Monique, labeled as The Princess, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Red Carpets
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "The Pain of Spain"
Place Ninth
Relationship Vladimir
Friends Vladimir, Luca, Marisol (debatable)
Enemies Sydney, Hugh, Marisol (debatable)
Fear Being Poor
Talent Accessorizing


When she was a little girl, Monique's mother won the lottery, receiving millions of dollars. Monique was then spoiled rotten by her parents, and, no matter what she wants, she gets it. She has a very big weak spot for jewelry, and has rooms of jewelry in her house, and she often changes the jewelry she wears several times a day. Monique takes a large amount of pride in her appearance, and herself. She joined Total Drama: Los Angeles to get the money in order to buy more jewelry, and other accessories.


  • Monique’s image was loosely based off of Rouge the Bat, the hair, in particular, as well as the heart on her shirt, and her eye shadow. Her personality is also supposed to be similar to Rouge’s. Her love of jewelry is a reference to Rouge, as well.
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