while the red team looked disappointed.

The scene cut to the campfire ceremony. “When I call your name, come get a marshmallow,” said Chris.













And Leni!” They all caught their marshmallows.

Only Lori and Luan remained. “Lori, you had the worst performance out of everyone on your team. Luan, you got your team the third out in the last inning. The final marshmallow goes to…

“Luan!” The fourth oldest Loud got her marshmallow.

Lori stood up angrily. “What?! How could I be leaving? I wasn’t that bad!”

“Chef?” said Chris.

The camera cut to an angry Lori being dragged to the Boat of Losers by Chef. “Ugh! This is literally unfair!” Lori cried before being thrown onto the Boat of Losers. The rest of the team waved as the oldest Loud disappeared into the night.

“Well, what’ll happen next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!” said Chris.

Episode 18

"Last time on Total Drama Island," said Chris.

The camera shows Duncan running three bases in the first inning after DJ trips over the ball.

“Our campers celebrated America’s national pastime by playing a game of baseball!”

The camera shows Lincoln scoring a home run, followed by the Gophers celebrating their win.

“Although it came down to the wire, Lincoln won it for the Screaming Gophers!”

The camera shows Lori striking a ball and having Lincoln catch it, followed by Lori reacting to her elimination.

“And in the end, Lori’s performance during the challenge got her literally eliminated!”

The camera shows Chris. “What will happen next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(cue intro)

The camera opened up to the mess hall. Luna sat up and rubbed her head. “Oh, man. What happened?”

“My stupid idiot brother knocked you out by throwing the bat instead of the ball!” said Sarah.

“Oh,” Luna glared in response. She too, was unhappy with Ed’s idiocy.

“Yeah sorry; Ed’s an idiot,” said Eddy.

“Oh, it’s cool, dude! You’re still our dude!” said Luna, who smiled again.

Chris came in and said, “Follow me outside, and we’ll begin our next challenge!”

The camera cut to the gym used in the dodgeball challenge. “Ooh, another physical challenge!” Lynn said eagerly.

“Yep! Today you will be taking the Fitnessgram tests! First you will be doing the push-ups, then the curl-ups, and then finally, the pacer test!” said Chris. He turned and asked for, “Chef?”

Chef came in with a boombox on a cart, and he pushed the play button once he stopped pushing the cart. A man’s voice came on and said, “We’ll now begin the push-up section. Ready? Begin.” Everyone got into push-up position. “Down...up, one. Down...up, two.” The man repeated this, going up one number each time. Eventually, the test stopped.

“Wow, no one got out yet!” said Chris. “Chef?”

Chef hit the play button again, and the same man said, “We’ll begin the curl-ups now. Ready? Begin. Up...down, one. Up...down, two.” This continued until that one stopped.

“No one got out of that, either! Impressive! Now it’s time for the pacer test!” said Chris. “Chef?”

Chef hit the play button, and the man now said, “The Fitnessgram Pacer Test is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test, that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The twenty meter pacer test will begin in thirty seconds; line up at the start.”

Duncan whispered in Ed’s ear, “When that thing beeps, you turn around and run the other way; you don’t run straight into the wall, got it?”

“Aye aye, captain!” yelled Ed.

“The test will begin on the word ‘start.’ On your mark, get ready, start.” Exercise music started playing as the campers starting running for the other side of the gym. Lily was about two feet away when the machine beeped. “One,” said the man. Everyone turned around and starting running back to where they came from. This time Lily made it just before the beep sounded again. “Two,” said the man. Everyone turned around and ran again. Lily was about six inches away when the beep sounded again.

“You’re out, Lily! That was your second miss!” said Chris. Lily went off the court.

When the seventh lap ended, a triple beep sounded instead of the usual ding-like beep. The man said, “Seven. End of level one.” Everyone continued running though, but Owen stopped after the eighth lap. May and Lisa stopped after the eleventh lap, with Jimmy stopping one lap later.

When the fifteenth lap ended, the triple beep sounded again, and the man said, “Fifteen. End of level two.” Lincoln stopped at this point.

The camera then flashed to the forty first lap, where the man announced the fifth level had ended. Only Lynn, Sarah, DJ, and Rolf were left for the Bass, while Ed was the only one left for the Gophers. The strange thing was, he didn’t even look tired. He still looked just as giddy as he did when the test started.

When the next triple beep sounded at fifty one laps, Sarah and Rolf dropped out. When the next level started at 61, Lynn missed the 62nd beep, then the 63rd, taking her out. When the next level started at 72, DJ ended up missing the 73rd and 74th laps, causing Chris to stop the test. “Aww, I wanted to keep going,” said Ed.

“And Ed wins for the Screaming Gophers!” said Chris. The green team cheered, lifted Ed over them, and chanted his name while the red team looked down in disappointment.

The camera flashed to outside the Bass cabin. “Sorry I couldn’t win it,” said DJ.

“It’s all good, dude! You kicked butt out there!” said Lynn.

“So who goes?” asked Eddy.

“Well, Jimmy had the worst performance, but Sarah will get angry if we vote him off,” said Heather.

“Can’t we just vote Sarah off then?” suggested Lana.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Nazz. “She is one of our strongest members.”

“Maybe base it off of overall performance, then?” suggested Luan.

“Sure,” said Heather.

Luan turned to Lucy and said, “Sorry, but you haven’t really been the best so far, other than Jimmy. You were the second one out, getting out after eighteen laps.”

“Rolf often forgets your existence, Lucy girl,” said Rolf.

Lucy sighed. Both of their statements were true. She wasn’t terrible, but she was decidedly mediocre in the last few challenges, and she hadn’t really done anything relevant.

The camera flashed to the campfire ceremony. “Campers, you’ve cast your votes. Marshmallows go to…












And Sarah!” They all caught their marshmallows.

Jimmy and Lucy were left. “Jimmy, you were the first one to drop out on your team. Lucy, you were second, but people often forget your here. Plus, Sarah is very protective of Jimmy, and seems to have made it clear to the team that they’re going to have to tangle with her if they want Jimmy gone. The final marshmallow goes to…

Jimmy!” The pale boy caught his marshmallow and smiled.

Lucy stood up and said, “Sigh,” before leaving to get on the Boat of Losers. When she got on, she said, “Bye, everyone,” and everyone else waved and said their farewells to her.

Chris turned to the camera and said, “Do these campers know what’s coming next episode? Tune in next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

Episode 19

“Last time on Total Drama Island,” said Chris.

The camera shows running the first lap of the pacer test.

“Our campers got their fitness on in the Fitnessgram challenge!” said Chris.

The camera shows Duncan whispering in Ed’s ear, followed by the Gophers celebrating Ed winning the challenge for them.

“Thanks to Duncan, Ed turned in an impressive performance, which led to the Gophers winning again,” said Chris.

The camera shows Lucy reacting to her elimination.

“And Lucy got the shaft after underperforming in challenges!”

The camera cut to Chris. “It’s a big day today, but only I know that! But soon you will too, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(cue intro)

The campers were in the mess hall. “How did you win the challenge for us, Ed?” asked a curious Courtney.

“Duncan told me to turn around every time it beeped!”

“Oh, Duncan! At it again with helping people!” Courtney happily hugged Duncan, who blushed.

Just then, Chris came in. “Good morning, campers! We’ve got something big happening today! It’s five letters long, and it starts with the letter M! Any guesses?”

“Ooh, my name is five letters long and starts with the letter M!” said Marie.

“Nope! It’s not a person!” said Chris.

“Merge?” said Lincoln.

“Correctamundo! Here’s a cookie!” Chris threw Lincoln an oatmeal raisin cookie. “Oatmeal raisin? Who the heck eats these?!”

“Can I have it?” asked Owen.

“Sure!” Lincoln handed the big boy the requested cookie, which gotten eaten in one bite.

“Anyhoo, the teams are no more! It’s officially every camper for themselves! Follow me outside, and we’ll go over our first post-merge challenge!” said Chris.

The scene flashed to the remaining 27 campers sitting in chairs behind a bunch of crates and filing cabinets. “Today, I feel like getting to know you guys even better. I will name off an embarrassing truth about one of you, and you must guess who that truth belongs to. If you guess right, you get a point. If you guess wrong, you’re out. The first person who gets to five points, or whoever is the last one left, wins.” Chris pulled out a card and said, “This person secretly likes rap music.”

“That’s not embarrassing!” said Eddy.

Lisa meanwhile, looked embarrassed, and she looked away from the camera the best she could.

Lily spoke up. “Li-Lisa!”

“Correct! Lily gets a point!” said Chris.

Lisa (CONF): As vulgar and oftentimes senseless the lyrical content is, the rhymes are quite fascinating.

“This person reads comics in their underwear,” said Chris.

“Lincoln!” the Louds cried out.

“Yeah, sure, all the Loud girls get a point, so now Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lisa have a point each, while Lily now has two points,” said Chris. “Who here has showered a grand total of twice in their life?”

“Ed!” Sarah and Eddy cried out simultaneously.

“Sarah and Eddy both get a point!” said Chris. “This person once let their dad’s guitar be smashed against their crotch!” He laughed.

“Dude…” Luna said uncomfortably.

“Trent?” giggled Gwen.

“Ah, you got me!” Trent said playfully.

“Gwen gets a point!” said Chris. “This person is currently on the RCMP’s Most Wanted list?” He was incredulous at this.

“Rolf remembers Izzy telling him about being on the run from the RCMP!” said Rolf.

“Correct!” said Chris. “This person slept with their camp supervisor to get their job as a CIT.”

“Courtney!” Duncan said immediately. Courtney blushed, then whispered in his ear.

Duncan (CONF): I didn’t know Princess slept in her underwear! Hot damn!

“Correct!” said Chris. “This person drank an entire bottle of vodka on New Years’ when they were nine!” He snickered. “Nice!”

Nobody said anything. “No one?” said Chris. “It was Gwen.”

“I had a rough year, and I wanted to try an experiment,” said Gwen.

“Sure, OK. This person once stole Ed’s credit card to buy jawbreakers of their own. And they never got in trouble!”

“Eddy?” said Jonny.

“Are you serious, Jonny?!” Eddy cried out incredulously. Lynn also shot a glare Jonny’s way.

“I’m sorry, Jonny, it was Sarah,” said Chris. “You’re out.”

“No fair! Plank came up with that answer, not me!” said Jonny. He was ignored.

“Baby sister, WHY?!” cried Ed. He then turned angry and screamed louder, “WHY?!” Between her older brother’s angry look and May’s angry look, Sarah, for once, looked very terrified. “Sorry, big brother,” she eked out.

Ed pulled Sarah into a bone-crushing hug and said happily, “Aw, who could stay mad at you, little baby sister?”

“This person once stapled their finger!” said Chris.

“It was Lana; I saw her do it, too,” said Lincoln.

“Correct! Lincoln now has a point!” said Chris. “This person once bit the balls off of a guy?” Chris and a number of other campers shuddered at this.

No one gave an answer. “It was Jimmy,” said Chris. Many gasps sounded, for they weren’t expecting someone like him to do such a thing.

“You don’t wanna make Jimmy mad,” Sarah answered for Jimmy. “It’s difficult, but trust me, you’ll know.”

“This person got permanently banned from their local museum for destroying a number of exhibitions on April Fools’ Day,” said Chris.

“Luan. I was there, too,” said Lynn.

“Correct! Two points for Lynn!” said Chris. “This person once made out with a shopping mannequin.”

“Ooh, that was me!” said Leni.

“Forgot to say, you can’t answer your own truth! No points!” said Chris. Leni frowned as Chris continued. “This person threw their gym teacher through a WOOD CHIPPER?!” cried Chris. First a thief, and now a murderer was among his cast?

“Oh, that’s why Kevin’s been filling in for the gym teacher,” said Eddy. “You said wood chipper, so I guess Jonny.”

“Oh come on, Eddy! Plank was the one that suggested guessing you for stealing Ed’s credit card!” cried Jonny.

Chris ignored Jonny again and said, “Eddy gets a second point!” He turned to Jonny and said, “And you have serious issues, my friend.”

“Oh, bite me, Chris,” said an angry Jonny.

Chris ignored him a third time and said, “This person once drank all of her parents’ beer.”

“That was totally you, May!” said Marie.

“No it wasn’t!” defended May.

“May’s right, it wasn’t her. It was you, actually, Marie, so you’re out!” said Chris. “Maybe you shouldn’t have had so many; you might still remember.”

May crossed her arms and hmph’d with a smirk at Marie, who looked shocked. “This person once got a zero on their spelling test.”

“Oh, I wonder who that could be?” Sarah sent a look in Ed’s direction.

“It actually wasn’t him, Sarah. I said this person once got a zero on their spelling test. Ed has constantly gotten zeroes on spelling tests. The correct answer was Nazz, so you’re out.”

Nazz (CONF): Yeah, I had a total blonde moment that day.

“This person used to weigh 257 pounds in sixth grade!” said Chris.

“Was it Heather?” Gwen said smirking.

“As a matter of fact, it was! Gwen now has two points!” Heather growled in anger.

Heather (CONF): She is SO going down!!

“This person...has sexual intercourse with animals,” said a shocked Chris. Everyone went wide-eyed, except for…

Rolf (CONF): Curse you Christopher McLean!

“Was it Rolf?” Eddy said, before busting out laughing, and soon, everyone else joined in.

“Yes. It was. You now have three points, Eddy,” said Chris. “This person once snuck into the boys’ locker room and recorded them showering…” His voice trailed off as he finished that sentence.

“Was it Lynn?” guessed Lincoln.

“Correct! Lincoln now has two points!” said Chris. “This person once did LSD. Woah.”

No one offered a guess. “It was Eddy.”

“You try going through idea withdrawals!” defended Eddy.

“Sure, sure. This person got naked at marching band practice!” said Chris. His eyebrows shot up at that.

No one guessed again. “It was Lindsay.”

“I saw some people take their shirts off, so I thought we were stripping all the way down!” defended Lindsay.

“Yeah, OK.” He then mumbled, “Would’ve loved to have been there.” He then said, “This person attempted suicide once.” He wondered who would give up their life this early.

“Gwen!” Heather smirked at Gwen, who growled and rolled her eyes. “Very funny, Heather.”

“She’s right, Heather; it wasn’t her. It was DJ,” said Chris.

“DJ?!” cried a wide-eyed Heather. Everyone else went wide-eyed, too.

“My dad walked out on my family and left a bunch of drugs behind. I tried to OD myself,” explained DJ.

“Dude…” Chris said mortified. He pulled another card up and said, “This person once took bath salts and...ate, a waitress in a restaurant they are now permanently banned from.”

“Uhh, Owen?” asked Duncan.

“Correct! You now have two points!” said Chris.

Owen (CONF): Yeah, I was real hungry that day.

Chris pulled out the next card and said, “This person once crowd-surfed in the nude. Ooh…”

“It was Luna. Heard about that one, too,” said Lincoln.

“Correct! You now have three points, too!” said Chris. He pulled out the next card and said, “This person farted down their school’s chimney and locked their school’s population inside.” He snickered.

“Duncan?” suggested Courtney.

“Yep! You now have a point!” said Chris. “This person pooped in their town’s swimming pool.”

“Lily!” the Louds all said.

“Another point for Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lana, and Lisa, meaning Lincoln now has four points, Lynn three, and the rest I just named two,” said Chris. “This person once showed up to school in their pajamas!”

No one guessed. “It was May,” said Chris. He pulled another card out and said, “This person shot and killed their mom with a bow and arrow.”

“Maybe...Ezekiel? Dude mentioned his dad a lot but never said anything about his mom,” said Duncan.

“Correctamundo! You now have three points!” said Chris. “Who once walked around their house naked?”

“Was it Owen?” asked Eddy.

“Correct! Four points for Eddy!” said Chris. “Who once...ate their underwear?”

No one knew that one. “It was Lily. I couldn’t say diaper, because then it would be too easy,” said Chris. “Who once put lipstick...on their buttcrack?!”

“Lindsay?” offered Eddy.

“Correct! Eddy wins immunity!” There was applause for Eddy, and a couple “Good job, Eddy!” exclamations as well.

Lindsay (CONF): Someone at my school called me butt ugly. My butt is totally not ugly!

“Take ten minutes to discuss who you’ll be voting out!” said Chris.

The scene flashed to the mess hall. “Beautiful, Heather. You were so hellbent on one-upping me that you got yourself eliminated from the challenge,” taunted Gwen.

“Oh, shut it, weird goth girl.”

“Whatever; I’m leaving.” Gwen got up and left.

“Uh, I’m...gonna go too,” said Trent, who also left.

Heather then feigned being depressed by sighing and sadly saying, “I can’t believe she still hates me even after all that time spent on different teams.”

“Don’t worry, dude. I think you’re a nice girl. We’ll help you vote her out,” said Luna.

“Really? Thanks!” said Heather.

The scene flashed to the campfire ceremony. “Welcome to the first ever campfire ceremony as one team! Without further ado, marshmallows go to…

























And Courtney!” They all caught their marshmallows.

Only Gwen and Heather remained. “Ladies, there’s only one marshmallow left. Who does it go to? The answer is…

...Heather!” The queen bee caught her marshmallow, then smirked at an angry Gwen.

“Are you serious?! You actually like her?!”

“I didn’t vote for you! I promise!” said Trent.

“Aw, thanks Trent!” Gwen immediately perked up. The two were about to kiss, when Chef pulled Gwen away, making Trent call out, “Gwen!”

“Love you Trent!” Gwen called out before she was thrown onto the Boat of Losers, which drove away.

“Aw man!” Trent got on his knees and put his fists on the ground. Many campers felt sorry for him.

Heather (CONF): Those poor losers have no idea what’s going to hit them.

“Well that wraps up another episode of TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!” yelled Chris.

Episode 20

“Last time on Total Drama Island,” said Chris.

The camera shows Ed lashing out at Sarah after finding out she used his credit card to buy jawbreakers.

“Our campers unveiled some really deep secrets about themselves.”

The camera shows Eddy being announced as the challenge winner.

“In the end, it was Eddy who won the first ever individual immunity!”

The camera shows Gwen standing up against Heather in the mess hall, followed by a despondent Trent watching Gwen be taken away from the island.

“And it was Gwen’s vendetta against Heather that got her eliminated, much to the displeasure of Trent!”

The camera cut to Chris. “What will happen right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(intro plays)

The scene opens up to the mess hall. A dejected Trent is sitting away from the rest of the campers. Heather smirked to herself, then walked over to where he was. “How are you holding up, Trent?” she asked, faux-sympathetically.

“Ohhh, man. Why did she have to leave so early? We were meant to be together. Like, four plus five. Equals nine! Trent and Gwen are nine letters! Nine is my lucky number!” As Trent started picking up more enthusiasm, Heather looked a little disturbed, then she slowly trotted back to the table with Trent never noticing.

“What’s with him?” asked Eddy.

“He’s talking about how nine is his lucky number because of his name and Gwen’s name equaling nine letters,” said Heather.

Everyone else looked confused. “Uhhh, OK?” said an uneasy Luan.

Trent was still musing to himself about the number nine when Chris walked in with a cardboard box. “Hey, you walked in at exactly nine o’clock!” pointed out Trent.

“Y-yeah, I did,” said Chris, a tiny bit uncomfortable himself. “Anyways, we have a surprise for all of you.”

“I like surprises!” Ed blurts out.

Chris ignored him and opened the box. Inside were a bunch of boomerangs. “Hey! I recognize those things! Those things made me, Ed, and Double D become our opposite selves when we touched them!” said Eddy.

“Why don’t you demonstrate, Eddy?” said Chris.

Eddy gulped, sighed, and picked one up. He soon started convulsing, and then he became mother-like. “Hello, my little boom boom! Did you miss me?” he said to the boomerang, holding it like it was a baby.

“Fascinating,” observed Lisa.

“The challenge today is to go the longest without losing your boomerang. Once that boomerang is off your person, you turn back to normal, but you lose your shot at immunity!” He handed a boomerang out to the other campers, one by one. Soon, they all convulsed like Eddy did, and then they became their opposite selves, too.

“Oh Eddy, can I hold the baby, too?” asked Sarah.

“Sure Sarah!” Eddy and Sarah both sat down and held Eddy’s boomerang with one hand each, with Sarah holding hers in her other hand.

Jimmy, who was now built like a war tank, looked at his boomerang, smirked, and snapped it in half effortlessly. Suddenly, he convulsed again, and he became normal again.

“You’re out Jimmy!” said Chris.

“Darn it!” said Jimmy.

Elsewhere, Lisa was giggling like a hyena as she stuffed her boomerang up her nose.

“Ew! That is disgusting, Lisa!” exclaimed Lana, who watched her.

“No it’s not, Lana!” said Lisa.

“These vertically challenged youths will evolve to become extremely lacking in maturity,” said Ed.

“I concur,” said Leni.

“This challenge is seriously boring,” Luan said emotionlessly.

“Yeah. I know,” Izzy said, also emotionlessly, if not even moreso.

“Yeah, like, totally girls,” said Luna.

“How much longer until everyone else turns back to normal?” Lily asked Lincoln and Owen.

“How am I supposed to know?!” Lincoln rudely snapped, pointing his boomerang at Lily.

“Just asking.”

“Then stop asking, then!” answered Owen, just as rudely as Lincoln.

“There is no need to display such a hot blooded temper, for Lily was just inquiring you two young males,” said Lindsay.

“Yes there was a need!” an angry Nazz spat at Lindsay.

DJ came over and asked Lindsay, “Yeah. Are me and you going to have a problem?”

“Negative, Devon Joseph.”


“Crikey!” Lindsay tried to run away from DJ, but DJ lunged at her, tossed her boomerang away, and started beating her up, even as she was turning back to normal.

“DJ?! It’s me, Lindsay!”

“I’m not done beating you up!” said DJ, who, after saying the word up, had also called her a not so friendly word rhyming with itch.

“HEEEEELP!” cried Lindsay.

“Oh ho ho ho ma ha han! This is funny stuff right here!” said Chris.

“Gee Jonny, I’ve always wondered what it’s like to speak, huh buddy?” Plank asked Jonny, his voice sounding lower in pitch than Jonny’s. Jonny just gave a blank stare.

Meanwhile, Duncan and Courtney were having a physical altercation, with the boomerangs being used as weapons.

Trent, who was watching this, said, “Huh. Good thing that’s not me. I’m glad Gwen is gone.”

Heather was genuinely worried about what everybody was doing around her. “I can’t watch!” she said, covering both of her eyes, and taking then off her boomerang in the process. She then turned back to normal.

“Heather! You’re out!”

“Oh, that’s just great!” said Heather.

“I feel like we’re the only normal ones, Marie,” said May, without a trace of stupidly.

“I agree, May,” said Marie.

Rolf started belting out a note, after which Lincoln, Owen and Nazz angrily chucked their boomerangs at him, causing Rolf to fall and lose control of his boomerang. All four then turned back to normal.

Rolf was now furious. “You DARE threaten the Son of a Shepherd?!” he screamed at Lincoln, Owen, and Nazz, who looked at him fearfully.

“N-no! We’re your friends, Rolf! We were under the boomerang curse, remember?” reasoned Nazz.

Rolf stopped, then said, “Oh. I apologize for my off the handle behavior, yes?”

Ezekiel looked at everyone else in the room and said quite elegantly, “Good thing I don’t go to school with these louts.”

Lynn was trying to pass the time by running back in forth between the mess hall, only to end up running rather slowly, and she tired out almost immediately. “I can’t do anything physical,” she said weakly.

“So far, Jimmy, Lindsay, Heather, Lincoln, Owen, Nazz, and Rolf are out!” said Chris.

Lincoln, Owen, and Nazz looked around and saw DJ still giving Lindsay a thrashing. “Oh my gosh! Look what DJ’s doing!” cried Lincoln.

“Holy Eiffel Tower! That is it! RAAAAAAAAH!” Owen charged at DJ, forcefully pried him away from Lindsay, and snatched his boomerang away from him, causing DJ to turn back to normal.

“He hit me! He made me all uglyyyyy!” Lindsay started bawling, while pointing at a heartbroken DJ.

“Beauty fades. Dumb is forever,” Leni said to herself.

Eventually, only Ed and Leni were left. “Well, my intelligent equal, I suppose there is only one way to determine the victorious participant,” Ed said to Leni.

The two then quickly did a rock paper scissors game, where both drew rock. Ed then drew scissors, while Leni drew paper. “Statistics show Leni, that after a tie, the player is most likely to draw the choice that beats the choice they had chosen previously.”

“Drat! How could I let such a fact escape me?” said Leni, who then let go of her boomerang. Ed then let go of his.

“Ed wins immunity!” said Chris. The other campers clapped, with a couple cheers thrown in, especially from May.

Lindsay however, was still crying. “He beat me up!” The blonde girl pointed at DJ.

“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?” cried DJ.

“Dude, you beat her up pretty bad, bro,” Luna said disgustedly.

“Yeah, I can’t believe you would do that! I saw you do that, even! I was normal by then!” said Heather, trying to sound as disturbed as possible.

“She’s right; she was normal before DJ turned normal and stopped beating Lindsay up,” said Chris.

“It was a part of the challenge! She knows I would never actually beat her up!” defended DJ. “Right Lindsay?”

“Go away!” The girl ran out of the mess hall. DJ looked down and said, “Dude, I feel terrible. I know this was opposite me, but I feel terrible man. I quit.”

“You’re quitting?” said Chris.

“Yeah, man. I deserve it. I beat Lindsay up pretty bad. This is gonna be my punishment.”

Everyone else grew silent. Then they instantly starting voicing their forgiveness of DJ, and then they started hugging him.

Eventually, Chris said, “Very touching. But, you know what comes next!”

The scene flashed to nighttime, with DJ stepping on the Boat of Losers. Everybody else waved at him except Lindsay, who refused to look up at him.

Chris turned to the camera and said, "Wow! I did not see that coming! Tune in next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!"

Episode 21

“Last time on Total Drama Island,” said Chris.

The camera shows Eddy and Sarah holding Eddy’s boomerang like a baby.

“Our campers celebrated opposite day by holding on to special boomerangs!”

The camera shows DJ beating up Lindsay.

“During the challenge though, DJ, under the spell of the boomerang, mercilessly beat up Lindsay, even after she already turned back to normal!”

The camera shows Ed beating Leni at rock paper scissors.

“In the end, Ed outsmarted Leni to win immunity!”

The camera shows DJ announcing he is quitting.

“And after realizing what he did to Lindsay, DJ decided to quit the game!”

The camera flashed to Chris.

“We started with 45, and now we have 25, but who will be number 25? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(intro plays)

The camera cut again into the mess hall. “How are you holding up Lindsay?” Heather asked her alliance mate.

Lindsay, whose injuries were gone now, said, “I thought I was never gonna get my beauty sleep back!”

Just then, Chris came in again. “Hey, you came in at 9 AM again!” pointed out Trent.

“Yeah; I did,” said an annoyed Chris. He then regained his enthusiasm and said, “The next challenge has been set up over the lake! Get changed into your bathing suits and meet me at the lake!”

The scene flashed to the lake. The contestants were standing on trapdoors on a platform held by support beams 100 feet from the water.

“We’re so high up Sarah!” griped Jimmy.

“Just don’t look down, Jimmy.”

“I’m trying not to, Sarah!”

“Boy, Plank; we sure are high up, huh buddy?”

Chris, who stood at the Dock of Shame, said, “In just a moment, I will name you 25 different things, and then I will ask you a question, so please listen carefully.” Chris then read off the answer choices:

Mafaldine Orzo Angel Hair Bavette Scialatielli Tagliatelle Mezzelune Casarecce Pici Gemelli Campanelle Trofie Garganelli Paccheri Conchiglie Hafarini Capellini Maultaschen Pizzoccheri Strozzapreti Bow Tie Agnolotti Cavatelli Taglierini Cavatappi

Chris then asked, “Which is a type of pasta? 24 of these answer choices are correct, and one is wrong. Pick the wrong answer choice, and not only will the part of the platform you’re standing on drop you a hundred feet into the lake below, but you’ll be eliminated. No vote off; nothing.” The campers looked at each other worriedly.

Chris takes his phone out and said, “I’ve randomized you guys, so may the odds be ever in your favor.” Everyone looked even more worried than before.

“Courtney! You’re up first!” Courtney smiled and said, “Angel hair.”

“Makes sense, considering you’ve got the hair of an angel,” said Duncan. Courtney blushed and giggled.

“Courtney’s locked in angel hair, which means no one else can pick it,” said Chris. “Lincoln, you’re next.”

“Uhh, I guess, bow tie?”

“Lincoln has locked in bow tie,” said Chris. “Leni?”



“Cavatappi, is it?”

“Yes! Eddy?”







“Wait, no! I don’t wanna be eighth! I wanna be ninth!”

Chris sighed. “Jimmy?”



“Pici, because it was the ninth thing named!”

Chris sighed again and said, “May?”











“Garganelli, I guess.”


“Paccheri, eh?”






“Plank says I should pick hafarini!”




“I shall pick scialatielli.”







“That means Marie, you get trofie!” said Chris. Marie gulped.

“Now, one at a time, I will reveal a correct answer!” said Chris. “Bow tie is correct, which means Lincoln, you’re safe!”

Lincoln cheered as he left the platform.

“The next correct angel hair!”

Courtney got off the platform.

“Tagliatelle is right!”

Eddy got off.

“Capellini is right!”

Heather got off.

“Taglierini is right!”

May got off.

“Agnolotti is right!”

Jimmy got off.

“Orzo is right!”

Leni got off.

“Cavatelli is right!”

Luan got off.

“Pici is right!”

“Hooray for ninth power!” Trent cheered as he got off.

“Cavatappi is right!”

Lindsay got off.

“Campanelle is right!”

Lisa got off.

“Maultaschen is right!”

Ed got off.

“Strozzapreti is right!”

Lynn got off.

“Garganelli is right!”

Nazz got off.

“Conchiglie is right!”

Owen got off.

“Paccheri is right!”

Ezekiel got off.

“Pizzoccheri is right!”

Luna got off.

“Mezzelune is right!”

Sarah got off.

“Casarecce is right!”

Duncan got off.

“Scialatielli is right!”

Rolf got off. At this point, only Lily, Jonny, Marie, Lana, and Izzy remained.

“Mafaldine is right!”

Izzy got off.

“Gemelli is right!”

Lana got off.

“Bavette is right!”

Lily got off. Only Jonny and Marie were left at this point.

“Jonny, you chose hafarini, while Marie, you were stuck with trofie! The wrong answer is…”

Jonny clutched Plank tightly…

Marie crossed both of her fingers…


“Yes!” cheered Marie as she got off.

“NOOOOOO! YOU MESSED UP BIG TIME, PLANK!” Jonny, in a fit of rage, threw Plank, who bounced off the Dock of Shame and into the water. Just then, Jonny’s trapdoor gave way, and he screamed as he took the plunge.

As Jonny resurfaced, Chris held a wet Plank up and said, “Looking for this, Jonny?”

“Oh Plank! I’m sorry I got mad at you!” he said as he retrieved Plank and hugged him to his chest again.

“Well Jonny, this means you are out!” said Chris.

As if on cue, the Boat of Losers pulled into the scene. Jonny got on and said, “Bye, everyone!”

Everyone said their farewells as the Boat of Losers took off.

“And then there were 24! Find out what happens next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!” said Chris.

Episode 22

“Last time on Total Drama Island,” said Chris.

The camera shows the contestants standing on a platform 100 feet above the lake.

“Our contestants paid tribute to 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow, where picking the one wrong answer choice to a question led to them getting eliminated.”

The camera shows Jonny throwing Plank in a fit of rage, followed by him being dropped into the lake.

“And that person was Jonny, who became the twenty first person to be eliminated!”

The camera cuts to Chris. “Who will be the twenty second person to be eliminated? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(intro plays)

The scene opens up to the mess hall yet again, where Chris walks in.

“You walked in at 9 AM again, Chris!” said Trent.

“Dude; please stop reminding me,” said an irritated Chris. He then re-composed himself and said, “Follow me to the amphitheater again!”

The scene cut to the amphitheater, with all of the contestants sitting on the viewers’ right half of the bleachers. A bunch of podiums of different sizes were on stage. “Welcome to the next challenge,” said Chris. “You’ve been divided into six groups of four, and in just a second, I will call the first group of six on stage, and I will explain the instructions from there.”

Chris takes out a sheet of paper and says, “Leni, Owen, Lindsay, Izzy, Luna, and Eddy, you will be our first group, so stand behind that set of six podiums right there.” The six of them stand behind what looks like six conjoined podiums with a screen in front of each one.

“In just a second, I will ask you an educated guess question, and you will all try and guess the answer. Whoever has the closest number gets to become captain. The next closest will be position number one, then position number two, and all the way down to position number four. Whoever guesses the farthest away goes back into the audience, will be excluded from the challenge, and be eligible for elimination,” explains Chris. As he explains the five positions, he motions towards five podiums that progressively get farther away from the podium he’s standing at. The group of six gulp at Chris’s last sentence.

Chris takes out a second slip of paper and asks, “How many nations are there in the world? You have ten seconds to type your answers in that keypad. Go!” The six contestants lock in their answers.

“Alright, we’re all locked in,” said Chris. “There are 195 countries in the world, so let’s see who our captain is going to be.” Eddy’s screen lights up with 169. “It’s you, Eddy! Stand by the podium next to me.”

“Yeah!” Eddy exclaimed, as everyone else clapped for him.

“Who’s next?” Luna’s screen lights up with 150. “It’s you, Luna! Take the next podium down.”

Luna makes her way there with another round of applause from the others.

“Who’s next?” Owen’s screen lights up with 100. “It’s you, Owen! Take the next podium.”

Owen makes his way there with another round of applause.

“Who’s next?” Lindsay’s screen lights up with 50. “It’s you, Lindsay!” Take the next podium.”

Lindsay goes there with another round of applause from the others.

“Alright, is our last player Leni or Izzy? Let’s find out.” Leni’s screen lights up with 45. “It’s you, Leni! Stand at the podium closest to where you are now.” Leni does so, with one last round of applause for her.

“Izzy, what did you guess?” 420 appears on Izzy’s screen. “Izzy!” said Chris out of exasperation. Izzy cackled as she went back into the bleachers.

Chris regained his composure and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your first team for Greed!” Those in the bleachers cheered for Eddy, Luna, Owen, Lindsay, and Leni.

“Alright, so here’s how it’s going to work,” said Chris. “There are eight questions, and they’re worth $25,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000, $1,000,000, and $2,000,000, and that money is shared between all remaining players. I will ask you a question with four answer choices worth $25,000. Leni, since you qualified first, you’ll be answering first.”

“OK!” Leni answered happily.

“Your $25,000 is…” A timpani pounds four notes, and some low strings play as Chris reads the question. “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”

“Spongebob Squarepants!” Leni immediately responds.

“I wasn’t done yet, Leni,” said Chris.

“Oh,” said Leni.

“Squidward Tentacles,” says Chris as a piano note plays.

“Spongebob Squarepants,” says Chris with a slightly higher note playing.

“Patrick Star,” says Chris with a significantly higher note playing.

“Eugene Krabs,” says Chris with a note that sounded a full octave higher than the first one.

“Spongebob Squarepants!” repeated Leni. The third note that played repeats, only with an echo.

Chris turned to Eddy and said, “Now Eddy, as captain, you can choose to accept that answer, or reject it in favor of a different answer.”

“I’ll accept it,” said Eddy.

“Very well, then. Is Spongebob Squarepants correct for $25,000?” A synth slid upwards in pitch, indicating the answer was right. The audience applauded.

“Alright Lindsay, since you were fourth, you’re next,” said Chris.

A horn plays some notes as Chris reads the next question. “Which soap company has the first two words of its slogan as ‘Maybe It’s?’”





“Oooh, I love Maybelline!” exclaimed Lindsay.

“So is Maybelline your answer?”

“Yes!” Maybelline became locked in.

“Eddy, do you accept or reject that answer?”

“I accept it.”

“Is Maybelline correct for $50,000?” The synth slid upwards in pitch again, and the audience applauded again.

“Owen, since you were third, here comes your question.”

Four more timpani beats sounded, and sustained strings with a couple chimes thrown in here and there started playing as Chris read the next question.

“Which electronics company closed its doors in early 2009?”

“Circuit City.” The same first note played.

“Best Buy.” The same second note played.

“Target.” A note closer in pitch to the note that would follow than the one that just played sounded.

“Sears.” The third note from earlier played.

“H H Gregg.” The last note from earlier played.

“Five answer choices now, but still only one right answer,” said Chris. “Which is it gonna be, Owen?”

“I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a bunch of black and yellow STORE CLOSING signs on Circuit Cities, so I’m gonna go with Circuit City.” With that, Circuit City was locked in.

“Eddy, do you accept or reject that answer?”

“I accept it.”

“Is Circuit City right for $75,000?” The synth slid upwards in pitch again, and the audience applauded again.

“And Luna, you’re up last, since you finished second,” said Chris.


Midtempo music started playing as Chris read the question. “Bruce Jenner became who after his sex change?”

“Christine Jenner.”

“Cindy Jenner.”

“Catherine Jenner.”

“Crystal Jenner.”

“Caitlyn Jenner.”

“It’s Caitlyn Jenner.”

“Eddy, do you accept or reject that answer?”

“I accept that answer.”

“For $100,000, is it Caitlyn Jenner?” The synth slid upwards again, and the audience applauded yet again.

“Alright, so each of you have $20,000 now. You can opt out with that much money, or you can continue on to the next question. To make things a little easier, here’s the category for the next question,” said Chris. “The category is: Synonyms.”

“Synonyms, huh?”

“That’s your category, Eddy.”

“Uh, sure! I guess…”

“Alright then! But first, we’re gonna do a little something called a Terminator. It will randomly select one of you, and you can challenge somebody and earn their share of the money, and the challenger gets a free $10,000, win or lose.” Chris pulls out a button and pushes it, causing lights to flash above the five contestants in a random pattern, until it stopped on Owen. A fanfare plays, then becomes soft choir music as Chris explains what is going to happen.

“Owen, you can either take the free $10,000 and challenge a teammate of yours, or you can reject it and keep it the way it is. Which is it gonna be?”

“I’ll take the challenge,” said Owen.

“OK! Who do you want to challenge?”

Owen looks around, then says, “Uh, I pick Luna. Sorry!”

“It’s OK, dude! Good luck!”

“Thanks! You too!”

“Well, Owen and Luna, stand behind the sides of that double podium over there,” said Chris, who pointed at a double podium with two buttons on it. “Owen, since you’re the challenger, you stand behind the left side, and Luna, you stand behind the right.” The two did as they were told.

Chris stood behind the podium they were at and hands Owen $10,000 from his pocket. “Owen, this is now officially yours!”


“Now, I’m going to ask a short answer question. Whoever gets it right, or at least doesn’t get it wrong, will get to continue with both of your shares. The loser leaves empty-handed, and will become eligible for elimination.” Owen and Luna looked at each other nervously and gulped.

Chris takes a slip of paper out and reads, “‘The Snack That Smiles Back’ is known as what?” Owen hits his button, causing a note to play with it. “Owen?”

“Goldfish!” Three ascending notes sounded, signifying he was right.

“Correct! Owen, you’re now playing for $80,000 and a guaranteed $10,000, and Luna, thanks for playing,” said Chris.

“Good luck, big guy!” said Luna as she shook Owen’s hand, then left to join the audience. Owen went back to his podium.

“Alright then; here’s your $200,000 question,” said Chris.

Low pitched strings played, followed by soft, ominous music that really sounded closer to noise than actual music.

“Which four of these six words are synonyms for angry?”

“Outraged.” The same first note played.

“Repressed.” The same second note played.

“Livid.” A note closer in pitch to the previous note than the one that would follow played.

“Incensed.” The second to last note from the previous four questions played.

“Indignant.” A higher note played.

“Morose.” The highest note from the first four questions played.

Just then, four horn notes sounded. “That sound is for you, Eddy,” said Chris. “To inform you of another role you have as captain, and that is whether or not you wish to use a freebie.” Chris gives him a yellow slip of paper with FREEBIE written on it in green. “That freebie eliminates one wrong answer choice, but it can only be used once. It is entirely up to you to decide; no conferring with your team.”

“Eeeyeah, I would use it,” said Eddy.

“OK. Just give me that back, and I’ll let it work its magic.” Eddy hands Chris the freebie back. “Now, the freebie will eliminate one of the two wrong answer choices.” A really high-pitched synth rapidly slid down in pitch, and Chris said, “Repressed is a wrong answer. Now you have four answers out of five that are right. Leni, you’re up first.”

“I say outraged.” Outraged became locked in.

“Lindsay, you’re next.”

“Incensed...makes sense, right?” Incensed became locked in.

Leni looked confused, Owen looked worried, and Eddy facepalmed.

“Owen, over to you.”

“I’ve heard of livid, so I pick that.” Livid became locked in.

“Eddy, you get the last choice.”

“I’m pretty sure morose means sad, so I pick indignant.” Indignant became locked in.

“Now Eddy, as captain, you can change one answer. Would you like to do that?” asked Chris.

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Alright then,” said Chris. “Let’s find out what the correct answers are. Is outraged correct?” The upwards moving synth sounded, and the audience clapped.

“Is livid correct?” The same thing happened.

“Is indignant correct?” The same thing happened.

“Now Eddy, I have $20,000 I can give you to share among the four of you. If you’re feeling confident in Lindsay’s answer, and would rather see yourself with $40,000 after this, should she be right, then you can say ‘no deal.’”

“I’m gonna say no deal,” said Eddy.

“Alright then. Is incensed correct?” The background music became silent. After a couple of seconds, the same three notes that played when Owen got the Terminator question right played, and the audience cheered.

“Alright, so now Owen has $90,000, and the rest of you have $40,000. The $500,000 category is: The 50 States. What would you like to do?”

All four team members looked uneasy, and Eddy said, “Uh, we’ll pass, thanks.”

“Alright then! You all are safe from tonight’s vote, and come get your money!” The four cheered and collected their money, then departed for the audience.

Chris pulled another sheet of paper out and said, “Our next group is Rolf, Marie, Lily, Duncan, Ed, and Luan!” Those six were applauded as they made their way behind the biggest podium.

Chris takes out a slip of paper and says, “How many Wal-Marts are there in the United States?” While everyone else normally puts their answers in, Ed slams his head down on the keypad, and Lily pounds a button at random. Chris looked at this with a “Seriously?” look, then said, “The answer is 4,672, so let’s see who our captain is.”

Marie’s podium lit up with 5,000. “Marie, you’re our captain.” Everyone applauded her as she made her way to the podium closest to Chris’s. “Who’s our next player?”

Rolf’s lights up with 7,000. “It’s you, Rolf! Come on over!” Rolf stands at the second podium, with applause from the audience. “Who’s next?”

Ed’s lights up with 465. “Huh. Ed, you’re third, I guess.” Ed went to his podium, with the audience applauding. “Who’s next?”

Lily’s lights up with 8. “Really?” Chris asked incredulously. “Alright, Lily; you’re fourth.” The audience applauded as Lily waddled to her podium, and Chef put a ramp behind it for Lily to climb up.

Duncan and Luan looked at each each other nervously. “One of you will round out this team, while the other will be up for elimination. Who’s number five?”

Both Luan and Duncan’s podiums lit up with 10,000, and a synth note played. “It’s a tie! In the event of a tie, whoever types their answer in faster makes it onto the team. So who will it be?”

Duncan’s 10,000 flashed, indicating he was first. “Duncan, it’s you. Stand by that last podium there,” instructed Chris. Duncan went over there, and he was applauded. “Luan, thanks for playing.”

“Oh well. Good luck guys!” Luan said as she took her leave.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your second team for Greed,” said Chris. Everyone cheered for Marie, Rolf, Ed, Lily, and Duncan.

“OK Duncan; here’s your $25,000 question,” said Chris. “Which of these bands’ lead singers are still alive?”


“Alice in Chains.”

“Pearl Jam.”


“I like all four of those bands, so I know the answer is Pearl Jam,” said Duncan. Pearl Jam became locked in.

“Marie, do you accept or reject that answer?” asked Chris.

“I accept it.”

“Is Pearl Jam right for $25,000?” The synth slid up in pitch. “Yes!” The audience applauded. “Lily, here’s your question, for $50,000.”

“Which of the following is the name of a card game?”

“Go swim.”

“Go fish.”

“Go hunt.”

“Go home.”

“Go go fishy!” said Lily.

“Marie, do you accept or reject that answer?” asked Chris.

“I accept it.”

“Is go fish right for $50,000?” The synth slid up in pitch, and the audience applauded. “Ed, here’s your question.”

“Who is not a DC superhero?”



“Wonder Woman.”


“The Flash.”

“Wonder Woman because only boys have been super heroes!” said Ed, oblivious to how offensive his comment came out.

“What did you say?!” cried all the females in the bleachers, sans May.

“Ohh, Ed…” Eddy buried his head in his hands.

“Marie, do you accept or reject that answer?” asked Chris.

“I reject it!” she said, also angry at Ed.

“What would you like to change it to?” asked Chris.


“Is Spiderman correct?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded, but only lightly, due to anger received from Ed’s comment. “OK then...Rolf, here’s your question.”

“Charlie Sheen was fired from which long-running sitcom?”

“Two and a Half Men.”



“The Big Bang Theory.”


“Rolf is unfamiliar with all five of these shows,” admitted Rolf. “Rolf guesses Two and a Half Men!”


“I accept it.”

“For $100,000, is it Two and a Half Men?” The synth slid up, and the audience went back to giving the amount of applause they had normally been giving.

“OK, so you now have $20,000 each, and the category is: Popular Songs. Would you like to keep going or would you like to stop?”

“We’ll keep going,” said Marie.

“Alright! But first, here’s the terminator.” Chris pushes the button he pressed earlier, causing lights to flash above each team member’s heads again, until it stopped on Rolf.

“Rolf, you can take the $10,000 and challenge someone, or you can keep the team the way it is,” said Chris.

“Rolf would like to challenge dimwitted Ed boy,” said Rolf.

“Ed, he’s chosen you! Come on down,” said Chris. Rolf and Ed made their way down to the double podium, and Chris hands Rolf his $10,000. “Here comes your question. What is the number one movie quote, according to AFI?” Ed slapped the buzzer. “Ed?”

“Oh oh! I remember this one! It’s, ‘frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!’” The three ascending notes sounded.

“POPPYCOCK!!” Rolf gave the double podium a hard slap, causing it to emit a reverberating clang, startling everyone. Rolf then stormed off stage, and when he returned to the bleachers, everyone gave him a good distance, out of fear.

Rolf: (CONF) Dumb-dumb Ed boy always has luck on his side!

Lynn: (CONF) Wow. Ed is dumb, and I’m really mad at his comment, but I don’t think I would’ve gotten that angry.

“Well, anyways,” said Chris, restoring order. “Ed now plays for $80,000, but Rolf has $10,000 no matter what, since he was the challenger, but since he’s out, he’s eligible for elimination. Now here comes your $200,000 question.”

“Which four of these songs did NOT top the Billboard Hot 100?”

“Sweet Caroline.”


“Take On Me.”

“Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“Purple Rain.”

“Eye of the Tiger.”

The four notes from last time played, which prompted Chris to say, “Marie, that means you can use a freebie to eliminate one wrong answer.” He gave her the yellow freebie paper. “You can use it at any time, but it can only be used once, and it is entirely up to you and you only. Would you like to use it?”

“No thanks,” said Marie.

“Alright then,” said Chris. “Duncan, you go first. Which of those do you think never made number one on the Billboard Hot 100?”

“Those guys that did Take On Me never became a big name, so I say Take On Me.” Take On Me became locked in.

“Lily, you’re next.”

“Pu-purple!” Purple Rain became locked in.


“Sweet Caroline, because it has an icky girl’s name. Yuck.”

The girls (sans May) growled in anger, while Eddy buried his head in his hands and shook his head.

“Uh, OK? Marie, what about you?”

“Eye of the Tiger, I think. Those all sound like big names, but I can’t remember that band doing anything else.” Eye of the Tiger became locked in.

“Now Marie, would you like to change someone’s answer?” asked Chris.

“As angry as I am at Ed for his sexist reasoning, I can totally see Thriller and Bohemian Rhapsody topping the Billboard Hot 100, so I’ll keep it the way it is,” said Marie.

“Alright then. Is Sweet Caroline correct?” The synth slid upwards, and the audience barely clapped this time.

“Is Purple Rain correct?” The synth slid up again, and the audience applauded how they normally would.

“Is Take On Me correct?” This time, the synth slid down in pitch, indicating it was wrong, and the audience groaned in shock.

“WHAT?!” Duncan sputtered in disbelief.

“Yeah, sorry. Eye of the Tiger was wrong, too,” said Chris.

“Seriously?!” complained Marie.

“It was the two choices you hadn’t picked: Thriller and Bohemian Rhapsody. Purple Rain only made it to number two, Sweet Caroline and Thriller only made it to number four, and Bohemian Rhapsody only made it to number nine. I am so sorry guys; you played a great game, but you all leave with nothing and will be eligible for elimination.”

The team left the stage, with Ed being glared down by everyone except May.

Marie: (CONF) Great game my butt; Ed is so going home, and I don’t care what my sister has to say about it.

Chris takes out a slip of paper and says, “Sarah, Courtney, Lincoln, Trent, Lynn, and Nazz, come on up!” Those six were applauded as they made their way behind the six way podium.

Chris takes another slip out and asks, “How many people died in 9/11?” Everyone locks in their answers. He then says, “The answer was 2,996, so let’s see who our captain is.”

Courtney’s screen lights up with 3,000. “It’s you, Courtney! Hop on over here!” says Chris, who motions towards the captain’s podium. Courtney is applauded as she makes her way there. “Who’s next?”

Lincoln’s lights up with 2,500. “It’s you, Lincoln! Come on over!” Lincoln goes to the next podium and is applauded. “Who’s next?”

Sarah’s lights up with 3,500. “It’s you, Sarah! Come on over!” Sarah goes to the next podium and is applauded. “Who’s next?”

Nazz’s lights up with 2,000. “It’s you, Nazz! Come on over!” Nazz goes to the next podium and is applauded. “Who’s our last player?”

Lynn’s lights up with 4,000. “It’s you, Lynn! Come on over!” Lynn goes to the last podium and is applauded. “Trent, what did you put?”

A 9 registers on Trent’s podium. Everyone groaned in annoyance. “Get out of here, Trent,” said Chris. While on his way out, Trent takes nine footsteps on stage, and nine more off stage to the bleachers. Everyone notices, and they scoot away from him as a result.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your third team for Greed,” said Chris. Everyone cheers for Courtney, Lincoln, Sarah, Nazz, and Lynn.

“Lynn, here’s your $25,000 question,” said Chris. “Which of these sports has a point guard?”





“Basketball; duh!” Basketball became locked in.

“Courtney, do you accept or reject that answer?”

“I accept it.”

“Is basketball right for $25,000?” The synth slid upwards in pitch, and the audience applauded.

“Nazz, here’s your $50,000 question,” said Chris.

“Down syndrome affects which chromosome?”





“21st,” said Nazz, and the answer became locked in.

“Courtney, do you accept or reject that answer?”

“I accept it.”

“Is 21st correct, for $50,000?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded. “Sarah, here’s your question.”

“Who is not the name of a Disney princess?”






“Clarabelle!” said Sarah.

“Courtney, do you accept or reject that answer?”

“I accept it.”

“Is Clarabelle right for $75,000?” The synth slid up in pitch, and the audience applauded. “Lincoln, here comes your question.”

“Which candy invites you to taste the rainbow?”


“Sweet Tarts.”




“Skittles,” said Lincoln. That answer became locked in.

“Courtney, do you accept or reject that answer?”

“I accept it.”

“Is skittles right for $100,000?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded.

“So now each of you have $20,000,” said Chris. “The $200,000 category is: Animated Characters. You can keep going, or you can stop with the money you have.”

“We’ll keep going,” said Courtney.

“Alright then,” said Chris. “But first…” He pushes the button again. “...terminator time!” The terminator eventually stops on Sarah. “Alright then; you can either take the $10,000 and challenge someone or you can reject it and keep the team the way it is. Which is it going to be?”

“I challenge Courtney.”

“Alright! Sarah and Courtney, come down here and I’ll ask the question,” said Chris. Sarah and Courtney make their way down to the double podium, and Chris hands Sarah $10,000. He then takes out a slip of paper and asks, “How many people did this season start out with?” Sarah rings in first. “Sarah?”

“45!” The three notes from earlier sounded.

“Correct! You now play for $80,000 and have a guaranteed $10,000, and Courtney, thanks for playing.”

Courtney shook Sarah’s hand, then departed for the bleachers.

“Sarah, since you’re the captain now, you’ll be standing at the podium next to me,” said Chris. After Sarah goes to where she was told, Chris says, “Now here’s our $200,000 question.”

“Which four of these characters are voiced by Tara Strong?”

“Timmy Turner from Fairly Oddparents.”

“Bubbles from the original 1998 Powerpuff Girls series.”

“Jimmy Neutron.”

“Lizzie Devine from Codename: Kids Next Door.”

“Raven from Teen Titans.”

“Tommy Pickles from Rugrats.”

The four notes from earlier sounded, and Chris said, while handing Sarah the yellow freebie paper, “You can use the freebie to eliminate one wrong answer if you’d like, but it can only be used once, and it’s only for you to decide. What would you like to do?”

“I’ll keep it.”

“Very well then. Lynn, let’s start with you.”

“Uh, I think it’s Timmy. Dude sounds really young.” Timmy Turner became locked in.

“Nazz, over to you.

“Uh, Bubbles, I guess?” That became locked in.


“Lizzie, I think. She sounds pretty similar to the choices we’ve picked.” That became locked in.

“Sarah, you get the last pick.”

“I pick Raven, because I don’t think the other two sound anything like the other characters we’ve chosen.” That became locked in.

“Are there any answers you’d like to change?” asked Chris.

“No, I’m good.”

“Alright then. Is Timmy Turner correct?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded.

“Is Bubbles correct?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded.

“Is Lizzie correct?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded.

“Alright Sarah,” said Chris. “I’ve got $20,000 to split among the four of you if you’re not sure about your answer. What would you like to do?”

“I’ll keep going.”

“Is Raven right for $200,000?” The three ascending notes played, and the audience cheered. “Alright then,” said Chris. “Sarah has $90,000, and Lincoln, Nazz, and Lynn have $40,000. The $500,000 category is: Retail Stores. You still have a freebie. Would you like to go or stop?”

The team was fairly confident, and Sarah said, “Yeah, we’ll go.”

“Alright then,” said Chris. “But first, the terminator again.” He pushes the button again, and this time, the terminator lands on Nazz. “Nazz, would you like to take the $10,000 and challenge somebody?”

“Sure. I hate to do this, but Lincoln. Sorry.”

“It’s fine!” assured Lincoln. He and Nazz made their way to the double podium, and Chris handed Nazz $10,000. “Alright; here comes your question: What word has the same letters as ‘canoe?’” After a pause, Nazz rings in. “Nazz?”

“Ocean?” The three ascending notes sounded.

“Correct! You and Sarah are now playing for $200,000 and have a guaranteed $10,000! Lincoln, thanks for playing.”

Lincoln and Nazz shook hands, the former saying, “You do awesome, OK?”

“I will; thanks Lincoln!”

Lincoln made his way back to the audience, and Chris asks, “According to NRF magazine, what are the top four best selling retail stores?”

“Wal-Mart.” The same first note played.

“Target.” The same second note played.

“Costco.” The third note from the third and fourth questions played.

“Home Depot.” The fourth note from the previous question played.

“Lowe’s.” A note slightly lower than the fifth note from the previous question played.

“Kroger.” A note slightly higher than the fifth note from the previous question played.

“Best Buy.” The same last note played.

The four notes sounded again. “Sarah, you still have the freebie. Would you like to use it?”


“Alright,” said Chris. He takes the freebie paper from her and says, “Freebie, do your stuff!” The rapidly descending synth plays, and Chris adds, “Best Buy is incorrect. Lynn, let’s start with you.”

“Wal-Mart.” That answer became locked in.

“Nazz, over to you.”

“Costco.” That answer became locked in.


“Kroger.” That answer became locked in.

“Because there’s three of you and four correct answers, Sarah, you can answer the last choice yourself or pass it to a teammate. What would you like to do?” asked Chris.

“I’ll let Lynn answer it,” said Sarah.

“Lynn, what do you choose?” asked Chris.

“Considering I live in a house with ten siblings, definitely Home Depot.” That choice became locked in.

“Sarah, want to change any answers?”


“Is Wal-Mart correct?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded.

“Is Kroger correct?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded.

“Is Costco correct?” The synth slid up, and the audience applauded.

“OK Sarah, I’ve got $50,000 this time to split among you three. Would you like to take it?”


“Alright then. Is Home Depot correct?” The three ascending notes played, and the audience cheered harder than last time.

“Alright girls, Nazz and Sarah have $210,000, and Lynn has $100,000. The $1,000,000 category is: Controversial Issues. Would you like to keep going?”

All three girls shook their heads, with Sarah saying, “Nope!”

“Alright then! You three are all safe from tonight’s vote! Come get your money!” The three cheered, collected their cash, and went back to the bleachers.

Chris pulls out another slip of paper and says, “Jimmy, Lisa, Heather, Lana, May, and Ezekiel! You’re the last ones! Come on up!” Those six made their way up on stage.

Chris takes another slip out and asks, “What percent of the earth is water?” The campers put their answers in. “The correct answer is 71%. Let’s see who our captain is.”

Lisa’s lights up with 71. “Alright, Lisa! You got that right on! You’re our captain, so stand at the podium by me, please.” The audience cheers as Lisa makes her way there. “Who’s our next player?”

Heather’s lights up with 70. “Heather, you’re next. Stand at the second podium, please.” Heather does so, and the audience applauds. “Who’s next?”

Lana’s and Ezekiel’s both light up with 75. “A tie! But who was first?” Lana’s 75 starts flashing. “Lana, stand at the third podium, and Ezekiel, stand at the fourth.” They do so, and they’re applauded by the audience. “Jimmy and May, which one of you is getting the last spot?”

Jimmy’s podium lights up with 65. “It’s you, Jimmy! Stand at the last podium.” Jimmy goes there, and the audience applauds. “May, what did you put?”

May’s podium shows 60. “Good guess, but thanks for playing!” May departs for the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your fourth and final team for Greed,” said Chris. Everyone cheers for Lisa, Heather, Lana, Ezekiel, and Jimmy.

“Jimmy, here’s your question.”

“Christopher Wallace is also known as what rapper?”

“Tupac Shakur.”

“Notorious B.I.G.”

“Busta Rhymes.”

“50 Cent.”

“50 Cent?” guessed an unsure Jimmy. That answer got locked in.

“Lisa, do you accept or reject that answer?”

“I just listen for the lyrical content, not who actually raps, so I trust Jimmy is correct.”

“Is 50 Cent right for $25,000?” The synth slid down, and the audience groaned in shock.

“NOOOOO!!” wailed Jimmy, who bolted off stage and ran into the arms of Sarah, who started hugging him sympathetically.

Lisa, who covered her face, ran off stage and hid her face into the shirts of her sisters, who similarly hugged her sympathetically.

Jimmy: (CONF) I failed my team!

Lisa: (CONF) I am so humiliated.

“Well, sorry guys; it was Notorious B.I.G.,” said Chris. “That means Eddy, Owen, Lindsay, Leni, Sarah, Nazz, and Lynn are safe from tonight’s vote!” Everyone applauded for those seven people.

“Jimmy, if it makes you feel any better, you can have my money,” offered Sarah.

Everyone else aww’d at this, while Eddy said, “Woah,” in surprise.

“Thanks, Sarah!” said Jimmy, who took the money...and as he started counting it, he noticed something was off. “What the?”

“What’s wrong, Jimmy?” asked Sarah.

Jimmy held up one of the bills and saw Chris’s face on it. “We’ve been scammed!” he blurts out. All of a sudden, all 24 contestants growl at Chris, who nervously says, “Uh, race you to the campfire!” He runs away from the scene screaming, while the contestants chase after him in a yelling fit of rage.

The scene cuts to a battered Chris, who has his right arm in a sling. “First things first, marshmallows go to…






















And May!” They all caught their marshmallows, leaving only Trent and Ed.

“Boys, one of you will be leaving us tonight. The final marshmallow goes to…

Trent!” He caught his marshmallow with a smile.

“Aw, what?!” Ed cried out.

May suddenly glomped him and said, “I’ll miss you, big Ed!”

Whatever chance of that being a sweet moment was crushed by Ed shoving May off of him, causing everyone to gasp. “Get off of me, icky Kanker girl! Yuck!”

While this infuriated everyone this time, not just the girls, Marie in particular snapped. “NO ONE MESSES WITH MY SISTER LIKE THAT!” she screams.

A now worried Ed says, “Uh oh,” before immediately running onto the Boat of Losers while screaming, “RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAY!!” He’s had to outrun Kankers before, but never an angry one. Said angry one pointed at the departing Ed and called out, “YOU’LL BE SORRY!”

An excited Chris said, “Wow! Didn’t see that coming at all! That makes up for the beating I took earlier today. What will happen next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

Episode 23

“Last time on Total Drama Island,” said Chris.

The camera shows Leni, Owen, Lindsay, Izzy, Luna, and Eddy typing in their answers to the qualifying question they were asked.

“Our campers felt the need for Greed!”

The camera shows Sarah, Nazz, and Lynn cheering, followed by an upset Jimmy and Lisa running to the bleachers.

“Some campers did good; others, not so much.”

The camera shows Ed shoving May off of him, followed by him getting chased onto the Boat of Losers by a furious Marie.

“In the end however, Ed’s inadvertent sexism caused him to get eliminated!”

The camera cuts to Chris. “As we approach our halfway point, things are going to start getting crazy! Get ready, for TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(intro plays)

The campers were at the mess hall. At one table, Marie was consoling a sobbing May, who cried, “I thought he loved me! Double D loves you!”

“Ed was just being dumb, May,” said Marie.

Eddy, who had been watching this from another table, told his tablemates, low enough for May and Marie to not hear, “Dang. Now I’m really glad Lee’s gone; I’d have no idea what to do in that situation.”

“Well, if she’s gonna have a problem with me, I’m not gonna be afraid of her!” said Lynn, who punched her left palm.

“You’re a strong girl; I believe you can take her down,” said Eddy. Lynn blushed and giggled at her boyfriend’s comment.

Just then, Chris came in. “9 AM sharp again, Chris!” said Trent.

Chris groaned in annoyance, then said, “Change into your bathing suits, then come outside for your next challenge!”

The cast, wearing their bathing suits, stood on top of platforms that rose ten feet above the lake, placed in a circular formation. A giant red bar was placed inside said circle. “I’m on the ninth platform!” said Trent. Indeed, the one he was on would be the ninth one the bar would get to.

“Welcome to today’s challenge!” said Chris. “In just a second, that red bar is going to start moving towards you, and you have to step over the bar and not fall off the platform you’re on. Eventually, you may just have to jump over it instead of simply stepping over it. The last person left standing on their platform wins immunity.”

Chris took out a remote and pushed the red button on it, causing the bar to start moving slowly. Luan was the first to encounter the bar, and she lost her balance after stepping over it. “Luan is the first one out!” said Chris.

When she resurfaced, Luan said, “I can’t believe I fell for that! Haha, get it?” Everyone else groaned.

The bar got to Owen next. He stayed on his platform after stepping over. Lynn stepped over it, too. Sarah, Rolf, Lincoln, Nazz, and Duncan stepped over it, too.

Trent also stepped over it, saying, “I’m standing on the ninth platform above the water!”

“That was nine words,” noticed Lincoln.

“Technically ten, because ‘I’m’ is a contraction,” said Lisa.

“What?! No! That was nine words, you nine hater!” spat Trent.

That was nine words,” said Lisa, a little creeped out.

During that exchange, Izzy, Lindsay, Ezekiel, Luna, Lily, Eddy, May, Heather, Marie, Leni, and Jimmy all stepped over the bar. Lisa herself then stepped over it too, and finally Courtney and Lana stepped over it as well.

“Luan was the only casualty in the first round!” recapped Chris. The bar then moved up a little bit and sped up a little bit as well.

Owen tripped over the bar and fell into the water. “Owen is out!” said Chris.

Everyone else stepped over the bar, except Lily, who also tripped over the bar. Chris announced her ouster too.

The bar then moved up and sped up further as it made its next round.

Eventually, only Lynn and Lisa remained. The bar was a good thirty inches high now. Lynn jumped over the bar, while Lisa ducked under it.

“Hey! You never said she could do that!” protested Lynn.

“I never said she couldn’t,” said Chris.

The bar was now three feet up, and Lynn was unable to scale the bar this time.

“Lisa wins immunity!” announced Chris. The other castmates applauded as Lisa made her way down her pole.

“The rest of you are up for elimination, so we’ll see you at the campfire tonight!” said Chris.

The scene cut to the campfire ceremony. “Marshmallows go to…





















And Lana!” They all caught their marshmallows.

Only Luan and Trent remained. “Luan. Trent. One of you is about to leave,” said Chris.

“That was absolutely, positively, nine words exactly, Chris McLean!” said Trent.

“Eeyeah, and so was your sentence, Trent. Anyways, Luan, you were the first one out of the challenge, and the only one to not make it past the first round. You’ve also been making a lot of puns, which always annoy people. But, you’re a nice person, and you’re normally fairly average in challenges. Trent, I don’t know what you’ve been taking these past few days, but you’re addiction with the number nine is starting to freak everyone out, myself included. The final marshmallow goes to…

Luan!” The jokester caught her marshmallow.

“Trent, I honestly think this should’ve happened three eliminations ago, but it’s time for you to go,” said Chris.

As the Boat of Losers pulled up, Trent took nine steps to get on it. No one dared even look at him as the Boat of Losers left.

“Well, I can honestly say Camp Wawanakwa has become more hospitable now,” said Chris. “Tune in next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

Episode 24

“Last time on Total Drama Island,” said Chris.

The camera shows Owen, Lynn, and Sarah stepping over the moving bar from the previous challenge.

“Our contestants tried not to be swept off their feet!”

The camera shows Lisa ducking under the bar, followed by Lynn getting knocked off by it.

“In the end, Lisa won by taking advantage of a loophole.”

The camera shows Trent taking nine steps onto the Boat of Losers.

“And it was Trent who was sent packing.”

The camera shows Chris. “We’re finally past the halfway point, but who’ll half to go next? Find out right now, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(intro plays)

The campers were in the mess hall again. “You know, I’m glad we got rid of that nine freak,” said Sarah.

“Yeah, I thought Trent was supposed to be a cool guy,” said Owen.

Just then, Chris walked in. He stopped and said, “You know, it feels good to walk in and not have someone point out the time I walk in.”

“You walked in at 9 AM!” trolled Izzy.

Chris sighed and said, “Classic Izzy. Anyways, since we’ve finally passed the halfway point, let’s test your skill regarding the dearly departed! You will be asked a question, and if you answer correctly, you get to stay in, but if you get it wrong, you lose your shot at immunity. The last person left standing wins immunity. The questions will start off fairly easy, but they’ll progressively get more difficult, so better pray my handy dandy randomizer works in your favor!” He looks at Jimmy and says, “Jimmy, you’re up first! Who was the first camper eliminated?”


“Correct!” Chris turned to Ezekiel and said, “Ezekiel, how many people were eliminated before the teams merged?”

“18, eh?”

“Correct!” Chris turned to Lisa and asked, “What was the name of the team that we got rid of after twelve eliminations?”

“The Raging Storks.”

“Correct!” Chris turned to Leni and asked, “Look at everyone here. Are there the least Bass, Gophers, or Storks here?”

“Our team lost a lot, so Bass!”

“No Leni, there’s only five Storks left, versus eight Bass and nine Gophers, so you’re out!” said Chris.

“Oh,” pouted Leni.

Chris turned to Courtney and asked, “What was our first challenge?”

“Jumping off the cliff, carrying boxes containing parts of a hot tub back to camp, and building the hot tub.”


The rest of the round went by, with Lindsay, Luan, Lily, Luna, Izzy, Heather, Duncan, May, Owen, Lynn, Lincoln, Eddy, Rolf, Sarah, Nazz, Lana, and Marie being asked in that order. Lindsay, Lily, and May got their questions wrong.

“Alright; time for round two!” said Chris. He turned to Ezekiel again and said, “Which blonde girl here has dyed hair?”

“What the heck, eh?! How can I know that?”

“Wrong; it’s Lindsay.”

Only Heather and Owen remained after the second round. “Just curious you two: how did you get those questions right?”

“I don’t have a negative thought about anybody!” Owen said happily.

“I think it’s important for me to get to know everybody,” said Heather.

“Alright, well, here’s a question for both of you. Whoever answers correctly first wins. What year was I born?”

“1978!” said Owen.

“Dang Owen! You must have been researching me before coming on here! Congratulations; you’ve won immunity!” Everyone applauded, with some cheers as well. “Alright guys, you’ve got until tonight to discuss elimination.”

The guys were at their cabin. “Alright dudes, there’s only 7 of us left,” Duncan said to Ezekiel, Rolf, Owen, Lincoln, Eddy, and Jimmy. “I suggest we form an all guys’ alliance in case all of the girls team up. What do you say?”

The other six all murmured their agreements, then all seven of them put their hands in the middle. “One, two, three…” started Duncan.

“Guys’ alliance!” said all seven of them. What they never noticed was Heather peeking in through one of the windows.

Heather (CONF): Perfect.

The scene cut to the girls’ cabin, where all of the female campers were. “So the guys have noticed there’s only seven of them left, and fifteen of us,” said Heather.

“Can’t we just like, finish them off?” suggested Lindsay.

“Not so fast, Lindsay. Most of them have some sort of tie to us. Lincoln is the brother to seven of you, Izzy likes Owen, Courtney likes Duncan, Sarah likes Jimmy, and Lynn likes Eddy. We could start with Rolf or Ezekiel.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the girls.

The seven Loud sisters, Izzy, Courtney, and Sarah were gathered in the mess hall. “Dudes, we have to warn the guys to vote out Rolf or Ezekiel!” said a worried Luna. “We need to save the other five once those two are gone, or else we lose the person we’re close to!”

“I suggest we play along with the female alliance at the same time; that way, they’ll be under the impression everything is going well,” said Lisa.

“Oh, good idea!” said Courtney.

The scene cuts to later. The mess hall 10 look through the cabin window and find the others napping. They then look at the guys’ cabin and see all seven of them sitting outside of it. “One of us should go and speak to one of them,” said Courtney. “Preferably not to the person we have ties to; that way it won’t be so obvious to Ezekiel and Rolf.”

“I’ll go first,” said Lisa.

The guys, who were talking amongst each other, stopped when they saw Lisa approach. “I would like to speak to one of you,” said Lisa.

“This had better be good,” scoffed Duncan.

“Why don’t you go then?” Lisa signaled him to follow her. The other guys looked at Duncan with confusion, while Duncan himself shrugged, then followed her.

The two were sitting outside the mess hall building. “The girls are forming an alliance,” said Lisa.

“I knew it,” said Duncan.

“However, Courtney is concerned about you, and us girls are proposing you vote for either Rolf or Ezekiel, the only guys with no affiliation to us girls. In return, me, my sisters, Sarah, Izzy, and yes, your Princess, will vote with you after Ezekiel and Rolf are gone.”

Duncan sighed and said, “Sounds like a plan. I’m in.”

Duncan (CONF): So much for the guys’ alliance.

Duncan rejoined his group, while Lisa left. Once she was gone, Ezekiel asked him, “What’d she say, eh?”

“Nothing,” said Duncan.

A montage shows Izzy talking to Lincoln, Lynn talking to Jimmy, Courtney talking to Eddy, and Luan talking to Owen. After that, the scene cuts back to the seven guys. “Seriously eh; what’s going on? And why has no girl spoken to me?” Ezekiel got no response.

“These girls are being very confusing,” agreed Rolf.

It was now nighttime. “Campers, you’ve cast your votes. I’m just gonna start by saying who’s eliminated, as all but two of you voted for the same person,” said Chris.

“He’s not talking about us, eh?” Ezekiel asked Rolf nervously.

“The person eliminated is…


“WHAT?!” screeched Ezekiel.

“Huh?!” exclaimed a confused Rolf.

“I don’t get it, eh!”

“Me neither, homeschooled prairie boy!”

“Time to board the Boat of Losers, Ezekiel! And Rolf, by the sound of it, I’d savor what little time you have left here,” said Chris.

Ezekiel got on the Boat of Losers, which then left.

“Sounds like some alliances getting together to blindside outsiders!” said Chris. “Can Rolf avoid being the next one out? Find out next time, right here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

Episode 25

“Last time on Total Drama Island,” said Chris.

The camera shows Leni answering her question from the previous challenge.

“Our campers were asked questions about the people around them.”

The camera shows Owen answering his last question correctly, followed by him being declared the winner.

“In the end, Owen won immunity!”

The camera shows a split screen with the girls and the guys forming alliances, followed by the Loud sisters, Izzy, Courtney, and Sarah telling the boys about the girls forming an alliance.

“The boys formed one alliance, and the girls formed another, but some of the girls double dipped by opting to spare their significant others.”

The camera shows a nervous and confused Ezekiel and Rolf sitting at the elimination ceremony, followed by the former’s elimination.

“That was bad news for Ezekiel and Rolf, who were promptly ganged up on, and it was Ezekiel who left the island!”

The camera shows Chris.

“Get ready for another totally dramatic episode, of TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!”

(intro plays)

Everyone is talking to one another at the mess hall, when suddenly Rolf walks in. The other guys, who were all at one table, got up and sat with the girls at another table before Rolf could sit with them, much to the foreigner’s confusion.

Rolf (CONF): Rolf has never been this ostracized; not even in the Old Country!

Chris walked in next. “Meet me outside for the next challenge!” he said.

The campers were now sitting behind a series of crates and cabinets looking fearful. “Welcome to your next challenge! The time honored game of torture! Sayyyy, uncle! You are all about to be put through tests of endurance, so insane, that some of ‘em sent our interns to the emergency room!” Jimmy fainted in horror. “If you back down or do not last the required ten seconds, you will lose!” said Chris.

“Dare I ask what kind of torture sir?” said Lisa.

“Why don’t you ask my lovely assistant,” said Chris, who motions to Chef wearing a hockey mask and holding a butcher knife. The contestants looked even more nervous than before. “Alright! Let’s do this! Duncan, you’re first up. Let’s spin the wheel of misfortune to select your torture.” Chris spun a wheel with many different slots. It landed on one that had a turtle on it. “Turtle puck shots!”

Duncan stood in front of a goal net while Chris told him, “If I were you dude, I’d aim for the coconuts!”

Duncan immediately covers his privates, but the first turtle flung at him bites his right hand, and another bites his crotch after he takes his hand off it, causing him to fall over in pain.

“Ooh,” winced Luna.

“You’re out Duncan!” announced Chris. When Duncan returns to his seat, he is bounded by stocks.

“Lindsay! You’re up next!” The blonde girl walks down nervously. “Your challenge is marshmallow waxing. All you have to do is receive a facial and endure the pain for ten seconds.”

Chef applies hot marshmallow wax on Lindsay’s face. Ten seconds later, Chris announces, “Lindsay moves on to round two!”

“My face feels so much smoother!” said a happy Lindsay.

“Now Lindsay, you get to choose someone else to complete a dare.”

“I choose Jeremy.”

“It’s Jimmy!” whined Jimmy.

“Jimmy, get your butt down here.” Chris was now standing next to a barrel. “You have to get in that barrel of leeches for ten seconds.”

“No! I’ll do it Jimmy!” Sarah bolts out of her seat and blocks Jimmy from Chris. Heather facepalms.

Heather (CONF): She’s playing with fire right now.

“Alright then; your ten seconds start now!” said Chris.

Sarah starts to cry out in pain, and eventually she jumps out.

“That was only nine seconds!”

“What?!” Sarah shrieked in shock and anger.

“Back to your seat miss!” Sarah returned to her seat to get stocked.


“Well, it’s been twenty rounds, and you two are the only ones left.” Chris was talking to Rolf and Eddy. “Eddy, it’s your turn. If you complete this dare, you win. Otherwise, Rolf wins. Your dare is to stay on this log for ten seconds against world-class, undefeated log rolling champ, Molotov!” A grizzly bear was shown on a log on top of the lake. Eddy gulped.

“And, the lake is filled with deadly piranhas!” As if on cue, a bunch of snapping piranhas popped in and out of the lake.

“Of course Eddy, you can back out and let Rolf win.”

Eddy looked at a smirking Rolf, realized this would lead to the lone outsider avoiding certain elimination, and said, “No. I’ll do it.”

“Attaboy Eddy!” cheered Lynn.

The scene flashed to Eddy and Molotov on top of the log. Chris said, “Ready, set, go!”

Eddy quickly reached for Molotov’s privates, causing the bear to fall off the leg in pain. He then gets bit by the piranhas, causing him to jump out without his fur.

“Eddy wins immunity!” announced Chris.

Rolf got on his knees and screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Rolf (CONF): I have failed you Nano and Nana.

It was now nighttime, and everyone was at the campfire ceremony. “First things first, Eddy, for winning immunity, you are safe.” Chris throws Eddy his first marshmallow.

“Also safe are Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni, Lana, Lisa, Lily, Lincoln, Sarah, Nazz, Marie, May, Duncan, Owen, Courtney, Izzy, Heather, and Lindsay!” They all caught their marshmallows.

Only Jimmy and Rolf were left. “This is the last marshmallow gentlemen. It goes to…

...Jimmy.” The pale boy caught his marshmallow.


“Ugh, Chef?” asked an annoyed Chris.

Chef tackled Rolf to the ground and strangled him, then threw him to the Boat of Losers.

“The rest of you are safe...for now.” Everyone went back to their cabins.

Elimination Table

Contestant Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20 Episode 21 Episode 22 Episode 23 Episode 24 Episode 25 Episode 26
Bridgette IN SAFE IN OUT
Beth OUT

(b) means they ended up on the second Killer Bass team starting in episode 13, while (g) means they ended up on the second Screaming Gophers team starting in episode 13.

Light blue WIN means they were on the winning team, with an italicized WIN meaning they were responsible for the team winning.

White IN means they were on the second place team.

Yellow SAFE means they were on the losing team, but survived.

Orange LOW means they were on the losing team, but barely survived by getting the final marshmallow.

Dark red OUT means they got eliminated normally (by a vote).

Darker red QUIT means they quit.

Lighter dark AUTO red means they were automatically eliminated.

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