Team Female
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "That Volleyball Chapter"
Place 10th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Younger Brother
Friends None
Enemies Her entire cheerleading squad, Drake, Evi, Franz, Janina, Katt, Luther, N, Perci, Rosi
Fear Being wrong
Talent Taking charge

Lynetta, labeled The Bossy Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach. Lynetta always was the take-charge, bossy type. Even as a toddler, she bossed her younger brother around. Her parents were tired of their kids' constant fighting and Lynetta's bossiness. Wanting to get Lynetta an outlet for this behavior, they introduced her to cheerleading when she was five. Lynetta loved it and became the captain after she beat up the previous captain. At school, Lynetta bosses anyone and everyone around to the point where they rebel against her. Lynetta signed up for Total Drama to try her hand at a compeition and boss her team around.

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