Stupendous Singers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "I'm not going down without a fight."
Place 6th
Relationship Rydel (showmance)
Family Brother
Friends Everyone except enemies Kunio
Enemies Sammi, Diana, Gideon, Iggy, Chris McLean, Saku, Rydel, Wil, Zendaya (possibly)
Fear None Losing to her brother
Talent Standing her brother, singing, memorizing Nebraska Shore episodes

Minttu, labeled as The Minty Girl, is a contestant in Total Drama Culture.

Audition Tape

Minttu is shown in front of a house with a moving crew going in and out of it with furniture.

"Ha ha, hi producer people," she says, eating a mint chocolate bar. "I'm Minttu! My parents just... broke up, so my girlfriend and I decided that I enter this competition so I can win for my daddy! I love mint chocolate and seducing, obv. I'm really kind and sweet, when I need to be. These losers won't see what hit them. Kinda like Snooki in that one N-Shore episode, that show's pretty good. Ouch..."

"What the fuzzy-wuzzy bear are you doing with my camera? Saku yells from the porch, running up to her.

"Auditioning for Total Drama, duh!" she says.

"You too? You better not be on MY season!" he retorts. They start arguing, and the camera shuts off.


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