Marine labeled as The Gothic Girl is a character in Oweguy's storys first appearing on Total Drama Oweguy and was originally on the Screaming Hamburgers team. She returned in Total Drama Tourism and was originally on Team Goth. She also returned for Total Drama Sci-Fi Action and was originally on the Techno Smashers team. In Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem and Total Drama Vegas City, she is Oweguy's co-host. In Total Drama Tropical Resort, she becomes one of the main hosts along with Chris.

Screaming Hamburgers
Team Goth
Techno Smashers
[[Image:Marine TDVC|center|150px]]
Gender Female
Hair color Black and Purple
Episode Eliminated "TDO: TDO Showdown: Kuro vs. Marine
TDT: The Dax-Files
TDSFA: Beware! the Jelly Monster"
Place TDO: 2nd
TDT: 8th
TDSFA: 12th
Relationship Oweguy
Family Parents, Older sister, Younger brother, Oweguy (Husband), Owe Jr. (Son)
Friends Oweguy, Kuro, Jasmine, Yuki, Amanda, Sae
Enemies Dark Phantom, Chuck, Flare, Raven, Aliens
Fear Cute animals
Talent Being a goth


Marine was the second born in her family with an older sister and a younger brother who she can't stand. She gets along with her older sister well. Her older sister likes fasion and makeup while her younger brother likes trucks. When she was seven she started getting interested in gothic culture. She saw the movie Beetlejuice and liked it. With that, she became a goth. When she was 15, she started watching Total Drama Island and enjoyed it. She like Duncan and Gwen the most. She wanted to join too but Chris' shows were already booked. Eventually Oweguy announced his show and he signed Marine up for it because he knew she would have fun.

Marine is 16 years old in Total Drama Oweguy and Total Drama Tourism. She wore wears a grey shirt with a more angry skull, leather gloves, dark green pants and grey boots. She has short black hair with purple streaks and has purple eye polish above her eyes and tan skin. In Total Drama Tourism she has another skull shirt with fins on the sleeves and new grey gloves and grey pants, a belt with a skull buckle, and netting on her arms and legs. She also now has two ear piercings on each ear. In Total Drama Sci-Fi Action she is 21 and her hair is completely purple with dark purple streaks, now wears a purple and red striped shirt with a grey coat, has long dark green pants, brown shoes, and a skull necklace. Her hair is also longer. In Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem she is 22 years old and her hair is completely black and now wears dark colored summer clothing. She also now wears sandalls.

Marine joined Total Drama because she wanted to see how she can do on a reality tv show.

Total Drama Oweguy

In the first chapter Oweguy's Awesome Camp!, Marine was the second contestant to arrive after Chuck. She wasn't happy to be at Oweguy's camp and glares at him afterwards. Later when Flare arrived she thought that all the dares he did were cool and gave him a thumbs up. Plus when Katelyn and Amanda arrived and thought the camp was as cool as disneyland she told them not to get their hopes up and also felt something was strange about the Masked Warrior. Afterwards, Oweguy then took the group picture but it was messed up due to Dax sneezing and Pete slipping. After the pic she got put on the Screaming Hamburgers team.
Marine rips DVD player

Marine rips the DVD player apart

Later in the Hamburgers cabin she ripped apart a DVD player with a cookie jammed into it and when she put it back together it still worked, leaving Oweguy, Catherine, and Kuro shocked. Later after eating at the mess hall, the first challenge was announced. A hang gliding race from one cliff to another. When she finds out the challenge she goes "oh crap!"

In Hang Gliding Race of Doom she didn't really talk much until near the end. She along with Kuro were the first to go for their team. While they were flying Kuro got scared but they made it to the goal. Her team later won the challenge with a score of 6 to 2. Afterwards she listened to Kuro's story about his fear of heights which happened at a cheap nature park run by Chris making her a little upset about it. After the Hot Dogs elimination ceremony she saw The Masked Warrior in the bathrooms and noticed he was doing something suspicious. After he leaves she glares at him.

In When Fears Attack she didn't have any lines. The challenge was to conquer your worst fear. Marine's was to stand near some cute animals. She was very nervous about doing her fear. It is unknown if she conquered it or not. In the end, even though her team member Jake failed his fear her team still won with a score of six to two.

Marine started having problems in What Ever Happened to Oweguy?!. Due to Jake snoring, she didn't sleep very good. Throughout the chapter she kept looking very tired and kept drinking coffee. The challenge was to find where Oweguy was hiding. Marine ended up in the woods and encountered the Dark Phantom for the first time, not knowing that it's also the Masked Warrior. It told her that Oweguy was in his fancy cabin. She then asked for more coffee and gave her some but once drinking it she collapesed. It was revealed in the end of the chapter that the Dark Phantom (in it's human disguise) put knock out pills in the coffee. She was then taken for medical treatment by Oweguy and Chuck.

Marine was still under the effects of the knockout pills in Dancing with the Losers and Oweguy was trying everything he can to wake her up. At one point Oweguy tried CPR but when he was doing it her lips were closed and he ended up kissing her accidently, which was the exact moment that she woke up. Both were shocked but when Oweguy went to do the judging for the challenge she smiled at him when he wasn't looking. Her team loss a second time due to the combined performance of the Killer Hot Dogs dancers but she was safe that night.

In Welcome to the World of Mutant Animals the challenge was to camp on an island with mutant animals for a day. At one point a mutant bee attacked Kuro and Catherine and she along with Flare killed it with their knifes. When it died a purple cloud came out and later saw more coming from an area. The purple clouds were created by the Dark Phantom, the creature responsible for knocking her out earlier. They later battled it and Flare defeated it by throwing his knife into its weak spot. But the Dark Phantom then caused a huge blast sending everyone flying off the island. No one won the challenge due to that they both arrived at the same time but the Screaming Hamburgers lost Chad due to that he got very injured by getting attacked by mutant beavers and geese. Afterwards Marine tells Kuro that she thinks they haven't seen the last of the Dark Phantom and back on the island it shows the Dark Phantom being revived.

Marine vs. Chuck

Marine battles Chuck

In The Even Bigger Sleep Oweguy gave everyone a night off in order to trick them into getting very tired. Everyone watched movies all night while Marine wrote love letter and later went to sleep. The Masked Warrior knew that Marine was a skilled player so he told Chuck who was in a secret alliance with him to give her knockout pills to make her fall asleep. However, Flare noticed the pills behind Chuck and Marine charged at him. At first Marine thought that it was Chuck who gave her the pills before but he told her that it was the Dark Phantom. After she put him down he prepared to give her the pill but was saved by Flare who dropped a rock onto his head. The Masked Warrior was very upset about this and accidently reveals the secret alliance result in him getting knocked out. With Marine and Flare the last ones left on the team who were awake, the Screaming Hamburgers win.

In Box-O-Rama the challenge was a wrestling tournament and Marine was one of the fighters. During round one she battled Pat and easily defeated him. In round two due to that the Masked Warrior was the only contestant of the Killer Hot Dogs still fighting she had to fight Kuro but she easily defeats him and moves on to the final round against the Masked Warrior. He was a strong opponment and he punched her straight into wall resulting in her getting a black eye. Also at one point the Masked Warrior destroyed the roof which fell on Marine which possibly killed her but she survived by stealing a power pack that the Masked Warrior had that made him stronger and with that she defeated him but it also was revealed to everyone that the Masked Warrior was the Dark Phantom who lost his human disguise. Oweguy told him he was eliminated and tried to capture him in an unbreakable dome cage but it steals the power pack, recovers and escapes into the sea with no sign on where he went. However, due to that Marine won the tournament the Screaming Hamburgers win the challenge.

In One Hosts' Trash is Another Contestants' Treasure Marine still had the black eye she receieved in the previous challenge and worries it might be permanent. The challenge was to find a treasure chest deep on the ocean floor. While everyone argued on who should pilot the sub Marine was already in the pilots seat asking if they were coming or not. Later Flare got upset because the sub was to slow and pushed Marine out of her seat but luckily was caught by Kuro. Everyone told Flare that the sub isn't supposed to go very fast but he made it very face but ended up destroying the sub. Now on foot the team got attacked by a shark but found the chest and got back to the surface. However they were shocked to see that the chest contained nothing and Flare went nuts. When the Killer Hot Dogs team said that they couldn't find the chest Marine told them that they wouldn't like what's in it anyway.

In Mega Wipeout she still had her black eye and was very hot due to that a heatwave had hit the camp. Luckily the challenge was an obsticale course over the lake. But a big problem was that Catherine and Flare were having a huge argument which caused part of the team to slow down. Only Kuro, Jasmine, and Yuki made it to the goal and she and Emily almost made it but time ran out and her team lost but she was safe that night but was shocked when Catherine got eliminated and started thinking that Flare was a jerk.

In Battle of the Genders it was now the final ten and still was waiting for her black eye to heal. Marine noticed the love poem Kuro got and he asked who sent it and she told him that he'll find out soon. Later Oweguy told them to go to the campfire pit and explained that team challenges were over and that the challenge they were doing today was a battle of the sexes challenge so it was the boys vs the girls. The challenge was to reface three previous challenges that were Oweguy's favorites. Those being the fear conquering challenge, the Mutant Animals challenge and the obstacle course challenge. Marine didn't participate in the challenges but she told the others what to do along with Jasmine. But unfortunetly in the last round Yuki knocked over one of the pillars in the obstacle course causing Emily to lose and the girls lose the challenge. At the elimination ceremony Marine was safe but Yuki was eliminated. She also reveals to Kuro that she wrote the letter and they kiss before she leaves. With that, Marine makes it to the merge.

Marine didn't appear in TDO Aftermath #2 but was mentioned by Kuro when he was setting up his webcam video for Yuki asking her if it was working.

In The Comeback Guy (and Animal) Marine didn't really have much of a big role but did notice that Chad and Kronk were back. The challenge was to do a race in teams of two and needed each others team work to get through. Marine was paired up with Jasmine for the challenge. They both did alright but at one point they crossed a bridge that broke apart and Marine almost fell but Jasmine luckily caught her. They also easily climbed the cliff with the goal at the top but unfortunetly came second and were unable to get invincibility but they were safe that night at the elimination ceremony.

In TDO Kart Marine was shown playing volleyball with Kuro, Flare, and Jasmine before Oweguy announced that the challenge was going to start. The challenge was a race and the contestants had to build their own karts. Marine had one that was bigger than Kuro's but wasn't as big as Flare's. Jasmine's kart was the same as Marine's kart. Before the race started Oweguy announced that they had to switch karts so Marine ended up getting Kuro's kart. Marine did alright during the challenge and manages to get past the traps Oweguy set up. During the final lap Marine, Chad, and Emily sped up close to the finish but Chad and Emily ended up getting flat tires and Marine passes through the finish first and wins invincibility.

In Campsite of Horror Gwen hosted the challenge and the first challenge was to get through a maze with spooky stuff hidden. Marine taunted Flare that she will win and he taunted back. Marine and Flare got to the end first but noticed that the next part of the challenge was to get through another maze but it was inside an haunted house. Marine and Flare ended up having a hard time getting out and while Flare got stuck in spider webbing Marine ended up on the roof. She sees a tree and gets down on it but hits a part of the roof and ended up destroying the haunted house causing the others to run for the goal but Marine managed to get there first and win invincibility. At the elimination ceremony Gwen was upset about Marine destroying the haunted house but Marine apologized to her. After Dax's elimination Marine asked what Gwen was going to do next and said that she was Oweguy's new intern. Marine told her good luck and she said that she might quit in a day.

In Oweguy's Roundup Oweguy announced that the next challenge was to catch an assigned animal. Her assigned animal was a rabbit. During the challenge she had trouble getting her animal due to her fear of cute animals and also the rabbit scared her up the tree but manages to catch it in the end but unfortunetly doesn't win invincibility. During the elimination ceremony she got a Chocolate Oweguy making her safe.

In Art Camp for Losers the next challenge was to do artwork of Oweguy so that he could put it in his museum. When he asked the contestants who was good at art only Marine raised her hand. She thought the challenge would be easy at first but Oweguy then says that they won't be drawing with their hands and had to draw which made the challenge harder. When Oweguy judged the pictures he really liked hers giving her an advantage in the challenge and also said it was like she was crushing on her in which she blushed at but also made Flare look suspicious. The next challenge was to paint a picture by finger painting and Marine's looked similar to a picasso painting granting her another point in the challenge. The last challenge was to sculpt a marble statue of Oweguy and Marine was also happy that her stuff was on display at Oweguy's museum. When judging came Marine had carved a perfect statue of Oweguy which was also painted gold which made him faint. When he awoke he announced Marine had won invincibility once again making her safe from elimination as well as making her advance to the final five.

Total Drama Tourism

In Welcome to the Big Apple - Part 1 Marine was the eighth old contestant to come out of the bus. She doesn't really talk until they get on the plane. Marine hoped that the food wasn't ravioli which luckily it wasn't. She didn't like the economy class room when Oweguy gave them the tour of it. When he said that the losers don't get comfort she hated it even more. While they were in the elimination ceremony room Oweguy mentioned that it would be bad if they forgot their parachutes so Marine reminded Kuro that they should always remember their parachutes. After the tour Oweguy told them that their first stop was New York and once arriving their first challenge was to get to the top by the outside or inside and get a flag at the very top then come back down. Marine chose to go inside and worked with Kuro and Jasmine. It took a while but they managed to get to the top and managed to make it first during the challenge. The three of them along with Flare and Raven were placed on team one which they named Team Goth. After all the teams were formed Oweguy mentioned the second challenge which was a big race through New York City.

After Total Drama Tourism

After the events of Total Drama Tourism Marine continued with school and graduated a few months later. Afterwards she went off to an art college where she learned to do successful paintings for art museums. Two years later Marine graduated and became an artist where she would give paintings to museums. Afterwards she and Oweguy started going out again after being away at college and one night Oweguy proposed to her which she accepted despite Chris McLean thinking it would be weird for a contestant to date the host whom they ignored. After their wedding they spent their honeymoon at Hawaii but once returning they found out that Marine was pregnant. She stayed home for a while doing her paintings while Oweguy hosted more reality shows but Oweguy had to return one night because Marine was in labor. She gave birth to a boy and thought it would be best to name him after his father so they called him Owe Jr. A year later Marine felt like going back to reality shows so Oweguy decided to invite her to his next season. While they're gone Oweguy's friends and Marine's parents will watch Owe Jr.

Marine joined Total Drama Sci-Fi Action to see if she still has the guts to compete.

Total Drama Sci-Fi Action

Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem

For Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem, Marine decided to be Oweguy's co-host since she was his wife and she wanted to stay with him to learn to become a good host. Throughout the season, Marine mostly stayed with Oweguy and would make comments about what he said that she or others thought was silly. There was a challenge where she was involved where she ate a weird looking egg in her sandwich and started to get blockage in her intestines. The contestants were shrunken and soon eaten by Marine where they soon ended up inside her large intestines where the blockage was happening. It was revealed that the egg was filled with intelligent shrimp creatures and they had built a castle out of stuff Marine swallowed and it was right in front of the exit to the intestines which caused the blockage in her body. Some of the contestants were captured but some rushed into the castle and rescued them. Then they found something inside the castle that was part of Marine's body, a gland that causes everything inside to be released easily. They quickly touched it which caused them, the shrimp, and the castle to be released from Marine's intestines, curing her blockage and making her feel better.

Total Drama Vegas City

Marine returned as co-host in Total Drama Vegas City. In this season, she wears a purple like dress and throughout the season, she is constantly doing things Oweguy tells her to do like he does with the interns. Unlike last season, she doesn't really have any major roles and is mostly a minor character. In the season finale, Chris bought the rights to Oweguy's Total Drama series after he wasn't able to renew his contract in time. Oweguy noticed that there was two positions for host for the next season and he tried to sign up for it but to his horror, it was filled out by Marine. She explains she wanted a chance to become a host and Oweguy is soon taken away by his ex-interns. Due to this, it is unknown if the two are still in a relationship.

Total Drama Tropical Resort

Marine returns again as co-host for Total Drama Tropical Resort along with Chris, but this time hoping to get a bigger role. In this season, Marine will have an outfit similar to her Beach Party Mayhem one and will have Dakota as her assistant for the season.


  • In Total Drama Oweguy Marine recieved eight Chocolate Oweguys and was never voted off. She placed second.
  • In Total Drama Tourism Marine recieved four peanut bags and placed 8th. She technically recieved five but refused one.
  • Marine was the first character I drew that was not a re-color.
  • Marine's look in Total Drama Oweguy and Total Drama Tourism almost looks like Nikki from 6teen. She no longer does because her model was changed for Total Drama Sci-Fi Action.
  • Marine is scared of cute animals because she's a goth.
  • Marine was the first contestant in the Oweguy series to swear.
  • Marine has a knife as shown in Total Drama Oweguy to battle against the Dark Phantom. She used it again in Total Drama Sci-Fi Action against the jelly monster but it was dissolved by it.
  • Marine has won the most challenges during the merge of Total Drama Oweguy at a total of five. During the Total Drama Tourism merge she has only won once and didn't make it to the merge at all in Total Drama Sci-Fi Action.
  • In every story Marine has appeared in she has had a new outfit.
  • Marine was the second contestant in the Oweguy series to quit the competition. The first was Jasmine.
  • Marine was the first contestant in the Oweguy series to get pregnant. Nianah was the second. Margaret was also pregnant three times but she wasn't a contestant at the time.
  • Marine and Oweguy are the first couple to get married. The second was Jerry and Roxanne, and the third was Jake and Nianah.
  • Marine was one of my favorite characters to write about which is why I included her in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.


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