Mini Dharmas


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Yōkai Gabba Gabba"
Place 16th
Relationship None
Family Parents, Brother
Friends Isabel
Enemies Layla, Kai, Delia
Fear Getting beaten up
Talent Saying rude things
Neal, labeled as The Smartass, is a contestant in Total Drama Tokyo. He was placed on the Mini Dharmas team.


Neal is a self-proclaimed comic genius and ladies' man. Unlike his nerdy friends named Sam and Bill, Neal is usually very outgoing and often wants to be the center of attention. Neal is somewhat in denial that he is just as geeky as the rest of his friends. However, he is, and he gets picked on a lot by bullies. Unlike Sam, who gets extremely upset about everything, and Bill, who's just oblivious, Neal is probably the smartest person you will meet when it comes to 'smart' remarks. He has the ability to make a bully feel like crap, and his friends, too. He is in love with his best friend's sister, but she does not like him. However, he still likes her, and he refuses to admit that she doesn't like him. He has an abundant amount of confidence and charisma, though it garners him no more respect or reputation than Sam or Bill. He is picked on for being short, as well, but just shrugs that off too, not caring about anything.

Neal joined the Total Drama series because he wanted to get out of the 80's.

Total Drama Tokyo


  • Neal is based on the character Neal Schweiber from the NBC television series, Freaks and Geeks.
  • Neal was originally meant to make it deep into the game, with a big plot similar to one from the TV show he was inspired by. However, I had a much harder time writing for him than I had anticipated, which led to him being out-of-character and booted early.
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