Lydia, labeled as The Stalker, is a contestant on Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Movie Premiers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Talk the Talk and Stalk the Stalk"
Place Sixth
Relationship Emmett (on her side)
Friends Kurt, Juliana, Shirley (on Lydia's side), Emmett (on her side)
Enemies Eleanor, Shirley (on Shirley's side), Emmett (on his side)
Fear Sharks
Talent Stalking Boys


Lydia was born, and she was odd from the start. She finger-painted pictures of the boys she liked in kindergarten, and followed them around all through elementary school. On her tenth birthday, her parents got her secret cameras, which she would put in her crushes' houses, although they weren't aware of why she wanted them. She was able to break into their homes through open windows, ventilation systems, or anyway she could. In her closet, she keeps a shrine dedicated to her crushes, filled with drawings of them, and pictures taken by the hidden cameras. In high school, she escalated to another level, including emptying out lockers to hide inside. One time, she went so far as to hide in one of her crush's suitcases when he went on a trip. She was found by the x-rays at the security checkpoint. Then, one day, all of her crushes banned together, and took out an extremely large restraining order on her. She says she joined Total Drama: Los Angeles to meet new friends, but the real reason is because her restraining order's limitations forced her out of her hometown.


  • Lydia is named after the 6teen character, Lydia, who was also a stalker.
  • Lydia was the last remaining member of the Movie Premiers, placing sixth.
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