Popular Pandas
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Possibly flirting
Talent Knowledge

Matthew, labeled The Intelligent Introvert, is a contestant on Total Drama: South Pacific.


Name (Age): Matthew (17)
Team: Popular Pandas
Label: The Intelligent Introvert
Job/Hobby: Most of my free time goes towards hitting the books and studying. Being in University before most people my age graduate high school is high stress.
City: Quebec City, Quebec
1-Sentence Background: My entire life has been brains over brawn, and generally brains over beauty too.
How pumped are you for Total Drama?: I really want this chance to get to know a bunch of randoms who are actually my age. I love the concept of Total Drama. It's such an incredibly social game. Perfect for my brain.
Reason for Applying: Because I think I can do really well. I have a bit more knowledge of everything because I study at a higher level.
Greatest Fear: It's gotta be being alone with a girl. I'm horrible at flirting, let alone general socialization.
Favorite Previous Total Drama Contestant: B. He kept quiet but still managed to be one of the biggest threats and game players. That's probably what I'm gonna end up doing.
Why You're Gonna Win: I'm always thinking and reading people. Being quiet a lot gets you to be observant. It works really well in social environments.
Anything else?: I'm not as boring as I make it look in this bio. I do have personality, and you'll probably see that in confessionals.


  • Matthew's image was drawn by and used with permission from Bruno. Thanks, Bruno!
  • Matthew is one of the characters who was created during the large revamp between the story being called Desert Oasis and South Pacific.
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