Vital Visions
Mikayla Sprinklemist Design
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Conceal and Hunt"
Place 21st
Family Dad
Friends Lucks
Enemies Glory, Gladys, Cedric
Fear Being bald
Talent Creating hairstyles

Mikayla, labeled The Hair-Obsessed Girl, is a competitor in Total Drama Flashback.


Mikayla always loved her hair. She stares at it in the mirror for ten minutes minimum every day. She brushes it, invents hairstyles...stuff like that. However, she's known for arrogance in protection of her hair. She's nearly broken someone's bone trying to protect it. But she still has a few friends. Just a few.

Mikayla joined Total Drama Flashback because her dad wanted her to do something with her life.


  • The author asked Sprinklemist to redo her picture. He made it blank, and the author filled it in.
  • Mikayla original picture is an edit of the Camp TV design of Eva.
  • Mikayla was the first female, first Vital Vision, and first one overall to be eliminated. She was one of the few contestants to always have placed where she did.
"The Snooki Song" (TiK ToK parody)

"The Snooki Song" (TiK ToK parody)

Mikayla's theme song, chosen by COKEMAN11.


Mikayla's original design.

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