Molly labeled as The Athletic Girl is a character in Total Drama Tourism. She was one of the ten newcomers in that season and was originally on the Team Newbie's team. She will be returning for Total Drama Vegas City.

Molly (Oweguy Series)
Team Newbie's
[[Image:Molly TDVC.png|center|150px]]
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Japandamonium"
Place 9th
Relationship Hendrick
Family Sister
Friends Hendrick, Radley
Enemies Nianah (Unknown as of now)
Fear Unknown
Talent Sports


Molly was the third born in her family. She has two older siblings, a brother, and a sister. She lived with both them and her parents. Her mom works at a beauty shop while her dad manages a business. Molly is a tomboy and likes stuff aimed for boys such as sports and boy aimed music and games. Her dad sometimes thinks she should do more girl aimed stuff but it turns out that she's the star player on all her sports teams so he ignored it and told her that she should do what she wants. Later on she signed up for Total Drama which she got accepted to so her older sister had to return home and watch the younger siblings along with her parents while she goes to compete.

Total Drama Oweguy

Total Drama Tourism

Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem

After Total Drama Tourism


  • Molly recieved three peanut bags and placed 9th. She was the fourth contestant eliminated from Team Newbie's and the second contestant voted off during the merge.
  • Fanfiction2010 gave me the idea for her.
  • Her original name was going to be Maggie but I changed it to the Molly.
  • Molly was the first character drawn for Total Drama Tourism.
  • Molly was the second contestant on Total Drama Tourism to leave by injury. The first was Flare.


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