Natalia is a contestant in Total Drama Mania. She is one of the few normal people there, although she sees a therapist every week.

Natalia joined to prove to her mother that she can get along with kids again.

Yelling Wombats
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Who Is Your Next Total Mania Idol?"
Place Twenty-Second
Relationship Stan
Friends None.
Enemies Ronda, Michelle
Origin Memphis, Tennessee

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: She made it to the final round of the singing contest. She was tricked into letting the nerves get to her head and she coudn't sing a word of her song. She was eliminated.

Challenge 18: She voted for Blossom to win. She voted for Ronda to lose.


Stan- After her elimination, Ali badmouthed her and Stan defended her.


Natalia is shown sitting on her bed-side, looking at herself in a mirror. She sees a zit and pulls out a bottle of vanishing cream and applies it to the zit. She turns to the camera and says, "Just taking care of some blemishes, so, anyway, I think I should be on Total Drama Mania because I get along with everyone and have very good people skills!" Her mom's voice comes off from of-screen and says, "Natalia! Your therapist is on the phone!" Natalia blushes and yells, "NOT NOW MOTHER!!!!" She turns back to the camera says, "As I was saying, I should be on your show." Her mother's voice returns, "She's going to hang up, Natalia!" Natalia turns red and she shouts, "COMING MOM!!!!!!!!!!!" The camera shuts off.


Natalia has always been the normal girl in her class at school, always in the shadows of other kids. She finally had enough and had a humungous temper tantrum in class, and she started having to see a therapist. Her mother always encourages her to see the therapist although Natalia protests.


  • Natalia never received a marshmallow and was the first one eliminated.
  • At first, in the story, Natalia was shown to be normal, however her creator decided to give her more quirky traits, and that's why she has a therapist.
  • Natalia's creator thinks of her color scheme as a mistake.
  • Natalia was originally going to wear a pink sweatshirt with gold writing that said "Abercrombie", but Natalia's creator's brother designed her, and the creator accidentally said a gold shirt, instead of a pink sweatshirt with gold writing.
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