Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother
Friends Liz
Enemies None
Fear Snakes
Talent Singing, Horseback Riding, Softball
Nancy is The Southern Girl of the group.


Nancy is your typical southern girl. She loves horses, is athletic, has a good work ethic, well, you get the point. Nancy is a very sweet, kind, caring, and smart girl. Her southern drawl makes her endearing to everyone she knows. She is also athletic and very smart. She gets good grades and she loves to play softball. She has lead her high school varsity team to state champions twice. Her team actually won one too. Nancy's mother is extremely proud of Nancy. Nancy actually knows Liz from Total Drama Craziness. When she saw comments on the internet about how dumb Liz was, Nancy was angred.

Nancy joined Total Drama: The Production to prove that not all southern girls are stupid.

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