Nelly, labeled The Very Nice Girl, competed on Total Drama Isle, but failed to move onto Total Drama Vegas.

Barking Dogs
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Isle Of Losers"
Place 5th
Relationship BJ
Friends Kelly, Jude, BJ, Cayla, and Alan
Enemies Leslie, Alyx, Matt, Gwenyth, and Ashley
Talent Dancing with Kelly
Counterpart Katie

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1- She was put on the Barking Dogs, who won

Chapter 2- She formed and alliance with Kelly and Leslie

Chapter 3- She voted BJ least important.

Chapter 4- Danced with Kelly, but didnt compete in talent show. Her team won.

Chapter 5- Broke up with her alliance. She didn't get her answer right. Voted off Robby

Chapter 6- Her team loses and votes off Leslie

Chapter 7- Her team won. She caught the winning ball

Chapter 8- When taking the lie detector test Nelly revealed that she thought she was the prettier then all of the other girls. Her team won.

Chapter 9- Nelly fell asleep in BJ's arms. Her team lost and she voted for Scott

Chapter 10- Her team lost and voted Robby

Chapter 11- She was paired with BJ for the dance and lost. She voted Robby

Chapter 12- Her team loses and she votes off Alyx

Chapter 13- She and BJ jog up the hill, thinking they would win since they would have more energy, but end up losing because Samantha fainted. She voted Alan.

Chapter 14- Nelly was eliminated in the second round and later befriended Alan. She voted for Camron.

Chapter 15- Nelly ran to the hill with cayla to escape the killer. She was not found and voted for Alan

Chapter 16- After the ceremony Nelly and BJ aproached Gwenyth about an allience. She agreed but told Ashley about it anyway. Nelly and BJ made it out of the woods but Cayla beat them. That night Ashley convinced everyone to vote off BJ. Gwenyth then went on to reveal Nellys allience which mad everyone ( especially Matt ) Mad at Nelly. She voted for Ashley.

Chapter 17- When she and Cayla sat down at the tables, Matt and Scott scooted away. During the challenge, she hid from Lizzy at the beach, but was easily caught. After the challenge, she was confronted by Ashley and Gwenyth. They told her to vote out Cayla. She voted out Cayla, but remained friends with her.

Chapter 18-She wasn't on, much, but was mentioned a lot. 6 losers voted her out, causing her to lose.

Reunion - She was hanging out with BJ, Kelly, and Jude, but ignored Jude and talked to BJ with Kelly. She tells him the way of contact after they leave. When Roman announces who will go to season two, she cheers for BJ when he is picked, but is sad when she isn't picked.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas


Total Drama Isle

Kelly and Leslie (broke up)

Ashley and Gwenyth


  • She is used from Kenzen's Blank Project
  • Nelly is an edit of Katie.
  • Katie and BJ are in an relationship.
  • She has two versions of her appearance
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