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Maya is a contestant on Total Drama Insanity.

Shouting Spiders
Gender female
Hair color Brown/Blue
Episode Eliminated "there can only be one champion"
Place 2nd
Relationship Tyler
Family TBA
Friends Sammie, Eva, Tyler, Spense, DJ, Noah, Julie
Enemies None
Fear TBA
Talent TBA


Once upon a time, Maya was a goth girl. Loner, all black, pessimistic, but then her best black shirt got hit with blue and red paint. She saw herself in those colors in the mirror, and quit being a goth. Maya still enjoys her privacy at times, and hated people who invade personal space, but she's also optimistic, friendly, everything someone would want in a friend. However, Maya's former goth status still haunts her, much to her displeasure. Maya joined TDIn to put her past behind her and meet friends who have no idea of her former goth status.

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