Matt Tollin
Killer Bass (had he been accepted into Total Drama Island)
Matt TDI
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Episode Eliminated "He was rejected from Total Drama Island, so was never eliminated, but he didn't win either."
Place Was rejected from the show.
Relationship Gwen
Family Mom, Unseen Dad, Sister named Alexandra.
Friends All Total Drama Island/Action characters except Heather, Justin, Trent and Courtney, Zane, Sorrel, Natasha, Roger, Sunshine the Ravioli Pixie Doug (Debatable) Nalyd Renrut
Enemies Heather, Justin, Courtney, Trent
Fear His sister, Alexandra.
Talent Singing, Dodge Ball, (Debatable) Writing and drawing.
Counterpart Cody, Ezekiel, Trent (REALLY debatable!)

Matt is the main character from My Totally Dramatic Life. He is actually based off his creator, Ezekielguy. In fact, he IS him.


Zen master of voice and guitar, this pretty boy is worshiped by autograph hungry fans. He hardly ever talks. He's a talented singer, guitarist, author and artist. He is known through out the nation as the Zen prince of guitar and voice. Chased all day by fan girls, autograph hounds and scheming producers, He tries to make the best of his life. Matt's enthusiasm and love for his friends has gotten him a lot of places! The grammys, the big screen, and the best Mexican restaurants! Mm mm mm! Matt is also in Total Drama Insanity. Graffiti Master and Taxidermy expert.

Life as a hippie

Although he was not mentioned in Sunshine's story, Matt's friendship with her and Nalyd goes way back to the swingin' sixties. This was when Matt helped his dear friends fight for caterpillar rights. He attended the most popular Rock Fesitvals with them and shared his best moments with them. They stand as his best friends.

Meeting Pig

Matt and Pig do everything together. They met like this: Matt was drawing comics on his desk, when suddenly, The Grim Reaper appeared in his room and told him that it was his time. Matt misplaced the reaper for the pizza guy and asked where the pizza was. The reaper explained and Matt seemed to understand. Matt asked if there was anyway he could live longer. The reaper offered him an "Idiot hog" Who annoyed him through the week without doubt. When Matt asked about Pig, he was told that Pig was magic. He excepted the offer and called out the door, "Bye, Death!"

Hippie Matt

Matt as a hippie.

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