Mariana, labeled as The Spanish Girl, was a contestant in Total Drama Amazon.

Charging Jaguars
Mariana spanish
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated TDA - Welcome to Total Drama Amazon!
Place TDA - Twentieth
Relationship Ed (One-sided on Ed's side)
Enemies Ed, Niles, Jocelyn, Susan, James (All but Niles and Ed are debatable)
Fear Racists
Talent Dancing

Chapter Guide

Total Drama Amazon

Chapter One - Mariana was shown being hit on by Ed. She slapped him and called him an "Estupido." Mariana voted for Ed. She was put on the Charging Jaguars team. She was very upset when they lost, blaming Niles because he was terrified when his jacket caught on fire. Mariana voted for Niles, but everybody else on her team voted her out.


Mariana grew up in a dangerous neighborhood, and that made her who she is today. She speaks Spanish, but little English. She enjoys going to the mall with her friends, and takes great pride in physical appearance. Mariana is sometimes thought to be dumb because she doesn't speak English, but she is very intelligent.


Total Drama Amazon

  • Mariana's appearance is an edit of Heather.
  • The author had a Spanish girl in a previous series he had worked on that was never made.
  • The author used Google translator for a majority of her lines.
  • Mariana received four votes.
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