Mary, labeled The Big Girl is a contestant on Total Drama Forest                                                                   

Fighting Frogs
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "The Total Drama Chainsaw Massacre"
Place 20th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends Nia, Evan.
Enemies Tobi.
Fear Factories
Talent Wrestling.

Total Drama Forest

In chapter one Mary was angered by George, who called her Big the Cat, and she chased him around the boat.

In chapter Mary questioned the second intro Chris did, and attempted to help make the food with Evan

In chapter three Mary laughed at the Bears after their elimination ceremony, and got into an arguement with Tobi She began to feel bad about it later and asked Evan if she was being too harsh. She then formed an alliance with Evan and George (TDF), but she was not able to save George, and he was voted out.

Mary doesn't do anything in episode four. In episode five, she joined G.oddess's alliance. She was eliminated due to being part of said alliance in episode six.


  • Mary was the fifth person voted out and recieved two marshmallows
  • Mary was originally a much bigger character: she made the finals in some drafts
  • Mary originally knew Kelly from outside the game, but I never really got to do anything with it due to Mary being an early boot.
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