Gender Female
Hair color Black
Relationship Pascal
Family Mother, Father, two sisters, two brothers,
Friends Griswold, Seraphina, Ness, Pascal (maybe?)
Enemies Pascal (maybe?),
Fear Her sixth grade math teacher
Talent Macramé

Amanda "Mandy" Picklestein, labeled The Chatterbox, is a recurring character on Total Drama Genesis.


At only a few months old, Amanda spoke her first word, 'hey!' Her parents were very proud. They were still proud even after Mandy learned to shout the word repeatedly at all hours of the night. 

Growing up the youngest of four siblings, Mandy learned how to get a word in. Mandy was born in a small, secluded community where she's close with her neighbors. Her parents work as a pair of theme park mascots, so she's use to spend time at that theme park and meeting new people. Mandy became a very social person, which only increased her rambling.

Mandy had joined a reality show before, signing up to meet new people, gain new experiences and make memories. It was there she met Pascal, who was trying to win his first elimination style reality show after winning a talent contest. The two became alliance members and the eventual final two. To Mandy (and Pascal's shock) she won the show and the one hundred thousand dollar prize.

Since her win, Mandy has gained a small bit of fame. Yet not a lot has changed for her. Mandy has tried to contact Pascal, even going to his concerts, but has had no luck. Mandy heard that her old friend Pascal was in Washington for a reality show and decided to visit in hopes of seeing him...


  • I originally hadn't thought of Amanda appearing on the show, but after a wrote the line about her I knew she had to make an appearance.
  • Mandy is referred to as 'Amanda Picklestein' by Pascal, but usually Mandy by the narrative or other characters. Pascal does use Mandy eventually, when he realizes he might actually like her.
  • Picklestein was chosen as a fake name, to seem rather ridiculous for an arch-enemy to have. Googling it confirms it is a last name some people have however.
  • Amanda Picklestein's style of speech is inspired by Lizza. Her design is inspired by CR's art of redesigning Sapna, a character from the Powerpuff Girls Reboot (as seen in this video). 
  • At one point I teased the idea of Mandy debuting on the show, becoming a member of the Molting Eagles and exploring the dynamic of debuting contestants in TD. I decided against it however. I felt it showed a lack of faith in my cast, who I feel can carry the story on their own. She also wasn't too popular with readers; some enjoyed her humor while others found her annoying and unnecessary. 
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