Maurice, labeled as The Mime, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Silver Screens
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Mayan Mania"
Place Eighteenth
Friends Garret
Enemies Sue
Fear Tigers
Talent Miming


Maurice's parents were both mimes, and from the moment he was born, they encouraged him into becoming a mime. He didn't especially like it, at first, but then he found out how much he loved it. He puts on shows with his parents every other Thursday at a local McDonalds. He is shunned by other children his age because he doesn't talk, ever, not because he doesn't want to, but because he can't. His parents never spoke when he was very young, so he never picked up a language. He joined to hopefully meet some new people that won't shun him for being mute.


  • Maurice was one of the characters that was created at the beginning, and not replaced with a different character.
  • Maurice was, originally, going to be able to talk, just not want to. This was scrapped for the more interesting idea of him not being able to talk.
  • Maurice was named Maurice because it seemed as though it was a stereotypical French name, and mimes are often associated with the French.
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