Michael takes Mounzer's time machine to explore different time periods. They will travel through time and risk changing reality, so that Michael can get stuff for his own personal gain.




Michael ran as fast he could. He didn't know exactly what was going on, but Mounzer had sounded urgent. Had there been a gamma explosion? Or possibly a hole in the space-time continuum? With Mounzer it could be anything.

He ran as fast he could into Mounzer's house. He didn't bother knocking. He just ran right through the door. Unfortunately, Michael crashed into the door and fell. He quickly got back up, turned the knob, and ran into the house. He ran toward the basement, also Mounzer's lab. There, he saw Mounzer standing next to some sort of pod.

"What's that?" Michael asked curiously.

"My great great grandfather started a project." Mounzer said. "He knew it would be too hard to finish in a lifetime so he passed it down to his son, who passed it down to his son, and eventually it came to me. I finally finished what my great great grandfather started."

"What is it?" Michael repeated.

"This is a time machine." Mounzer said.

"No way!" Michael said excitedly. "That's awesome!"

"Yeah." Mounzer said. "But it will be decades before I actually decide to use it."

"What?!" Michael exclaimed, suddenly less excited.

"Well, it's dangerous." Mounzer said. "What if something goes wrong? We could die. Or we could drastically change the future. It's too risky."

"Come on!" Michael said sadly. Michael knew he was whining, but he didn't care. It was a time machine!

"No way." Mounzer said. He obviously wasn't going to change his mind.

"Fine." Michael said. "Why did you tell me anyway?"

"Because your my best friend." Mounzer said. "This is top secret and I trust you."

"You trust me?" Michael asked surprised.

"Yeah." Mounzer said.

"That's about to end." Michael mumbled.

Chapter 1 - Back to Total Drama Woods

There was a clatter in the basement. Mounzer crept slowly down the stairs. He quickly turned on the lights and saw what was causing the noise.

Michael had his hand on the time machine. "Hey Mounzer."

"What are you doing with the time machine?" Mounzer asked.

"Just cleaning it." Michael lied.

"At 2 in the morning?" Mounzer questioned.

Michael sighed. "Fine. I was going to take it to the past."

"Why?" Mounzer asked.

"I was in the final three." Michael said. "Do you know what it feels like to get so close and then lose? I'm going back to make sure that I win."

"What about Bianca?" Mounzer asked.

"The secret will get out anyway." Michael said. "So it doesn't matter."

"Fine." Mounzer said. "You win. But I'm going with you."

"Thanks." Michael said.

"First, you may want to put on warmer clothing." Mounzer said. "The time-space continuum is colder than the coast of Antarctica. You could have died going through if I hadn't showed up."

Michael grabbed and put on winter clothing along with Mounzer.

They climbed inside the time machine. Mounzer punched in the date and pulled the lever.

"Hold on." Mounzer said.

Suddenly, the machine started rocking. After a few seconds, it stopped.

"Let's see if it worked." Michael said.

He climbed out of the time machine and immediately recognized where they were. No place was as disgusting and crappy as this. It was no doubt, Camp Wawanakwa.

"Sweet." Michael said. "Now, I just need to find myself and tell me that I should not throw the challenge."

Michael ran off. Mounzer walked the other way and suddenly bumped into a girl. He fell to the ground.

"Are you okay?" the girl asked.

"Yeah." Mounzer said. "I'm fine."

"My name's Tanya." the girl said. "I think I would have noticed if you were a contestant by now."

"I'" Mounzer said.

"Oh." Tanya said. "That makes sense."

Meanwhile, Michael spotted himself. He ran up to him.

"Michael." Michael said to himself.

The past Michael looked up and was shocked.

"You're me." Michael said.

"From the future." Michael said back.

"Cool." Michael said.

"I came here to warn you." Michael said. "In tomorrow's challenge, you have to reveal your secret kiss with Bianca."

"Won't she be mad?" Michael asked.

"Yeah." Michael said. "But trust me, you'll regret it later."

"Okay." Michael said. "I trust myself."

"Good." Michael said. "I was never here."

Michael ducked and rolled behind the bush.

Meanwhile, Chris walked up to Mounzer.

"Who are you?" Chris asked.

"I' intern." Mounzer said.

"Good." Chris said. "I need you to test tomorrow's challenge."

Chris grabbed Mounzer and dragged him away.

Later, Mounzer is hooked up to the lie detector with Chris next to him.

"I need you to test out the lie detector." Chris said. "Just tell a lie and we'll see if it painfully shocks you."

"Uh..." Mounzer said. "I am from the future."

Nothing happened.

"That's weird." Chris said. "It must not be working."

Chris smiled.

"Unless you were telling the truth." Chris said sarcastically.

He started laughing hysterically. Mounzer fake laughed.

"Haha." Mounzer said. "Of course I wasn't."

Suddenly, the lie detector shocked him. Chris unstrapped him.

"Yep." Chris said. "That's definitely broken."

Suddenly, Michael ran up to them.

"Michael." Chris said. "You're not supposed to see the challenge until tomorrow."

"Sorry." Michael said. "I won't tell anyone. I just need to talk to..."

"...the intern." Mounzer finished.

"Yes." Michael said. "Come along, intern."

The two ran off while Chris scratched his head in confusion.

Michael and Mounzer hopped in the time machine and it zapped back to the present.

"I hope it worked." Michael said.

The two stepped out of the time machine and realized they were in a mansion.

"Whoa." Michael said. "We must be in the wrong time period."

"Nope." Mounzer said. "I put in the right time."

Suddenly, a butler walked up.

"Hello, Master Michael." the butler said in a British accent.

"Sup?" Michael said. "I'm guessing you're my butler."

"Of course." the butler said.

"Cool." Michael said.

"It's almost time for your photo shoot." the butler said.

"Sweet." Michael said.

Later, Michael is wearing a diaper and being shot at a photo shoot. Once he is finished, he walks up to his butler.

"Why are people taking pictures of me in a diaper?" Michael asked.

"You spent all your money on your mansion and me." the butler said. "People who watched the show thought you wearing a diaper was hilarious, so to make money, bloggers take pictures of you for people to laugh at."

Mounzer started laughing.

Later, Michael and Mounzer are walking down the street.

"Well, other than having to wear a diaper everywhere I go for tabloid fame, this is pretty good." Michael said.

Suddenly, the two spot three hot girls teasing an ugly girl.

"Whoa." Michael said. "We should go break that up."

As they get closer, they realize that the three hot girls are Maria, Miranda, and 7-Up, and the ugly girl is Bianca.

"Wow." Michael said. "Bianca, you're...ugly."

"Thanks, traitor." Bianca said. She ran off crying.

Michael turned toward the three girls.

"7-Up?" Michael asked.

"Sevelina." said the girl.

"Okay..." Michael said. "Maria, Miranda, when did you two become such jerks?"

"We're not jerks." Maria said. "We're just putting that girl in her place. I mean, we're rich."

"You are?" Michael asked.

"Don't you remember?" Miranda asked. "You gave us all that money."

"Yeah...of course." Michael said. "But what's up with Bianca?"

"You told her secret so the modeling agency fired her." Maria said. "She gave up on looks and now...she's paying for it."

"Yeah." Miranda said. "Anybody would be lucky to date"

The three girls start wrapping their arms around him.

"I have to go." Michael said.

Michael pushes the girls off and the two run away.

"Okay." Michael said. "I get why everyone else is all weird now, but how come 7-Up is a girl?"

"I don't know, but we need to fix it." Mounzer said. "Let's go back to Camp Wawanakwa."

Later, the time machine arrives at Camp Wawanakwa. Michael and Mounzer get out. Michael is wearing his normal clothes and not a diaper.

"Okay." Michael said. "I'll find myself and stop me from telling myself that I should not reveal my secret."

Michael ran off. Later, he spotted Michael and tackled him to the ground.

"Listen to me." Michael said. "You can't tell Michael to reveal our secret."

"What are you talking about?" Michael asked.

Suddenly, another Michael walked up.

"Oh..." Michael said. "Wrong Michael."

Michael ran away. He grabbed Mounzer and hopped in the time machine.

"I tackled the wrong Michael." Michael said.

"So we need to go back so you can tackle yourself and then we have to go back another time to stop you from tackling yourself."

"Wow." Michael said. "This is confusing."

The time machine reappeared again. Michael ran out and saw Michael. He tackled him.

"Listen." Michael said. "Don't tell Michael to reveal the secret or you'll have to wear diapers and 7-Up will be a girl."

"Well, that's convincing." Michael said.

Michael got up and ran back toward the time machine. It disappeared and reappeared. Michael ran out and tackled another Michael.

"Don't tackle Michael or else you'll tackle the wrong one." Michael said. "Don't worry. I handled it."

"Okay..." Michael said.

Michael ran toward the time machine and it disappeared.

Michael and Mounzer climbed out of the time machine in the present.

"Everything looks normal." Michael said. "I think we fixed it."

"Well, I think you learned something." Mounzer said.

"Yeah...I did." Michael said. "Time travel is really fun and we should do it more often."

Mounzer rolled his eyes.

The two walked outside. They realized that everyone was wearing diapers and that they were visible.

Michael shrugged. "Close enough."

Chapter 2 - Michael, Mounzer, and The Holy Grail

"There it is." Michael said, with sparkles in his eyes. "The new Nintendo 3DS."

Mounzer stood by his side. "Technology is amazing, isn't it? Imagine 3D images being projected without the need for glasses."

"Blah, blah." Michael said. "How much is it?"

Mounzer looked at the price. "Two hundred fifty dollars."

"I can't afford that." Michael whined. "How am I going to get enough money to buy it?"

"Sell some stuff." Mounzer suggested.

"Mounzer, people just don't leave valuables lying on the ground." Michael said. Suddenly, he grinned. "But they did in the past."

"Say what?" Mounzer asked.

"Pirates." Michael said. "They would leave treasure all over the place. We go back in time, see where Blackbeard buried his treasure, come back to the present, and dig it up to earn enough money to buy the 3DS."

"No!" Mounzer yelled. "We are not going in the time machine after what happened last time. Seeing everyone in diapers is really weird."

"Come on!" Michael said. "We can do it right this time. Give me one more chance."

Mounzer thought for a moment. "Fine." he said. "One more time."

"Nice." Michael said. "Let's get to your house."

"No need." Mounzer said. He pressed a button on his watch and a chip popped out of it. Mounzer grabbed the chip and it unfolded into the time machine.

"Portable." Michael said. "Nice."

The two ran into the time machine.

"What date?" Michael asked.

"1716." Mounzer said.

Michael punched in the date and pulled the lever.

The two hopped out of the time machine and looked around. They saw knights around them fighting.

"Medieval times!" Mounzer shouted. "You sent us back to the wrong time period!"

"Where are we?" Michael asked.

"6th century." Mounzer explained. "Around the time of King Arthur."

Michael's eyes widened. "You mean like the Holy Grail?"

"Well, that's a myth, but..." Mounzer started to say.

"Quickly, let's take some costumes." Michael interrupted.

Michael walked up to two knights. He grabbed a stick and hit one of them over the head. The other one turned around. Michael smacked him across the face with it. They both were knocked unconscious.

Mounzer walked up to them. Michael started taking one of the knights' armor off.

"Get the other one's armor." Michael instructed.

Mounzer sighed and started taking off the other knights' armor.

Later, they stepped out of a washroom dressed as knights.

"Why are we doing this?" Mounzer asked.

"Who needs Blackbeard's treasure?" Michael asked rhetorically. "We can get the Holy Grail. It must be worth billions!"

"Okay." Mounzer said. "But how are we supposed to find it?"

A man rode up to the two of them on a white stallion.

"Sir Galahad, Sir Gawain." the man instructed. "You two have been chosen to search for the Holy Grail."

"Well, that was easy." Michael murmured.

"The Grail is somewhere in Avalon." the man said. "But Mordred is after it too."

"Let's go to Avalon!" Michael shouted.

"Hey." Mounzer said. "You look familiar."

"Yeah." Michael said. "You look just like 7-Up."

Mounzer shushed him.

"Who is 7-Up?" the man asked. "I am King Arthur!"

"7-Up is this awesome rapper!" Michael said.

He grabbed his iPod from his armor and started playing 7-Up's hit single.

"Where is that music coming from?" Arthur asked.

Mounzer hit Michael.

"Ugh...we should go." Michael said. He tossed the iPod to Arthur. They hopped on horses and rode off.

Arthur stared at the iPod and rode after them.

Later, the three reached a boat by the side of an ocean.

"This boat can take us to the the island of Avalon." Arthur said.

"Sweet." Michael said. "It's a free ride?"

"No." Arthur said. "She will require payment."

"How much?" Mounzer asked.

Arthur started laughing and rode up to the boat. Michael and Mounzer stared at each other and followed him.

They hopped off their horses and walked up to the boat. A woman in ragged clothing walked off the boat.

"Bianca?" Michael asked.

"I know no Bianca." the woman said. "My name is Patsy."

"I like that name better." Michael said.

"I require payment for a ride to Avalon." Patsy said.

"How much money?" Michael asked.

"I don't want money." Patsy said. "I want you."

Michael's eyes widened. "You want to make out with me?"

"No." Patsy said. "But I would like to kiss you for a long period of time."

Michael shrugged. "Okay."

Michael took off his helmet and started kissing Patsy. The boat started to move.

Mounzer sat with Arthur.

Arthur pointed to the iPod. "This device is quite amazing. What is it?"

"It's a...Holy Sound Mixer." Mounzer stated.

"Awesome, dude." Arthur said.

Mounzer's eyes widened.

"Did you just say dude?" Mounzer asked.

"Fo sho." Arthur said.

"Uh..." Mounzer said. "So, what's up with this Holy Grail?"

"It is said that it is the same cup used at the Last Supper." Arthur said. "Only one person with a pure enough heart can touch it and see and image of pure divinity."

"Who's that supposed to be?" Mounzer asked as he drank a glass of cider.

"You, of course." Arthur said.

Mounzer spat out the cider.

Michael continued to make out with Patsy.

"When we get to Avalon, you will need to visit the Lady of the Lake." Arthur said. "So that you can get a sword. After that we will meet with Percival and his army to battle Mordred's army."

"Where's the Lady of the Lake?" Mounzer asked.

"She is at The Loe, a lake on Avalon." Arthur explained. "She appears different to every man who sees her. They say she appears as the man's true love."

"Have you seen her?" Mounzer asked.

"Yes, she gave me Excalibur." Arthur said.

The boat hit something. Michael and Patsy stopped kissing abruptly.

"Whoa." Michael said. "How long have we been kissing?"

"About an hour." Mounzer said.

"Cool." Michael said.

Michael put his helmet back on.

"Gawain," Arthur said. "you will escort Galahad to the Lady of the Lake. Meet us at the meeting point."

Michael and Mounzer hopped on their horses and rode away.

Later, Michael and Mounzer arrived at The Loe.

"Where's the Lady of the Lake?" Mounzer asked.

"I don't know." Michael said. "In the lake?"

Suddenly, a woman rose from the water and walked to shore.

"Nice. I see Scarlett Johansson." Mounzer said. "Who do you see?"

Michael saw Maria, standing in a sparkling gold dress.

"Ugh..." Michael said. "Bianca, of course."

The Lady of the Lake walked up to Mounzer.

"Hello Mounzer." The Lady said.

"You're not supposed to know our names." Mounzer said.

"Don't worry." The Lady said. "I know you two are from the future. I'm a spirit."

"Okay." Mounzer said. "Tell me. Galahad is the one who is actually pure of heart. If I touch the Grail and nothing happens, then they'll figure out I'm from the future."

"Mounzer, you don't understand." The Lady said. "Legend says Galahad was the one who was pure of heart, because people think you are Galahad. You are the one destined to touch the Grail."

"Really?" Mounzer asked.

"Yes." The Lady said. "If anything, the real Galahad is a complete asshole."

Michael started laughing.

"So, it seems you need a sword." The Lady said.

She pulled a sword from her back.

"This is Kurai Yaiba." The Lady said. "Use it, wise knight."

"Thank you." Mounzer said.

"What about me?" Michael asked.

The Lady of the Lake threw Michael a wooden stick. Michael stared at it strangely.

"What's its name?" Michael asked.

"It doesn't have one." The Lady said. "It's a wooden stick."

Michael looked down sadly.

"Now go back to Arthur." The Lady instructed.

Mounzer hopped on his horse and rode off. Michael started to run, but The Lady of the Lake grabbed his shoulder.

"She's a beautiful girl." The Lady said. Michael smiled slightly.

Later, Michael and Mounzer pulled up to Arthur, another knight, and an army.

"Modred is approaching, dudes." Arthur said. "Do you have the sword?"

Mounzer held up Kurai Yaiba.

"Sweet." Arthur said. "This is my bro, Percy."

Percival lifted up his helmet to reveal a face similar to Moose's.

"It's Percival!" Percival yelled.

"He will go with you to find the Grail."

Suddenly, a cannonball hit some of the army.

"To battle!" Arthur shouted.

Michael looked ahead and saw Mordred. He elbowed Mounzer.

"It's Mr. Dunn!" Michael whispered.

"The Holy Grail will be mine!" Mordred shouted.

The two armies collided. Michael, Mounzer, and Percival snuck around the armies.

"There's a cave to hide in." Percival pointed out.

The three ran into the cave.

Michael sat on the ground.

"Ow." he said. He grabbed a cup that he sat on. He threw it down the cave and sighed. After a while, his eyes widened.

"The Grail!" Michael shouted.

Mounzer and Percival turned around. Mounzer ran towards it. Right as he was about to pick it up, he was hit by Mordred.

Mounzer fell over. Mordred pointed his sword at Mounzer.

"Good bye, Galahad." Mordred said.

Michael stabbed the stick through Mordred's chest. Mordred fell over.

"I wish I could do that to the real Mr. Dunn." Michael said.

Mounzer dove for the Holy Grail. He froze for a moment and then returned to normal.

"What did you see?" Michael asked.

"Heaven." Mounzer said. "I saw Heaven."

"Sounds cool." Michael said.

"Galahad, you are certainly pure of heart." Percival said.

"Thanks, Percy." Mounzer said.

"It's Percival!" Percival shouted.

"Sorry." Mounzer said. "Hey, can you turn around for twenty seconds?"

Percival turned around. Mounzer unfolded the time machine from his watch and the two hopped inside it. The time machine vanished.

Suddenly, the time machine appeared in the present. Michael and Mounzer stepped out and Mounzer folded the time machine up again.

Mounzer handed Michael the Holy Grail.

"Man, this thing will go for a lot on eBay." Michael said.

Mounzer sighed. "Fine. You can sell the Holy Grail on eBay, but no more time travel."

"That was the weirdest sentence I have ever heard." Michael said.

"I hope nothing has changed." Mounzer said.

Michael looked in the store window. "Nothing except that the iPod was invented in the 6th century, so we are on iPod, Generation 372."

Chapter 3 - Wild, Wild West

Michael and Mounzer walked out of school.

"What did you get on the history test on the Old West?" Mounzer asked.

"a 60." Michael said. "But I only got one wrong."

"Which one?" Mounzer asked.

"The essay question on Billy the Kid's life." Michael said. "I completely blanked."

"If only Billy the Kid never existed." Mounzer said. He chuckled, but Michael grinned.

"I have an idea." Michael said.

"Oh no." Mounzer said. "What is it?"

"We got back in time to the Old West," Michael explained. "and kill Billy the Kid."

"Are you insane?!" Mounzer yelled. "We're not going back in time to kill an important historical figure so you can get 40 points on a history test."

Michael's face looked blank. "Why not?"

"Because!" Mounzer shouted. "That could drastically affect the timeline of the universe."

"I thought you may say that." Michael said.

Michael reached into his backpack.

"I snuck into the time machine last night." Michael said. "I went back in time and stole your unpublished third grade photo, when your parents accidentally packed the wrong change of clothes."

Michael pulled out a photo of Mounzer in third grade, wearing a checkered dress and leggings.

"You wouldn't!" Mounzer yelled.

"We both know I would." Michael said.

Mounzer thought for a moment.

"Fine." Mounzer said. "but only because he was a thief and that he died young anyway."

"Yes!" Michael said.

Mounzer hit the button on his watch, and the time machine unfolded. The two hopped in and it disappeared.

Suddenly, the time machine landed inside a cage, being pulled by a horse. Michael and Mounzer climbed out of the time machine and looked around.

"Dang it!" Michael said. "We're in the back of a prisoner transport."

"Don't worry." Mounzer said.

Mounzer pulled out Kurai Yaiba from its sheath.

"Kurai Yaiba!" Michael exclaimed. "You kept it!"

Mounzer cut open the bars to the cage. The two jumped out.

"We'll come back for the time machine later." Mounzer said. "We should find some better clothes for this time period."

"How?" Michael asked.

Mounzer looked around. He sees two cowboys walking near them.

"Follow my lead." Mounzer said.

Michael and Mounzer walked up the two cowboys.

"What's up with y'all's get-up?" one of the cowboys said.

"Silence." Mounzer said. "We are from the future, and we can kill you just by looking at you. Now give us your clothes or suffer the consequences."

Michael nodded. "What he said."

The two cowboys quickly took off their clothes, and Michael and Mounzer put them on.

"Tell no one of this." Mounzer said.

Michael and Mounzer walked away.

"Haha." Michael said. "That was funny."

Later, Michael and Mounzer walked into a bar. They sat down at the bar. The bartender turned around.

"Moose?" Michael asked.

"The name's Davy." the bartender said. "What can I get y'all?"

"Two light beers please." Michael said.

Davy passed both of them beers.

"Hey," Michael said. "What do you know of Billy the Kid?"

Suddenly, the whole bar became quiet and everyone stared at Michael.

"What business do you have with Billy the Kid?" Davy asked.

"I...I've come to kill 'em." Michael said.

The whole bar gasped.

"Yeah." Michael said.

Michael stood up and paced around the bar.

"I ain't afraid of Billy the Kid." Michael said. "I'll take him right now with one hand tied behind my back."

Suddenly, the bar doors bursted open. The entire bar gasped.

"Mr. Dunn?" Michael questioned.

"That's Billy the Kid!" Davy whispered.

Billy the Kid walked further into the bar.

"Who's the yellowbelly that says he can take me?" Billy the Kid asked.

Everyone in the bar pointed to Michael.

"Shit." Michael whispered.

Billy the Kid walked up to Michael.

"You think you can take me, wanderer?" Billy the Kid asked.

"Sure." Michael said innocently.

"It's on." Billy the Kid said. "Shoot-out at high noon. And I'll even let you use both hands."

Billy the Kid walked out of the bar.

"You've just dug your own grave, partner." a voice said.

All the guys in the bar whistled.

One of the dancers in the bar looked like Bianca. She walked up to Michael.

"Hello." Michael said slowly.

"Name's Polene." the dancer said. "You know y'all don't stand a chance against Billy the Kid?"

"Why do you suppose that?" Michael asked.

"Billy the Kid is a notorious criminal." Polene said. "He'll kill anybody in his way."

"I know how you can help me." Michael said.

Michael and Polene started making out. Mounzer rolled his eyes.

The next day, Michael, Polene, Mounzer, and Davy were alone in the bar. Michael and Polene were still making out.

"Guys!" Mounzer shouted.

The two stopped making out.

"It's high noon in two minutes!" Mounzer yelled. "You need to have your duel with Billy the Kid."

"Now?" Michael asked.

Michael looked around. He quickly jumped behind the bar and ducked. After a while, Billy the Kid walked through the door with a crowd of people. He walked up to Davy.

"Where's the yellowbelly?" Billy the Kid asked.

"I don't know." Davy said.

Billy the Kid held his pistol up to Davy.

"Tell me now!" Billy the Kid yelled.

Suddenly, Mounzer hit Billy the Kid with a bottle of beer. He blacked out for a few seconds and then focused again.

"You!" Billy the Kid shouted.

Billy the Kid turned to hit Mounzer, but Michael jumped out from behind the bar and tackled Billy the Kid. Suddenly, everyone in the bar started throwing punches.

Mounzer grabbed a guy and slid him across the bar. Another guy tried to hit him from behind, but Mounzer elbowed him and flipped him over his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Davy punched a guy in the face and threw one guy into another.

Michael grabbed a beer bottle and threw it at Billy the Kid, but he dodged it. Billy the Kid quickly grabbed a filly that looked like Maria and held a gun up to her.

"Maria!" Michael shouted.

"Try anything and I shoot her." Billy the Kid said.

Billy the Kid walked out with the girl.

"Now what?" Mounzer asked.

"We follow him without him noticing." Michael said.

"Too risky." Mounzer said.

"I have to." Michael said. "That's Maria!"

"Who?" Polene asked.

"That's not Maria." Mounzer whispered to Michael.

"But it's her ancestor, which means if she dies Maria won't exist." Michael whispered.

Michael ran out of the bar. Mounzer followed him.

Later, the two saw Billy the Kid tying the girl to a train track.

"Billy the Kid!" Michael shouted.

Billy the Kid stood up and turned around. He pointed the gun at the girl,

"No!" Michael said. "This is between you and me!"

Billy the Kid put his gun down. A tumbleweed rolled through the middle of them. After a few seconds, Michael whipped out his pistol and shot Billy the Kid.

"I think he's dead." Mounzer said.

Michael ran up to the train track. He started untying the girl. Suddenly, he heard a train.

"Damn it!" he shouted.

He untied quicker. The ropes fell off, and Michael pulled the girl off the tracks just as the train came through.

"Goodness!" the girl said. "Thank you so much!"

The girl hugged Michael.

"My name's Andrea." the girl said. "I owe you my life, sir."

"Please." Michael said. "No payment is needed."

"Please, let me repay you." Andrea said.

"Well," Michael said. "you wouldn't happen to have a key to the prison cells, would you?"

Andrea pulled out a set of keys. "My husband is the sheriff. I'm sure he'll be gracious to here you saved me."

"No, please." Michael said. He held up the keys. "These are all I need."

Michael ran toward the prison and met Mounzer there. They ran inside, opened up the cell with the time machine, and went inside it. It suddenly disappeared.

The time machine reappeared in the present day. Michael and Mounzer climbed out.

"Well, that was fun." Michael said.

Mounzer glared at Michael.

"What?" Michael asked.

"We are not doing that again!" Mounzer yelled.

"Come on!" Michael said. "Nothing went wrong."

Michael held up his test, which now had an 100 on it.

"See?" Michael said.

"Either way," Mounzer said. "that was way too close. We can't go to the past again."

"You know you keep saying that, but I keep finding a way to convince you." Michael said.

"You won't this time." Mounzer said.

Michael held up the keys to the jail.

"You took those?" Mounzer said shocked.

"You bet." Michael said.

"But no one will be able to open the cells." Mounzer said. "They'll have nowhere to put outlaws. We need to bring those back."

"And we will." Michael said. "As long as you take me to any time period I want."

Chapter 4 - Jurassic Dark

"I am not taking you anywhere except to return those keys!" Mounzer shouted.

"Come on." Michael said. "I want to meet George Washington so I can have the first jar of peanut butter."

"That's George Washington Carver!" Mounzer shouted. "Besides, I'm allergic to peanuts."

"Look, I'm not proud of it, but this is the only way you'd take me somewhere else. You're always so uptight." Michael said. "We've been three times and only minor things have gone wrong. Plus, it looks like me taking the keys hasn't even affected anything."

Suddenly, a robber ran up and stole a man's wallet.

"Help!" the man shouted. "That man stole my money!"

"Someone call the police!" Mounzer shouted.

"The what?" another man questioned.

Michael and Mounzer looked around to see that crimes were happening on every sidewalk and at every looking glance. Mounzer hit Michael.

"You idiot!" Mounzer shouted. "Because you took those keys, they had nowhere to put criminals. Crime must have spread so far that it became an unstoppable force."

"I'm sorry!" Michael yelled. "I didn't know! Can we go have that peanut butter now?"

Mounzer pushed Michael into the time machine. Mounzer started typing in a date, but Michael quickly stood up and pushed him into the controls. The time machine vanished.

Michael and Mounzer climbed out of the time machine to find themselves in an overgrown jungle. Mounzer quickly checked the date.

"We're in the Cretaceous Period of the dinosaurs!" Mounzer shouted. "We're going to be eaten alive!"

"Just take us back." Michael said.

"There's no power!" Mounzer shouted. "We're stuck here and it's your fault."

"On the bright side, it can't get much worse." Michael said.

The two stood there for a moment.

"See?" Michael said. "Nothing bad happened."

"How are we supposed to power this thing?" Mounzer asked.

"What about like in Back to the Future?" Michael asked. "The DeLorean got hit by lightning and that's what caused them to make it to the present."

"That's not a bad idea." Mounzer said. "We can make a lightning rod, so when there is lightning, we can make it back to the present."

Suddenly, a pterodactyl swooped down and flew away with Michael.

"Michael!" Mounzer shouted.

"Let me go you over-sized bird." Michael said.

The pterodactyl dropped Michael and he landed in a huge nest filled with eggs.

"Great." Michael said. "I must be dinner for her stupid little eggs."

Suddenly, the eggs started to crack.

"I didn't mean it!" Michael yelled. "You guys are beautiful eggs."

The eggs hatched with three baby pterodactyls. Michael quickly hopped out of the nest and slid down the mountain it was on. Just as he was about to hit the ground, he grabbed a tree branch which lowered him softly to the ground.

"How lucky." Michael said.

Suddenly, a T-Rex stormed up.

"If I don't move, it won't eat me." Michael whispered hopefully to himself.

He stood completely still. The T-Rex walked up to him and roared in his face.

"New plan." Michael said right before he ran away.

The T-Rex ran after him.

Michael ran into a cave. The T-Rex tried to reach Michael, but couldn't. Suddenly, there was a crack of thunder. The T-Rex ran away.

"Lightning." Michael said. "I need to get back to the time machine."

Suddenly, a Woolungasaurus came up from the nearby lake.

Michael smiled. "Why don't we take you out for a test drive?"

He ran and jumped on the Woolungasaurus. It dove underwater.

After a while of diving into the water and coming back up so he could breath, Michael turned around and noticed a Kronosaurus chasing after them. He kicked the Woolungsaurus and it sped up. The Kronosaurus kept chasing after them. Right as it was about to bite down, Michael jumped off. The Kronosaurus devoured the Woolungasaurus. Michael quickly swam to the top of the lake.

"Great." Michael said. "I'll never find Mounzer."

"Michael?" Mounzer questioned from the shore.

"Mounzer!" Michael shouted.

Michael quickly swam to the shore.

"The lightning rod is set up." Mounzer said. "Get in the time machine. We're going home."

The two ran inside the time machine.

"How'd you get away?" Mounzer asked.

"Long story." Michael said.

The two waited.

"Why isn't it working?" Michael asked.

"Just wait." Mounzer said.

"Maybe it's crooked." Michael said.

"It's not." Mounzer said.

"Go check." Michael said.

"Fine." Mounzer said.

He walked out of the time machine and climbed it to straighten the rod. Suddenly, lightning struck the time machine and Mounzer. Michael pulled the lever and the time machine vanished.

The time machine appeared in the present with an electrocuted Mounzer on top of it. Michael walked out.

"I told you it was crooked." Michael said to Mounzer.

Mounzer groaned. "Let's just take the keys back."

"Fine." Michael said. "Only if you take me to one more place. We won't even do anything. We'll just explore."

Mounzer sighed. "Fine."

"Yes!" Michael said happily.

Mounzer gave a slight smile. The two climbed in the time machine and it vanished.

Chapter 5 - That 60s Show

"Yes!" Michael said. "The 60's."

The two had climbed out of the time machine and entered a normal suburban neighborhood. But they knew they were in the 1960's.

"Why'd you want to come here?" Mounzer asked.

"This was like the best decade ever!" Michael yelled. "John F. Kennedy, the Space Race, the Beatles, Night of the Living Dead, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek. This place has it all."

"And we're just exploring?" Mounzer questioned.

"Of course." Michael said. "Have I ever lied to you?"

"Yes." Mounzer said. "Numerous times."

"Whatever." Michael said. "I'm telling the truth this time. I just want to look around."

The two started walking down the street.

"So, where are we off to first?" Mounzer asked.

"I don't know." Michael said. "I guess I didn't realize that all the important stuff was too far away."

He stopped and looked at a wall of one of the houses. He tore down a poster with a catbird perched on the end of a guitar.

"Woodstock Festival?" Michael questioned. "Three days of Peace and Music."

"The Woodstock Festival was a music event held by hippies." Mounzer said.

"Sweet." Michael said. "Let's go."

He turned to walk, but Mounzer grabbed him by the shirt and stopped him.

"I'm not going to hang out with a bunch of hippies." Mounzer said.

"It's not just hippies." Michael said. "It's a concert."

"We'll go for an hour." Mounzer said. "That's it."

"Yay!" Michael said.

Later, the two arrived at the dairy farm where the festival was being held. They walked past a group of three hippies.

"Hello, brothers." one of them said. He was wearing no shirt, jeans, had long blond hair and was wearing a headband and sunglasses. He looked a lot like Moose.

The two stopped to look at him.

The hippie grabbed a pipe out of his hand and held it out to Mounzer.

"Want some?" he asked.

"Are you smoking marijuana?" Mounzer asked.

"Yeah." the hippie said. "It puts you in a total other state of consciousness. Try it, brother."

"No thanks." Mounzer said.

"What's your name?" Michael asked.

"Moss." the hippie said. "My dream is that my grandson will have the same name."

"Make sure you spell it right." Michael said.

"Will do, brother." Moss said. "These two are Rainbow and Liberty."

Rainbow was wearing a rainbow tie-dye shirt, jeans, and psychedelic glasses, but no shoes. She bared a resemblance to Maria.

Liberty had an afro, huge glasses, a white t-shirt, and long jeans. He looked a lot like Mr. Dunn.

"Nice to meet you guys." Michael said.

"Hey, soul brothers." Rainbow said.

"Hey, soul sister." Michael said.

He started laughing, while the others stared at him.

"You won't get it." Michael said in between giggles.

Suddenly, the stage lit up.

"Man, it's time for the last act of the night." Moss said.

The two turned toward the stage where an African-American man with an afro and a slight mustache was holding a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

"Dude, that's Jimi Hendrix!" Michael yelled. "He's the greatest guitar player of all time!"

"Okay, can we go now?" Mounzer asked.

"No way!" Michael yelled. "I gotta get backstage and meet Jimi Hendrix."

He ran away, with Mounzer running after him.

Later, Jimi Hendrix walked backstage where he ran into Michael and Mounzer.

"I can't believe I'm talking to Jimi Hendrix." Michael said.

"Actually, we haven't started talking yet." Jimi said.

"Look, this might sound weird, but we're from the future." Michael said. "And unless we hang out with you tonight, the timeline will be altered drastically."

"Radical." Jimi said. "Let's go."

Jimi walked off.

"Why'd you tell him we're from the future?" Mounzer asked.

"He's obviously either drunk or high." Michael said.

"Why do you think that?" Mounzer asked.

"Everyone in the 60's was either drunk or high." Michael said.

Mounzer nodded. "Good point."

Later, the three were at a club together. Jimi was drinking heavily with a girl who looked like Bianca, whose name was Carmen.

"We should get out of here." Mounzer said.

"Dude, this guy's a legend!" Michael yelled.

"That may be true, but he's also not a good guy." Mounzer said.

"That's true." Michael said. "I didn't realize he was so into beer and women."

He turned toward Jimi.

"Sorry, man." he said. "We gotta go back to the future."

Jimi started laughing. "You guys have been great."

The two started to walk out.

"Wait, brother." Jimi said. "You hear about the Beatle's new album? They shooting the cover for it tomorrow."

Michael's eyes widened. "Abbey Road?"

"Yep." Jimi said. "They let me in on it, because we're soul brothers. So if you need to save the future with the Beatles, you know where to find them."

"Thanks, man." Michael said.

The two left.

"We gotta fly to London." Michael said.

"No!" Mounzer yelled. "Everyone in the 60's is seriously messed up. I can't spend another minute here."

"You don't have to." Michael said. "We can go in the time machine and go forward only one day in London. We'll be right there in a matter of seconds."

Mounzer sighed and took the time machine out of his pocket. It unfolded and the two went inside.

Suddenly, the two got out of the time machine and started walking down the sidewalk.

There was suddenly a flash of light. Michael looked forward to see that a camera had taken a picture of the four Beatles crossing the crosswalk of Abbey Road.

"I think that one's good." the cameraman called out. "Okay guys, take everything down."

Everyone started moving around.

Michael ran up to the four of them.

"How'd he get here?" George Harrison asked, gesturing at Michael.

"I'm sorry, but you guys are legends and I needed to meet you." Michael said.

The four groaned.

"Well, you met us. Bye." Paul McCartney said.

The four walked off.

"Wow." Mounzer said. "Those guys are kinda jerks."

"Whatever." Michael said. "This was right before they broke up. They're probably tense."

"Can we go now?" Mounzer asked.

"Yes." Michael said.

Mounzer started to walk toward the time machine, but Michael stopped him.

"Thank you." Michael said.

Mounzer smiled.

A day after the two returned to the present, Michael ran in holding an album.

"It's a good thing you put the keys back." Mounzer said. "My house was robbed twice in one day."

"Dude, look at this." Michael said.

Michael put down a copy of Abbey Road. In the background on the sidewalk, Michael was standing in the picture.


Michael behind The Beatles on the album cover of Abbey Road

"What?!" Mounzer yelled. "We have to go back and change it."

"Calm down!" Michael said. "It's fine. It won't change history."

Mounzer sighed. "Fine."

"Thanks for putting up with me this whole time." Michael said. "I know I was a bother and I did some stuff that might have damaged your project. I'm done time-travelling."

He started to walk out.


Michael turned back around.

"There's one place I was planning to go when I was working on the project." Mounzer said. "You can come if you're up to it."

Michael smiled.

Chapter 6 - Back Away From the Future

Michael and Mounzer stepped into the time machine.

"You still haven't told me where we're going." Michael said as Mounzer pushed buttons.

"We're going to the future." Mounzer said. Then he pulled the switch and the time machine disappeared.

The time machine reappeared in a completely destroyed city. Michael and Mounzer walked out.

"Are you kidding?" Michael asked excitedly. "We're going to the future! I can't wait to see what it looks like."

He looked around at the wasteland.

"Are we in Pittsburgh?" he asked.

"This is impossible." Mounzer said. "I punched in the right date. We should be in the year 2045."

"Well, this place is a wreck." Michael said. "Let's try to find somebody."

After walking many miles, the two saw a golden temple in the center of the wreckage.

"Why would this extravagant building be still up amongst all this wreckage?" Mounzer asked.

"I don't know." Michael said. "Let's go in and see if anyone knows where anyone is."

The two started to walk up the stairs.

"So, why are we here?" Michael asked.

"This is the only place I actually thought about going while designing the time machine." Mounzer said. "Don't you want to see how you turn out when you get older?"

"But I thought you were done time travelling?" Michael asked.

"Well, whatever we do here in the future can't possibly affect the past." Mounzer explained. "Plus, I saw how grateful you were after we met the Beatles. I trust you now."

"Thanks." Michael said.

"But this is the last time we're time travelling." Mounzer said.

"Agreed." Michael said.

The two walked into the golden temple. There was a long hallway that led to a huge golden throne. The hallway was lined with humanoid robots. Sitting on the throne was a younger-looking Mr. Dunn.

"Who's there?" the young guy shouted.

"Hey." Michael said. "We were just wondering where everyone is."

The young guy eyed him suspiciously. "What do you mean?"

"Well, everything's kinda destroyed." Michael said.

"Do you know nothing?" the young guy asked. "Where have you been the past five years?"

"We're from the past." Michael explained.

Mounzer hit him in the chest. The young guy sat up.

"The past?" he asked.

He started to step down from his throne.

"Time travel hasn't been developed yet." he said.

"You're right. Completely impossible." Mounzer said. "He must be dizzy from walking. We'll be going now."

He started to drag Michael out of the temple.

"Soldiers, seize them!" the young guy shouted.

The robots turned toward Michael and Mounzer and grabbed them. They brought them over to the young guy.

"You don't know who I am, do you?" the young guy asked.

"Of course we do, you're... that guy." Michael said.

"I am Vladimir Dunn." the guy said.

"So, you're like Mr. Dunn's son?" Michael asked.

"Precisely." Vladimir said.

"Why do you live in a temple when the rest of the world is deserted?" Mounzer asked.

"Easy." Vladimir said. "I conquered the world with my robot army. Everyone either lives in the dungeons of my temple or they were killed. The population of the Earth diminished completely. There are only a few million people left."

"That's cruel!" Mounzer yelled, trying to escape.

"How did you possibly make these robots?" Michael asked.

"I found a young genius who looked a lot like your friend." Vladimir said with an evil smile. "I took out his brain and put it in the biggest idiot I could find. Bring him out!"

The robots moved when suddenly an older 7-Up walked in.

"All brainwaves besides ideas for new inventions can pass through his brain's wires." Vladimir said.

"You put my brain in him?" Mounzer asked, struggling to get free.

"Yeah, I guess he hid the time machine idea from me." Vladimir said. "Mounzer, get right to it!"

"Yes, master." 7-Up said as he walked away.

"Why would you want time machines?" Michael asked.

"If I take my robot army to your time period, then I can have a much longer rule." Vladimir said.

"You wouldn't!" Mounzer shouted.

"Oh, I would." Vladimir said. "But first, I need to make sure you don't get in my way. Soldiers, finish them!"

Suddenly, there were explosions and the walls of the temple crumbled. A ripped guy with a scar across his chest and a hot woman with a gladiator outfit on swung into the temple on a rope. They took out laser guns and started blasting the robots. Vladimir started running for the back of the temple. He grabbed an old man with a long beard, hunched over, and walking with a cane.

"Come on, dad!" he shouted. "Let's go!"

"Shut up!" Mr. Dunn yelled.

Vladimir pulled a lever and the two teleported out of the temple.

Meanwhile, the tough guy and the hot girl finished off the robot army.

"Whoa." Michael said. "Thanks, dude."

"Michael?" the guy asked. "What are you doing here?"

"How do you know who I am?" Michael asked.

"Because I am you." the guy said. "from the future."


Michael in the future

Michael smiled. "Sweet. I'm ripped!"

The future Michael groaned. "Listen, we've got to get out of here. Vladimir wants to take his robot army back to your time period, so that he can destroy the world earlier than he originally did. We need to get back to your time machine, so we can get there and stop him."

"Wait." Mounzer said. "Vladimir told us that all humans were either kidnapped or killed by his robot army."

"He lied." the future Michael explained. "Some of us escaped and formed the Rebellion. We are fighting against Vladimir's army as much as we can."

"So, who's the hot chick?" Michael asked.

"That's Maria." the future Michael said.

The two's mouths fell wide open.

"Hi guys." the future Maria said.

The two waved toward her.

"We need to get to the Rebellion's base." the future Michael said. "We can rally the others to help us stop the robot army."

Later, the four were walking together.

"I can't believe everything went so wrong." Mounzer said.

Michael stared at the future Maria. "Not everything."

"Is there anything we can do to prevent this?" Mounzer asked.

"Well, now we can, but after we stop Vladimir." the future Michael said.

"How?" Michael asked. "We can't kill Mr. Dunn."

"Without Mounzer's brain, Vladimir can't get anywhere." the future Michael said. "I'm sure you can find a way to prevent it."

The four arrived at a camp. There were tents and fires. People wore ripped up clothing and some were working with their laser guns.

"Everyone!" the future Michael shouted. "We need your attention."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the future Michael.

"Vladimir is about to take his entire robot army to the past, so he can start his reign over the world earlier." the future Michael said. "We need your help to stop them."

"We can't fit everyone in the time machine!" Mounzer shouted.

"Then, we need all the ammo they can give us." the future Michael said.

"If anyone has any super weapon we can use to stop the robots, speak up!" he called out to everyone.

A large, bearded man walked forward with a small, glowing, red ball.

"Moose?" Michael asked.

"I have this." Moose said, handing the small ball to Michael. "Throw this at the robots and the biggest explosion you could ever see will destroy everything."

A group of guys walked up and handed each of them a laser gun.

"Well, I guess this is all we got." Michael said.

"Let's go kill some robots!" the future Michael said.

Later, the four of them walked into the time machine. It disappeared.

The time machine reappeared outside Mounzer's house.

"Everything looks normal." Mounzer said.

"Maybe they couldn't make the time machines." Michael said.

Suddenly in the distance, tons of time machines started popping all over the place. Robots walked out of each one. One more time machine appeared and Vladimir walked out.

"Take no prisoners!" Vladimir shouted.

"Crap." future Michael said.

The four started firing the robots with the laser guns.

"Stop them!" Vladimir shouted.

The robots all fired at the four of them. The future Michael flipped over a car for cover.

"Man, I'm so ripped." Michael said.

The four continued to fire.

Meanwhile, citizens were running and screaming from the robots. Buildings and cars were on fire. The police came running out and firing at the robots. The robots grabbed the guns from them and shot them with the lasers.

Meanwhile, the four remained behind the car, firing at the robots.

"Someone's got to get out there and throw the explosive." the future Maria said.

The future Michael grabbed the ball from Michael. "I've got this."

"No, man." Michael said. "You can't."

"I have to." the future Michael said.

He jumped up from the car and prepared to throw it. He slid under a laser shot, but was hit in the shoulder with another and fell to the ground.

"NOOOO!!!!!" Michael shouted.

Vladimir walked up to him with a laser gun and shot him in the heart.

"Crap." Michael said. "I'm dead, Mounzer! I'm dead!"

"I get it." Mounzer said. "I'm sorry, Michael. This is all my fault. If we hadn't gone to the future, Vladimir wouldn't have followed us here. We should've stopped time travelling."

"No, man." Michael said. "This is my fault. I shouldn't have convinced you to time travel in the first place."

"It's cool, man." Mounzer said.

"I'm going to go stop those robots." Michael said. "If I don't come back, tell Moose he's an idiot."

"Will do." Mounzer said.

Michael took a deep breath and jumped over the overturned car. The robots began to fire. Michael noticed Mounzer's skateboard laying by Mounzer's house. He hopped on it and began to swerve the robot's attacks. He grabbed the explosive from the future Michael's dead body. He grinded a car with his skateboard and jumped over a robot's attack. He rode up a ramp made from an upside-down car and jumped. He jumped off the skateboard and smashed the ball into one of the robot's chest. The explosion was enormous and even pushed back Mounzer and the future Maria. When the explosion cleared, all the robots were shattered. Michael's body flew backwards and hit a car, smashing the windshield.

"Michael!" Mounzer shouted.

He ran over to Michael.

"Michael, you can't die, dude." Mounzer said.

"I'm not dying, you moron." Michael said.

He stood up and brushed the dirt off of his shirt.

"What?" Mounzer asked. "That's impossible! That explosion should have killed you!"

"Yeah, but that would make for a crappy ending." Michael said.

"Oh, okay then..." Mounzer said.

"Now, we need to make sure that Vladimir never gets your brain." Michael said.

"For that to happen, we'd need to make it so Vladimir was never born." Mounzer said.

Michael gave an evil smile.

Later, Mr. Dunn was sitting in his kitchen with a young girl.

"So, you like hot tubs?" Mr. Dunn asked.

Suddenly, Michael walked in and splashed coffee on the girl.

"Hi, I'm his neighbor." he said.

The girl stormed out.

"Michael!" Mr. Dunn yelled. "If you don't cut it out, I'll be forever alone!"

"That's the plan." Michael said with a smirk.

He looked out the window and saw the future Michael's dead body disappear and the future Maria disappear.

"Yes!" Michael shouted. "As long as I ruin every date you ever go on, I can keep the future safe."

"I hate you." Mr. Dunn said.

"Get in line." Michael said, as he slammed the door shut.


Michael wandered into Mounzer's basement, where he found Mounzer, the time machine, and some sort of trigger. He automatically knew what was going on.

"You're getting rid of the time machine, aren't you?" Michael asked.

"Yep." Mounzer said. "Time travel is too powerful of a concept for the simple human minds of this Earth."

"Yeah." Michael said. "People just don't grasp the complexity like you and me."

Mounzer looked at Michael and flashed a small smile of pity.

"Well, there goes decades of research down the toilet." Michael said.

"Not necessarily." Mounzer said. "I'm going to hide the research away. Hopefully by the time someone finds it, people will be able to control time travel better."

"You gotta do what you gotta do." Michael said.

Mounzer got ready to pull the trigger when suddenly another time machine appeared in the basement. An elderly man ran out from it.

"Stop!" he shouted. "I am you, Mounzer, from the future! If you destroy that time machine, life as we know it will cease to exist!"

Suddenly, another time machine appeared. Another elderly Mounzer ran out from the time machine.

"Don't listen to him!" the elderly Mounzer said, pointing to the other elderly Mounzer. "You must destroy the time machine or terrible things will be brought upon this world!"

Present-day Mounzer quickly blew up the time machine. Everyone looked around as nothing happened.

"Oh, guess I was wrong." the first elderly Mounzer said. "Sorry, guys."

Michael pointed towards the second elderly Mounzer. "Hey, shouldn't you cease to exist now?"

"Oh yeah." the second elderly Mounzer said.

He suddenly disappeared.

"Well, I guess it worked out then." Michael said.

"Yep." Mounzer said. "How anticlimactic."

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