Nate labeled The Kid Detective, is a competitor on Total Drama What The Heck?

Team Indestructible
Nate for Rhonda
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Dog
Friends Rosamond, Annie
Enemies TBA
Fear Sharks
Talent Solving Mysteries, Baseball


As a kid Nate solved a lot of mysteries in his neighborhood. Most of them were finding lost objects. He made a lot of friends that way. And no matter what the case he always solved it. This is how he earned the title "Nate The Great." As Nate became a teenager, he decided to enter a mystery contest being held. Nate managed to win the region tournament, the state tournament and even beat the former champion Leroy Brown. Nate claimed his success to winning was his practice as a kid and the support if his friends. Since then he has solved some harder cases. When Nate isn't solving mysteries he is usually just being a normal kid. He owns a dog, Sludge, he enjoys taking care of (Sludge also helps him on mysteries). He is also on the school baseball team which he is pretty good at. Nate also has a love for pancakes which he can cook himself. Nate has a lot of good friends, but some of his best Anne and Rosamond who he has know since he started being a detective. When Rosamond left for Total Drama, Nate was sad to see his friend go. He was sadder that it was also the time of year that he got lots of cases which would normally be good if it didn't mean missing Rosamond compete. Lucky, Anne was able to summarize all the details of what happened. Nate ended up competing in Total Drama What The Heck as a late debut. Originally, Nate appeared in the first aftermath where he was interviewed about Rosamond. Due to an error on the aftermath co-hosts part, Nate received a cupcake that was meant for eliminated and former contestants from Total Drama. He got a purple cupcake which meant the chance to compete. In an attempt to avoid some lawsuit that could happen and to spice up the drama, Nate was offered a chance to join the show. Nate surprisingly finished all the cases of that time of year and thought surprising Rosamond would be fun so he agreed. Nate also hopes to win so that she can use the money for college and start his own international detective agency.


  • Nate is based off Nate The Great.
  • Nate's image was drawn by Reddy!
  • Leroy Brown (mentioned in the bio) is the real name of Encyclopedia Brown, another kid detective in stories.
  • Nate wasn't always going to appear but I decided on it since it would make things more interesting.
  • He makes his first appearance in Jenny and Toby's Bogus Aftermath (episode seven) but debuts as a contestant in The New Three's Company.
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