Deadly Dancers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Your voice is like a gentle rainshower on a weak roof."
Place 18th
Relationship None
Family TBA
Friends Kaite
Enemies TBA
Fear Bankruptcy
Talent General survival skills

Melanie, labeled as The C.I.T., is a contestant on Total Drama Culture.


Melanie is the youngest of two children. Melanie's older brother Graham is the most popular kid in the school, and Melanie is simply seen as "the little sister". When she entered sixth grade, Melanie began experiencing major self-doubt. However, she went to a camp up north to lift her spirits after a particularly miserable grade 7. She loved it, and spent a big portion of grade 8 waiting for camp to come around again. Unfotunately, she was now too old, and could only become a counselor-in-training. She accepted, and had a great summer. She learned how to be patient and friendly towards children, and how to influence others her age. She enrolled in Total Drama Culture in the springtime to see if her C.I.T. skills could get her somewhere.

Melanie joined Total Drama Culture to make friends, and for the money.


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