Team Olympic

Mitchel Fr

Episode Eliminated "Ticket to Win"
Place 9th,
Relationship Ivy
Friends Andre,Dania, Emmett, Frosty, Rosalie
Enemies Kaleb
Mitchel, labeled as the Contemporary Dancer, is a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.


Mitchel grew up with just his mom around as his dad was always off on tour performing. He would often go to the movies with his mom when he was little. Films like Step Up were a favourite for the two. His mother tried to put little Mitchel into dance classes when he was younger, but he didn’t take interest in it and so they stopped the classes. Then he saw Dirty Dancing and the world changed. He had to be just like the dancers there. He had to because maybe then, his father would come home. Mitchel spent ages in front of the mirror, practicing the dance moves, mimicking them down the exact facial expression, until he knew the entire film. By the time he was 15, he was creating his own moves as head of the dance club at his school. And on his six-tenth birthday, his dad came home, planning on telling Mitchel he could join him onstage, and be a big star, just like him. However, Mitchel was on a plane heading for the infamous island, being a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.

Total Drama Frozen: 

Mitchel arrives with Andre in It's a Winter Wonderland. Mitchel dances along to Andre's music. During the snowball fight, Mitchel accidently hits Zaina, who accepts his apology. Mitchel is happy to be placed on Team Jack Frost. 

Mitchel and Andre are seen talking about future performances in It's Still a Winter Wonderland. He quickly defends Andre when he comments about wanting to meet Lindsay. Mitchel is upset when the other team steals his teams idea for the challenge, but helps Rosalie with their new plan. During the challenge Mitchel tells his team to stop fighting as they pass Team Misfitz. At the end of the challenge, Mitchel explains to Andre that he is the reason that they lost. Mitchel puts on a final performance with Andre during dinner. He's sad to see his friend, Andre get eliminated first. 

Mitchel joins Lexi and Zaina for breakfast in The Frosted Towers. He is shocked by how cheery Lexi is, and how strange Zaina is. During the challenge Mitchel explores the third tower alone, and spends his time complaining about his team to Saber. He's excited when his team wins their first challenge. Mitchel helps comfort Frosty during dinner, confirming that he doesn't think Twilight will go home. 

In Snow Day, Mitchel is seen with Rosalie trying to comfort Dania. He questions whether Ivy even realizes she's on television with the things that she says. He and the others bond over talking about their home life. He's annoyed when his team loses the 'challenge' but is thankful he is safe. He walks Dania down the dock of shame in solidarity. 

Mitchel jokingly asks for Ivy's number in A Kipper for Skipper. Later, he helps steal Ivy's makeup for Rosalie. During the challenge, Mitchel offers to try and break the ice but Ivy ignores his help. Later, Mitchel is dancing when Ivy joins him, and asks him to join her alliance. Mitchel regrets her offer. He is glad to be safe at the elimination, but sad when Emmett is eliminated. 

The Winter Showcase

The Twelve Days of Christmas

This Snow is Real

Checking Her List Twice

'Tis the Season

Ticket to Win

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Fashion Haul

The Frosted Games

New Year's Greeting

New Year's Farewell

End of a Season



  • In the original Frozen, Mitchel still placed 9th. He still joins his dad on tour, but is not in a relationship with Ivy.
  • Mitchel's artwork was made by Mana
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