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Michael (Radi)
Killer Sharks
Team Vordak and the Generally Awesome
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDW: The Ugly Truth
Place TDW: 3rd
Relationship Maria, Bianca (broken up), Rena (one-sided on his side)
Friends Maria, Mounzer, Miranda, Moose, 7-Up, Duncan
Enemies Mr. Dunn, Rasul, Duke, The Wonderful Wozard, Billy Badonka, EJ, Jamie, Eric, Irene, Kyle, Rena (one-sided on her side), Brandon, Adam, Tanya
Quote1 You trust me? That's about to end.Quote2
—Michael [src]

Michael, labeled The Ladies' Man, qualified for Total Drama Woods and is on the Killer Sharks. He is the main antagonist. Later, he qualified for Total Drama Wiki Project and is on the Team Vordak and the Generally Awesome. He is also based off the user, Radical M, and is featured in more of his fanfics.


The Life of Michael

Michael wins a trip to New York City to meet the cast of Total Drama. He invites Maria, Mounzer, Moose, and Miranda. Michael is glad to meet Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, and Harold. He chooses to go with Duncan and Maria to Richmond Tech. He ends up getting a Richpod, an Air Drone, a digital picture frame, and a tracking chip. Michael runs from the cops when it is revealed the stuff is not paid for, but he is caught along with his two friends. He, along with Maria, is charged with six months in prison.

With their one phone call, Michael wants to call Courtney and convinces the other two. While waiting for Courtney, Michael listens through the wall and hears about two guys who are going to break out. When the police refuse to let them out, Michael tells Mounzer to steal the Richmond bag from the warden's office. When Mounzer blows them out, Michael attaches a tracking chip to the person in the cell next to them.

Michael tells the other four that if they catch the other two than they will be released from prison. They follow the two and saw them getting a bomb and shotguns. Michael goes to Moose for help and trades him the picture frame for a bottle of champagne. He uses the champagne to knock out Duke and Rasul and question them. He, along with the other four, run toward the Nintendo World Store and escape the cops once again.

Michael reveals that he won wall walkers from the contest and gives them to Mounzer so that he can scale the wall. Michael and the other three finally get inside and meet Gwen and EJ. Michael talks to Mounzer as he scales the wall. Later, when Mounzer reaches the top but can't fit through the hatch, Michael reminds him of the Air Drone, which he successfully uses to cut the wire and deactivate the bomb. Michael is let off the hook for stealing from Richmond Tech.

Total Drama Woods

Michael was the eighth camper to arrive on the island. He lived in New York for most of his life, but moved to Texas in the last year. He gets all the girls at his schools, which is why he is upset when everyone falls over Kyle. He joined Total Drama Woods so he could someday become a famous movie star.

In Here and Now?, he automatically gets on many campers's nerves. When they get on the plane, Michael pushes Eric off the plane and then jumps. Once the challenge is over and and the Killer Sharks are about to go vote, Michael forms an alliance with Jamie, which causes Irene's elimination.

In Fame Is the Name of the Game, Michael holds the auditions for the Killer Sharks. He chooses 7-Up, Bianca, and Vivian. When Bianca throws up, Michael blames the Screaming Beavers and tells Jamie to sabotage Derek's food.

In Canoewrecked, Michael is partnered with Eric. He mocks him the entire time. Eric yells at Michael when he throws the green canoe into the forest, but Michael ignores him. Brandon and Derek run over him with their canoe, which makes him angry. Later, when Michael and Eric are ahead in the water, Michael yells at Eric to paddle faster. Eric stands up in the canoe and it tips over. Michael is in the bottom 2, but Eric is eliminated.

In The Gold Meddle, Michael begins to get annoyed by the fact that the girls aren't falling for him. He tries to win over Rena, but needs to get rid of Brandon. He is given a paintball gun during the basketball challenge and shoots Faith at the end so that she falls downhill. Later, Brandon asks Michael how to get Rena to notice him and Michael says that he should be more assertive, but then Michael kisses Rena in front of him.

In Cirque de Stupide, Rena is upset about Michael kissing her. During the pie challenge, Michael refuses to let Adam compete because he doesn't trust him anymore. Rena chooses to throw pies at him and succeeds at hitting him right in the face three times in a row. Later, Michael competes in the ball challenge and beats Faith. Later, Michael gets mad when Adam cheers on Tanya during the unicycle challenge. He cuts Tanya's rope, but Adam tackles him and they fight. Michael tells Adam off, but Rena defended him.

In Jeopardy!, Michael says he will be watching Adam like a hawk. Michael had to dress up like Tinker Bell. Michael is upset that Adam is throwing the bananas during the challenge. Michael passes Tanya in her diaper and insults her, then smacks her on the butt. Michael tells Jamie to keep an eye on Adam. When Tanya can't find her clothes, she blames Michael and confronts him when she gets back. Michael denies it. Then Michael spins the Wheel of Help for the Killer Sharks, but lands on a red X. Michael, along with Jamie, Adam, and 7-Up, compete in the trivia show challenge. Michael is the last Shark left, but is eliminated. Michael convinces his team to vote off Adam. He is in the bottom 2, but Adam is eliminated.

In The Lakeside Story, Michael picks on Tanya and she dumps soup on his head, which makes him angry. Michael thinks it's unfair that the Beavers get a giant hut, while they get nothing. Michael stayed with Bianca and Jamie and built shelter, but failed. Ironically, Michael tries to lift the spirits of his team. When it starts raining, everyone except him and Carol leaves for camp. After sleeping out in the rain, Carol leaves the next morning. After coming back from bathing in the lake, Michael finds his clothes missing and blames Tanya. He goes into the hut where the girls are, but doesn't get his clothes back. He makes his own skirt out of grass. Later, Michael tries to hit on Oprah, but fails. He at least tells her that he agrees with her instead of Harpo. Michael wins for the Killer Sharks. Later, Michael and Tanya call a truce and give each other their clothes back.

In Brick by Brick, Michael doesn't talk.

In Across the Facts, Michael gets annoyed by Jamie's stupidity through the whole episode. When they reach the cliff, Jamie doesn't want to jump and Michael gets angry. Michael pushed Jamie off the cliff and jumped.

In Sweet Baby Jamie, Tanya puts Michael in a diaper to get revenge on Michael. Michael tries to slow down the Beavers, but fails. Tanya tells Michael that she's going to get even better revenge. Michael tells Jamie to pick Tanya for a diaper, but Jamie picks Kyle. Later, Michael and 7-Up have to pick up Tanya in a baby swing. After the Beavers won, Michael tells Jamie to vote off Carol, but Jamie thinks they should vote off Bianca. Jamie refuses to vote for Carol and is kicked out of the alliance. Michael is in the bottom 2, but Carol is eliminated. Later, Tanya and Rena tied Michael's diaper to the flagpole and wrote "Baby" on his chest.

In An Olympic Quintathalon, Chris walked by the flagpole, but does not get Michael down. Michael says that there is a list of people he doesn't like and Chris, Jamie, and Tanya are at the top of the list. The Killer Sharks wonder where Michael is and get him down from the flagpole. Michael tells Jamie that she will be eliminated next. Michael is chosen to run. Michael and Bianca had to teach Jamie how to ride a bike. Michael sabotages his own team by putting a stick in Jamie's bike. Jamie can't start the bike during the race and the Sharks lose. Michael is in the bottom 2, but Jamie is eliminated.

In The Empty Bathroom Stall, Michael likes to see Tanya and Bianca having a cat fight, until it turns into an all-out brawl. During the challenge, Michael sneaks into the girls bathroom and switches Tanya's shampoo with super glue. Michael tries to tell Oscar not to take a shower, but he does anyway. They end up losing the challenge because of it.

In Afraid to Merge...NOT!, Michael tries to lift the spirits of his team, but fails. Michael is upset to hear of Vivian's return and even more upset to hear of Adam's. Later, Michael tries to face his fear of bugs, but fails and gets stung by bees. When Ernest is facing his fear of needles, he knocks it away and it lands in Michael's eye. He is taken to the infirmary and given and eyepatch. When Adam is facing his fear, Michael scares him to make him lose.

In Here Comes the Ton, 7-Up convinces Michael that Bianca has a crush on him. Michael ran next to Bianca during the challenge. When Bianca's bra gets ripped off, Michael gives Bianca his shirt. At the end, it is down to Michael and Kyle. Michael throws his cube at Kyle and wins invincibility.

In A Night in Paris, Michael is angry to be woken up so early in the morning. Michael is upset when Bianca chooses Kyle over him. Rena was forced to pick Michael when she had to choose between him and Ernest. Michael and Rena decide not to talk to each other when Michael wants to spy on Kyle and Bianca. For the song challenge, Michael played his guitar and sang well for Rena, causing her to fall in love with him. Michael and Rena make it past the carrying challenge and to the tunnel of love. Rena admits her love for Michael and Michael uses this to make Bianca jealous. Michael and Rena win invincibility.

In The Michael of The Labyrinth, Michael is still tired from the last challenge. Michael continues to use Rena to make Bianca jealous and it starts to work. Michael and Rena went down one path, followed closely by Bianca and Ernest. Later, when Bianca gets mad at Michael, Michael reveals he was using Rena. Rena gets mad and reminds herself of what a jerk Michael is. Michael and Bianca reach the door and Michael wins invincibility. Michael reveals he forgot to close the door and the whole maze is flooded.

In Total Drama Kart, Michael starts getting confused by Bianca, and wonders if she likes him or not. While building his kart, Michael tries to start conversation with Bianca, but she ignores him. During the race, Michael dodges Ernest's oil and throws him out of his kart. Michael and Rena rammed into each other and Michael won invincibility.

In The Devil is Bianca, Michael tried to talk to Bianca, but when he asks why she got jealous of him and Rena, she leaves. For the fashion challenge, Michael and Adam fought over a jacket and ripped it. Michael warned Adam to stay out of his way. Michael wore a leather jacket, jeans, and sunglasses for the challenge. When Bianca ran away crying, Michael ran after her. She reveals that she does like him, but can't be with him due to her modeling career. They kiss, but she warns him not to tell anyone and he promises. At the elimination ceremony, he and Bianca are in the bottom 2. Although Michael seems shocked at first, he pretends not to care when Bianca is eliminated.

In Home Is Where The Dart Is, Michael, along with the other campers, is granted extra sleep for making it to the final five. Michael finds it annoying that Adam gets treated the same as them, when he was eliminated previously. During the first round, Michael barely hits the dartboard and uses the excuse that his eyepatch messed him up. Michael sabotaged Adam during the second round, causing him to hit Rena in the face with a dart. When Michael cut Rena's rope, she fell and hit her head on a rock, causing her to go loopy. In the third challenge, Michael jumped out of the plane and stabbed the target. He then took control of the plane and caused Adam to miss. When Michael loses invincibility to Tanya, he packs his bags and gets ready to leave. He is in the bottom 2, but much to his surprise, Adam is eliminated.

In Bear Prudence, Michael mocks Rena for accidentally voting off Rena. Michael thinks of not participating in the challenge, because it is a reward one, but decides to as he thinks it will assure his invincibility in the next elimination. 7-Up offers to help Michael catch the bear, as long as he gets half of Michael's prize money if he wins. Michael gets annoyed when the girls ruin their chances at getting the reward, and cause 7-Up to get dragged away by a bear in the process. Michael and 7-Up make a hole for the bear to fall into it. When the bear stands on it, it doesn't fall. Michael tests it and falls into the hole. When the bear runs up to them, Michael climbs a tree, but 7-Up gets stuck in a rope. Michael uses 7-Up as bait, and threatens him to end the deal between them in exchange for his life. 7-Up agrees and Michael saves him, getting the reward in the process. Michael opens it and finds out it is a piece of paper describing all of the eliminated contestants.

In Destination Playa des Losers, Michael isn't worried because o the reward from the last challenge. He pretends to be worried to the girls because they don't know about the list. When they arrive, Bianca acts mad and tackles Michael into a bush, but they start making out instead. Michael tricks some contestants into voting for Rena instead of him, by promising them stuff they want. Rena is eliminated instead of Michael and Michael admits he's buying them nothing with the prize money.

In The Ugly Truth, Michael admits he is not surprised to have made it this far. He says once he has the money, everything in life will be handed to him. In the lie detector, he admits he has worn a diaper before the competition, but once he is out, he says it was when he was a baby. When 7-Up admits he kissed Bianca, Michael gets angry, but 7-Up explains it was an accident. Once he is back in the lie detector, Michael admits that Jamie has the potential to be smart. When Michael is hooked back into the lie detector, he says that he was popular with the girls at his school. Tanya asks him more questions while he's in the chair, but Michael says it's unfair. Chris doesn't want to unstrap him and Michael admits he had three girlfriends before coming onto the island. After 7-Up's solemn confession that he lip-synced before, Michael promises he may chip in for 7-Up's record deal if he wins. When Michael is put back in the lie detector and asked if he had kissed Bianca, he refuses to answer and is eliminated.

In A Race Through the Ages, Michael was on 7-Up's side. When 7-Up talks in the confessional about meeting Muhammad Ali, Michael shouts that he is dead from outside the confessional. Michael talks to Bianca at the finish line. They decide to forgive each other for their accidents and kiss.

In Steal or No Steal, Michael decides to help 7-Up guard the cases for no profit. Secretly, he plans to use Eric to steal the cases later. Later, Michael convinces the other three to hide the cases and come back for them later. They ditch the cases and run. It is revealed that Michael and Bianca are not over each other's faults and begin to argue. 7-Up and Bianca and Michael and Eric separate. Michael and Eric take the cases from the hiding spot, but Faith notices them. A few groups surround him and Eric at the cliff. Michael threw Eric at Rena's helicopter to defend himself, but he just fell in the water. Bianca showed up and tackled him into the water, but then started kissing him and they forgive each other. Sadly, Michael accidentally lost the cases in the water and other groups got them. Michael was chosen for the second season.

Michael Meets Nalyd and Reddude

Michael is insulted when Mounzer says his stories aren't good, and is further disappointed when his latest entry receives no comments. He decides he wants Nalyd's help writing stories and is determined to meet him. Michael meets Maria and Mounzer at the airport and fly to England to find Nalyd. Upon arriving, Michael admits that he has no idea where in England Nalyd actually is. The three meet up with Mr. Dunn, who is on vacation and heading towards his date's house, and hitch a ride in his taxi. Michael asks about Mr. Dunn's date and after showing him a picture of her, Michael tells him the picture is a fake and it is actually Victoria Beckham. The group arrives at Mr. Dunn's date's house, where Michael is forced to pay the taxi fare. They find out that Mr. Dunn's date is an elderly woman, who turns out to be Nanny Renrut. Michael asks if Nalyd is there and the two meet. Michael asks for help on his stories, but Nalyd says he has no advice to get people to look at his stories, unless they search for the Secret of the Wiki, an alien invention that would make any wiki page popular. Nalyd advises against it though, saying it would be too dangerous. Michael ignores this warning and follows the first clue to the Tower of London. The group arrives and tazes the guards of the Jewel House, so that they can get inside to the Crown Jewels. Michael lifts up the Imperial State Crown and finds the clue, but sets off a booby trap in the process. The whole place begins to collapse, but Michael heads into the White Tower to find the next clue anyway, with Nalyd following right behind him. Michael placed the crown in an indent and turned it to reveal that they could find the next clue at "the alien's secret monument if you have the secret code." Michael and Nalyd escape just as the building falls down. After the group discusses where they might find the code, Nalyd says that Reddude may have it. Nalyd leads the group to Reddude, who reveals that the alien's secret monument is Stonehenge, which was built by aliens to hold the Secret of the Wiki. After getting to know Reddude and his brothers, Michael is convinced that they are aliens and convinces Nalyd that they are. The two plot to have Reddude take them to the Secret and then take him down there. Michael, Nalyd, and Reddude arrive at Stonehenge and Reddude opens the door using the code. Michael and Nalyd attack Reddude, but Reddude ends up taking them both down. Reddude admits that he's not an alien, but he did make the Secret of the Wiki. Michael then finds out that the Secret of the Wiki is just a slip of paper that says "Write better stories." Michael is upset by this news, but Reddude assures him that patience and hard work will make his stories popular.

The Adventures of Cobra Man

Michael struggles between taking Samantha or Panama to the school dance. The next day, when visiting the Houston Zoo with Mounzer, Michael suggests even taking Maria. After asking God for a sign, he is bitten by a snake and sent to the hospital. Upon coming to, Michael claims he feels fine and has even gained athletic prowess. He realizes he also has powers such as snake venom and being able to swing on his tongue. Michael decides to become a superhero and makes Mounzer his sidekick. The next day, Michael hears a scream when he's with Maria and goes off towards it. Michael saves Panama from a gang of robbers as Cobra Man, along with Mounzer, who is Frog Lad. He returns to Maria and tells her about Cobra Man, spreading the word. Later that night while Cobra Man is protecting the city, he is attacked by the Wonderful Wozard, who promises not to kill him if he and Frog Lad never show up ever again. The next day, Michael and Mounzer hear a news report that says that Maria was kidnapped by the Wonderful Wozard and taken to Billy Badonka's chocolate factory. The two decide to come back as superheroes and head towards the chocolate factory. After a long battle with the Wozard, Cobra Man and Frog Lad save Maria and Billy Badonka before the Richwand blows up the factory. Badonka blames Cobra Man for the explosion and he tries to flee, but Maria stops him to thank him and the two kiss. Michael reads a headline the next day saying that Cobra Man was the one to blow up the chocolate factory. Maria claims that it wasn't true and shows them the picture of her kissing Cobra Man to prove she was there. Michael chickens out of asking Maria to the dance when she is interested in finding Cobra Man. Later, Michael saves Panama as Cobra Man and the two kiss, breaking Maria's heart. The Wozard kidnaps Maria and Panama and Cobra Man decides to save them. Cobra Man arrives while the two girls are suspended over a bridge. The Wozard drops them both and Cobra Man saves Maria, proving his true love for her. Cobra Man then save Panama, but was caught in the Richwand's tractor beam before landing on the bridge. After Frog Lad saved them, the Richwand blew up the bridge, causing Cobra Man, Frog Lad, Maria, and Panama to cling to the side. Cobra Man threw the girls to safety before being smashed into the bridge by the Wozard. The bridge fell on top of the two and they battled underwater until Cobra Man killed the Wonderful Wozard. He found out that the Wozard was Donald Crane, President of Richmond Tech. He takes Donald to his own house where Samantha finds them and realizes that Cobra Man killed him. She tries to pull a knife on him, but he flees. Later at the school dance, Mounzer suggests Michael ask Maria to dance, but Michael decides not to. Mounzer then suggests sucking the venom out of his blood stream, removing his powers, and Michael agrees.

Michael's Christmas Wish

Michael saw both 7-Up and Bianca on TV three days before Christmas and became upset because they had gained fame from Total Drama Woods and he hadn't. Maria visits him and gives him a present and he promises that he will get her a gift too. Michael explains to Maria why she was upset and then wishes that everyone knew him and looked up to him. At that moment, a giant gust of wind blew into the house. Later that night, Michael wakes up and tells Miranda to meet him at the airport. Michael explains to her later that he is going to go visit Bianca in Barcelona. He video chats with Moose on the airplane and told him to inform Maria that he left. Moose said that Maria would be upset, but Michael didn't care. The airplane suddenly crashed and Michael saw two figures before he went unconscious. When Michael wakes up, he finds himself in a tiny house in a winter wonderland. He meets Pinball, an elf who claims he works for Santa Claus. Michael claims Santa isn't real, but Pinball takes Michael to him. Santa explains that Michael was placed on the naughty list, but promises to take him off if he works as an elf until Christmas Day, which he agrees to. Pinball assigns Michael to Naughty and Nice duty, which takes 24 hours. When he finishes, he realizes Santa is about to leave on his delivery. Unfortunately, one of Michael's buttons pops off and hits Santa, knocking him out. As the other elves go to help Santa, Michael steals Santa's sleigh and escapes. Pinball tags along though and attacks Michael. Michael explains that he needs to get out of the North Pole. Pinball tells him that Santa will keep him on the naughty list, but Michael said that he switched himself onto the nice list when he was working on the list. However, Pinball convinces Michael to deliver the presents. The two arrive in Houston and realize they only have 10 minutes to deliver presents to the entire Western Hemisphere. Michael comes up with a plan to save Christmas and dives through a chimney into Maria's house. Maria woke up and is glad to see Michael alive, but then gets mad that he ditched her for Bianca. Michael explains that he just wanted to do something important and suddenly realizes that Santa granted his wish by letting him be Santa Claus. He puts Maria to sleep with magic dust and kisses her on the lips before leaving. Michael starts running and calls Moose, who is at the Green Day concert. He tells Moose to turn the Steelyex Amplifier X up to 15. The band strums the first chord as the clock strikes midnight and Michael throws his magic dust. Michael wakes up in the hospital and realizes that the amp blew the magic dust all over the Western Hemisphere, giving everyone there presents. Maria assures him that everyone will know his name someday. He returns home and finds Pinball with a letter from Santa, saying that despite everything Michael did, he is worthy for the nice list for saving Christmas. Michael wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Michael Travels Through Time

After being called to Mounzer's house, Michael runs over and discovers that Mounzer created a time machine that his great great grandfather started. Michael is excited to use it, but Mounzer said it is too dangerous to use in their lifetime. Michael complains, but Mounzer continues to list the many risks of time travelling. Michael asks why Mounzer told him about it and Mounzer states that he trusts Michael, but Michael says that his trust will end soon.

That night, Mounzer finds Michael attempting to escape in the time machine. Michael says he wants to go back to Total Drama Woods and convince himself not to quit for Bianca, so that he wins the competition. Mounzer reluctantly agrees to this and the two head back in time. They arrive at past Camp Wawanakwa and Michael runs off in search of his past self. Mounzer accidentally runs into Tanya and lies, saying he is an intern. He uses the same lie when he runs into Chris and Chris has him test out tomorrow's challenge. Michael finds himself and tells him to reveal Bianca's secret in tomorrow's challenge. Michael meets Mounzer testing out the lie detector for Chris and the two return to the present. When they arrive back, they realize they are in a mansion and they figure out that Michael won Total Drama Woods and spent the prize money on the mansion. However, he ran out of money soon afterwards, so he has to model adult diapers to make money. After the photo shoot, Michael and Mounzer spot three attractive girls mocking an ugly girl. When they get closer, they realize that the mean girls are Maria, Miranda, and Sevelina (7-Up) and that the ugly girl is Bianca. The two decide that they screwed the present up too much and they go back to fix it. Michael tackles what he thinks is the time-travelling Michael, but accidentally tackles the Michael from the past. Michael then goes back twice, once to stop the correct Michael and another to stop himself from tackling the wrong Michael. The two return to the present and everything appears normal, until they realize everyone is wearing adult diapers. Michael claims that it's close enough to the original.

A few days later, Michael is looking at the new Nintendo 3DS that he wants to buy, but Mounzer points out that it is two hundred and fifty dollars, which Michael can't afford. Michael thinks they should go back in time to the era of pirates and find Blackbeard's treasure to use it to pay for the 3DS. Mounzer says no, but Michael finally convinces him. The two use the time machine, but accidentally end up in the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Michael changes his plan and decides to go after the Holy Grail. The two steal some knights' armor for disguises and are confused by King Arthur himself to be the knights, Sir Gawain and Sir Galahad. He tells them that they have been chosen to search for the Holy Grail. Michael accidentally shows King Arthur his iPod, which King Arthur confuses for magic music box. The three arrive by a boat, which will take them to Avalon. A courtesan, Patsy, says she wants to kiss Michael for payment, which he gladly does. On the ride, King Arthur explains to Mounzer that the Holy Grail can only be touched by one with a pure spirit. Mounzer asks who is supposed to touch the Grail and King Arthur claims that it is him, which worries Mounzer because he is afraid that Sir Galahad is supposed to touch it. The three arrive at Avalon and King Arthur instructs the two to find the Lady of the Lake. The two arrive and see the Lady of the Lake. Michael says he sees her as Bianca, but really sees her as Maria, his true love. The Lady of the Lake tells them that she knows they're from the future. Mounzer explains his worries and the Lady of the Lake explains that Mounzer is the Sir Galahad from legend who touched the Grail, and that he is destined to go down in legend instead of the real Sir Galahad. The Lady of the Lake gives Mounzer a sword named Kurai Yaiba to use in battle. When Michael asks for his weapon, the Lady of the Lake gives him a wooden stick. The two return to King Arthur, who claims that Mordred is approaching for battle. The three hide in a cave from Mordred, when Michael accidentally sits on the Holy Grail. Mounzer goes to pick it up, but he was attacked by Mordred. Before Mordred killed Mounzer, Michael stabbed him with his wooden stick. Mounzer picks up the Holy Grail and sees a vision of Heaven. The two return to the present where Michael plans to sell the Holy Grail. Mounzer worries that they made changes and Michael finds out that the iPod was invented in the 6th century, but everything else appears normal.

Later, Michael gets a test back with a 60, but Michael claims that he got everything right except for an essay question on Billy the Kid. Michael plans to go back in time and kill Billy the Kid so that the essay question doesn't appear on the test and he'll have a perfect grade. Mounzer refuses to go back in time, but Michael reveals he used the time machine to get back an unpublished third grade photo of Mounzer in girl's clothes, which he uses to blackmail Mounzer to take him to the Wild West. The time machine landed in an Old West prisoner transport, being pulled by a horse, but Mounzer used Kurai Yaiba to cut the bars and escape. Michael scares two cowboys, telling them that they're from the future, and steals their clothes to pose as cowboys. They enter a bar and meet Davy, the bartender. After Michael asks Davy about Billy the Kid, the entire bar goes silent. The bar becomes shocked when Michael claims he wants to kill Billy the Kid and Michael starts to show off, claiming he is not afraid of him. At that moment, Billy the Kid enters the bar. Billy the Kid then challenges Michael to a shoot-out at high noon. Michael meets a bar dancer named Polene and starts making out with her instead of getting ready. Later at high noon, Michael realizes he's wasted all his time and hides from Billy the Kid. Billy the Kid asks Davy where Michael is, and when he refuses to tell him, Billy pulls a gun on him. Mounzer hits Billy the Kid with a bottle of beer and a bar fight ensues. Billy the Kid points a gun to a girl, who Michael realizes must be the ancestor of Maria. He walks out of the bar with the gun still up to her. Michael catches Billy the Kid tying her to the train tracks. Billy the Kid points the gun at her, but Michael convinces him to fight like a real man. The shoot-out ends with Michael killing Billy the Kid. Michael unties the girl just as the train comes by. The girl, whose name is Andrea, thanks Michael and offers a reward. When Michael asks for the prison keys to get the time machine, Andrea gives them to him, saying that her husband is the sheriff. Michael and Mounzer get the time machine and return to the present. Michael points out that his test now has a 100, but Mounzer still says that they can never use the time machine again. Michael then holds up the keys to the prison, which means that all the criminals in the past will have no place to be locked up. He says he will return them once Mounzer lets him use the time machine again.

Mounzer still refuses to take Michael anywhere, but then they realize that taking the keys has resulted in a world full of crime. Mounzer pushes Michael into the time machine and starts typing in the date to return the keys, but Michael hits him against the controls and the time machine appears in the Cretaceous Period. Mounzer says there is no power to send them back to the present and that they are going to die. Michael comes up with an idea to build a lightning rod to get power, but is quickly snatched away by a pterodactyl. After sliding down from the pterodactyl's nest, Michael comes face-to-face with a T-Rex. He runs away from it and ends up in a cave where he notices the lightning and realizes that he needs to get back to the time machine quickly. Michael rides a Woolungasaurus underwater and begins being chased by a Kronosaurus. Michael jumps off just as the Kronosaurus eats the Woolungasaurus and he swims to the top of the lake. At the top of the lake, Michael finds Mounzer who says that he finished the lightning rod. The two climb in the time machine and wait, but nothing happens. Michael tells Mounzer to check the lightning rod and just as he does, lightning strikes, sending the time machine back to the present. Michael convinces Mounzer to take him to one last place and then he'll return the keys. They go in the time machine and it disappears.

The time machine appears in the 1960's. Mounzer asks why Michael wanted to go here and Michael says that he just wants to look around. Michael finds a poster for the Woodstock Festival and convinces Mounzer to go with him. When they arrive at the concert, Michael and Mounzer meet a group of three hippies named Moss, Rainbow, and Liberty. Jimi Hendrix comes on stage and Michael insists on getting backstage to meet him, which Mounzer reluctantly agrees to. Michael meets him backstage, where he tells him that if he doesn't hang out with him and Mounzer the timeline will be destroyed. Jimi decides to take them to a club. Michael and Mounzer are intimidated by Jimi's drinking and women problems and decide to leave. Before they leave, Jimi tells them about the location of The Beatles's album cover shoot and Michael says that they should go. The two time travel to the next day and meet the Beatles, who are a little less enthusiastic to meet them. Michael is still glad to meet them and they return to the present. The next day, Michael shows up at Mounzer's house to show him the new cover of Abbey Road, which now had him in the background. Mounzer says they have to go back and change it, but Michael convinces him that it won't change anything. Michael then sincerely thanks Mounzer for taking him, because it meant a lot to him. Mounzer then invites him to go in the time machine one more time with him, and Michael agrees.

The two walked in the time machine and Mounzer announced that they are going into the future, which makes Michael stoked. When they arrive, they see that it is an apocalyptic wasteland. After they walked a few miles, they found a golden palace in the middle of nowhere and they walked inside. They entered the throne room and saw a young man sitting on the throne with an army of robots. Michael accidentally tells the young man that they are from the past and the man has the robots capture them so he can question them about the time travel. The young man reveals himself as Vladmir Dunn, the son of Mr. Dunn. He explains how he conquered the world with his robot army, either killing or imprisoning everyone. He also explains how he put Mounzer's brain into 7-Up's body, only allowing ideas for new inventions to pass through. He then instructs 7-Up to start working on Mounzer's time machine idea. Vladimir says that he will use the time machines to take his robot army to go to the past and take over the world before he previously did so that he can have a longer ruling. Vladimir instructs the robots to kill the two of them, but they are save by a ripped guy and a hot woman in a gladiator outfit. The ripped guy reveals himself as Michael from the future and the hot chick as Maria. He explains that a few humans escaped Vladimir's wrath and formed the Rebellion. The future Michael says that they should meet up with the Rebellion to stop the robot army from returning to the past. The four meet with the Rebellion and Moose gives them a super weapon that will create a huge explosion, along with a laser gun for each of them. The four return to the present, just as the robot army appeared. The four started firing lasers at the robot army in an attempt to stop them. The future Michael attempts to create the explosion, but is shot and killed by Vladimir. Mounzer apologizes for convincing Michael to time travel again, but Michael admits it was all his fault. Michael grabs a skateboard and begins to roll toward the explosion. He picks it up and smashes it into one of the robots, blowing up the robots and Michael. Mounzer goes to check on Michael, who turns out to be alive. Michael realizes to make sure that none of this ever happens that Vladimir must never be born. He ruins Mr. Dunn's date and plans to ruin all of Mr. Dunn's future dates, so that he never has a son.

Michael walks in on Mounzer about to destroy the time machine. Mounzer explains that time travel is too dangerous for mankind. Suddenly, an elderly version of Mounzer showed up, telling Mounzer not to destroy the time machine or the future would be destroyed. Another elderly Mounzer showed up, saying the opposite thing. Mounzer blows up the time machine and the second elderly Mounzer disappears.

Cobra Man Returns

Michael comes to his home, exhausted from a hard day, only to be surprised by his friends for his 17th birthday party. Michael talks to 7-Up, who says that he ditched working on his new album to come to the party. Michael then goes and talks to Samantha and Panama. Michael says that he feels bad about Donald's death, but Samantha says that Cobra Man will feel worse when she finds him. Maria tries to defend Cobra Man, but Samantha leaves the conversation in anger. Bianca grabs Michael out of the conversation and announces that she is breaking up with him. She says she is worried that he's been seeing other girls while she was gone and even though Michael says he is trustworthy, she leaves him. The next day, Michael complains to Mounzer how Bianca broke up with him, and Mounzer reveals that Maria started dating Rasul, upsetting Michael even more. Mounzer reads an article about an alien symbiote that was found in a meteor shower and is being studied at the NASA Space Center. Michael asks if they can go see it and Mounzer says that he'll see what he can do. Michael and Mounzer get into NASA to see the alien symbiote, along with Maria, Rasul, Duke, Moose, and Miranda. Michael is upset that Maria invited Rasul and Duke, but Mounzer tells him to ignore them. Dr. Hayes, a friend of Mounzer's, shows them the alien symbiote, which NASA has called Project Rancor. The doctor announces that they are going to test the effects of light on the organism. As they test the light, the organism breaks free and the scientists struggle to encase it again. Dr. Hayes asks them to leave, so they do. Michael walks home alone, but is suddenly attacked by a girl using the Wonderful Wozard's hoverboard and Richwand. She takes off her mask and reveals herself as Samantha, who now knows that Michael is Cobra Man and wants revenge. She calls herself the Wocked Witch. Michael runs away from the Wocked Witch toward Mounzer's house, where he has Mounzer throw him the venom just in time so that Michael can knock the Wocked Witch off her hoverboard. She leaves, but she swears revenge. While sitting in the park the next day, Michael admits to Mounzer that the three girls he loves want nothing to do with him anymore. Suddenly, a rock humanoid started terrorizing people in the park, so Michael and Mounzer put on their costumes and confronted him. Cobra Man asks for his name, and he calls himself Geodude, which Michael points out is a Pokemon. Geodude says he doesn't want to fight, but Cobra Man refuses to let him terrorize people. Geodude started to knock Cobra Man to the ground, not giving him a chance. Once Cobra Man stays on the ground, Geodude leaves the park. Later, Michael go to Rasul's destroyed motel room with Mounzer and Maria after Rancor destroyed it. Michael finds out from the TV that Rancor has taken over town hall while Geodude is terrorizing the rest of the city, leading to evacuation of the entire city. Michael and Mounzer make their way into the city, only to be stopped by a cop who tries to send them the other way. Mounzer makes up a story so that the cop lets them through. Cobra Man arrives back at the motel room just in time to stop Rancor from getting away with Maria. Cobra Man takes Maria out of the city while Frog Lad takes Rasul. The two return back into the city to retake town hall. Cobra Man swoops into town hall and attacks the Wocked Witch. The two get knocked out of town hall and battle in the streets. Cobra Man eventually knocks the Wocked Witch to the ground and explains that he had to kill her father because he was insane. He stuck out his hand to help the Wocked Witch up, but she suspended him in the air with her Richwand, betraying him. Frog Lad knocked her out with a stick and freed Cobra Man, only to be attacked by Geodude. Geodude takes off Cobra Man's mask to see who he is and when he finds out it is Michael, he is so surprised that he turns back into his human form, Moose. Michael tells Moose to let them go, but Moose is convinced he needs to prove his manliness. Michael convinces Moose to let them go. Suddenly, the three are attacked and pinned down by Rancor. Rancor is about to stab Cobra Man with a broken lamppost when suddenly the Wocked Witch knocks him down and frees him. Cobra Man runs toward the Cobra Signal and uses it to irritate Project Rancor. Project Rancor slides off the human body which turns out to be Duke. After breaking the Cobra Signal, Project Rancor begins to take over Duke again. Cobra Man throws Duke into the water with Project Rancor, while it is still weak, supposedly killing him. Cobra Man apologizes sincerely to Samantha for killing her dad, but she fully understands now and forgives him. The next day, Michael found Maria and explained that he sent Cobra Man while looking for help. The two hugged for a really long time. Later, Michael gets the venom sucked out of his blood stream by Mounzer and he returns to normal.

La Vida de Miguel

Total Drama Wiki Project

Total Drama Unreal Biography

Note: This is an alternate version of Michael than the canon version. None of the events of the Michael series or Total Drama Woods apply to this version.

Michael (Radi)
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Friends Lulu, Carmen

Michael, labeled The Ladies' Man, is the co-host of Total Drama Unreal, along with Lulu.

Total Drama Unreal



  • Michael is based off of the author of Total Drama Woods.
  • Michael's appearance is an edit of Duncan.
  • Michael's TheZobe appearance is an edit of Connor.
  • Michael is 17 years old, as of Cobra Man Returns.
  • Michael appeared as more an antagonist and just an overall asshole in Total Drama Woods. In his other fanfics, he is more realistic and simply a likable antihero.
  • Parents and school aren't seen or mentioned in any of the Michael fanfics, only because my stories have much more freedom without them and because it makes the world more fun.
  • Michael's crush on Maria is based on a crush I once had on a girl named Maria. I got over it a long time ago though and we are just friends.
  • Michael has met many aliases of wiki users. These include Nalyd Renrut, Reddude, Gideon, Freefalling Lilacs, and Pinball.
  • Michael has also met many real-life celebrities and historical figures. These include Bill Gates, Victoria Beckham, Green Day, King Arthur, Percival, Mordred, Billy the Kid, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles.
  • The idea of Cobra Man was taken from an old comic series I used to write. His alias was named Patrick McCarthy and his enemies were Birdy Twerty, Master Moustache, and the Seven Goblin.


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