Natalia, labeled The Queen Bee, is a contestant on Camp Total Drama. She is a member of the Popular Salmon.

Natalia -
Popular Salmon
Natalia ctd
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Single Mother
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Every teen movie has its Queen Bee. Attractive and magnetic, drawing others to them like a hive, but with a darker side as well. Never afraid of doing what it takes to get what they want and never setting their mind to anything small. Well, that is the role Natalia plays in her high school and in life. Always the one people look up to in the social hierarchy pyramid that is high school, Natalia is no stranger to attention. She’s also no stranger to leadership, as she was voted both prom queen and student council president in the same year.

Natalia’s home life, on the other hand, is less than perfect, but she also excels at keeping that aspect of her life as hidden as possible. She lives with only her mother, who is often too… preoccupied to keep a watchful eye on her daughter. And so, Natalia goes out to parties almost every weekend and finds excuses to stay away from home as frequently as possible. Despite all this, she still manages to keep on top of all her classes and even excel in some.

Natalia signed up for Total Drama simply because she lives for drama. The money and fame were a close second, but the first and foremost reason she auditioned was to stir up something interesting in her life. Something that you just can’t find in the halls of a high school or under the neon lights of a party, complete and unbridled chaos. Once she got her acceptance letter, she happily accepted, and even more happily hid the letter from her mother as she packed her bags.


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