Molting Eagles

Melissa For Rhonda.png

Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "School Of Four"
Place 4th
Relationship Aiden
Family Mother, Father, sister
Friends Aiden, Cynthia, Hayden, Vance, Weston, Easton, Xidorn, Ness, Lita, Jasper, Frannie,
Enemies Rhonda, Diamonique (maybe), Kalino, Tessa, Riley,
Fear Platypuses
Talent Baking

Melissa, labeled The Sweetheart, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. She is a member of the Molting Eagles.


Melissa’s parents homeschooled her for most of her early years, teaching her subjects, religion and life lessons. Melissa took these lessons to heart and tries to live through them each day.

Melissa regularly volunteers at animal shelters, retirement homes and soup kitchens. She often participates in charity events and ran many in her small hometown. As of last week however, her father’s job transfer moved Melissa to Washington, D.C. While sad to leave her friends, Melissa is excited to be living in her nation’s capital and see the American system at work.

Originally, someone else was cast for the show but they and the alternates were unavailable. While sightseeing, Melissa helped out someone in production when they dropped some papers, who offered Melissa a spot after discovering she was a local. After hearing the person's story and wiping her tears, Melissa agreed.

Melissa hasn’t watched a lot of reality shows but believes she has a good chance of winning, because a little kindness can go along way. If Melissa wins she’ll use the money to allow her parents to retire early, pay for college and then divide the rest up for various charities.

Total Drama Genesis

Melissa arrived at the subway station, taking the stairs. Apologizing for being late, she offered everyone homemade snicker doodles. Melissa revealed she had just moved to Washington and was recruited to the show soon after, filling a vacant spot. She wasn't familiar with how reality shows like this worked. It showed early on, her struggling with voting off her teammates.

Audition Tape


  • Melissa was the eleventh eliminated at the merge, eleventh and final member of the Molting Eagles and nineteenth eliminated overall. She received fifteen cups of coffee.

What Baking Can Do-1

Melissa's theme song, "What Baking Can Do" sung by Jessie Mueller from the musical Waitress. Recommended by Denise.

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