Nevaeh, the Sheltered Girl, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Since most of her lifetime has been spent living with her overprotective parents, Nevaeh knows very little of the outside world. She had never been to a school (public or private), since her parents have homeschooled her. Because of this, she has hardly been able to socialize with other people around her age.

This makes Nevaeh curious of the outside world, eager to explore beyond the boundaries her parents have set for her. Though her parents still don't trust her enough to give her the free will to move around in the world she always wanted to see, they are generous enough to give her Internet access for up to one hour per day.

It is on the Internet where she learned about "Total Drama Alpharama", and when she saw the applications online, she immediately jumped in and signed up! Luckily, she has reached the age where her parents felt she could finally be trusted, so now she can finally start making some friends!

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