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Nellie labeled The Negative Girl is a competitor on Total Drama What The Heck?

The Killer Kleptomaniacal Top Banana Bottom Feeding Perci OVER 9000 Muskies of Goth Magical Whatnot Globetrotting Locusts Studded Jumping Lemmings MEH BUKKIT League Of Super Justice!
Gender Female
Hair color Brunette
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father,
Friends Julie, Sierra, Mikey SG,
Enemies The World, Noah, Gwen,
Fear She doesn't feel fear only sadness
Talent Being Depressing


Nellie has always been negative and no one knows why. She has average, loving parents, lives in an average neighborhood and goes to an average school. She has never lost anyone nor had any traumatic childhood experiences. But, she only seems to see the glass half empty. When she sees cute puppies she sees slobbering, loud, mangy mutts. When she smells flowers she only notices the pollen getting in her nose. She can only see the flaws in things and not their true beauty. Nellie hates life and often thinks about the horrible things happening it. She has no hope nor any imagination. Nellie's parents have always noticed her negative attitude and are worried. But Nellie doesn't care.

The only thing she may enjoy is listening to her Ipod, but she only listens to depressing songs or songs with strong messages about hating the world. Her peers don't like to be around her for obvious reasons. But Nellie barely acknowledges it. She's too busy loathing. Nellie's parents have heard that the teens on Total Drama make all new friends and even become more social. They tried their best to get their daughter on.

A strange girl heard their pleas and decided Nellie's attitude could get ratings. She signed Nellie up and personally delivered her ticket. Nellie's parents were thrilled! Her mom even hopes Nellie will meet a cute boy. But Nellie doesn't care. She expects to have a bad time and be voted off first. In the meanwhile she'll be complaining all day.

Total Drama What The Heck?


  • She was originally named Renee but her name was changed to Nellie as a pun on the term "a negative nellie."
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